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July Monthlies, Leo 24 July - 23 August...

Issues that you may prefer not to engage with can be at the heart of this month. So, if there has been a tendency to sweep things under the proverbial carpet, you might need to grapple with them at last. This could see you bring certain elements of your situation to a close. However, fortunately, Jupiter the planet of expansion, powers into your zodiac sign mid-month for the first time in twelve years. This really can be a lucky portent, and over the next year all sorts of new beginnings and possibilities can emerge. But to capitalise you need to be bold, Jupiter works best when we drive the process rather than waiting for it to do things for us. The end of the month can also coincide with plans to make home improvements, or move altogether, which can really start to blast forwards. If you have been biding your time this might have been a frustrating process, but you can end July in a blaze of activity and demonstrate your new-found self confidence.

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