Astrology Overview for WC 26th September 2016

Monday sees the planet of power, Pluto end its five and a half month retrograde. If you recall, last week Mercury ended its retrograde but was also in a penetrative angle with Pluto. Well, this continues through to midweek. Hopefully we can make further revelations and connections with this aspects’ help.

Perhaps the most exciting influence however, is the Sun’s conjunction to Jupiter in Libra. This goes on from Monday to Friday. This urges us to dignify our relationships with others. Whether they are good or indifferent or struggling, keeping things on an even footing will bring its rewards. If you are lucky enough to meet someone new this week, it could be a tie which always gives you a sense of uplift. However, it also important not to take existing ties for granted. There can also be a tendency for some people to think they know what’s best for their partner. So we need to resist this tendency too. However this is a great link for any form of collaboration, business partnership and mutual approach – providing clear lines are drawn as to who does what.

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This slice of relationship goodstuff is also enhanced by the angle that Venus and Mars have all week. Venus is particularly sultry in deep Scorpio and Mars is more measured though perhaps traditional in its manifestation in Capricorn. If you are really sincere about a relationship, this can be a fine time to formalize things between you and yours.

The third slice of relationship bounty, comes in the role of Venus’s angle to the dreamy Neptune . This runs from Thursday to the week’s end. This is very profound, and if sincerity is strong, there can be some moments of real sacrifice and a sense of true love. However, if you are not so sure of someone or are meeting someone for the first time, do not be tempted to put them on the proverbial pedestal.

Pleasingly, the New Moon on Saturday sees strict Saturn in Sagittarius bring its perhaps blunt, perhaps just direct honesty to bear. So if there is someone a bit dreamy or unrealistic around you, this can temper things somewhat.

Astrology Overview for WC 19th September 2016

The week begins with With the Sun and Mercury still in Libra . Yet there is a tremendous gathering of energy in the sign of Virgo. This “stellium” is going to be very influential this week. Why? Well, three planets, Venus, Jupiter and Mars all combine at some stage but also link to Pluto .

Pluto may often make us giggle when watching his comedic character in old Walt Disney movies, but this once scorned celestial presence, is now very much recognised as being a proper planet, and certainly in astrology is one of the most powerful of all influences.

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And, of course, Pluto is in the very traditional, authoritative sign of Capricorn. When linking with these three planets in Virgo the Earth principal is highly charged. The other planets ask us to achieve tangible results, to look for practical evidence, and any changes we make this week need to balance the interviews are some of the combination of Jupiter, Mars and Venus, and the energies of Virgo itself, which are very much about discrimination, detail, work, health, fitness and duty.

But these areas could be ripe for some kind of upgrade, overhaul, or refreshment. The chances are we can see a lot in the news about the need for us all to be more active, less sedentary, and become more conscious of what we eat and drink, and also how we work. Jupiter controls knowledge, Mars is about our individual desires, and Venus about the way we relate, angled up to Pluto, as they do, changes across all these are possible.

Yet, by Tuesday there is a potent Quarter Moon, wait for it…in the sign of Capricorn, and the inference here is that we need to be conscious of how we actually relate our ideas to others, and especially those who may seem more resistant to change.

Furthermore from Wednesday, Mercury, the planet of communication, goes back into a more testing right angle with Pluto itself, and one which broadly provided a backdrop of energy for much of September. And this can generate irritability, and impatience, frustration, etc, but especially where we encounter people that see things very differently from us. So finding all the diplomacy we can, will prove helpful.

So you can see that despite all the enthusiasm that Jupiter might be engendering along with Mars and Venus, is not necessarily what we do that will count so much as about how we bring others along and engage them with our ideas and plans.

And finally on Saturday, the Sun moves into the deep and passionate Scorpio, for the first time in eleven months. Strong compulsions can grip us, but I will tell you more next time.

Astrology Overview for WC 12th September 2016

Monday to Wednesday sees the advancing Sun connect with retreating Mercury . Yet this influence can give us the opportunity to revisit something which hasn’t been working very well, strip it down to the bear basics, and sort it out once and for all. The one thing we must avoid doing is jumping to conclusions. Why? Well, with such a lot of Virgo energy at play, there can be a tendency to focus in on the details to the exclusion of the big picture, so do try to avoid this trap.

All week there also continues to be the right angle between Saturn and Neptune, which can see structures that have weaknesses, quite literally crumble. This may not be in an out and out obvious way, but be something that is much more invidious and subtle, but none the less powerful. Energy continues to be at premium and facts blurred, potentially, by half truths, and hidden agendas.

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All week the erratic influence of Uranus is to the fore. It is in opposition to the planet of attraction Venus from Wednesday, but both planets forge a much better angle to the go getting Mars . All this can create some sparks on the romantic front, and especially where ties have become too samey, and stuck in a rut. Look to reinvigorate your relationship by doing something completely fresh and spontaneous with your partner. In weaker ties, this could lead to breakdowns, but one’s which may feature another player. Single? It’s time to be bold, you never know where it may lead.

Friday’s Full Moon in Pisces Squares with Mars in Sagittarius. This suggests a need to liberate ourselves from situations where we feel too taken for granted. This could be a job or around a friendship. However much we want to be good people, we need to be appreciated, and acknowledged. Mars’ spark here could bring issues to the surface that have been deeply buried away and can see more honest and perhaps feisty dialogue.

Astrology Overview September 2016

As the nights begin to draw in Britain at least, September replaces the watching of Olympic gold with TV gold, as some British classics return to the small screen. However, these old favourites could be describing the attributes of the astrological Sign of Virgo instead, with ‘Are you being served?’ and ‘In sickness and in health’ seeming key themes this month! Whilst, not forgetting ‘porridge’, especially with a so-called ‘goldilocks’ planetary find and a solar eclipse accompanying September’s arrival, meaning this month begins with ‘lights out’!

Although, strictly speaking it is not completely ‘lights out’, as the annular solar eclipse escorted the New Moon on the 1st of this month, leaving a narrow border of the Sun’s light still surrounding the Moon’s dark body. So, you could say akin to the Olympics, the flame may be extinguished, but the torchlight passed on. This also appearing the case regarding the astrological Signs, as after fiery Leo provided a great ‘bonfire of the vanities’ last month, earthy Virgo appears something of a fire extinguisher, in comparison. As the Sun ruled Sign of Leo’s Full beam turns into a ‘dimmer switch’ this September instead. For there is a definite sense as the month’s proceedings get underway that we have switched to a dimmer level, especially finance wise.

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However, intellectually speaking this is generally not the case, as the Sign of Virgo may not be as flashy as its Leo predecessor, but has its own flashes of genius instead arising from its mercurial nature. Although, this month this Mercury ruled Sign linked to the quicksilver element of Mercury too, is moving at a slow sliver, caused by a retrograde period. As last month may have seen a plethora of Silver Olympic medals securing second place, but from the 2nd there is plenty of meddling in place. Due to Mercury in Virgo retrograding until the 22nd when it once again turns direct, but even then its effects still reverberate throughout September’s entirety. For like an Olympic sprinter overtaking despite its best efforts it is only when a Planet surpasses the degree at which it turned retrograde that it can truly outrun this influence and on this occasion it is not until October 7th, when Mercury advances into Libra.

Therefore, similar to the medal’s table, this month’s meddling sweeps across-the-board, not only wrecking havoc with everyday Mercury, like a squatter upsetting the comfortable home of this Virgo Sign, but also upsetting the neighbours. As the Sun, Jupiter and the North Node all find themselves in Virgo’s virgin territory at September’s start. So this quite literally could upset the neighbours and those in your surrounding environment as this falls under Mercury’s domain, as well as the flow of communication and movements, especially in health and work sectors. Therefore, expect uncontrollable elements, from weather and viruses; to spillages and the sea’s treacherous impact; as Virgo is concerned with ridding itself of impurities. Furthermore, with exaggerating Jupiter and the Sun’s heated energy uniting with the karmic North Node, issues could get out of hand, bringing serious repercussions. As witnessed last month when what was termed ‘as the ‘wicked hand of nature’ caused a devastating earthquake in mainland Italy, initiated with the Sun entering the mother earth Sign of Virgo. As well as among other elements, malefic Mars and Saturn combining in Sagittarius at the degree of fixed star, ‘Antares’, renowned as a destructive influence.

Well, this month it may not be exactly ‘mutiny on the bounty’, but there are a bounty of Mutable Planets, forming a challenging ‘tri-athlon’! As Saturn and Mars remain serious opponents in Sagittarius, limiting Virgo Planets further, who already are running in slow motion due to retrograde influences, but their focus remains firmly grounded. While, Neptune in Pisces may provide the swimming portion of this ‘tri-athlon’, but it too finds itself doing a backstroke as it also continues in retrograde mode and squaring to Saturn. Whilst, you might say the cycle segment of this ‘tri-athlon’ is supplied not only by this month’s retrograde Planets, but also by the eternal backward journey of the North Node, emphasising a return to the same cycle of societal patterns in need of addressing. As resources, moral, legal and safety issues around foreign travel and migration keep arising, as well as concerns over the environment, health matters and services.

Although, on a positive note, the 1st of Septembers Virgo New Moon and Eclipse is the forerunner to change, bringing new beginnings, especially regarding nature’s mysteries, as new discoveries are made, perhaps regarding the Zika virus and mental health issues illuminated. Therefore, in the UK at least, there could be some headway in resolving the train and junior doctor’s disputes, but this will not be without challenging negotiations. For like train delays, this retrograde period brings its fair share of stalling, mix-ups and miscommunications.

Further a field Iran’s and Russia’s finances, along with North Korea’s status are inflated by this month’s lunar activity and L.A is highlighted, as China, Palestine, Egypt and Mexico find it more testing and Canada revealing. With the finalising Full Moon and Eclipse in Pisces and it’s testing square to Mars on the 16th, underlining setbacks at NASA, a boost for Manhattan, but unclear activity in the U.S in general, possibility linked to firearms. As this Piscean luminary is strongly tied up with tyranny and anarchism, though the positive outcome can produce works of great artistic merit and resolve suffering and persecution, aiding the refugee crisis. For like the Piscean fishes’ scales, this Eclipse accentuates scaling back, reinforcing the Virgo sentiment of requiring only what is of value and service.

This followed through as Planets advance into airy Libra this month, as Venus already resident there is joined on the 9th by Jupiter and the Sun from the 23rd. As the Sign of the balancing scales weighs up matters further, particularly legal discussions, as ‘Brexit’ implications continue, but with Aries Uranus and Capricorn Pluto both still stagnating, progress is staggered, until the 27th when Mars enters Capricorn along with Pluto which has been in residence for some years, and which simultaneously turns direct. Therefore, shifting the focus from foreign conflicts to exposing the ramifications of state and group enterprises, as tougher legislation and intervention is required.

Although, Jupiter and Venus at home in Libra can put diplomatic relations on a more harmonious scale and new marriage legislation is likely, but conflicting Cardinal Planets may see some countries opposing democratic rights and freedoms. As Russia, the Ukraine, Germany, Laos, Poland and Czechoslovakia undergo turmoil this month. While, St Kitts, Armenia Brazil, Guatemala, Malaya, as well as Swaziland, Mali, Nigeria, Syria, Belize, Switzerland and France are also starred this September. However, the fair and sharing Sign of Libra hands the baton over to Scorpio, as September closes, as from the 24th Venus is concerned with mutual money matters. So this September moves from gold, silver and bronze, to pearls of wisdom, but not without a little grit. Good luck!

Astrology Overview for WC 5th September 2016

All this week the Sun in Virgo Squares with Mars in Sagittarius. Mars in Sagittarius is very upbeat, direct and can even see us all getting more active, perhaps even athletically so, especially for the non couch potatoes amongst us. However this Square can see the uninhibited, freedom loving nature of Mars challenged by the Sun’s desire for precision in Virgo. How will this play out? Well, we could be rather less minded to fulfil those everyday tasks, roles and obligations, that otherwise we might take in our stride. So if anyone asks you to do them a favour, and one which will impinge on your freedom, think twice before agreeing.

Now, as is often the case, there are some paradoxical energies threaded through the heavens too. And the Sun actually forges a truly wonderful link to tiny Pluto. Pluto is the planet of power, truth, secrets, sex and hidden motivations, but also it is the planet of transformation, and in the sign of Capricorn , linking to the Sun in Virgo, and both of these Earth signs, this can see something really quite tangible shape up. Most of all this is where we will of put in a significant amount of effort or where outer events conspire to force change upon us, which though, on first glance, we may not choose could turn out to be good for us. For many, there could be some kind of breakthrough around work, property, or even health issues.

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This is also week that sees Venus in its home zone of Libra forges a great link to the rather more steadying influence of Saturn . If you are fortunate enough to be receiving any advice, then it could be that the person concerned is someone who proves trustworthy and whose clarity of thought, and knowledge, blends well with an ability to relate well. In a personal context this aspect suggests if you’re lucky enough to be getting closer in any kind of relationship, it could be tie that is going to endure for some time to come.

Speaking of relationships Jupiter, the planet of growth, optimism, expansion, and more traditionally of good fortune, moves into the sign of Libra for the first time in 12 years on Friday. Jupiter will be in this location for the next 12 months, and is encouraging us all to invest more in diplomacy, give-and-take, sharpening up our listening skills, and embracing natural justice.

Friday however, also sees a Quarter Moon in the sign of Sagittarius, clashing with the Sun in Virgo and this is going to re-emphasise the right angle between the Sun and Mars. In short, under promise and over deliver is going to be a good mantra for the whole of this week, for us all.

Astrology Overview for WC 29th August 2016

This week, on Tuesday, Mercury goes into the third of its annual retrogrades. On the same day, Venus the planet of relating, moves into your opposite sign of Libra. There is a little bit of an irony with this because, as Mercury slams on the brakes so communications can become a lot less fluid, and we are all going to have to work harder at communicating our message clearly. Yet Venus back in Libra is a glorious location and one which reminds us all for the need for diplomacy, and to be sure that when we discuss anything of a tricky nature we choose our words carefully.

With Mars and Saturn continuing their conjunction through to midweek, focusing our energies as precisely as possible, and especially around any physical activities, fact-finding, contracts, and travel all remain important.

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However, the Sun in Virgo does go into an opposition with Neptune from Tuesday through to the end of the week. This potentially is a very difficult aspect. There is also a Solar Eclipse on Thursday the 1st of September, which feeds into this opposition, and the square Neptune has had since mid may to the restrictive energies of Saturn.

Virgo is all about virtue, and the need to make sure the practicalities are tied down and work well and are accurate. The dreamy, drifting, cloying, dissolving energies of Neptune will almost seem to go out of their way to break down this precision, and with Mercury the ruler of Virgo, starting this retrograde, the potential for misunderstandings is quite high anyway.

So this is where the diplomacy and charm of Venus in Libra is going to be so important. We must all make sure that we don’t jump to conclusions about things and give ourselves time to work issues out rationally.

Astrology Overview for WC 22nd August 2016

The Sun powers into Virgo on Tuesday, returning after an eleven months absence. He joins with the trio of Mercury Jupiter and Venus, bringing a tremendous Virgo dimension to bear in the heavens, and of course, as above, so below. So what does this mean?

The virtuous strand that was building up last week with the combination of Mercury and Jupiter is going to be emphasised even more. But the crucial thing with this week is that from Wednesday to Sunday Mercury, Venus and Jupiter are all going to be side-by-side or conjunct. In the first half of the week, Mercury and Jupiter continue their close alliance. This points towards some kind of good fortune, and it’s possible that we going to be reading about some health breakthroughs, possibly about new cure’s or radical approaches, that can improve the lot of some of the world’s citizens. But of course is what we do in our own lives that is the most important thing, and don’t be surprised if you find yourself drawn towards some kind of therapeutic treatment, such as a massage, chiropractic, or some other form of healing.

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The more informed we continue to become about diets and the micronutrients that are contained in various food sources is also going to be a smart thing to do. If you find yourself checking the label in the supermarket, good for you. With such a sedimentary lifestyle that many of us lead these days being more physically active can also be an outcome from this particular set of influences.

But Virgo is also the sign of service, and there is a world of difference between this and being servile, but if we can find a way to use our skill sets, or talents in order to help other people this would be a very fine thing to do. If you work in an industry which is service led and linked to health, food, distribution or providing tangible benefits, it could really flourish at this time.

However, the Sun does square up to a Gemini Quarter Moon on Thursday, suggesting what we shouldn’t do is try too hard to pack too much into this week, so there is a kind of irony here that is to be virtuous, but not try to be too virtuous.

All of this week also continues to see the conjunction between Saturn and Mars. This requires us to concentrate hard and narrow our range of activities onto the things that are really essential, but I think information and knowledge or anything to do with long-distance communications, travel and overseas involvements can all be very much the fore. However, just like last week, the complex influence of Neptune cannot be underestimated, so just be conscious of your own motives and those of anyone you get closely involved with.

Astrology Overview for WC 15th August 2016

The week begins with the Sun continuing in Leo. The big event of the week, however, comes on Thursday when there is a partial lunar Eclipse in the sign of Aquarius. This also blends in with the modern ruler of Aquarius, Uranus, suggesting that there can be some restlessness around relationships, social interactions and even friendships. Any desire on the part of any person to be more controlling about our personal space and freedom may become a burning issue from this.

From Tuesday the emphasis which is set to grow in Virgo, comes from a combination between Mercury and Jupiter . With Venus in this location too, this encourage us as to do things which are virtuous in some way, and enable us to grow our awareness to what we eat, and drink and become more conscious of personal physical fitness. When Jupiter and Mercury get-together it can help us to feel more optimistic, but it’s also important to stay focused on the details, something which Jupiter can be less inclined to encourage. Fortunately Mercury is the ruler of Virgo, and this can help to bring greater precision to bear.

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From Wednesday through to the end of the week. Saturn is joined in Sagittarius, by the storming energies of Mars . This is going to help to reinforce our desire to be expansive, or more go-getting and physical in our approach. If you have been feeling drained or down on vitality, or emotional energy, and especially since mid-May, it really wouldn’t be a surprise. This is due to the continuing enervating angle between Neptune and Saturn. Mars is going to stiffen Saturn’s resolve yet by the end of the week, it too is going to be affected by Neptune, and because Mars is the planet of desire, and in itself will be constrained by the energies of Saturn, all of this encourages us not to take shortcuts, and also to be conscious of what people tell us because information could prove to be unreliable at best and deceptive at worst.

Astrology Overview for WC 8th August 2016

The week begins with the recently relocated Venus and Mars clashing in their respective new homes. With both these planets controlling love and romance, a few sparks could fly. This and Mercury’s angle to the on-going T Square between Neptune and Saturn , can make for quite a tricky first half of the week.

Although the Sun continues its journey through the magnificent Leo, it’s sunny rays are also compromised by a square with the Quarter Moon in Scorpio on Wednesday. This can be stir up issues to do with control, possessiveness and jealousy in close ties, where as the Virgo/Sagittarius angles forged by Mercury and Venus and Mars and Saturn in turn, can see resentment around obligations and any constraints on our personal freedom.

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I think we are all going to have to garner as much patience as possible this week and show as much tolerance as we can muster too. The details of situations can be somewhat blurry, confidence and personal expression limited too.

Fortunately Saturn does end a five and a half month backward journey on Saturday, though continues its attritional right angle to Neptune, for many weeks to come. In general however Saturn going forwards and being fortified by the new location of Mars, will in time help us to take on obstacles with greater determination and drive.

Astrology Overview August 2016

August heralds the start of the Olympics in Rio, but you could say this month is as much carnivore as carnival, with Leo, the Sign of the big cat leading the procession. Along with plenty of street-food for thought from cerebral Planets in earthy Virgo too, meaning this August there appears to be much at stake or should I say ‘steak’? Along with a few mistakes in need of remedying this month, though, it is not a t-bone, but a planetary t-square giving us something to chew on this August!

For although ‘school’s out for summer’, there is definitely a sense that there is still some outstanding projects to complete as August opens, especially with a retrograding heavyweight Saturn combining with all Outer Planets, picking the bones over past matters in need of correction or erasing. So you could say the start of August finds us left not quite doing lines, but ‘lions’ with a large ruler, in more of a jungle book than an exercise one. As Leo, the Sign of the jungle ‘V.I.P’ takes charge from the beginning of August with the Sun, Venus and a New Moon in Leo on the 2nd too.

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On the bright side, the Sun ruled Sign of Leo is not only naturally suited to being in command, but positively revels in being centre-stage, as its mighty roar lets everyone know who is king of the jungle. However, Leos may rule the kingdom, literally shaking the ground beneath them, as recent earthquakes demonstrate, but deep-down these lion-hearts seek stability. As this jungle ‘V.I.P’ is no ‘king of the swingers’ but a Fixed Sign instead. So you could say, this month quite literally we move from a state of flux to continuous ‘lux’, as the Moon ruled variable Sign of Cancer influenced the majority of July’s events, but it is the Sun’s constant glow providing the central heating throughout August. As until the 22nd the Sun is in its palatial abode, at home in the luxurious Sign of Leo, which brings with it some sweltering weather conditions and a plethora of pleasurable pursuits. For the Sign of Leo is schooled in the art of enjoyment, favouring the playground over the classroom time after time.

Though, Leos are associated with royalty especially kings, but really their love of the limelight makes them more of a drama queen. So there are no surprises that August arrives with a dramatic entrance, as the 1st sees the Leo Sun at a critical degree in aspect to retrograde Saturn in Sagittarius, as simultaneously an exiting Scorpio Mars at a difficult degree clashes with Venus in Leo. Whilst, further pressure builds with the Leo New Moon the following day coinciding with Virgo Mercury at a crucial degree. This activity generally putting this fiery lion in ‘the line of fire’ even figuratively with gunfire or arson likely, along with clashes among foreign heads of State to ferocious flames, fevers and weather conditions or high spirited and even criminal elements. With Leo’s presence meaning youngsters or pastimes which tap into the child at heart instinct are targeted, as we may witness sexual exploitation of children hitting the headlines once again.

So it may not be over easy this August, but Leo knows how to see the sunny-side up, even over the Euro brexit, as steps are put in place to ‘break-fast like a king’! However, this month’s New Moon highlights frustrations over allocating shared monies with the UK, along with changes and restrictions in health and work sectors in France. Meanwhile, this New Moon stirs up fury over secrets concerning Rome and the Vatican, partnerships in China, shocks in Iraq and restorative measures in Russia. As well as, changes in North Korea, Israel and within the United Nations, alongside illuminating positive advancements for the U.S. This further supported by the 18th’s Full Moon in Aquarius, highlighting changing financial partnerships in the U.S and profits in Japan, but challenges in Mexico. However, this finalising Moon does bring some closure to humanitarian and brexit concerns. Whilst Egypt feels both ends of the Moon’s activity this month, particularly influencing the younger generation, as this month’s lunar visits swing between state and government vying against the will of the people.

Well, Leo’s lion is renowned for its recognisable mane, but astrologically it fails to remain the main influence throughout August. This ‘perm’ Sign giving a ‘semi-wave’ goodbye, as from the 6th Venus progresses into Virgo alongside Mercury, Jupiter, the North Node and the 23rd’s Sun, meaning we move from the lion to the which? However, we may be wishing that some matters stayed locked away in that wardrobe, as the questioning Sign of Virgo combs through finer details. For attention will once again focus on treatment to rectify services for society’s needy and vulnerable, highlighting health and this sector. Although, any efforts may cause split ends, as Planets promote a ‘short, back and sides’ attitude. For tempers are short; a back up of past issues exists from retrograde Planets combined with Virgo’s North Node and planetary aspects arouse taking sides.

In sum, an overall ‘intensive condition’, with Mutable Planets creating a ‘three-way’ mirror, but no free way, as the reflection is not a pretty sight, as Virgo Planets jar against a retrograde Pisces Neptune and Sagittarius Saturn worsened by the 3rd seeing a malefic combination as Mars returns to Sagittarius. So emphasis once again shifts to uncontrollable elements from illness and weather to terrorist attacks and immigration, as nebulous Neptune obscures facts and solutions, especially around the 12th, due to critical degrees.

In conclusion then, August combines high and lowlights, but akin to a salon visit, the outcome may not be the picture we desire, needing some readjustment. As adapting and negotiating to benefit all are key this month, as a retrograde Capricorn Pluto and Aries Uranus at odds instigates unexpected problems, requiring flexibility. While, this month Portugal, Switzerland, Cyprus, Chad and Singapore are starred, along with Malaya, Armenia, the Ivory Coast, Belarus, Costa Rica and Guinea. Denmark meanwhile may experience shocks, as further violence is likely in France, Poland and Guatemala. Therefore, last month may have played out like Julius Caesar surrounded by enemies, but even though July has ceased, some themes persist. As with August’s Leo presence, there is an emphasis to be something of an Augustus, in charge of our own domain. However, with worrying Mutable Planets, this month it is advisable to be less of an emperor of ‘roam’, but one who thinks and waits, as this month is not all of a ‘roaming holiday’!