Astrology Overview September 2015

The ninth month in pregnancy is usually when the waiting game is over and the hunger games begin, with a brand new little mouth to feed. Whereas, in astrological terms the ninth month sees all of Leo’s long awaited summer fun and games over and Virgo’s hunger for knowledge and routine begin. However, which ever ninth month, both in their own way are about endings and new beginnings and never more so than this September, as Saturn exits Scorpio and ecliptic activity is starting to show!

For September’s conception is concerned with the immaculate, as the month opens with the Sun and Jupiter co-joined in the meticulous Sign of Virgo. As epitomised by the symbol of the Virgin, Virgo painstaking strives for pure perfection, this seeming an even greater task as September gets underway. Due to the fact that expanding Jupiter enlarges Virgo’s critical eye, finding fault which may otherwise have been overlooked. As health and work services particularly come under scrutiny this month, falling under Virgo’s domain. With the influence of unrestrained Jupiter turning up the pressure on already overstretched public services this month, unaided by opposing Neptune still stationary in Pisces throughout September.

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As the Planet associated with suffering and sacrifice makes a challenging aspect, highlighting the failing conditions for those vulnerable and needy in society. The emphasis on these issues only seeming to increase as the month progresses, as the New Moon on the 13th brings with it a Solar Eclipse in the Sign of Virgo. Therefore, denoting new necessary measures in this area, with health and dietary concerns; going back to nature and literally real hunger games dominating, as many displaced from their homelands face starvation.

This eclipse on a worldwide scale also sees Iran and Canada heading in a more positive direction and appears to signal a new rising global status in North Korea. While, uplifting activity around children, pleasurable and artistic pursuits are highlighted in the U.S, but there is also uncertainty perhaps over gun control or finances, as the NY stock exchange may take a knock. This further reinforced by ecliptic goings-on accompanying the Full Moon in Aries on the 28th. As well as this month’s eclipses both highlighting Roswell and Mexico’s predicament, as the issue of border control continues. With the flow and control of finances, people and information in general remaining a pressing issue throughout this month and beyond it, arising out of clashing Mutable planetary movements.

As even though from the 23rd the Sun departs the Sign of Virgo, by the 25th volatile Mars has entered the Sign instead. Therefore, finding itself co-joined with expansive Jupiter still resident in Virgo, at odds with Piscean Neptune and forming incompatible angles to Saturn now having galloped into Sagittarius from the 18th. So expect a swelling of emotion and weather conditions at this time, as angry outbursts and violence seem likely as the month draws to its close. No doubt arising in part from the surge of migrants and refugees needing assistance, as this planetary formation will see the migration crisis stretching resources to their limit. As gloomy Saturn now in the Sign of the centaur, Sagittarius, seems more horseman of the apocalypse. Therefore, with such heavy pressures on all EU countries, a push is necessary to employ new tactics at this juncture, calling for common consensus to aid and relocate the vast numbers fleeing. For Neptune’s presence has not only made it easy to keep the blinkers on regarding this situation, but it also masks reality. Therefore, with this illusionary Planet remaining retrograde, it has been impossible to grasp the true extent of the catastrophe without even attempting to establish a clear course of action.

However, as September nears conclusion, the old saying ‘a stitch in time saves nine’ seems applicable regarding this ninth month. For this emergency needs to be dealt with now, in order to prevent the long-term complications far outweighing the initial troubles. As underlined by Planets entering the balanced Sign of Libra this month, as from the 23rd the Sun advances into this indiscriminating Sign joining the Nodes at a critical degree. Therefore, offering an imperative opportunity to reach any essential and enduring, fair-minded decisions. Although, with Mercury retrograding in Libra from the 18th facing an already immobile Uranus in Aries and Pluto’s stagnation in Capricorn, this will prove tricky.

For this configuration will mean new governmental initiatives will cause unforeseen issues, especially from the 25th when Pluto turns direct, heightening tensions. This will be further ramped up by the Aries Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse on the 28th, revealing how cutbacks in some quarters are causing more problems in others, along with neglecting individual needs through recent legislation. As the degree of lunar activity exposes cruelty, accidents especially fire related and aviation links, so revelations in this area are likely and under Saturn, improvements called for. While worldwide, Russia, Iceland, Vietnam, St Kitts and Sri Lanka face turmoil this month. As well as starring France, New Zealand, the Marshall Islands, China and the Mall Republic, along with Tuvalu and Guinea. Meanwhile, Syria and Libya continue to be headlined.

So in sum, September is not all about being patient and waiting, as this month some endings are in sight. For Saturn cuts its cord with Scorpio for good on the 17th, but before it severs all ties entirely, it rubs up against Venus turning direct from the 6th and Mars in Leo until the 24th, finalising matters. So those involved in the child abuse scandals and the full scale of it should reach closure. While, Leo’s final clash should spotlight areas for improvement and future planning, which Virgo can then analyse and Libra renegotiate during this month. Therefore, with two eclipses this September is more of an ex-Sept than exception to the rule, but the message seems to reinforce planetary movements, rather than anti-natal!

Astrology Overview for WC 31st August 2015

The week begins with the Sun located in a very practical location, but the clarity or at least precision that the Sun’s passage thru Virgo often brings, is going to be dissipated somewhat by the opposition of Neptune, which goes on until Thursday. The positive side of this influence is that it can make us more self-sacrificing, however, the dreamy hazy energies of Neptune can also see the Sun lose its ability to discriminate, one of the Sun in Virgo’s great gifts. Because of this it is going to be important to try to stay very focused around any issue which does require a real attention to detail. If we rush decisions or rely on vague information we could come to some false positions. If you’re buying or selling anything of value for example take great care. The same is true around agreements.

However the week does see Mars combining with Venus through to Saturday. If you recall, Venus has been tracking backwards in retrograde, ever since 25th July 2015. For most of that time all but five days, Venus has been in Leo, which is one of its most sparkling locations, nonetheless the retrograde has been asking us all to think very carefully about how we relate to others, how others relate to us, and how we approach any kind of creativity or artistry in our lives. The problem is that Saturn has been Squaring Venus for six of the intervening weeks, and therefore whatever our best intentions, and however sincere, we may have been the weakest of ties may have seemed even weaker, and some may have come to a complete end. Fortunately, on Sunday of this week , Venus starts to go forwards, and this is something we can all celebrate. Furthermore is conjunction with Mars this week is a lovely balance between the two principals of masculinity and femininity, around relating and expressing feelings. So good things are possible.

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Yet the plot does they can slightly towards the end of this week, as it’s Jupiter ‘s turn to go opposite Neptune. Both these are the rulers of Pisces, and of course in Jupiter’s case it is in detriment in the sign of Virgo. Exaggeration is something we should all try to avoid towards the end of this week on the back of this particular influence. However, this can have its up sides, and can give us the sense that anything is possible. The Quarter Moon on Saturday in Gemini , is also a reminder not to try too hard, but to schedule our activities in a way which is achievable. All this dreamy Neptune swilling around this week and this Quarter Moon, so creating an action plan is going to be a good idea.

Finally, the Sun in Virgo forges a really positive Alliance with Pluto . This occurs over the last three days. This is one of the most transforming of all aspects, and can help us to view our inner selves more clearly, and also make some fundamental changes in the outer part of our world in of words the physical areas. So if you find yourself building a wall, or building up any kind of structure in your situation, upgrading or improving, this can be an aspect that will drive the process forwards. Sometimes, however Pluto will inflict upon us changes that we are not necessarily ready for. The strangest part of Pluto However, is that it often does make those changes sometimes against our will, but on reflection, we can look back and see they were good for us. So if it does seem that things are changing without your agreement, try to be philosophical about them.

Astrology Overview for WC 24th August 2015

The week begins with the Sun finding his feet in the sign of Virgo. With Jupiter the planet of fortune, having recently arrived in this Zodiac sign too, both combine for the whole of this week. Ordinarily this would be considered one of the most fortunate of all planetary influences. There can be a sense that anything is possible, and when it comes to issues related to health, fitness and diet, a lot of new ideas are going to be washing around the global consciousness. But actually Jupiter is in detriment in the sign of Virgo. This is because Virgo is about precision, accuracy, being of service, and to a degree, purity, whereas Jupiter is all about expansion and being optimistic without examining the downside too much. Therefore, this combination this week suggests we shouldn’t be too gung ho in our approach, and should try to stay as grounded as possible. It is still broadly a good influence, but we need to under promise and over deliver.

Monday and Tuesday also see an influence running on from last week, a very special alliance between Venus and Uranus . This suggests trying different approaches to social interests, creativity, fashion, and of course love. If your relationship has become rather too predictable this is a great time to try to reinvigorate it. A good time for a new makeover too.

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Friday can also be broadly good for all relationships, for Mercury moves into the sign of Libra. Mercury in Virgo, although one of its two home zones, can be rather brittle and critical, and of course it went through a confusing opposition with Neptune during week commencing 10th August. Mercury in Libra is excellent for being more dispassionate about all sorts of relationships. Hearing that other people have different views, but not taking them personally. The natural Libra energy towards fairness, and give and take is something we can all embrace.

However, on Saturday there is a Full Moon in Pisces and this is close enough to Neptune to be really significant. This can cause a great deal of confusion, and also be draining on our physical vitality. There could be a degree of deceit that does the rounds, and if we are negotiating about anything we have to be conscious of what our motives are and those of others. Fortunately, Friday to Sunday also sees Venus combining with Mars in Leo. This is one of the most charismatic of all planetary conjunctions, and can be superb for any kind of artistic, performance or social trends. The trick therefore, is going to be in remaining upbeat and positive, but focusing our energies on a narrow range of achievable targets, whilst combining practicality with passion.

Astrology Overview for WC 17th August 2015

The week begins with a big Virgo influence in the form of the Moon passing over Mercury and the pair forging a penetrative connection with Pluto , in the sign of Capricorn. So even though the Sun continues to combine with Venus on Monday in the charismatic fire sign of Leo, all this does create a new, earthier by dimension around recent events.

The Sun and Venus also combines with Uranus on Monday, but in the case of Venus this Trine, which is very positive is going to go on for the rest of the week. This points towards unexpected but rather delightful social and romantic opportunities. Venus also governs finances, so flair and innovation can also work well in terms of speculation. Of course we need to be sure that we can lose anything that we might venture, but if you are looking to engender some extra excitement in your world, Venus’s angle with Uranus will certainly help. This may also see us attracted to more avant-garde ways of dressing, styling our hair or being drawn towards performers who are ground-breaking and challenging.

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This is also the last week that this year that the Sun will pass through Leo, but just before it says goodbye on Saturday it forges a square with the moon in Scorpio . This waning Quarter Moon suggest that they could be some possessive, jealous, or controlling issues swirling around some close relationships. And if you are attracted to someone on impulse, or on a purely sexual basis just be sure of what you are getting into.

The Sun, relocates finally into Virgo on Sunday, and merges with Jupiter. This is one of the most positive of all planetary aspects and points towards the potential for good fortune, and larger than life events. In the sign of Virgo, It also suggests that we should all seek to become more educated about health, fitness and dietary issues.

Astrology Overview for WC 10th August 2015

The week begins with Mars forging ahead in the sign of Leo, but in the first half of the week the opposition between Mercury and Neptune and the long-standing square between Venus and Saturn , can cause some real mischief. It’s going to be very important to think things through carefully. Someone may remain remote and distant, or be giving out mixed and confusing signals. If you’re buying or selling anything, keep your wits about you. With Mercury and Neptune in opposition, people can, even if inadvertently, be tricky in their dealings, and at the very worst end of the spectrum, be darn-right dishonest.

In terms of the overall year, the move on Wednesday of Jupiter into Virgo, has great significant. Jupiter takes approximately one year to pass through each of the twelve Zodiac signs and was last in Virgo in early September 2004. Virgo is the sign of purity, and with Jupiter about knowledge, expansion, and optimism, as much as it’s more common attributes as the planet of fortune, the next twelve months can see some exciting discoveries around health, medicine, and any service industry.

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On Friday, there is a truly sparkling New Moon in the sign of Leo. This is particularly potent due to the conjunction between the Sun and Venus, and of course the Moon. However, all three forge a terrific link with Uranus, the planet of change and innovation. This Leo energy is fantastic for showcasing talents, the arts, fashion and popular culture, but Uranus is pushing Leo to be more daring. Being a fixed sign, Leo, can be surprisingly set in its ways. So for us all after all the romantic or relationship frustrations of the long-standing right angle between Saturn and Venus, this New Moon suggests a perfect time for bonds to be reinvented and reinvigorated.

Astrology Overview August 2015

Once upon a time Astrology was viewed as a Science and even though Astrology and Science have since parted company, you could say they are on friendly terms! For both still often refer to certain terms, regarding the vocabulary of elements and symbols. So with this in mind, it is not surprising that in the Periodic Table, Au and Ag symbolise the precious, shiny metals of gold and silver. While, Aug generally symbolises the precious period of the year when the Sun is shining most, the month of August!

However, this August it is worth remembering that all that glistens is not always gold. For this month may open with the Sun, Mercury and Jupiter all in the sunny Sign of Leo, keeping spirits high and temperatures too. However, it seems it may just be a speck of gold-dust, as this August changes are afoot.

So the Fixed Sign of Leo, the lion may have thought it had found its place in the sun, with temperatures soaring, but it may find itself more likely moving on and roaring. As this month sees amiable Venus retrograde all month and an angry Mars entering Leo from the 9th, along with challenging aspects from Saturn, meaning August maybe less all gold and more a case of clouds with a silver ‘lion in’!

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For this August promises to be something of a changeable month, especially weather-wise, with Mercury, Jupiter and the Sun progressing from the fixed mode of Leo to Mutable Virgo. Thus, the golden rule to utilising planetary energies this month is to be adaptable, as the saying goes ‘a leopard may never change his spots’, but this Leo, lion will need to. This is particularly evident in the UK by this month’s Moon activity, with the 14th’s New Moon in Leo offering youngsters a new start, but emphasising new restrictions and responsibilities. As people’s hopes and dreams are affected; the group consensus and large organisations overall. While, the 29th’s Full Moon in Pisces only reinforces this, bringing to light changes impacting upon individuals’ pleasure and leisure time, along with their children.

Subsequently, this seems to be the message as this August progresses, as Leo’s prosperity is exchanged for Virgo’s austerity, as from the 8th everyday Mercury transits into the penny conscious Sign of Virgo, shortly followed by lucky Jupiter on the 11th and by the 23rd the Sun too. Therefore, this month begins with attention focussed on playing trivial pursuits, but swiftly advances into Mastermind, with analytical, cerebral Virgo assessing general conditions. As work ethics, health matters and people’s entire needs are considered, setting the way for the North Node’s arrival in October. However, with Neptune still in Pisces, now opposing, there will be difficulty in achieving clear-cut solutions, especially regarding those neglected and it may seem those suffering are left to their own devices, forgotten or simply unseen. This particularly coming to attention with the revealing Pisces Full Moon, as the threat of closure of many essential services for those with added needs appears probable, while those wealthier seem to benefit.

This spilling over into a broad feeling of frustration this month, as the generational Planets of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto remain in retrograde motion throughout August, stalling widespread advancement. This being particularly felt by the younger age bracket as the month commences, due to an abundance of Leo Planets. So demonstrations concerning possible tuition fees and childcare costs are possible, especially as a clashing Saturn turns direct from the 2nd. For Saturn’s last fling in stinging Scorpio stirs up many questions about shared finances, particularly the lack of them and apparent broken government promises given to the public. This is only further heightened as August begins with Mars in home orientated Cancer challenging stationary Uranus in Aries and Capricorn Pluto at a critical degree, as an unexpected backfiring of budget policies occur. Perhaps with an unemployment rise, as people give up work due to unsustainable expenses and disharmony at home.

So this August may not be a penny dreadful, but there is definitely a sense of being pennywise and putting away for a rainy day. Furthermore, this seems literally to be the case this month, as Mutable Planets make for some unpredictable global weather conditions, as well as social and economical states. While Greece will continue to feel cold winds this month from Mutable planetary movements, after EU resolutions were reached. However, within Europe, so too will Portugal, be experiencing upheaval, along with Germany which looks set to undergo some unexpected shocks. Meanwhile, further afar turmoil is starred in Morocco, Armenia, Mozambique, Sierra Leone and Papua New Guinea.

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Also hitting the headlines is Tajikistan and surrounding areas, as well as Oman, Malaya, the Marshall Islands and St Kitts. With South America starred too this month, as Brazil, Costa Rica and El Salvador are of interest. Whilst the Leo New Moon initiates hostile activity amongst youngsters daily life in Mexico and changing fortunes in Japan and in the U.S as well as appearances, along with new serious partnerships and legal responsibilities. Whereas this month, the Full Moon provides finalising changes particularly regarding Egypt’s status and pleasurable pursuits in Canada. Therefore, in total, with many Planets stationed or moving into more cautious territory, August allows us a period of adjustment before the evaluation phase, when Planets move into Libra, Sign of the Scales, next month. So you could say this month is about ‘waits and measures’ and taken advantage of, August will be ‘worth its wait in gold!’

Astrology Overview for WC 3rd August 2015

This week sees Saturn very much to the fore. First off, it is now travelling in a forward direction, after a 5 1/2 month backward track. Since the middle of June. It’s been reversing in the sign of Scorpio. Saturn in Scorpio can put greater emphasis on resources, sexuality, shared assets, and property matters and all of these have been under an extra degree of scrutiny, perhaps, both in our own lives, and in the wider context of society.

Now, with Saturn going forwards, and all of this week, forging a brilliant link with Mars, it is possible to balance the structural benefits of Saturn with the more go-ahead energies of the tiny red planet. So if there is something that you thoroughly researched, and you’re quite clear about what your objectives are, and you’re managing your time and resources shrewdly, this week can see you make significant progress.

Venus and Jupiter also continue to sparkle tightly together, in the sign of Leo. This is probably one of the most heartwarming and generous aspects possible. Yet, that doesn’t stop Saturn demonstrating another side of its capabilities, in squaring up to both these, and in the second half of the week, with the planet of talk and thought Mercury. So what does this mean? Well feel any situation where we are not being very shrewd in terms of managing things, or would be rather slapdash in terms of the extent to which were enjoying ourselves, could see us get getting pulled up. Saturn square with Mercury can also have quite an impact on the nervous system, causing headaches and stress. When it comes to any kind of risk taking, especially with big ticket items in terms of the cost, we do need to try to not get too carried away in the ebullience that all this Leo energy – that the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter conjunct, can collectively create.

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Furthermore, there’s also a Quarter Moon on Friday in Taurus. This is much more to do with everyday resources, however, equally it still encouraging us to marshal these carefully and not to be overly generous, splash cash on things we don’t really need, or support someone close to us financially who should really be taking more personal responsibility for their own situation.

However Saturday does see a change in the heavens when Mercury makes its way into Virgo. Virgo is one of the two zodiac signs that Mercury is the ruler of, the other being Gemini, but here Mercury brings its natural precision to bear, and the ability to be more discriminating and applied. However much all the Leo energy this week is urging us to be creative, this switch of Mercury is asking us to focus on the details.

Mars is also on the March as this week draws to a close on Sunday, this time ingressing into Leo. Leo in Mars is a very dramatic influence fantastic anything to do with performance ,the arts, larger-than-life gestures and giving confidence to more self expressive possibilities. Don’t be surprised in the following six weeks if there is a new fashion designer, that breaks through in a big way, or someone new comes to prominence in the world of popular culture.

Astrology Overview for WC 27th July 2015

This week is dominated by two astrological squares. Now, a square is when two planets are at right angles to one another, and this can cause a certain amount of abrasive energy. Speaking of which, the square between Mars and Uranus is probably one of the most abrasive energies possible, especially in the Zodiac signs that each planet occupies at the current time. Uranus in Aries is a very unstable, volatile influence and this is the planet of erratic changes, at the best of times. The raw power of Aries revs up its appetite for instability, change and rebellion even more. Mars in Cancer on the other hand, is rather a defensive, and with both planets are the being in Cardinal signs; one valuing security = Cancer, and the other initiation = Aries, you can instantly see why this week can see some battles between maintaining the status quo or control, or making sudden alterations.

Jupiter is also squaring up to Saturn, but this is a longer standing influence, and in some ways they can balance each other out, with Saturn asking testing questions about Jupiter’s desire to expand at will.

A third planetary square also overlaps into this week from last week, in the guise of the Quarter Moon in Scorpio this can see all sorts of fizzing energies, in relation to faulty judgement around risk taking, or inappropriate relationships, which can shape up and burn out very rapidly.

But the last few days of this week are particularly busy. The very last day of the month, on Friday, sees a Full Moon in Aquarius. This is the second Full Moon of the month, thus creating the phenomenon known as the blue Moon.

In reality, this is a battle between, the Aquarius principles of the group and the nurturing of co-operation, battling with the more ego centred demands of the Sun in Leo. For most of us this points towards having to manage your time more carefully and balancing the needs of our love life against friendships or group activities.

Uranus forges a much more positive influence on Saturday and Sunday in its angle with Mercury. This points towards innovation, fresh ideas, and sudden solutions to long-standing problems. And socially probably the enjoyment of some unexpected visitors, or invites which delight.

Saturday and Sunday also sees Venus combine with Jupiter in Leo, probably one of the most joyous combinations possible, and really this can be a tremendous boost if you are attending a function party, or going out for the night.

Astrology Overview for WC 20th July 2015

The week begins with the Sun, Mercury and Mars all in the sign of Cancer. However, in the case of Mars is also in a disruptive right angle with the planet of rebellion Uranus. This particular aspect can create an awful lot of tension. Mars in Cancer can be very reactive, whereas Uranus in Aries, very uncontrollable. This can lead to outpourings of frustration, and suddenly frayed tempers.

The great news however is that the Sun moves on Thursday into quite literally, the Sunni sign of Leo. This of course is its home Zodiac sign and gives it an opportunity to really create more warmth, drama and creativity in the following four weeks. He is joined the next day by Mercury on Friday, moving into Leo too. Mercury is far happier here than in the sign of cancer, where it has been for the previous twenty one days. This gives us all an opportunity to embrace more outgoing, sociable and lively agenda.

Yet despite this, Saturn does remain in a tight right angle itself all week with Jupiter, but I think this is can be one of those squares, which can actually be really quite helpful, into far as they both have very contrasting energies, and in some ways can offset each is more negative sides. Saturn helps Jupiter to be more grounded, and Jupiter helps Saturn to be less miserable!

A further earthy influence comes on Saturday when Venus goes into retrograde in the sign of Virgo. But this is going to be quite short lived only lasting until the end of July, in Virgo that is, the retrograde will continue right through until the end of the first week of September, but throughout that transition will be in the sign of Leo. However, what this will to see the square between Venus and Saturn be repeated, so from now until that time. Relationships generally are going to continue to be very much under the astral microscope

Astrology Overview for WC 13th July 2015

The week begins with Mars and Mercury still in contact with the dreamy energies of Neptune. If you do enjoy the arts, music, photography or watching films this can be a great way to start your week. You may also find yourself doing something for someone less fortunate or helping a charitable cause.

Yet this is a week that does have some very powerful dimensions; in fact I would go as far as to say, it could prove to be the most potent week of the whole year so far. This is because the two ruling planet’s of Scorpio Mars and Pluto are in conflict on opposite sides of the heavens. Mars is located in Cancer, where he can be rather reactive and defensive, and goes face-to-face with Pluto in Capricorn. Both are Cardinal signs and enjoy being in charge. This aspect may be characterised by a battle of wills in some relationships.

The plot is thickened furthermore by a square between the Sun and Uranus which runs from Monday through to Thursday. Thursday also sees a New Moon in Cancer and whilst this is an excellent time to work on the foundations of our existence, to think about where we live or how we live there, there may be some politics threaded through situations. This is principally because Uranus is the planet of rebellion, and will do its best to stir up a restlessness in the face of the more controlling energies of the Sun in Cancer.

There is also in opposition developing from Tuesday through to the end of the week between Mercury and Pluto. This aspect can see people be particularly dogmatic, dismissing other peoples’ viewpoints are making it difficult for them to be open minded.

In addition to all of this Venus continues to square up with Saturn. This is an aspect which can bring to a close any weak relationship, and you can see the potential for turbulence and conflict is really high all week.

The best way to deal with all of this is going to be through a spirits of give and take. Taking set positions and refusing to be flexible could cause real problems. Traditionalism can clash with modernity, and someone somewhere is set to be a tough task master. But don’t see this energy is exclusively coming from outside if you, because all of us could manifest elements of these influences ourselves, and self-discipline will be important this week.