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Leo 24 July - 23 August...
A theme that has been ongoing for the last couple of years, does provide a backdrop for this year's proceedings. This can see you with an enhanced capacity to grapple with the details of jobs. However, this in some way goes against the grain of your personality. You are someone with a fantastic ability to see the big picture, to be bold and of course, to be a leader. But there's another side of your nature which is less well known, and that is your sign is Fixed and there can be part of you which can get rather bogged-down in dull routines. Uranus remains on hand to help you try to break out of any ruts you may have got into. The problem is, the more conscientious side of your nature, or that which doesn't like to let other people down, could see you struggling with how to go about doing this. Fortunately this year, you're given a fantastic astral gift in the shape of Mars. This feisty entity is going to be making you much bolder in what you say and think for the first seven months of 2014. As much as you do have that very proud side of your nature which people look up to, there is another part of you which likes to maintain your privacy. Being seen to be weak or vulnerable is an anathema to you. Yet, during this seven-month period, you're urged to really push things much harder, to be less concerned with what other people think of you, and to have more confidence in pushing across your ideas. So, it's clear that using your mental faculties, or if you're an active person, your desire to be more physical in a job, is going to be important during this time. The Solar Eclipse which occurs on the 29th of April, is for the following six months going to elevate you much more into the public eye. Whether it's in your local community, within the business you work for or the sector which your role is in, expect to be much more in the spotlight. It's up to you to grasp this opportunity to show people just how capable you are. A promotion or extra responsibilities can come your way - provided you don't feel resentful about giving up your freedom to this cause. The other sensational influence which occurs this year for you Leo sweeps in on the 16th of July. This is when Jupiter, the planet that only visits each Zodiac sign once every 12 years, returns to Leo. This is going to give you an enormous lift of mood and mode, and for the rest of the year you can really be a trailblazer. Yet, family and home considerations will need to be balanced against all the demands of your work.

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