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Libra Money Horoscope 2014

Libra 24 September - 23 October...
What an exciting year this can be for you Libra. Of course, your talent is to work collectively with other people, and there is nothing this year to suggest you shouldn't continue to do this. However, I think you would agree that sometimes whilst you can bend over backwards to make other people happy, they don't always seem so attuned to your needs. And it's the same with your financial picture this year. With Saturn continuing its journey (virtually the whole of 2014), in your sector of everyday finances, self-discipline is going to be absolutely vital. However equally, you will learn some fantastic lessons with its support. Saturn is helping you to cut down on anything which is non-essential and asking you to be more constructive with your money management, and realising that if you do splash cash, it's better to be on things that have some kind of practical benefits to you, rather than those that are more trivial. Added to this, this year, is a clustering of energy at the outset of 2014 which is going to give you a tremendous drive to make the foundations, the basis of your world, as secure as possible. Therefore, if you do invest money the chances are it could be in property. This may also see you downsizing, renting out rooms, or helping an offspring get on the housing ladder. Yet beyond this, Mars is going to hustle and bustle on your behalf right through to the end of July. And what this will do is give you a much greater desire to get a firmer grip on the tiller of your life direction, and that can include financial management too. But Mars in the 1st Solar house is about using our individual talent, so there may be times this year when you find yourself inclined to be more risk taking, or betting on your own skills in a self-employment role. Because of the predominance of energy concerned with providing security in your Solar horoscope, a combination of the two may see you start a small enterprise from home. If you do speculate to accumulate, a partnership may be important to this. But be cautious about who you pitch in with, particularly for the six months from the 1st of April. You need to be in partnerships that give you back what you put in. If there is an imbalance, it can be something which puts your scales out of kilter. However, by the time of the Solar Eclipse of the 31st of October, I think you may be glowing with quiet satisfaction at the progress you have made.

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