Astrology Overview for WC 25th May 2015

The week begins with the Sun and Mercury and Mars, continuing their journey in the sign of Gemini. In fact, Mars and Mercury are going to be side by side for much of the week. Ordinarily this would bring a greater cut and thrust to our communications. However, there are three factors we need to consider this week as we decipher this. The first is that Mercury continues its retrograde, and with all its attendant potential for misunderstandings mix-ups and delays. The second is that on Monday the Sun squares up with the Moon in Virgo. This suggests heightened nervous tension, and the potential for things to become rather fraught if we try to force the pace, which course can happen when Mars is conjunction Mercury. The third is that Neptune, the Zodiac’s dreamiest influence continues to square Mars this week, running on from last time, but also squares up with Mercury. This overall combination could therefore turn out to be one of the most muddled, complicated, and disorientating weeks for many a Moon.

So, how do we deal with this? Well, we must be very careful about what we plan, how we execute these plans, and how we communicate what we’re trying to do to others. For example, it is going to be really important to do our research, properly, to not take shortcuts and to think of the implications of what we’re doing and to consider the points of views of others. Also it will be vital to double-check when we send an email or a text message, or important papers, that they are received and understood in the way that it was meant. If we do all of these things we are reducing the potential for misunderstandings, and further glitches.

There is also an absolutely sparkling alliance between Jupiter and Uranus in the last half of the week, which can be very beneficial around expression of novel, innovative, or far sighted ideas, and this can provide some mitigation for all the other things going on.

Astrology Overview for WC 18th May 2015

As the week begins, the Sun is still in Taurus. However on Tuesday, Mercury begins a retrograde in its home zone of Gemini. The second of the year, this one will be particularly focused on issues of communication. Care is required by all of us around text messages, emails, documentation and every day conversations. However equally, Mercury’s retrograde does offer as an opportunity to sort out something that is not working very well, whether it’s a dodgy printer, a slow running PC, or a car that seen the better days. And this potential for improvement is underscored for the rest of this week because Mercury actually forges a superb angle to Jupiter. So it is going to be important to remain positive despite Mercury’s rewind and especially around great, or innovative ideas.

From Tuesday through to Sunday Venus in Cancer, goes into opposition with a rather intense energies of tiny Pluto. Whenever these two tangle it often leads to push and pull situations around love or money, where power or control, or the desire for sex, is disguised by flattery, seductiveness, and potential for better things to unfold. So, if you feel that someone is laying on the charm with a trowel, it’s going to be very important that you don’t immediately only see the up side. Stay attuned to what their motives may be, and perhaps more importantly those of yourself. However it is possible that you could have an amazingly charismatic connection with someone you encounter or this aspect can increase the level of desire that goes between you and an existing partner. It is really depends on the exact circumstances. Then again you may find the if someone offers the potential for a fleeting relationship – in other words a fling, well, the terms of reference of this may suit you both. But it’s where someone has some kind of hidden agenda, that problems can evolve.

Thursday sees the Sun move itself, also into Gemini where he joins with both Mercury and Mars. However almost immediately the Sun is opposed by the stern energies of Saturn, and as is the pattern for much of May some kind of complication can come about by any tendency to rush an arrangement, agreement, travel plan, or become exasperated by rules restrictions and policies. The best way to deal with this is by having reasonable expectations and choosing words with care and in a measured way.

Thursday to Sunday also sees Mars begin a square with Neptune. Now, this is one of the most complex of all planetary aspects, one where people can almost deceive themselves by what they say, or get caught up in other people’s trickery. If you’re buying or selling anything, it is vitally important that you’re clear about the item involved and its description, its provenance and true value.

Astrology Overview for WC 11th May 2015

The week begins with a Quarter Moon in Aquarius on Monday. The suggestion is that finances and friendship may not mix particularly well, or that we need to be really grounded and realistic in our approach to marshalling our money and avoid idealism.

If anyone suggests a get rich quick scheme, you may be best to take this with a pinch of salt. On Tuesday Mars powers its way into Gemini. For the next six weeks this gives us all an opportunity to be more active and also to engage our intellects more. However the opposition with Saturn to the end of this week can cause quite a lot of frustrations. If you have something you want to say you may find others resistant to it then again if someone tries to force their ideas upon you this may be something that you struggle with. As with all Mars Saturn aspects tempers can run hot under pressure, but if you enjoy challenges this can be an opportunity to take some on – as long as you do not spread yourself too thinly and focus on what’s really important. If so a tremendous amount of energy can reap significant results.

Tuesday to Sunday also sees Mercury forge a fine angle to Jupiter. This suggests that an optimistic approach and a desire to engage with others, and to develop our listening skills can see us do well.

The middle of the week through to the end also sees Venus twinkling in a lovely trine with Neptune. This is an aspect that can be linked to true love, so if you meet someone at this time who you’re drawn to or attracted by, you may be delighted by the connection that you make.

Astrology Overview May 2015

The month of May has hardly begun, but it brings with it a fair maiden, as in the UK a Royal Princess arrives, now fourth in line to the throne. While, outside of the Royal Family this month sees a different kind of ‘Game of Thrones’ take place nationwide, as the battle for the seat of governmental power is decided. However, currently it appears more a game of musical chairs, as with many voters undecided, the month of May seems more the month of Maybes!

For May traditionally in the UK offers Bank holidays and countryside festivities, with customary Maypole dancing and wildlife displays. However, this month’s General election means there will be ample May poling of a different kind, as uncertainty exists over whose tune this Country will be dancing to? While, on the other side of the pond, the first campaign steps are underway, in preparation for the 2016 Election.

Although, as we enter the month of May, we find a prize Bull still on display, as the Sun continues moving through the earthy Sign of Taurus, symbolised by the Bull. However, there also seems to be plenty of it flying around, as co-joined by Mars also remaining resident in this Fixed Sign, volatile tempers and eruptions are high on the agenda, until Mars enters Gemini on the 12th. This atmosphere is further unaided by a challenging Jupiter in Leo until midmonth, emphasising problems relating to children, travelling and leisurely pursuits. As confrontations and upheavals especially concerning the issue of sex and abuse will once again dominate the headlines, but with the 4th’s finalising Full Moon in Scorpio, some sense of closure should now be imminent.

However, this conclusion will not happen quietly, as this Full Moon adds tension to an already challenging coalition of Fixed Planets. So ructions and even the possibility of more terrorist attacks need consideration. While the fact this Full Moon also falls shortly before the UK elections, directing its beam in the area of joint monies and payments, suggests an end to anyone felt to be freeloading off society. However, this revealing Full Moon could cause something of a backlash, activating anger and distrust regarding the issue of shared assets and personal wealth. As UK planetary aspects allow the public to gain a glimpse of some Political Parties true motivations in these areas. Therefore, fuelling cross feelings motivating where a cross is placed on the ballot paper.

While, this Full Moon also highlights further austerity for Canada in terms of personal wealth and cross purposes in the U.S, acknowledging White House direction at odds with public feeling. As well as shining a light on everyday workings and UN partnerships; the Israel/Palestine situation; change in Mexico and uproar in Japan. Although on a positive note, the following Taurus New Moon on the 18th will seek to bring some stability to turbulence instigated by the Full Moon, as new obligations and legislation are set in motion concerning people’s personal earnings for better or worse. With Australia feeling some setbacks in this area and those in Cuba experiencing unease, but issues in Italy should be addressed. However, as the month nears its end, what appears stable, may in-actuality be more of an empty stable! For the bull has bolted, as predominantly Fixed Planets become Mutable ones in Gemini, so everyday issues with childcare, education and travel once again are at the fore.

Although, these prove highly problematic, for the Sun moves forward to join Mercury in Gemini from the 21st , only to find that tricky Mercury has turned retrograde from the 19th, impeding its swift way of thinking. So expect frustrations caused by communication and transportation problems, especially when fiery Mars enters the Sign from the 12th. This combination particularly playing havoc in relation to foreign and international concerns, as it opposes an already retrograde Saturn in Sagittarius and further difficulty is provided by Neptune in Pisces. Therefore, perceptions are distorted and mistruths and rumours creep into logical thinking.

Subsequently, it appears hard to get a grasp of everyday affairs, as worldwide events seem more disastrous than usual, from immigration concerns to the evident after-effects of the Nepal quake. Hence, this emphasis on humanitarian matters could see uncontrollable outbursts everywhere as Thailand, the Ivory Coast and Congo experience upheaval, along with Argentina, France and Germany. However, because the Planets remain in backward motion, no direct answers will be found; instead previous issues continue to stack up until redress is sought. Although without the necessary resources to tackle all in need, some difficult choices have to be made.

Therefore, with Venus progressing into the Sign of Cancer from the 8th, it seems home takes favour over away, as family and childcare issues are in the spotlight. Although, with Pluto and Uranus in conflicting Signs, there will be more unexpected troubles than originally envisioned. This being particularly applicable in relation to the UK General Election, as the 7th May maybe less 007 and more oh, oh 7! As the outcome is viewed in a different light the following day when Venus moves into a different Sign, leaving all the political parties scrambling to form bonds and rescue victory from the jaws of defeat. Therefore this May will see major changes, leaving many shaken and stirred!

Astrology Overview for WC 4th May 2015

This week begins with a Full Moon in Scorpio one which squares to the extravagant energies of Jupiter. With Jupiter also in a Fixed sign in Leo. Both fixed signs, therefore remaining flexible in our approach is going to be important, however extravagance around money is also something that we should steer clear of. In fact, the Sun is set to square up to Jupiter right through to Wednesday, but the backdrop of this Full Moon will go on for the next two weeks so in general careful marshalling of resources is essential.

Mars along with the Sun continues in Taurus too, so there is the potential to achieve things through determined and persistent effort. That may become more tricky from mid-week however when Mercury starts to square with the dreamy energies of Neptune. Now Mercury is back in one of its two home zones of Gemini, and this can be one of the most deceptive force after eluding aspects of all. To vital to double-check information and to be sure that what we’re saying will stack up. If there is anyone that you’re dealing with – especially around buying and selling, you need to be sure of their probity. Thursday sees Venus glide into a new home in Cancer. This can be an excellent time for nurturing ourselves and our partnerships, but also for looking to improve the decorative and comfort factors of our homes.

If you enjoy gardening this too can be an area of pleasure. Family reunions or greater interaction are also possible. However from Thursday through to Sunday Venus does go into a quincunx with Saturn. This is an obtuse angle which suggests that the factual emphasis of Saturn at the moment could be something of a affection crusher when it comes to feelings and emotions. We all need to avoid nitpicking on the back of this. However this week’s stars do offer opportunities to make progress by being realistic and grounded, and adding some optimism – as long as this doesn’t get out of hand.

Astrology Overview for WC 27th April 2015

The Quarter Moon in Leo from last week overlaps through much of this one. This points towards us all being more aware of careful utilisation of our resources. Yet with Mars forging a really fab link to Venus this week, from the signs of Taurus and Gemini respectively, it may not be all plain sailing when it comes to being self disciplined around retail therapy, fine food and wine or splashing out on those we love.

However, with the Sun angling to the gentle powers of Neptune, if we can find ways to help others and not be too dominated by materialism, we should. Donations to charity, voluntary work, or simple acts of kindness can all help to keep us in a better balance. Venus also continues to sparkle with Uranus through to Mid-week and if you do wish to reinvigorate an existing tie or hope to connect with someone new, try to conjure up some imaginative ways to do so, but if these do include eating and drinking or/and some full on passion power, a great time can be had. By Friday Mercury relocates into Gemini but by Sunday begins to be opposed by Saturn. Getting facts straight will therefore be important as this week comes to a close and journeys need to be planned with great precision.

Astrology Overview for WC 20th April 2015

Monday sees the Sun switch into Taurus, the 2nd sign of the Zodiac, with an Earth Element, and a Fixed quality. The ruling planet of Taurus, Venus, also sparkles brightly this week, but first back to Taurus. Here the Sun will join with Mercury and Mars, which incidentally are locked in a conjunction all week. This can give plenty of oomph to any plans that we have, but especially those practical strands that need to balance ideas with drive and hard work. The 2nd House is a lot to do with values, money, foundations and anything which requires stability and tangible application. However, it will be important to remain flexible this week. Taking stubborn positions may be helpful in some situations but in others it could create clashes. With the Sun angling back in a quincunx to Saturn all this week it’s also going to be key to marshal assets shrewdly and not waste money. Extravagance should be avoided.

All week, Venus also links well to Uranus, so this should help to keeps a little more fluid, and bring a lighter more spontaneous vibe to the day. If you feel a love relationship has grown a little stale and predictable this is a good week to treat to tune into the more sensual side of life together, and re-ignite the spark of attraction you first had. Doing something completely different will help. Later in the week Venus angles brilliantly to Jupiter and this encourages us all to have fun and do all the things we enjoy to the max. Of course the trick will be to avoid doing this to the extreme. Saturday also sees a Quarter Moon in Leo, angling back to square the Sun in Taurus, a timely remember not to be too extravagant or indulge loved ones with financial help or gifts which will stop them standing on their own two feet or taking responsibility for themselves.

Astrology Overview for WC 13th April 2015

This week is dominated by two very powerful planetary aspects. The first; Mars square Jupiter, lasts all week. This is one of those aspects which tricks us into overrating our capabilities and given us an unfounded sense of invincibility. Proceed with caution is the maxim here, for if you find yourself tempted to over gild the lily, or if you prefer over egg the proverbial pudding, then don’t. Be realistic about your capabilities, and ensure you can deliver on any pledges or promises that you make. The other big influence this week, is Venus’s opposition to Saturn, which I did mention as coming last week. If you are in a relationship which never seems to bring much enlightenment or pleasure this aspect can be a deal breaker, and you may decide to walk away, once and for all. On the other hand, this is a chance to be more serious about relationships and avoid synthetic platitudes, or empty gestures.

Wednesday sees Mercury relocate into Taurus. Here his is asking us to be more mindful of our resources, or values and to make firm any new schemes that we have initiated as it progress through Aries. So, be thorough, look for value for money, and be conscious of making savings and being thrifty, but equally the challenge for us it to not be too materialistic in our approach. Mercury does however blend in nicely with Neptune over the weekend, which may lead to generous gestures and acts of goodwill – some unexpected. The weekend also sees another very potent aspect as Mars trines with Pluto. This is an aspect which can give us formidable willpower and drive to succeed. However, we should not do that at the expense of others feelings, so need to be mindful of avoiding grasping or grabbing behaviour. Finally this week sees the New Moon in Aries. If life seem to confound at the time of the Full Moon on the 4th of April this is a chance to create greater clarity and certainly but especially where we have been going through a process of renewal, new starts or rejuvenation.

Astrology Overview for WC 6th April 2015

Mars is forging a sextile with Neptune from Tuesday, but this is one of those aspects which can have some tricky sides to it. On one hand Neptune can make Mars less ego driven, on the other, Neptune can disguise the desires of Mars under a smokescreen of charm or flattery. Being aware of our own motives and those of others, is essential with this influence. From Monday to Thursday the Sun combines with Uranus and joins in the square it has been forging with Pluto. This is a very powerful influence and any situation where you feel someone has been “keeping you down” or treating you unfairly, you may find that your emotions are very close to the surface, perhaps even volcanically so. However, this can also see us push against the inner blockages we have, the ones which stop us from really fulfilling our potential, so it can be a liberating influence too. Mercury repeats this square as it sweeps over Uranus itself from Tuesday to Thursday.

The great news this week however is that Jupiter, the traditional planet of fortune, goes into forward motion from Wednesday and it is very positively linked to Uranus, the Sun and Mercury. Ideas can absolutely explode under this transit, and anything to do with innovation, especially around travel, software, technology and medicine are likely to be in the news. Sunday sees Venus move into the bubbly vibes of Gemini. It is going to be opposed next week by the stern Saturn so it is best to enjoy it’s mesmerising influence at the end of this week, before that hiatus occurs. Sunday also sees a Quarter Moon in Capricorn, and this kind of repeats the square between Pluto and Uranus, the Sun and Mercury but perhaps in a less volatile way. In summary this is a week when balancing our individual needs with the expectations of work, bosses, parents or large organisations is going to require some patience.

Astrology Overview April 2015

The March hare hops into the month of April, but for many it is less about hot cross buns and Easter bonnets and more about feeling hot, cross and bothered! As this Easter a parade of Planets unite in antagonistic Aries, meaning movements could literally advance from March-in to combat!

For many may remember the old advertising slogan of, ‘a Mars a day, helps you work, rest and play!’, but not utilising this Planet’s fiery energy in the right way can cause explosions, frustrations and physical burnouts. So this month may require an April shower of less volatile planetary influences to ‘rain on’ or perhaps more aptly rein in Aries’ parade! As there is no Sign more impulsive than that of Aries, so perhaps it is no consequence that the month of April always begins with April fool’s Day, when the Sun is situated smack bang in the middle of Aries. For as the saying goes, ‘Fools rush in …’ this seeming definitely the case as this month gets underway, with the Sun, everyday Mercury and later in the month, a New Moon all in Aries. While there is ‘no fool like an old fool’, with Uranus in Aries still also making its presence felt.

However, on the plus side, Uranus is now placing some distance between itself and Capricorn Pluto’s big bust-up last month, as seems to be true of March’s Solar Eclipse, which fades into the background until further planetary aspects evoke activity. While, instead blazing Mars steals the limelight this month, as this April sees an emphasis on action versus monetary concerns, particularly heating up as the UK election race gets underway. For this Planet seems to cause individual and group objections to various activities, the fall out igniting and affecting the status quo. Also Uranus joins the mix to bring unexpected, sudden outbursts of violence and bouts of uproar from the normally silent majority. This makes for a volatile cocktail, even leading to military intervention, as events we would under different circumstances be blinkered to, instead move into the headlights.

This being especially evident in April’s beginning weeks, as we may experience a sudden surge in War torn Countries appearing to want to provoke continued conflict, while China, South Africa and particularly Zimbabwe undergo turmoil. Furthermore, individuals are affected by unexplained temper tantrums causing disastrous results, if only momentarily. On top of this deep and silent Pluto disturbs further, by unearthing past and present mistakes. For Planet Pluto desires change, but alterations based on fairness and open-hand tactics, which if initiated and implemented for the greater good, produce overall lasting positive results. However, human nature still divides the rich and powerful from the poor and weak, setting rules and regulations that benefit the advantaged, while veiled under the cloak of aiding society as a whole.

This only being additionally complicated by a New Moon in Aries on the 18th, as selfish, personal concerns take precedence. However, on the positive side, the Sign of Aries does assist in unveiling true motives, its ruling red Planet turning something of a Red Riding Hood, uncloaking and slaying any previously disguised wolves. As here the new born and Moon unite, due to Aries being the Zodiac’s first Sign and therefore commonly viewed as its baby. Subsequently, this makes Aries the Sign of innocence, honesty and natural impulse. So swift and truthful answers and responses are likely and the bravery necessary to disregard what is not working, starting over completely from scratch. However, at this time it is essential to watch that as the saying goes this ‘baby isn’t thrown out with the bathwater’, as impetuous Aries has a tendency to rush in without thinking of consequences. Hence, this month the comeback of rushing in where angels fear to tread maybe witnessed. This only magnified by Libra’s Full Moon joining the karmic North Node on the 4th, facing conflicting Cardinal Planets, creating confrontation in all quarters from a back log of government mistakes. As the North Node backtracking along with Pluto retrograding from the 17th reveals the need to address past errors, without generating new problems.

While further distress comes from the uneasy alliance of Mars in opposing Venus ruled aesthetic Taurus all month, literally forming a ‘martial arts’ contest, as allocating financial necessities struggles against pleasurable pursuits. Tension only heightened by Mercury entering Taurus from the 15th followed by the Sun. However, Venus at home in Taurus until the 12th may initially cause stocks, shares and pension pots to appear promising, as sudden upturn in profits occur. Although, with Mars in attendance there exists irritation towards financial institutions, suggesting the realisation comes that political manoeuvring is at work, only to be altered at a later date. So it may literally feel as if people’s earnings flow through one door and out another, without no real progress or personal reward, expenditures outweighing earnings.

This aiding to stir up confusion and resentments towards others, as Neptune remains in Pisces and Saturn is stationed at a critical degree in Sagittarius, the Sign of the Foreigner, from April’s start. With the countries of Portugal, Luxemburg and Ireland highlighted, as well as further afield; Japan, Chile, Guatemala, Sierra Leone, Tanzania and Bangladesh. Furthermore, concerns over foreign groups and spending increase by the 12th when Venus advances into opposing Gemini, as well as travel safety and new environmentally friendly modes of transport, initiated under Aries transits.

While, Jupiter in Leo turning direct from the 9th helps to turn these ideas into reality, as retrograding it made hopes and dreams standstill or uneventful. Now at last, plans can be put into place and hopefully push forward. Although, progress could still encounter setbacks from difficult planetary aspects, with a Stellium in Venus ruled Taurus. So with Planets in Aries, April may begin the month with many seeing and in the red, but beneficial Jupiter and Earthy influences should end the month charging in the right direction, from a red flag to Taurean bull!