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Libra Love Horoscope 2014

Libra 24 September - 23 October...
You start this year Libra, with a collection of planets clustered in the part of your horoscope to do with security. These can provide a backdrop for the whole of 2014, suggesting that feeling comfortable in your environment, whether it's in your love life or as an individual, is going to be absolutely crucial. And yet, you have one major asset this year above all other Zodiac signs. This is that the planet of drive and determination, Mars, spends the first seven months of the year in your sign. In the past, there has been a tendency by you to be too focused on the needs of other people. What Mars is going to encourage you to do, is to be much more aware of what you want from life and also from love. This is going to make you a lot more self-confident, and there is nothing as alluring as this. The first quarter of the year can also see you highly focused on finding the type of partner who is a good fit for your standing in life. However, try not to be too excessive about this, as you could exclude someone who has true potential, simply because they come from a different background to you. The lunar eclipse on the 1st of April, is going to be particularly important, but especially if you are in a current bond. This is because it is in the sign of Aries, but will also be conjunct Uranus, the planet of change, and both will be square to Pluto, the planet of power. If there is a chink of weakness in a relationship, it may become a gaping hole at this time, and however unsettling it may be for your sense of security, you may feel that you have no choice to twist rather than stick. However conversely, if you are fortunate enough to be with someone that you can see the meaning of the tie in a long-term context with, the solar eclipse at the end of April can lay the foundations for something much more secure that could prove to be enduring. For single Scales, the last two weeks of August may see an old flame come back into your world, or provide a platform for you to truly move on from a past hurt. The Lunar Eclipse of the 8th of October in your sign, once more reminds you of the need to remain strong in terms of sticking with what's best for you. Yet, the last quarter of the year can see you cosily settled in a love nest, or nurturing just the right person for you!

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