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Pisces 20 February - 20 March...
It's true to say Pisces, that you can be one of the most idealistic members of the Zodiac. This can see you sticking at causes for the long term, that other people would have pulled out of long before. However, it is going to be important this year not to cast yourself in the role of the martyr. If you're doing something that doesn't reward you as much as you would like, check any tendency to moan about this, and instead be determined to improve your lot. Mars is going to be a major asset for you in the first seven months of the year. He is going to be making his way through the deep part of your horoscope that is perfect for re-generation. And in this context, this can include your long-term finances too. So, do use this to full effect. The drive to look beneath the surface to discover what the best value, deals and opportunities are is going to be very strong. In fact, at times you may even find yourself being surprisingly forceful, and pushy. And if you feel any sense of grievance or injustice at how much you're paid or the terms and conditions of your role, you may show this in late April and mid-June. Because you can be so emotional, it is going to be important to try and rationalise that nothing in life is perfect. And with Uranus and Pluto aggravating each other virtually all year, there will be times when the reality of your working life can disappoint you. Yet, the first half of the year gives you an awesome opportunity to demonstrate your creativity. And then from mid-July, the accent changes and you can combine perspiration with your inspiration. With Saturn urging you to expand your range of activities, all year, he will only let you make your way to the summit if you really apply yourself. Because your Zodiac sign is Mutable, sometimes when you encounter obstacles there can be a tendency to give up. But steel yourself in 2014, because if you do and really work hard, something very bright and exciting can emerge by the last quarter of the year.

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