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September Monthlies, Leo 24 July - 23 August...

The pace of life is set to heat up Leo. And your appreciation of anything which is remotely pleasurable can reach a new high. The main upside of this for you is that your financial situation could go through a renaissance from the 5th. The tricky issue is in the week following this, when someone may ask you for some kind of financial assistance, or have a sultry presence which you find tempting, but just take your time before deciding what to do. Yet with Jupiter in your sign, the planet of good luck and of growth, is giving you a sunnier outlook. As it links brilliantly with both Mercury and Uranus, you might find yourself communicating with all sorts of new and interesting people. This may include types who in the past would not have been your cup of tea. Try not to judge anyone too quickly, because something you discover around the 23rd could be really special. As September winds down you may decide to treat yourself to the latest gizmo, gadget or digital item.

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