Mundane Astrology Overview July 2015

It is often said that a good Chess player anticipates movements, always mentally several moves ahead of their current position. Well, the same could be said of a good Astrologer, observing planetary movements and anticipating their possible impact before they occur. So with this in mind, the month of July much like a chessboard offers plenty of squares, but events seem more chequered than black and white!

However, as July begins it is not bishops and knights at play, but the Cardinal instead. For this month commences with the Sun steadily progressing through the Cardinal Sign of Cancer, directing focus towards the home front in all senses. So, the emphasis is not so much on kings, but more of their castle as the month gets underway. This not only referring to actual properties and issues of land, but also our idea of home, as the Water Sign of Cancer also governs nurturing and emotional ties. Therefore, family and all domestic living arrangements, as well as our roots and heritage are spotlighted when the Sun inhabits the caring Sign of Cancer. Hence, after the Sun and Mars entered Cancer last month, we witnessed the legalisation of gay marriage throughout the U.S, aided by Saturn’s final visit in Scorpio, concluding previously unresolved affairs. Although, the ramifications of this decision will continue to be experienced throughout July, as something of a backlash arises. This heightened by this Month’s Moon activity, symbolising opposition to changing ideas in the U.S, national identity and everyday relations.

While, in terms of the UK, the appearance of the Moon this month seems to denote a more stabilising effect, finalising home concerns and providing a feeling of renewed control and status overall. This not only in regard to home-buying and taking that first move onto the property ladder, but also the concept of home as a fortress and who we choose to let in. As by the 16th we should begin to see some settlement in reference to immigration and EU dealings, when a New Moon arrives in Cancer and solutions with the 31st’s Full Moon in Aquarius. Though, up until this point, advancement may seem more stalemate than checkmate, as although the 2nd brings us a reconciling Full Moon in concrete Capricorn, its presence forms jarring aspects to other existing Cardinal Planets.

For it is at odds with the Sun and Mars in Cancer and incompatible with Libra’s North Node and Uranus in Aries. While, even Pluto also resident in Capricorn offers little positive reinforcement, due to it still remaining in retrograde motion throughout July. However, on the upside these clashing activity driven Cardinal Planets may cause some vigorous debate, but unfortunately that is all it is likely to be, as reaching agreement will appear impossible. Instead, this Cancer crab may feel like retreating to a rock-pool for the first half of July, as challenging planetary aspects joined with the heat from a united Sun and Mars create an atmosphere of over-exhaustion and frustration, as the pincers are out and a general feeling of crabbiness reins.

So be prepared for ructions within the family environment, although they will not remain contained within this domestic arena, as with the Moon and Pluto facing opposition, it seems possible changes within government are generating upheaval. As hidden aspects regarding benefits and regulations are exposed once again, disclosing long-term expenditure and planned payment cutbacks. For the Cancer Crab may attempt to sidestep addressing these issues, but other hostile Planets bring them to the forefront, especially from the 9th when everyday Mercury crosses from Gemini into Cancer too. This transition also putting the topic of childcare and early education high on the agenda, as a need for extra resources and added help with childcare costs is raised, accentuated by the 16th’s Cancer New Moon. While, a retrograde Neptune lingers over the unaddressed needs of those vulnerable and with addictions. Added to this, Saturn makes its finale in the Sign of Scorpio, so this Cancer Crab may find itself unable to sidestep problems at this time, finding itself literally ‘stuck between a rock and a hard-place’. For Saturn’s parting performance demands previously unsolved concerns are clawed through, particularly relating to the Scorpio domain of shared monies.

Whilst, this Scorpio Saturn transit also presents a further sting in its tail regarding abuses of power, as its swan song initiates some type of closure on previous child abuse revelations, as better protective legislation and family value initiatives are brought to the table. The topic of children remaining a priority all month, reinforced by Venus and Jupiter residing in the childlike Sign of Leo and further strengthened with the Sun moving into Leo from the 23rd. However, with Saturn at loggerheads with Jupiter as July draws to a close, passing legislation could prove tricky. Meanwhile, outside of the legal process, this planetary formation may spark further adverse events involving children. For Saturn in the last degrees of Scorpio can prompt violent proceedings whether manmade or environmental, as last month’s terrorism demonstrates and its presence will be felt until Saturn advances into Sagittarius in September.

So this month, Nigeria and South Africa as well as U.S congress may experience turmoil from these planetary movements as disorder seems likely. Meanwhile, within Europe; Germany, France and the UK look set to undergo upheaval. Also in the spotlight is Latvia, the continuing situations in Greece and Italy and further afar Cape Verde, the Ivory Coast, Peru and the Solomon Islands. With Malawi and Somalia also starred. Although, the favourable side of these planetary configurations sees pleasurable pursuits take prominence, as advances are made in areas such as on-line entertainment and the buzz and congestion of plenteous summertime events such as Wimbledon takes centre-court.

So like that game of Chess, following the rules seems necessary this July, as the Cardinal rule is the Cardinal rules the first half of July. With the Sun in the feminine, Moon ruled Sign of Cancer; instinct governs proceedings, especially with the unusual visitation of three Moons this month. However the latter half of July, sees the jungle King in play, as the Sun travels into the masculine Sun ruled Sign of Leo, ego driven behaviour dominates. So this July you literally get the Sun, Moon and the Stars!

Astrology Overview for WC 6th July 2015

The week begins with the Moon combining with Neptune in Pisces, on Monday. This aspect may make it rather difficult to engage with the week’s practicalities and instead see us preferring to surf any good times we enjoyed over the weekend. However, this week will soon wake us up with the influential Pluto set to hold sway in its opposition with the Sun in the first half of the week and with Mars towards the latter part. Pluto is the planet of truth and transformation and power. Located as it is in the sign of Capricorn it tends to be much more authoritarian and traditional in its impact. It is also a Cardinal sign therefore one which is very much to do with leadership and influence.

Yet with the Sun and Mars both in Cancer, also a Cardinal sign but ruled by the rather watery and sensitive energies of the Moon this points towards the potential for emotional conflicts and tensions. Therefore we may all encounter someone this week here you it can feel is more forceful than is necessary or makes demands upon us manifested through a desire to hold some kind of extra control over us.

However, we need to be realistic and honest in that this energy is not just going to be coming in towards us it is an energy we can manifest ourselves. This week can therefore see us more usually frustrated and impatient with any lack of progress. Mars in particular in Cancer can see us much more reactive and defensive. Fortunately, in the first half of the week Mercury retains a location in the sign of Gemini which can help us to be more logical and help us to deal with the overwhelming energies which can pulsate around the heavens this week.

On Wednesday there is a Quarter Moon in Aries. This will serve to increase the potential for impatience and battles of will. Mercury itself moves into Cancer on Thursday and although not its best location it does forge a helpful link with Neptune in the second half of the week. This asks us to combine flair and imagination with trying to achieve solid foundations.

All through the week Venus also forges a continuing and gorgeous link with Jupiter in Leo. This combination will provide some levitation from the other energies which are more conflicting. It is therefore going to be important to do some lighter more playful things to create diversions. But generally this is a week which can prove to be rather challenging at times.

Astrology Overview for WC 29th June 2015

The week begins with the Sun and Mars getting more established in the sign of Cancer. Yet ironically, after all the mischief that Neptune has been causing in the recent past, this planet becomes an agent of good this week, forging a really lovely trine to both the Sun and Mars. The angle to the Sun is particularly helpful, one which is very enabling and can help people to express greater sensitivity, and be less bound up with our need to get what we want from situations, and be more mindful of what other people’s situations are. The Mars link, does have some potential downsides, insofar as people may disguise (rather craftily) their true motivations, yet on the whole, like this Sun this can see us more self-sacrificing. Of course last week, Neptune was horribly tangled with Mercury, this week the planet of communication forges a fab angle to Uranus and Venus and Jupiter, so talk and thought as well as caring deeds may well mesh together far better than then.

And talking of that wondrous link between Venus and Jupiter, this goes on all week. In the sign of Leo, it continues to promote fashion, music, performance, the arts and warmth of personal interaction. With Uranus Trining both perfectly, there can be unexpected invitations, chance encounters and possibilities, and some of these can prove very sociable, or very flirty! But whether you wish to meet up with others and have fun, and make merry, or get up close and personal in a romantic context, generally, this is a fine week to end the month, and begin July.

Astrology Overview for WC 22nd June 2015

The week begins with the Sun finding its feet in the sign of Cancer. This is going to bring a more emotional and homely feel to situations, and asks us to be more conscious of where we live, how we live there, and who with. Anything to do with physical and emotional security is emphasised.

Of course for much of June the Sun has been in tangent with Mars, and the fizzing sparky energy this has created in the sign of Gemini is going to switch to the more sensory vibe of the Zodiac’s fourth sign, which of course is ruled by the gentle energies of the Moon.

Mars plays catch up with the Sun moving on Thursday into Cancer and if you have any kind of do-it-yourself or home improvement project in the pipeline, suddenly things can power forwards. However, issues around control and ownership can also come to the fore and we will all have to work at not overreacting to situations, for defensiveness can be an issue as Mars’ transits this zodiac sign.

Mercury also continues its right angle with Neptune all through the week, and this kind of thickens the plot when it comes to emotional issues competing with more logical energies. This is reinforced by a Quarter Moon in the sign of Libra on Wednesday.

Yet in the second half of the week is an absolutely incredible combination between Venus and Jupiter in Leo. This can be wonderful for an appreciation of the arts, and romantic hopes, and for enjoying the good things in life. If you’re lucky enough to be spoilt by someone, or you are spoiling someone yourself, this can create some blissful moments.

Sunday is also a key day this week, for then Mercury reaches the point when it began its retrograde in May at 13° Gemini. The suggestion is, that things can finally unravel positively that have been held back by the retrograde, and also Mercury’s tangle with Neptune.

Ironically Sunday also sees the Sun make a fantastic link to Neptune, one which asks us to be less self-centred a more inclined to help those who are less fortunate.

Astrology Overview for WC 15th June 2015

The week begins with Saturn, the planet of structure, reversing backwards into Scorpio. He was last here just before Christmas last year (2014), and of course for 2 1/4 years before then, and will be in Scorpio now through to mid-September 2015. The accent here is on shared resources, business, working capital, mortgages and pensions. All these areas will come under greater scrutiny both globally and within our own lives from now through till that time.

On Tuesday however, there is a sparkling New Moon in Gemini. What makes this New Moon so unique is that the planet Mars is side-by-side with the Sun and the Moon. This makes the effects of this New Moon therefore, that much more potent and supercharged. The effect of this can see greater energy pulsating around communications, the media, technology, and community rights. Communication in general is also emphasised by Mercury’s continuing location in Gemini too. However in the second half of this week Mercury goes into a right angle a square with Neptune. Thus repeating, a square which occurred at the end of may and the start of June between the two planets. So despite the powerful New Moon there is the potential for tangles, misunderstandings and muddles towards the end of this week.

Yet that does continue to be an amazing link between Jupiter and Uranus all week, which encourages innovation, medical and scientific breakthroughs and encourages us to be open to new approaches in our own lives. This could include greater links with overseas, higher education, travel, and physical activities. With Venus also now in the sign of Leo, the arts, fashion, musicals and performance can all feature brightly.

Astrology Overview for WC 8th June 2015

The week begins with Venus continuing its link to Saturn, this can stabilise the best of relationships and help us appreciate the things that those close to us bring to our lives. However Tuesday does see a Quarter Moon in the sign of Pisces. This is somewhat of an echo of the recent energy has been created by the Neptune squares, which also dominated much of this year so far. With the Sun still in the body Gemini the in conjunction with Mars all week here they can be a tendency to gush, say things without thinking them through, or let slip confidences that have been invested in us. This is not a good time to get chatting to a known gossip soon enough they be pricing piece of information out of you and the chances are they will relish the juicy titbit that they can share.

However this is a week when the conjunction between the Sun and Mars can be very positive because they jointly forge a fantastic angle to Jupiter in the sunny Leo. This is kind of like Positivity Central, and can boost the thought that absolutely everything can get better and go from strength to strength, and potentially it can do. What we mustn’t do, is be over-confident, promise more than we can realistically deliver, or take on more than we can cope with. With Mercury also continuing to rewind in Gemini, communications still do need careful handling. The Sun Mars Jupiter connection can see us overlook small details, focus almost too much on the big picture, and be rather cavalier in our approach for if we are, Mercury’s retrograde will soon trip as up. Fortunately Mercury is going to start to go forwards from Thursday. However it will not return to the position it occupied when the rewind began until the 27th June , so any tangles, hassles or misunderstandings that have occurred in the last three weeks may not fully sort themselves out until then. Ironically the planet of confusion, Neptune, replaces Mercury in the retrograde stakes, slamming on the brakes on Friday for its annual 5 1/2 months rewind. In the sign of Pisces this can bring a more spiritual dimension to our situations, but equally that potential for a lack of reality is probably increased.

Astrology Overview June 2015

In a board game, throw a 6 and often you will get another go. Well the same could be said for the 6th month of this year. For June appears to offer another chance at matters, with several Planets retrograde this month. Although, whether it is a lucky 6 this June or a little dicey depends on how proceedings play out!

However, as the month of June begins it seems as though you may have been thrown a double, as the month opens with the Sun continuing its journey through the vivacious Sign of Gemini. The Sign of the twins makes it more difficult to distinguish what is occurring on an everyday level, due to its dual nature, without the added confusion caused by its ruling Planet of Mercury remaining in retrograde motion until the 12th. As activities in all forms feel the strain, from those of the mind as thinking and learning is unclear and sluggish, to physical movement and travel arrangements, as disorganisation, delays and downright disruption persists. While, any type of communication suffers, as misunderstandings, mistakes and missed opportunities are common under this transit. Furthermore, Mars also remains in Gemini as June begins, so there maybe many throwing a wobbly having been thrown this double Sign. As with retrograde influences this month active Mars’s frustrated energy causes many to feel like throwing in the towel.

So as June opens it appears all sure bets are off with the each-way Sign of Gemini dominating, along with a retrograding Mercury, Saturn and Pluto providing the feeling of a false start to the month. While the following day, conditions show some improvement, as the 2nd sees a disclosing Full Moon out of the enclosure and joining Saturn in the Sign of Sagittarius, attempting to find fair ground. However, the form may not be so good, as with opposing Gemini Planets and an incompatible Neptune in Pisces, an unstable tri-configuration is formed. For these Mutable Planets are great at adapting to situations, but not so ideal when a sense of constancy and security is required. As this tri-angle is not dissimilar to the Bermuda one this month, accentuating uncertainty and a state of flux, even weather-wise.

Although, the beneficial side of the arrival of the Full Moon this month is that it provides a much needed spotlight to gloomy Saturn, shedding some light on how to resolve foreign, travel and legal matters particularly, which have remained problematic since it stationed in March. With uproar emphasised in Egypt and Russia; opposition in Italy and the U.S capital predominantly, while France experiences setbacks and Mexico is the subject of work/health restrictions. In the UK, this Full Moon reveals more effects concerning everyday life and the younger generation and on the other side of the globe, this month’s Moon activity causes Australia to undergo unexpected but on the whole pleasant changes.

So this Full Moon may bring some relief and closure to ongoing disputes, but lasting harmony may prove elusive. This is due to the fact that Mercury may turn direct on the 12th, but at the same time Neptune then finds itself at a standstill. Therefore, conflicting Mutable Planets may bring the issue of migration and human suffering to the forefront, along with exposing regulations and errors which have detrimental effects upon the most vulnerable members of society. However, with backward planetary movements all month, no clear solutions in these areas seem likely.
Though, the pressure may ease to some extent midmonth, even quite literally, as irrepressible Mutable Planets even cause unmanageable weather conditions throughout the first half of June. However, by midmonth not only does Mercury start moving forward, but Saturn also leaves the Mutable Sign of Sagittarius, reverting back into the Fixed Sign of Scorpio. Therefore, shifting the focus back onto the more quantifiable matters of taxes, joint finances and monetary problems amongst others, as this final transit offers the last opportunity to address previously unsettled issues.

Thus, viewing the planetary movements this June, there seems to be plenty of repeats, pauses and rewinds, prompting a change of channel in terms of channelling energies. This being reinforced by the 16th’s New Moon in Gemini co-joining the Sun and Mars, as it initiates new rules and improvements in the area of communication, learning and transportation. These motivated no doubt to some extent by the preceding Mercury retrograde period causing travel chaos and scheduled strikes amongst its many other disturbances. While this Moon draws attention to shocking beliefs in Israel; new public services in Japan along with confusion over Cuba’s status. As well as instigating new everyday practices at the United Nations and responsibilities for Afghanistan. Whereas planetary movements generally this month put Iceland, the Baltic’s, Rwanda and Thailand in the headlines, whilst upheaval seems likely in Vietnam, Tonga, Pakistan, Brazil and Germany.

So June’s first weeks may pinpoint modes of communication and movements, but its last are directed towards finances, children and leisure activities or the financial lack of them. This following on from Venus beginning the month in Cancer, as it faces challenges from other Cardinal Planets, suggesting home, childrearing and family roots may require some more restructuring. Then from the 5th Venus moves into Leo co-joining Jupiter, as these two positive Planets unite to shine the light on the Arts and procreation, making new initiatives look promising.

However, this is dampened from the 15th by Saturn’s backward movement into Scorpio, this conflicting aspect serving as a reminder that pleasures have a financial comeback. This feeling reinforced when the Sun moves into Cancer from the 22nd, shortly accompanied by Mars, forming difficult aspects, as new regulations hit home and people begin to see that the picture is not as rosy as first promised. In sum it seems this month we may find ourselves stepping into the last chance June than saloon, with the possibility of correcting past mistakes. So if we take the whip and crack away where needed, it should not be so much of a calamity June!

Astrology Overview WC 1st June 2015

The Sun, Mars and Mercury all continue in the 3rd sign of the zodiac, Gemini. Mercury for its part, also continues to rewind in its second yearly retrograde. Of course this can cause glitches and anything to do with travel, distribution, contracts, digital, gizmo’s, transport etc but equally it can also give us the opportunity to sort out any issues too, especially those that pre-dated Mercury’s retrograde. However, what adds mystery to the mix this week is that Mercury and the Sun are strongly influenced by Neptune. Now, if you think you have read this before, you are right, Neptune has had a very big impact on the heavens the whole of this year, and the potential for bizarre misunderstandings, perverse interactions, and even darn right deceit is high. The plot thickens because the Sun is also caught up in this.

Tuesday also sees a Full Moon which forges a T Square along with the Sun with Neptune. So over the next couple of weeks, it is going to be incredibly important to stay clear minded, logical and grounded in our approach to how we handle things and especially anything that has liabilities.

Yet from mid week, things start to look very different. Mars, which angles brilliantly to Jupiter all week, joins with the Sun in a conjunction, one which is the main feature of this month and will run until just a few days before it ends. This can help to make us all feel more upbeat and hopeful and with Uranus also featuring, bright ideas, boldness and innovation can all still play a major role. Sometimes when Jupiter is involved, it can makes us overly optimistic, and with Mars, perhaps recklessly so. So it is all down to proportion. We can feel more get-go but we need to also stay grounded. Pilling into situations without plenty of forethought should be avoided at all costs, but the brightness is potentially illuminated further more when Venus glides into Leo on Thursday. Here she can really sparkle, and urges us to show off our talents and skills to the full. The sultry Venus will strut her stuff to the full over the following 28 days and very charismatically so at that

Astrology Overview for WC 25th May 2015

The week begins with the Sun and Mercury and Mars, continuing their journey in the sign of Gemini. In fact, Mars and Mercury are going to be side by side for much of the week. Ordinarily this would bring a greater cut and thrust to our communications. However, there are three factors we need to consider this week as we decipher this. The first is that Mercury continues its retrograde, and with all its attendant potential for misunderstandings mix-ups and delays. The second is that on Monday the Sun squares up with the Moon in Virgo. This suggests heightened nervous tension, and the potential for things to become rather fraught if we try to force the pace, which course can happen when Mars is conjunction Mercury. The third is that Neptune, the Zodiac’s dreamiest influence continues to square Mars this week, running on from last time, but also squares up with Mercury. This overall combination could therefore turn out to be one of the most muddled, complicated, and disorientating weeks for many a Moon.

So, how do we deal with this? Well, we must be very careful about what we plan, how we execute these plans, and how we communicate what we’re trying to do to others. For example, it is going to be really important to do our research, properly, to not take shortcuts and to think of the implications of what we’re doing and to consider the points of views of others. Also it will be vital to double-check when we send an email or a text message, or important papers, that they are received and understood in the way that it was meant. If we do all of these things we are reducing the potential for misunderstandings, and further glitches.

There is also an absolutely sparkling alliance between Jupiter and Uranus in the last half of the week, which can be very beneficial around expression of novel, innovative, or far sighted ideas, and this can provide some mitigation for all the other things going on.

Astrology Overview for WC 18th May 2015

As the week begins, the Sun is still in Taurus. However on Tuesday, Mercury begins a retrograde in its home zone of Gemini. The second of the year, this one will be particularly focused on issues of communication. Care is required by all of us around text messages, emails, documentation and every day conversations. However equally, Mercury’s retrograde does offer as an opportunity to sort out something that is not working very well, whether it’s a dodgy printer, a slow running PC, or a car that seen the better days. And this potential for improvement is underscored for the rest of this week because Mercury actually forges a superb angle to Jupiter. So it is going to be important to remain positive despite Mercury’s rewind and especially around great, or innovative ideas.

From Tuesday through to Sunday Venus in Cancer, goes into opposition with a rather intense energies of tiny Pluto. Whenever these two tangle it often leads to push and pull situations around love or money, where power or control, or the desire for sex, is disguised by flattery, seductiveness, and potential for better things to unfold. So, if you feel that someone is laying on the charm with a trowel, it’s going to be very important that you don’t immediately only see the up side. Stay attuned to what their motives may be, and perhaps more importantly those of yourself. However it is possible that you could have an amazingly charismatic connection with someone you encounter or this aspect can increase the level of desire that goes between you and an existing partner. It is really depends on the exact circumstances. Then again you may find the if someone offers the potential for a fleeting relationship – in other words a fling, well, the terms of reference of this may suit you both. But it’s where someone has some kind of hidden agenda, that problems can evolve.

Thursday sees the Sun move itself, also into Gemini where he joins with both Mercury and Mars. However almost immediately the Sun is opposed by the stern energies of Saturn, and as is the pattern for much of May some kind of complication can come about by any tendency to rush an arrangement, agreement, travel plan, or become exasperated by rules restrictions and policies. The best way to deal with this is by having reasonable expectations and choosing words with care and in a measured way.

Thursday to Sunday also sees Mars begin a square with Neptune. Now, this is one of the most complex of all planetary aspects, one where people can almost deceive themselves by what they say, or get caught up in other people’s trickery. If you’re buying or selling anything, it is vitally important that you’re clear about the item involved and its description, its provenance and true value.