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Virgo Love Horoscope 2014

Virgo 24 August - 23 September...
Mars, the planet of lust, makes its way through the most sultry part of your horoscope all the way through to July. The length of this transit is very rare, and suggests that this could be a year when the temperature cranks up in your love life. Your Solar return at the start of the year, also points towards a desire to be much more expressive as an individual. Yet ironically, Saturn, the planet of restriction, continues in your zone of everyday communications. So, as much as you may want to get up close and personal at times this year, it is going to be important to continue to work at understanding how other people perceive how you express yourself. Yet, there is a sensational opposition between Jupiter and Pluto from mid-January to mid-May, which can increase your desire to interact with others and to have a greater sociability in your life in general. If you're in a relationship which you feel lacks the vibrancy, vim and verve that you crave, this opposition could also see your eye wander. With Mars also tracking back from March to mid-May, if you feel unfulfilled or there are issues concerning finances between you and yours, you could become more impatient with things. The Taurus Solar Eclipse of the 29th of April, can however, give you the confidence that if you want to get to know new people, the following six months can really improve the range of activities you have, and bring you face-to-face with someone you really like. Jupiter though moves into a more reflective area on the 16th of July, and the rest of the year can see all sorts of subtle influences kick in. Pleasingly, the last two weeks of August, can see you start afresh or refocus your efforts in going for what you really want. The Solar Eclipse of the 31st of October, once more reminds you that it's not just what you say that counts, but how you say it. Fortunately, from this time you can reap the rewards of the hard work you have put in over the previous two years in communicating more skilfully with others.

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