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Monthly Horoscope Aquarius

October Monthlies, Aquarius 21 January - 19 February...

You love bright and buzzy conversations and chances are, you can have loads of them in October, Aquarius. Look to link up with people that you find stimulating and fun. Thinking of signing up for some Evening Classes for the autumn term? This would be the perfect kind of way to stretch yourself, meet new folk and stimulate your mind. Yet, all this can create a lot of restlessness, and may see you up for challenging the status quo, which someone close can find difficult. If you're travelling, or meet anyone very different to you, this month may also set up some fascinating romantic possibilities. Don't be thrown by anyone different to you, as once you really get to know them you can thrive on the freshness of it all. Later in the month can be brilliant for career hopes, with job applications, interviews and presentations going well. All your hard work and application of the last two years can finally be rewarded.

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