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Cancer Money Horoscope 2014

Cancer 22 June - 23 July...
The year begins Cancer, with a fantastic opportunity to make some important alliances. Diplomacy, and your natural ability to work well collectively, will stand you in great stead. There may be somebody influential who's going to really help you make progress through to the early part of March. Yet, not all your professional relationships are necessarily going to be very stable this year. This could be as simple as a line manager who always seems to be in a different type of mood, or an organisation which seems to keep changing the rules or mode of operation. Or if you encounter certain relationships that aren't so pleasant, a desire to bail out or move to somewhere which is more harmonious may emerge. It's going to be very important in 2014 for you to walk the talk. This is especially so from mid-January to mid-May. If you have an interview during this period or do a presentation to key decision-makers, try to avoid bigging yourself up. This may make you seem like you want everything on your own terms, even if that's not your intention. There could also be times in the first seven months of this year when you do feel much more sensitive. Your sign is of course ruled by the Moon, but if you develop a reputation for being defensive, it will work against you. What you need to do instead, is use your canny sixth sense as a way of negotiating office or work based politics. By April the 1st, you may find yourself with a big decision to make. This can be especially so if you find it hard to balance your personal and family life with your career commitments. Fortunately, within a month, even if you have gone through some upheavals, the Solar Eclipse on the 29th of April, can help springboard a much more positive period, one which will last six months and will see a lot of different options emerge for you. In terms of your neat financial fortunes, from July the 16th, you may find yourself enjoying some random slices of good luck, and this can go on for the rest of the year. However, it will be important not to assume this will always be so, but generally the picture is bright. What you should avoid all of this year, is any scheme which is too high risk, as you may end up getting burnt. So, look to be methodical, well connected with others and hard-working to reap the best returns.

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