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Capricorn Love Horoscope 2014

Capricorn 22 December - 20 January...
Do you feel Capricorn, that you're going through some profound changes in your life? Whether this is in overall terms or in your romantic situation, it may seem that things are going to alter, one way or another. This continual sense of change, is coming from Uranus which is located in your emotional sector. Even though it may seem that some changes are being forced on you, your own inner restlessness can be part of this. Yet, you are given a beautiful present as you begin this year, with Venus the planet of love in your sign through to 5th of March. In fact, you started to feel the goodness of this planet, from November last year. This is the member of the heavens which creates allure. And you may have found that you've been feeling more attractive, more glamorous, and have been turning some heads, and this can continue. In fact, furthermore, she may have been presenting you with certain intriguing choices. If you're single, more than one person may have beaten a path to your door over the Christmas holidays. If you're involved, even so, someone may have shown an interest. And with powerful Mars right at the top of your horoscope through till July, you are unlikely to lack the confidence to go for any romantic opportunity which really makes your heart race. Yet, as ever, we have to think about the implications of our moves, and the big picture for this year asks you to be mindful of what you want in terms of your long-term hopes. For example, if a relationship does feel that it's rather dull, try to celebrate the things that you and yours still have in common. But, it is true to say that in certain relationships if not specifically in love, you may find yourself moving away from any person where you can't really see what the point is any longer. From mid-March to mid-May, you may find yourself seriously tempted by such a change. This may come about because Jupiter propels into your life someone you find just so encouraging and rewarding to be with. Yet, if this tie is going to take the next step of a deeper commitment, you will properly find out whether it can sustain itself, in the last quarter of the year.

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