Astrology Overview for WC 5th December 2016

The week begins Mars forging a stunning angle to Jupiter. This is one of the most charismatic of all the zodiac sign aspects. This is because, it can give us a sense that nothing can fail. In fact, we can fail by being overconfident, but we can certainly gain a great deal more by measuring what we do in an upbeat, positive and energized way.

But that’s not the end of the good news because from Wednesday through to the end of the week as the Sun’s turn to angle up brilliantly to Jupiter. Now this has much more potential to create neat good fortunate. Unlike Mars, which can make us somewhat reckless this particular aspect can just see us balance our energy in a way which can be truly very providential. Relationships in particular can be boosted and particularly where there are shared values or knowledge.

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In fact, in general this week can have a rather random element to it but not only is Jupiter going to be highly positive, after all, it does continue in its fine angle with Saturn, but because Uranus is also forging a fine link to Mars, as does the Sun on Friday through to Sunday.

All this points towards us being much more risk taking this week, but…yes, there is always a counter influence or two in astrology, not least because of the Quarter Moon on Wednesday, which occurs in a very psychological sector and the square between Mercury and Neptune, which goes on for the second half of the week. These influences can create a certain amount of distortion, so as much as we can achieve a lot by pushing outside our comfort zones we really do need to know that we are clear in what we’re doing, and there were not acting on any kind of erroneous information.

Thursday also sees Venus move into the most friendly sign of the Zodiac, Aquarius. So this is going to be a week where the festive spirit is likely to ramp up to some degree, unusual friendships can be forged, and where, camaraderie and bonhomie can really start to be enjoyed.

Astrology Overview December 2016

As the year comes to a finale and Christmas beckons, thoughts usually turn to the arduous trek taken following that Star of wonder to Bethlehem! Although, this December, the stars in Sagittarius cause many to wonder over the current bedlam!

For it is less about trekking towards a Star and more like ‘Star Trek’! As Trump says ‘beam me up’ to the White House and Castro’s passing sees Cuba embarking upon ‘new frontiers’. While the UK’s ‘Brexit’ maybe ‘boldly going forward’, but perhaps only ‘as we can’t find reverse’. So, this December is ‘life Jim, but not as we know it!’

With the 12th month seeming rather like an imaginary time line, as it is the threshold to the future, but our feet remain firmly planted in the past. However, with such uncertainty looming ahead, it seems this month some could ‘kling-on’ too tightly to the familiar, especially as the Sun begins the month still united with cautious Saturn and moving Mercury, limiting progress, thinking, travelling plans and general festive cheer. As these Planets co-joined restrict travels of the body and mind, particularly through the first half of December.

For the month opens with mobile Mercury in Sagittarius and Saturn at a critical degree, reinforcing last month’s New Moon in Sagittarius. No doubt putting an emphasis on all foreign affairs, pleasurable pursuits and matters of legality and safety in these areas, as we see Governments worldwide maintain their effort to deal with the unrelenting vast displacement of people and the continuing narrow-minded divisive rhetoric around cultural difference. Whilst, by the time of the Full Moon on December 14th in opposing Gemini, you may see more possible terrorist attacks linked to transport and the true neglect of War torn refugees and the disabled, as well as worsening weather conditions and information disclosures. As this face-off between the Gemini Full Moon and the Sagittarian Sun and Saturn, coincides with the ongoing standoff of Virgo’s North Node and Neptune in Pisces.

Although, on the positive side, Mutable Planets offer flexibility, with the Moon’s degree linked to Mathematics, meaning there may be some leeway calculating the US electoral recount, as well as artistic and scientific advances. While, responsible Saturn combining with this duo of Planets in wise Sagittarius, should act as a guiding Star this month. This being much needed after November’s fireworks.

So, as we enter December, we’ve come out of a tailspin, having left behind the jointed tailed Scorpion and the turbulent events played out under this Zodiac Sign, but as this month gets underway we are still feeling the atmospheric pressure. As last month, there was a ‘bird’ for thanksgiving, a catastrophic ‘plane’ crash, but no ‘Superman’, instead a ‘Super Moon’ intensifying matters and moods, its reverberations still far reaching. For November’s Super Moon in Taurus brought no ‘kryptonite’, but it did ignite and crystallise, as the Sign of the bull charged up public sentiment, with prolonged protests over Trump’s presidential win. However, last month’s Full Moon also could be viewed as something of a ‘crystal bull’, seeming to solidify future plans.

Although, some aims are still somewhat ‘frozen’ in time, as attempts to block the ‘Brexit’ process demonstrate. While, others must ‘let it go’, as rather like an ice sculpture, as Planets progress from watery Scorpio into the Fire Sign of Sagittarius, Clinton sees her dreams of entering the Oval Office melting away. So as December gets going, it might feel as if the usually over-enthusiastic temperament of the Sun in Sagittarius is given a daily reality check, by Saturn’s sobering presence, but it is a necessary one! For the Sagittarian tendency to be over-exuberant is balanced out by level-headed Saturn. Put simply, the Sun in Sagittarius may find it really hard to stay in, but Saturn knows that ‘baby, it’s cold outside’, considering all factors.

This quite literally applying to the ‘Brexit’ scenario, as ‘tis the Season to be jolly’, but the usual yuletide cheer seems somewhat lacking this December. As likened to a Christmas feast, ‘Brexit’ may have dished up what the majority thought they wanted, but now many feel stuffed! As there is a growing sense that even though plenty are not keen on ‘Brussels’, whether it be Xmas dinner or the UK, it may not be the same without them.

So it appears there are servings of more sage than onion this festive season, in the form of Sagittarian sage advice. Along with ‘less pass the cranberry’ and more passing over the ‘jam’, as the ‘just about managing’ have difficulty digesting the UK’s autumn statement. While, across the pond, its ‘red current source’, with the continued stream of animosity towards the President elect, as thanksgiving is quite literally over!

However, as the month progresses a wishbone might be handy, as December begins with challenging Mutable planetary formations, but the second half, Cardinal Planets bring these out into the foreground. As the extent of abuse in football, disclosed under sporting Sagittarius transits is scrutinised, looking at institutions and in general there are new Government initiatives and welfare strategy. As from the 3rd, detailed Mercury enters Capricorn at that critical 0 degree, followed by another when the 21st’s Sun arrives, forming an alliance with delving Pluto. This practical Earth Sign, leaving no stone unturned, especially from the 19th when Mercury retrogrades, allowing the opportunity to revisit past errors. Although, all may not go as envisioned, with mishaps aplenty and difficult aspects from Aries, Uranus and Jupiter in Libra causing upheaval, acerbated by the 29th’s New Moon. As this Capricorn luminary puts issues under the microscope, creating bigger problems than anticipated, even resulting in violence and crime, as people in power try to hoodwink the public over the yuletide spell.

This reinforced by angry Mars, as it moves from societal Aquarius to often victimised Pisces, joining long suffering Neptune. So attempts to address humanitarian concerns, prompted by Venus entering Aquarius from the 8th could be undone. Although, any global glitches with technology over this busy buying time may see some improvement. While, the World Wide Web may experience hitches this month, Worldwide there are some too. As Finland, the Baltics, Macedonia, Lithuania, Germany and Romania are highlighted this December, along with, Columbia, Brunei, Kenya, Cuba, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Sudan and Canada, not forgetting possible attacks in the UK and Ireland.

So you could say December is an all-round big chill with a box-set of Sagittarian and Capricorn Planets, as early December Sagittarian Planets ‘curb your enthusiasm’, followed by some old classics, with ‘Happy Days’, ‘Cheers’ and into the New Year, ‘The Wonder Years’!

Astrology Overview for WC 28th November 2016

The week sees the Sun square Neptune and this is a planetary influence which can create a real sense of unreality. Keeping a sense of perspective is certainly important with this. That old saying of fact being stranger than fiction comes to mind.

This is reinforced by the New Moon of Tuesday in Sagittarius, which feeds into this right angle with Neptune. Sagittarius energy can be frank and to the point, where as Neptune can be evasive, even if not intentionally.

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Yet there are some modifying influences too, not least that Mars in the logical Aquarius forges a fabulous angle to Jupiter, and also the more structural energies of Saturn . So if we take the time to really think things through, do our research, or converse with those we trust, before plunging into action, we can counteract some of the dreamy exaggeration that is set to circulate.

Mars can of course be very uncontrolled. But the anchor that Saturn provides and the logic of Aquarius can help us to step forwards in a meaningful and with Jupiter in Libra more balanced, the steps we take to counter this dreaminess can really be more constructive.

Venus does however, square with Uranus . This can be an enlivening link, to say the least, but could lead to some random events when it comes to our love lives from Monday through to Thursday. In an ongoing tie this could point towards one partner wanting to sustain the status quo, and the other wanting to be more spontaneous. If you meet someone for the first time, it may be that there will be certain elements of the attraction which are not quite in simpatico. This does not mean it can’t be a success, but if a new ties starts in the first half of this week, it will probably always require a degree of flexibility and freedom, in order for it to flourish.

Astrology Overview for WC 21st November 2016

The week begins with Venus continuing to forge a fantastic angle to Neptune . This planetary aspect runs on from last week, and does have the potential to create some very special connections, but also a degree of high expectations. If you do meet someone for the first time on Monday or Tuesday and however much you like them, do be realistic too.

Monday also sees a Quarter Moon in the sign of Leo. This suggests that a little bit of jealousy or possessiveness could circulate around a key relationship, making it heavier than is ideal.

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Fortunately, if we need to fact finds or penetrate to the core of a matter Mercury’s conjunction with Saturn all through this week is going to give us a fine opportunity to do precisely this.

With the Sun also moving into Sagittarius on Tuesday, a desire for knowledge or the “truth” as we see it, can be really strong. Of course the Sun moving through this sector is very lively, this is a mutable sign, and this can create greater inquisitiveness, a desire for action, and spontaneity.

However, specifically around relationships with Venus combining with Pluto from Tuesday through to Sunday, the politics of relationships certainly come under the astral microscope. We could encounter someone who is quite serious, well off, or well-established, and who takes an interest in us, but the trick is going to be in deciphering what their true motives are, and ours too. So if you find yourself lusting for a high-value item, or you’re drawn to someone simply because of their status, although this is not wrong in itself, being attuned to our motivations is the key.

Saturn is in fact a very influential planet this week, not only its link with Mercury, as it does, but also with both Jupiter and Uranus which themselves are in opposition. Saturn therefore can be the anchor this week, helping us to be guided by what’s worthwhile and tangible, and also by solid information and not getting swept off course by apparently attractive, but not necessarily very substantive possibilities.

Astrology Overview for WC 14th November 2016

The week begins with a Full Moon in the sign of Taurus. With Christmas rushing up, many of us will be turning our minds to the gifts we want to buy for our loved ones. This Full Moon is a timely reminder to ensure that we balance our expectations and generosity with what we can truly afford, in terms of our everyday budgets and that we don’t saddle ourselves with longer term debt or expenses.

The Moon in Taurus is very much about desires, and to a degree about the need to indulge ourselves. This could show itself over the next couple of weeks. Even in the sense of any parties or gatherings we attend where our self-discipline around calorific goodies or imbibing alcohol, can be in conflict with the temptation to enjoy the moment. Of course, like all these things, it’s about proportion, and we need to give ourselves permission to enter into the spirit of things but just in a way which works for our bodies and also our bank balances!

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The Sun is also this week inconjunct, or quincunx with Uranus. Uranus in Aries is a very random energy, and prompts us to do things in the spur of the moment without so much is fore thought. I think it’s possible therefore, that there could be part of us that does want to be a little bit naughty, and live very much in the moment.

With Jupiter also continuing a powerful right angle with Pluto , willpower can be strong, but perhaps potentially misplaced, particularly if we try to justify our attitude to expenditure to a partner or loved one.

Yet despite all this, Mercury is forging a fabulous angle to Mars all this week, and this can create a lot of buoyant energy, especially from a social perspective.

However, in the last phase of the week, Mercury is afflicted by the dreamy energies of Neptune. This suggests that the details of things can be somewhat corroded by how hazy attitudes and details. Proceed with caution.

More delightfully, Venus forges a beautiful angle with Neptune, which for the lucky people it influences could see a true love moment unfold, especially with Neptune going direct motion, after having tracks backwards for 5 1/2 months, where it has most certainly caused mischief, particularly in that long-lasting square with Saturn, which went on to the middle of last month.

So this is a week when there is plenty of potential to interact positively with people, but we perhaps need to be conscious of our own motives and those of people we encounter, and try to stay within what we feel comfortable with, what we can afford, and what after reflection is a night of indulgence that we don’t come to regret.

Astrology Overview for WC 7th November 2016

The week begins with a Quarter Moon in the sign of Aquarius. In fact, this Zodiac sign is going to come very much more to the fore from this week when the powerful energies of Mars sweep into Aquarius on Wednesday. This is particularly helpful at this time of year, because Mars is the planet of self, but in the Zodiac sign of the Water Carrier it’s much more inclined to encourage us to be individualistic, but in addition also look to be collaborative too. So over the next six weeks as we build up to Christmas, this can encourage a playful, and rather sociable interaction.

But the Quarter Moon, can, ironically, make us more conscious of those situations where there is less cooperation going on, and where in fact, there are undercurrents or politics around group activities. There may also be a situation where a friend seems rather controlling, possessive, or even jealous. With the Sun continuing in the sign of Scorpio, along with Mercury for most of this week, this can still be a time of end’s and also beginnings, and if someone is inhibiting us in your social situation, the energy of Mars can see us determined to be more free spirited.

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Continuing on from last week the Sun also is connecting superbly with Pluto . This can create changes in our physical worlds but also within our emotional bearings too. But these can be entirely positive, even if it doesn’t seem that we are choosing them consciously.

Venus sweeps into Capricorn on Saturday, and this signals a time of greater seriousness around close relationships. On the face of it this may seem a less playful, less frivolous, and more responsible location for Venus, but it can also underline the ties in our lives which are really worthwhile, and sustain us when things are not so good. If you’re lucky enough to be in a good romantic tie, it could put down even greater roots in the next four weeks.

Sunday sees Mercury arrive in the sign of Sagittarius. Now, this planet is actually in detriment in this location, being in opposition to Gemini , which is ruled by Mercury and squaring up to Virgo, which is also governed by this planet. So it does mean that we need to choose your words carefully in the following 21 days, but I think it can still be quite an uplifting transit, and working in relative collaboration with Mars is going to be good for the general seasonal vibe that is building up.

With Jupiter the ruler of Sagittarius also forging a fine link to Saturn, which continues in the sign of the Archer for another 13 months, any situation which is a blend of cooperation and knowledge can go from strength to strength.

Astrology Overview November 2016

Halloween may be over and the clocks turned back, but as we go into November, there is ‘no’ putting some skeletons back in the closet or rewinding the hands of time on decisions already made. So you could say rather than ‘no’, this month is more of a ‘Know-vember’!

As this month, why consult a fortune teller to know what the future holds, when you are sitting in a circle! With the Sun and Mercury beginning the month in Scorpio, the Sign associated with a creature encircled by fire. As this jointed tailed Sign is something of a ‘fortune tail-er’ as this month gets underway, making joint finances, shared ventures, taxes and pension funds a primary concern. Therefore, as ‘Brexit’ negotiations continue, financial repercussions remain a foremost consideration, preventing the UK from being prematurely ‘tricked into treaty’ triggering. While, as the US election reaches the tail-end, candidates may find this is where the stinger lies, as extra reserves maybe necessary to make it to the finish line, not only fiscally but physically too, as each ward off devious attacks.

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So, October may have been more ‘shock or rock-tober’, as tectonic plates shook the Earth, clowns terrorised the streets and scandals rocked the UK Independence Party and American presidential race. Well, in Halloween’s wake though, November has its own fireworks, with Planets congregated in this scorpion Sign, especially as the month opens on critical degrees. Although, not a Fire Sign, this Water Sign is however, believed to be originally ruled by fiery Planet, Mars and then latter discovered delving Pluto. Perhaps, going some way to explain how this Sign has the potential to soar to great heights like its symbolic eagle or sink to the depths of despair. As this Sign can not only pull others down, but ultimately themselves too, as cornered this self-destructive Scorpion would rather sting itself to death. So, although secretive Scorpio keeps its cards close to its chest, it seems this month, the choice still exists to ‘play those cards right’ and go higher rather than lower.

A sentiment carried over from last month’s Scorpio New Moon and a strategy Clinton is embracing to ‘Top Trump’s’ in the last leg of this closely run election. As the new season of what some might term an ‘American Horror Story’ is broadcasted. Although, ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’ might be more apt, as both candidates still appear on rocky ground. As the US electorate decide whether to ‘take a jump to the left or a step to the right’, but run the risk of a ‘time warp’ if anti-progressive ideas win out. Although, Trump’s approach could be termed a ‘frank converter’, as he gains support from those harbouring anti-establishment feelings.

This climate especially riled up, as the Scorpio ruling planets of Mars and Pluto both co-join in institutional Capricorn until the 8th, coinciding with Election Day. For in general this combination unearths deep-rooted anger towards those sitting in big buildings of power and authority. While, conflicting Cardinal Planets only ignite further tensions, as a retrograde Aries Uranus quite literally creates ‘electric shocks’, revealing covered up past mistakes, with opposing legal and fair Jupiter in Libra challenging findings. A little reprieve may come as Venus moves into Capricorn from the 12th, easing matters slightly, but authoritative and monetary anxieties will still ensue all month, with the 14th’s Taurus Full Moon going some way to finalising personal finances.

Though, the spotlight does alter from the pillars to society itself from the 9th onwards, as Mars exits structural Capricorn to communal Aquarius. However, this may only seem to cause more widespread upheaval as sexual and humanitarian issues particularly arise, at odds with the Sun and Mercury’s placement in Scorpio. Whilst, not boding well regarding the response to the American Election outcome.

For Election Day results show the Sun and Moon in square aspect, followed by that transition of Mars into Aquarius the following day, suggesting the resulting scenario is not as promising and universally favourable as hoped. As a quite literally charged atmosphere occurs out of an abundance of martial energy fused with explosive Aquarius. However, this is more ‘negative’ than ‘positive’, as you could say this ‘electric’ aspect highlights a failure to connect to ‘the current and mains’ of the electorate. While beyond this, the planetary formation can not only spark volatile personal and State reactions, but anything from electrical faults to lightning storms. So it seems to be all about fixtures not fitting, as these Fixed Signs clash.

Although some clarity is in sight, as Neptune turns direct this November, as the previous retrograde station left the bigger picture unclear. However, from the 20th, like moving an aerial in the sky we are no longer receiving a fuzzy image. Although, this month, there is definitely the sense that some may not quite like what they are now watching!

As this high definition of sensitive Pisces tuning into spiritual Neptune’s energy maybe too close for comfort now, exposing not only deceptions, but also mistreatment and suffering. Although, the North Node still opposing in duty bound Virgo all month, provides the opportunity to ‘channel change’ where possible, instead of changing channels and ignoring the plight of others. This particularly applying to those in vulnerable situations through illness or Mother Nature’s handiwork to racial tensions and war torn countries, as like nomads, Venus, Mercury and the Sun take their turn one by one travelling through the foreign Sign of Sagittarius throughout November.

Each meeting ‘remote control’ in the form of Saturn in Sagittarius this month, as it is programmed to instil taking collective responsibility. A message further reinforced, when the 29th brings a New Moon in Sagittarius and the taking of action made even more pressing by Saturn simultaneously reaching a critical point now too. So stricter controls maybe applied to migrant’s movements, but there may also be an advantageous resettlement process to alleviate countries overwhelmed. As Germany, Poland, Hungry and Liechtenstein are starred this month, along with Estonia, Russia, Cuba, Mexico and Guatemala. As New Zealand, Ghana, Peru and Egypt are emphasised too. So, November may be the month of ‘Guy Fawkes’, but to maintain a harmonious ambience, this month requires a ‘Nep-tuning’ fork!

Astrology Overview for WC 31st October 2016

The week begins with The potency of the New Moon in Scorpio and its tender angle to Neptune, still prevalent. In fact, the Sun forges a great angle to Neptune through to Friday. If you find yourself doing something for someone who is less fortunate, raising money for a good cause or a charitable activity this is a fine time to do so.

With Mercury also combining with Neptune on Monday and Tuesday, our appreciation of the nuances in situations can also be heightened. But Monday and Tuesday also see Venus continuing its conjunction with the strict energies of Saturn. If you found yourself having a heart-to-heart with someone at the end of last week, you may still be coming to terms with what this means. A very weak relationship could come to a complete end.

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However, ironically, Venus forges a sensational angle to Uranus all week, so if a tie has stumbled a little bit, but both of you are open to rejuvenating it with some fresh approaches, this is the perfect thing to do. Equally, if you’re single, you may find yourself drawn to someone rather unusual with quite a magnetic personality. This could also be a week when a new relationship begins that is unconventional in some way.

Our powers of analysis are also going to be boosted all this week because Mercury forges a fantastic angle to Pluto. This can be great for business moves, and for trying to understand the motivations of anyone we encounter. With the Sun also forging a fine link with Pluto as the week draws to a close, something at the base of our lives can be transformed.

Yet, with Jupiter in a right angle with Pluto as the week winds down, although it’s good to be positive, and to believe that better things are coming, it’s going to be important around professional relationships, not to take anything for granted and stay humble.

Astrology Overview for WC 24th October 2016

The week begins with Venus and Jupiter forging a truly great link. Even if the intensity of the Sun in Scorpio is to the fore, this can provide some genuine levitation and see some delightful encounters and gatherings.

However, ironically, Venus is in a square with Neptune From Monday through to Friday, and this is a much more challenging influence. If you are meeting someone for the first time however, alluring that they appear to be, you are best to take things a little bit carefully – especially if you are looking for a sincere involvement. Venus actually goes on to join with Saturn in the last half of this week, and if things are a little bit tense in an existing relationship, other social possibilities can prove especially tempting, or you may have a decision to make.

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With Mercury moving into Scorpio on Tuesday, and spending the rest of the week close to the Sun, and the Scorpio New Moon on Sunday, there can be some situations which do come to an end. Then again, there can just as easily be new beginnings, but it’s just making sure that whatever options that we decide to pursue are the right ones. And this may require quite a lot of careful thought even soul-searching.

The great news, is that Neptune no longer squares with Saturn, and aspect that first began in mid-May. This is been a very enervating, draining, and difficult period of time to deal with, but the New Moon at the end of this week sees Neptune in a much better location, suggesting that energies of compassion, kindness, and an openness to spirituality can thrive in the next month.

Astrology Overview for WC 17th October 2016

The week begins with the energy created by last week’s Full Moon very much to the fore. This will create and electric and rather restless vibe, and make it hard for us to sit still for too long. Relationships and our moves around them can also be affected by this, and particularly in the first two days of the week.

However, on Tuesday, Venus, the planet of relating, does change signs, gliding into Sagittarius . Here Venus becomes the truth seeker, and if there is anything you want to get to the bottom of in a close tie this change will certainly help. Furthermore if you are set to head off on a holiday, journey, attend a course or seminar, there is the potential to enrich your life through someone that you encounter.

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But because the Sun and Mercury are relatively closely together for much of this week, it is also going to be vitally important to not jump to conclusions around our interactions with others. Taking the time to hear people out will be key, and with warrior planet Mars continuing alongside the tiny but power broker planet Pluto, if we are not patient, there is the potential for big clashes to occur, and even in generally amicable ties there can be tensions and especially if one partner tends to dominate decision making or thinks that they know best. So, power struggles can definitely be a feature this week.

Then on Sunday, the Sun moves for the first time in eleven months, back into Scorpio , the 8th House of the Tropical Zodiac and the sign associated with ends and beginnings, deep penetrative thoughts and discoveries, and at more mundane level, long term finances, shared assets, business, property and investments. At the end of a period where interactions with others have been so to the fore, Scorpio says, it’s not what you’ve said that matters, it’s what you really mean, and what you are going to do about it.