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Scorpio Love Horoscope 2014

Scorpio 24 October - 22 November...
Ever since Saturn entered your sign, you have probably found yourself becoming much more resourceful. At times, you may not seem to have had much of a choice. Saturn is the planet which can take away, as well as give us, the structure of our lives. And because of this, any relationship that wasn't meant for the long term, has probably withered on the vine over the last 18 months. This year, with Jupiter still urging you on, and pushing you to be much more open to new ideas and new people, through to July, and a Solar return which emphasises how you think and how you express yourself, can be an exciting year for you Scorpio. Yet, with your co-ruler Pluto continuing to square with Uranus, there may be times when tension does creep in. This can be particularly true through to July, when your other ruler Mars, winds its way through the most psychological part of your 'scope. This asks you to become more mindful of past decisions, or relationships that didn't work out, and to resolve any angers or hurts which still linger. A particularly reflective time can occur between March and mid-May. Yet, this is your chance to really clear up any past debris, and prepare yourself for future happiness. The Solar Eclipse of the 29th of April, can be a wonderful springboard for this. The influence of this will provide a backdrop for six months. This can see you revitalising existing relationships, mending fences, or meeting the love of your life. The last two weeks of August, can also be a time to springboard a more positive and dynamic period for your love life, and by the time you get to the Solar Eclipse of the 31st of October, you will be perfectly positioned to take a firmer grip over your life direction, and make clear-headed decisions which will be good for you in terms of your choice of partners, and for romantic happiness.

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