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Taurus 21 April - 21 May...
One of your greatest strengths Taurus, is that you stick at things for the long term. This can make you a trusted employee, someone who always gets the job done, and has the staying power when things get tough. Yet, for the last few years something's been telling you that either a change is needed or that you are missing out on something more exciting. Now, whether you have actually made any change on the basis of this is another matter, for your Zodiac sign is ruled by the Fixed element. Therefore, change in a way can seem a little daunting for you. Yet, there is a delicious dichotomy going on within all this, because something you want to change could see you going back to doing something you used to do, a long time ago, or at least doing it now in a more modern context. So what's a Bull to do? Well, 2014 asks you to stay very alert to new opportunities. You don't have to pile into these without a certain amount of forethought, especially if this feels scary. However, what you can do is weigh up your options, and this may turn out to be quite a recurring theme throughout the year. Links with overseas places and faces, or locations that require you to travel to your job, are very much in the offing. You will also have a tremendous amount of stamina this year. This will enhance your natural stickability, and also your communication skills can sparkle through to the middle of the year. If you are considering a role involved in sales, the media, digital work, or in a job which connects you to the public, you could do marvellously well - especially through to July. But at the end of April, a new you starts to emerge, one which is keen to invest in your own talents. From the middle of July, some Taurus folk may consider self-employment, or working from home. This can be particularly true if you can offer a service on a localised basis to your community. The extra flexibility that this offers could be very attractive for you - especially if you have children and other family demands. Yet, it's going to be your relationships that are the bedrock of all this. Expectations of you can be high from others, and you may find that not everyone you encounter is easy-going. But, hard work and application will bring their own rewards this year.

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