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Monthly Horoscope Capricorn

September Monthlies, Capricorn 22 December - 20 January...

The tiniest entity in the zodiac, apart from the Sun, and perhaps the most influential one, is Pluto, and it has been rewinding in your sign for five and half long months. Make a note of the 23rd of the month because then it goes into forwards motion, and quite a few areas of life can seem lighter, and less problematic. This month also gives you the chance to break out and be more adventurous, perhaps even more abandoned in your approach. You are known for being the zodiac's Steady Eddie, but some spontaneous moves could be like a breath of fresh air, and help you to break free of any restrictive patterns which might be holding you back. This may mean moving out of your comfort zone, but Mercury is going to see you comfortable in dealing with the movers and shakers, as you do. Some kind of alteration at home could also delight you.

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