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Shaun Ryder’s UFO’s

Iconic if controversial rock star Shaun Ryder’s trailer for his new TV series is nothing if not to the point when he claims “I’m Shaun Ryder and my new show on History is out of this world!”

Shaun Ryder’s UFO’s

Ryder, 49, may be used to mixing with the stars dating back to his  time with hit group the Happy Mondays but now he is going where no rock star has gone before by hosting a TV programme on UFOs. The History Channel’s eight-part series Shaun Ryder On UFOs will see him travelling all over the world including trips to Peru, Chile and Australia.

The Salford-born musician has moved into documentary making after coming second on the hit show I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! (he was runner-up to the X Factor contestant Stacey Solomon). It appears that the company Back2Back approached Ryder with the idea after learning of his long -term love affair with out of this world visitors. Ryder has commented;

“I’ve been obsessive ever since I was about 15 and I saw crazy things flying about the sky that defied the laws of physics. And it certainly wasn’t any air balloons or just lights or whatever. Around the late 1970s, early 1980s, there were quite a few sightings over the North; it’s well documented”. He continued;

“I watch the Discovery channel, the History channel, and I read everything in the papers every time there’s a UFO story. And what I saw flying about back then was going thousands of miles an hour, doing stuff that’s supposed to be impossible.”

He doesn’t believe Manchester’s exotic visitors are dropping by to catch his latest tunes though, his explanation for the city’s abundance of aerial anomalies is due to a wormhole over the area which he believes to be; “short-cut through space and time”.

Shaun Ryder will not be the only celebrity on the show as he will be joined by fellow pop star Robbie Williams who is also a UFO devotee.

Cool huh? Watch out for it…

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