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Thank you for joining me astrologer, Patrick Arundell. I am passionate about what I do and have been practicing professionally since 1995. I hope my FREE Horoscopes, Personal Astrology Reports and Live Psychic Readings will provide enlightenment and insights whatever strand of esoteria you enjoy. More...

Did you know?

Medical, Agricultural and Political Astrology

In the Middle Ages people consulted Astrology for help with medicine, agriculture and even politics...


Dempsey's Party Goes Swimmingly

The Piscean celebrities; John Demsey (Estée Lauder), Alina Cho (CNN) and Marilyn Gauthier have been sharing their birthday celebrations


Year of the Sheep approaches

Expectant Mum's rush to book caesarean sections in China and Hong Kong, Year of the Sheep approaches...


New Nordic Heathen temple or Hof

Icelandic followers of the Norse gods plan to build the first Heathen temple or Hof in a almost 1,000 years


Berber tribesman and the Pleiades

Berber tribesman of the Sahara, have the best widescreen television in the world...


Latest News...

Today's Horoscopes Friday 27th November 2015


Any plans we have in the pipeline are going to be subject to greater scrutiny in the next week, so it will be important, especially around factual issues, to be very precise in our approach.

Astrology November

Today's Horoscopes Thursday 26th November 2015


The Moon remains in Gemini today but the role of the ruler of the Twins, Mercury is the planet most in the spotlight today, conjoining exactly with Saturn. Mental concentration, on the face of it should be easier...

Gemini November 2015

Today's Horoscopes Wednesday 25th November 2015


Today sees the Full Moon in Gemini. Although not exactly opposite Saturn, it is broadly so and this asks us to choose our words and even thoughts with a great deal of care.


Today's Horoscopes Tuesday 24th November 2015


Although energy and clarity can be a premium today, with determination and precision progress is possible, not least with Mars' angle to Saturn. However, there is little room for error.

Moon in Taurus

Today's Horoscopes Monday 23rd November 2015


With Mercury and Saturn being now joined by the Sun, and former closing in on a conjunction, we need to be mindful of the restraining and restricting vibe Saturn can bring especially in its square with Neptune.

Mercury statue image

Today's Horoscopes Sunday 22nd November 2015


The Sun plays catch up with Mercury and roars into Sagittarius. Being a fire sign, the Sun is very happy in the sign of the Archer, though this year its journey will be more complex.

Sagittarius Chatres

Today's Horoscopes Saturday 21st November 2015


Mercury powers into Sagittarius today. The planet is actually in detriment here because it opposes Gemini where it rules. However this can help us to think about the big picture really positively, though we shouldn't ignore details...

Mercury V.2

Today's Horoscopes Friday 20th November 2015


The Moon passes over Neptune, and the chances are we will be sharing some very vivid dreams that we enjoyed overnight. Of course this also briefly squared with Saturn, so some of these will be epics for sure.

Neptune conjunct Moon

Today's Horoscopes Thursday 19th November 2015


Today's Quarter Moon in Aquarius, urges us to use a slice of logic in dealing with any tangles that are occurring. As ever when Aquarius tangles with Scorpio we can neither be too idealistic.


Today's Horoscopes Wednesday 18th November 2015


The Moon in Aquarius briefly links with the co-ruler of that planet Uranus in a brief but very positive way today. This pushes us to be a bit more logical or even open minded when it comes to home or emotional issues.

Aquarius Classic Moon image
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