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October Monthlies, Leo 24 July - 23 August...

Words take on greater significance in October. Choose yours carefully and others can be impressed, even charmed. Yet, if you rush things or fob people off, with Mercury rewinding from the 4th, the opposite effect is possible. Early month may also see you drawn to unusual travel destinations or new sources of information. A training course can also help you to up your knowledge, especially around technology. On the energy front, the stars bless you with wonderful alliances to the power planet, Mars. This could give you tremendous drive and add extra sizzle to your sex appeal. If you enjoy sporting activities, these can bring great fun and super social opportunities. In week three, someone you encounter locally or a text message or email you receive, might be fated and see you smitten. However, the Solar Eclipse of the 24th of October puts the emphasis on home affairs. Changes you've wanted could finally occur, especially around a property improvement.

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