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Monthly Horoscope Aquarius

August Monthlies, Aquarius 21 January - 19 February...

Let success embrace you warmly this month Aquarius. Strict Saturn has made work and career something of a struggle in the last couple of years, but with the feisty energy of Mars now supporting this part of your 'scope, you can be even more determined to reach your targets. Aim high, because the chances are you will have a breakthrough. Key to your success is going to be your people skills, and whilst these are usually strong, August is a unique opportunity for improving relationships of all kinds. In a personal context you could find yourself in a head spinning new involvement, which sees your pulse race and delights you all at the same time. Yet even in existing relationships, there is a chance to create greater harmony and co-operation, but it will be important to accept your partner for what and who they are and resist any tendency to try to remake them. If you're on holiday this month, do take a good book - with a mysterious twist.

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