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Pisces Love Horoscope 2014

Pisces 20 February - 20 March...
Powerful social forces are at work for you all this year Pisces. And with Jupiter, the planet of exuberance and possibilities, located in your sector of love through to mid July, there is so much to go for. Mars, the planet which is much to do with the more lusty side of romance, is also in the deep passionate, eighth house of your situation through to late July. This is going to inflame your desires and give you much greater drive to connect and get close to one special person. Yet, depending on where you are in your life though, sociable influences in the background could see you having several flings this year. Just be conscious that with Uranus continuing to square up to Pluto, that sating your immediate needs could see you take your eye off more long-term goals and what's right for you. That said, you can still get very close to one friend in the first two months of this year. With Jupiter in opposition to Pluto from mid-Jan to mid-May, at times, especially if you're younger, you may find yourself spoilt for choice. Yet, if you're in a long standing relationship, and someone enters your orbit who you really fancy during this period, just be sure you don't go against your own values. The lunar eclipse of the 1st of April, can bring up issues in an existing tie around shared finances or a lack of intimacy. Yet, the solar eclipse on the 29th of April, provides a backdrop for the following six months which can see your communication skills buzzing with vibrancy. This period is crucial to connect with others. Jupiter moves in mid July however, suggesting that the more practical elements of relationships come into focus. And you may even find yourself getting to know someone at a gym or through your job in the following six months. August is a fantastic time for travel, and it could lead to a holiday fling. However equally, this could be a time when you feel restless in an existing relationship. The lunar Eclipse of the 8th of October, can once more see you grappling with the things you share, or yearning for a more intimate partnership. Yet, as you end the year, the last quarter is very much focused on being open to new ways of loving and living. Try to embrace the opportunity.

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