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Runes Fehu

Runes Fehu. Continuing my occasional series on the Runes, today May 11th 2013, I explore Fehu, in the upright position from the Common German Futhark spread.

Runes Fehu


Have you or someone in your circle had a windfall, either won or earned? If so this could have caused of some animosity. Have you been rather too keen on the cash? The Norse believed that wealth could cause discord in families, has this been the case? If you want to enjoy what you’ve gained be sure to share.


Pennies could be pouring in either as earned income or as a gift or legacy.  Although Fehu usually refers to money it can relate to any moveable property of value – such as jewellery, particularly made of gold or amber. But there is a proviso to be sure that you share your fortune to avoid conflicts and family disputes.


Fehu suggests that you will find cash cascading in your direction. Or if not coinage itself, then any movable property of value, particularly if the property has gold or amber in the design such as jewellery. However, wealth can be a double-edged sword, and there is a need for the beneficiary of this good fortune to share it.

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Tarot the Sun

Tarot the Sun This is the nineteenth card in the Major Arcana and to celebrate today’s Solar Eclipse – 10th May 2013, here is an insight to the most wonderful of all tarot cards.

Tarot the Sun

The imagery of the card, shows two children playing or dancing in a fairy ring behind which is a brick wall. The Sun shines brightly above, it’s rays warmly reaching out.

This card suggests you need to be realistic and its negative side is said to represent those who get caught up in seeking pleasure at the exclusion of all else.

Sexual decadence can be part of this and the old saying of there being too much of a good thing, should be born in mind. Because of course, if there is nothing solid about one involvement you have now, if it is just focused on enjoyment, it may not provide you with the happiness and spiritual nutrition that you would want later on.

On the other hand, this card can show that your boldness, especially if you have had the courage to let someone know just how much they mean to you, could about to be rewarded.

Yet if you are in a longer standing tie and one that has struggled, this card can show that your fortunes are set to get much better, and against all the odds, a much more successful time awaits. To enjoy my FREE Three Card Tarot Reading or to learn more about Tarot the Sun.

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If you are lucky enough to visit somewhere with a large Chinese population and ask for a lucky charm don’t be surprised if you end up with something that looks like a disc with a hole in it – not unlike a polo mint.


This is a Pi or sometimes Bi disc. The hole is said to represent the path to heaven. The disc’s owner is encouraged to meditate on the hole and visualise travelling through it and into the sky.

There is also a notion that if you believe you are entering a time of tribulation you should rub the disc with your fingers and keep on doing so until your problems pass away. This is a very old tradition reaching back 5,000 years, one Chinese tomb dating to the fourth millennium BC contained 24 Pi discs, and in this case their role was to protect the tomb’s occupant.

Although most modern discs are fairly plain, older examples can be ornately decorated with dragons, these discs are indeed fortunate for their owners and they are highly valued. These days of course, people are much more likely to talk to a psychic and enjoy a psychic reading. A psychic will use any number of techniques in order to help you with your quest, it’s just staged in a modern context.

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Spirit detection

One of the saddest things about a bereavement is that there is no way of finding out if the person that has passed on is OK, wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was some way to reach out across the void and communicate with the deceased?

Spirit detection

An American electrical engineer called Gary Galka believes he may have solved the problem by producing a series of electromagnetic detection devices. Gary’s life was turned upside-down in 2004 when his eldest daughter Melissa was just 17 was killed when the car she was driving hit a tree.

Gary and his family claim soon after she died Melissa’s spirit began to try get their attention by ringing the doorbell, changing the TV channel and manipulating the lights, of course they faced a problem because although she could attract their attention they could not contact her even though they were convinced she was nearby…

“There were situations when my wife would start to make lunch with Heather and Jennifer [Melissa’s sisters] and all of sudden they’d feel someone come into the room…I’ve been lying in bed and felt someone come down on my side of the bed and felt a weight on my chest, like someone’s head” Gary said.

Over time Melissa’s presence became more and more tangible…

“It evolved into things like feeling a tap on the shoulder, someone calling out our names and it felt like someone was kissing our foreheads.” Gary commented.

Gary’s younger daughter, Heather even began to see her deceased sibling. The stronger the phenomena became the more Gary knew he had to try and get in contact with his daughter so he put his training as an electrical engineer to good use and designed a series of electric equipment to help him communicate with her spirit.

Using his knowledge of electromagnetic sensors systems, Gary created the Mel-Meter 8704, named after his daughter, the year she was born and the year that Gary believes she passed into the spirit realm; after that he continued to invent hand-held equipment that paranormal researchers can use to detect unusual vibrations in a room, temperature variations – “hot and cold spots” – and other effects associated with the paranormal.

Perhaps his most exciting invention is the ‘Spirit Box’ which he helped develop and which he believes can record responses from any “spirits” that might be present. Using just such a box he claims to have recorded Melissa saying “Hi Daddy, I love you”.

His work has become a great success and he claims to have sold thousands of the devices, which range in price from $79-350 dollars via his company  D.A.S. Distribution Inc.

“I’ve created over 30 different products for paranormal research. No one was making products for these people,” he said.

What was one man’s desperate attempt to reach a much missed daughter has turned into a thriving business with a third of the profits from the sales of his paranormal detection devices going to bereavement charities but Gary also thinks bereaved people could benefit from the technology emotionally too;

“I feel compelled to help other bereaved parents, to show these parents that they can live beyond the grief and the be comforted knowing their child is in a good place, to show them they can have hope.” he said.

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Lady Gaga Crystals

Hardly as day goes by without top pop performer Lady Gaga doing something a bit different, you might think there is nothing left for her to do that would raise eyebrows, but you’d be wrong.

Lady Gaga Crystals

Recently, it seems, the sensational singer songwriter has decided to don a dummy or two during her world tour. Of course the famously eccentric star hasn’t settled for  anything as dull as the pink or blue plastic creations you might buy at your local chemist, no, the pop princesses’ dummies are rather upmarket. In fact, the precious pacifiers cost thousands of pounds.

The reason for the hefty price tag is that each dummy contains a different mineral, each of which is said to possess a different purpose and meaning – one contains fire agate to promote sexuality and creativity, another crystal dummy is said to aid cleansing and purification, whilst another containing a different type of agate is believed to awaken higher dimensional energies.

Lady Gaga just has to choose a suitable dummy for which ever mood she is in or image she needs to project. This is not entirely new ground for the You and I singer as she has been interested in using crystals for sometime, and a source told British Sun newspaper that…

“Gaga is a great believer in these crystals…She’s got them all over her pad and she has had them made into dummies so she can take them on tour.”.

There’s nothing particularly unusual in believe that using healing crystals which have particular vibe can help revive a person’s energy – followers of alternative medicine, magic, and New Age beliefs have explored this idea for years. What is unusual is the idea of placing the crystals (some or which, such as malachite, are toxic if ingested) in the mouth, it is far more common to apply them to specific parts of the body, wear them or use them for meditation. So why is Lady Gaga sucking the crystals albeit via a dummy?

The Sun’s source added…

“Gaga thinks sucking the crystal will install the energies in her body and mind quicker. ..It sounds strange but she’s adamant they work.”

Lady Gaga is very protective of her crystal dummies and keeps them in a special box which only she touches. You can’t really blame the star for doing everything she can to enhance her energy though, her Born This Way Ball tour includes more than 100 gigs, starting on April 27th in South Korea and arriving in the UK in September where the first gig will be held at the Twickenham stadium.

Even before she sets foot on the tour itself she has already faced a busy schedule including being heavily involved in set and costume design as well as discussing the finer technical points of smoke machine operation with her stage crew. If you should be one of the lucky folks who get a ticket for one off Gaga’s gigs keep any eye out, if she loses her patience and spits out her designer dummy you could be quids in!

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Adele’s Haunted House

You would have had to been living on Mars not to have heard of record-breaking singer songwriter Adele. Her debut album, 19 was released in 2008 and was a great commercial and critical success – so much so it went platinum four times in the UK.

Adele’s Haunted House

At the 2009 Grammy Awards, Adele received the awards for Best New Artist and Best Female Pop Vocal Performance. Her next album 21 added another six Grammy Awards in 2012 including Album of the Year, equalling the record for most Grammy Awards won by a female artist in one night.

Naturally, this level of success has earned the singer a few pennies in the bank and she decided to look for a new home to call her own. So recently she bought a modest little dwelling in Sussex so she could be near her boyfriend, Simon Konecki, who lives in Brighton.

Admittedly Adele’s bijou little residence isn’t all that bijou, it is set in 25 acres of land, has two swimming pools, ten bedrooms, a helicopter pad, uninterrupted views of the South Downs and a tennis court. Then again, as Adele is paying a rent of £15,000 a month you’d expect she get a few extras thrown in. And that’s the problem. It seems she isn’t the only occupant in her new nest and this one may have been there much much longer. Adele is convinced that what she wanted to be a happy home is actually a haunted house. A friend told British The Sun newspaper that Adele was not comfortable in her mansion.

“She is convinced it is haunted. She knows about its religious history — and it’s a big place to be in on your own in the dead of night.”

Adele herself commented on the 60 Minutes programme to its presenter Anderson Cooper; as they moved through a dark corridor of her Partridge Green home that;

‘This bit is quite scary really’

She also claims to have heard strange noises in the building part of which was a convent. So what is a star to do when she’s feeling spooked in her own mansion? Pay someone to keep her company of course. And Adele is doing just that she is reportedly paying a female bodyguard, a former chauffeur, who is in her 30s £100,000 a year to stay with her in the historic listed building 24/7. As the singer put it;

“I’m not rattling around here on my own. It gives me the creeps.”

Imagine being paid £100,000 for hanging out in a mansion with swimming pools, a tennis court and stunning views? Now, that’s my sort of job! Unfortunately, spooky spirits are not Adele’s only problem. She has had two hire another two guards. These two members of staff will be needed to guard the gates of the mansion after Adele discovered a public footpath runs past the front door of her rural retreat. A friend said:

“She can see the funny side but she is a sensible girl and knows there is no point taking chances with her safety.”

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Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence

Let’s be honest, unless you are a super-bright super-fit scientist from an Ivy League university or a super-rich billionaire with a taste for travelling in less than comfort circumstances the chances of you making a voyage into space are a bit well, remote.

Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence

If on top of this you also fancy discovering an alien life form your chances range from zilch to zero, until now that is.  The SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) project needs your help.

SETI scans the skies searching for signs of intelligent life in the universe but funding cuts mean it has had to become more and more creative in how it conducts its research. In 1999 it set up SETI@home in which spare processing power on volunteer’s computers was used to sift through information gained by its radio telescopes. So far this has attracted more than 1m users.

Buoyed by this success on 29th February SETI took the notion of “citizen science” a stage further, this time it’s not our computers they want to put to good use but our brains. SETIlive hopes to use the human ability to recognise patterns to distinguish between the background noise of space and the possible sound of alien communication.

The idea behind SETI is to look for artificial radio signals which are not generated from Earth. To do this they use 42 small radio telescopes known as the Allen Array. Unfortunately, certain parts of the spectrum of radio waves are inundated by noise created by human activity which could drown out any alien attempts at communication.

SETI hopes to send  pictorial representations of the noisy spots to its supporters in the hope they can filter out the noise and spot any unusual signals. Users will log on to and view the information hot from the Allen Array, every 90 second this telescopes will change their direction and a new image will be produced. Should someone spot something within just three minutes the telescopes will be realigned to study that wavelength further.

This is important because when users found interesting signals in the past they were looking at information which was already months old and by the time the scientists turned their attention to the relevant sites the signals had vanished.

One of the most famous of these occurrences known as the WOW signal pre-dates SETI@home and occurred in 1977. Scientists trudging through reams of data come across a powerful finely tuned broadcast of a type astronomers theorised aliens might use. Sadly, by the time it had been spotted and the instruments recalibrated to take a more in-depth study the signal had disappeared.

SETI live means should another should another signal be found scientists could turn their attention to the correct area immediately. Just imagine it, the discovery of alien life which would unquestionably be the greatest moment in human history might not depend on interstellar travel and spacesuits but on someone sitting in their home looking at the internet. Could that person be you?

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Neither Wicked nor a Witch

Neither Wicked nor a Witch. A German woman who suffered a terrifying death has finally been acquitted of practising black magic – unfortunately the decision is around 400 years too late for Katharina Henot!

Neither Wicked nor a Witch

Katharina was a remarkable woman who was probably the first female postmistress of Cologne a very prestigious appointment at the time. Indeed her high flying career could have been the catalyst which lead to her horrifying demise, as it is thought that, as the head of the city’s post office and a powerful socialite, she may have been the victim of politically-motivated feud.

Katharina was arrested in January 1627 after a local nun claimed that she was a witch and had caused the deaths of several people in the region. Having been accused of witchcraft the defendant stood little chance of being found innocent. As part of the legal process Katharina was severely tortured before her death to such an extent that although she was normally right-handed she  had to sign her final denial of witchcraft charges brought against her with her left hand.

Despite her spirited defence the charges she faced  and her brother’s desperate attempts to secure her release, she was eventually found guilty. After the verdict the poor woman was  paraded through the streets in a wagon and then burned at the stake. Unlike other countries where heretics were more likely to be burned than ‘witches’ Germany embraced witch trials and it is thought that about 25,000 Germans lost their lives during the country’s obsession with the subject. Many of those killed for their supposed crimes seem to have been forgotten by history and so their reputations  have never been cleared, meaning they are still guilty in the eyes of the law.

Heroic Priest Harmut Hegeler

Recently, Katharina found an champion in the shape of a priest called Hartmut Hegeler. Hegeler wanted to clear her name as part of an awareness campaign about the continuing persecution of women across the world. Katharina’s case was reopened by Cologne City Council (the same authority that sentenced her four centuries ago). Officials found that she had been convicted on trumped-up charges of sorcery and exonerated her.


It shows the battle against injustice and intolerance is one that will never end. Fortunately you can ring one of my skilled Psychics Live 24/7 without fear and with plenty of favour.

“Psychic” and Amy Winehouse

Mitch Winehouse the father of the late Amy Winehouse, the raven haired singer whose distinctive voice won her world acclaim has criticised a “psychic” who has been pestering him with assertions that his daughter is haunting her friends.

“Psychic” and Amy Winehouse

As you’ll remember the talented songstress died July last year. And a Canadian woman; Nadine Rhodes, has told Mitch, 60, that there have been a string of “angelic appearances” by the singer in Canada.

Rhodes maintains that Amy’s ghost was begging for help for an English man who was suffering severe pain. Rhodes said that Amy kept appearing dressed in white, telling her friends that a man called Kevin Sheridan in Bedfordshire was suffering.

Rhodes also claims that Amy has been telling her friends that the British police have been using voodoo to curse suspects.

It seems Mitch is infuriated with her messages and has decided to refute Rhodes comments via Twitter. According to the British tabloid the Daily Star his tweet read;

“You know this doesn’t make any sense,”

He totally discounted the idea that the police used voodoo and he added he had never heard of Kevin Sheridan.

“Why would Amy appear to strangers?” he added.

This incident is just the latest blow for the bereaved father. This week he was informed that the coroner who held Amy’s inquest was not fully qualified and the misadventure verdict on his daughter may be invalid.

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Psychic strife

A world famous psychic who once worked for the late Princess of Wales has taken the British tabloid newspaper, The Daily Mail to court. Sally Morgan who describes herself as a professional psychic is seeking aggravated damages and an injunction to stop the paper repeating its allegations against her.

Psychic Sally Morgan

The case concerns an article written in the newspaper by the magician and former psychic Paul Zenon which was published on 22 September 2011. The article entitled “What a load of crystal balls!” and alleged that Sally Morgan was fraudulently claiming to demonstrate her psychic powers whilst, in fact, her entourage where feeding her information via microphones connected to a hidden earpiece.

Ghoulish Psychics

Another article (Only the lonely believe in ghoulish psychics) which appeared concurrently repeated these allegations.

Ms. Morgan argues that this caused her “substantial damage to her reputation, as well as hurt, distress and embarrassment”.

To add to her woes the story was carried in the national press and appeared on the internet (although she has only issued the writ against Associated Newspapers which publish The Daily Mail).

If Ms. Morgan wins she could receive up to £150,000 from Associated Newspapers. I wonder if The Daily Mail should consider employing a psychic (ghoulish or otherwise) to predict the likelihood of litigation in relation to any future articles it prints!

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