Astrology Overview WC 21st April

The week begins with the Sun continuing its journey in Taurus. This is asking us to consolidate, to look for value in what we do. And this is going to be emphasised once Mercury joins the Sun on Wednesday.

Quarter Moon in Aquarius

However before then on Tuesday there is a Quarter Moon in Aquarius. This suggests that idealism can battle with the realism – especially when it comes to financial decisions, and you may find yourself with some choices which require some compromises, whichever way you go.

Still, Mercury’s move soon sees it link in conjunction with the Sun. When these to get together so tightly it is known as combust. In a natal horoscope this can give people a wonderful mental brilliance, and ability to come up with fantastical ideas. Yet in a transit it can see people jump to conclusions rather too quickly, so it will be important to avoid that trap.

Sun and Mercury Sextile Neptune

Yet in the second half of this week both the Sun and Mercury are being influenced highly positively, by the dreamy influence of Neptune. What we can take from this is that the practicality of Taurus is softened by the imagination that Neptune brings the situations. Put the two together and you can have a winning formula. And of course Taurus although Earth, and Fixed, is also ruled by Venus which in itself can be highly creative.

Ironically Venus is forging itself a great link with Saturn in the second half of this week. With Venus also in Pisces, Saturn provides a stabilising force, and if you do find yourself really clicking with someone or have done recently this can be an opportunity to forge even deeper bonds together.

Grand Cardinal Cross

However despite all this positivity, there is still a Grand Cardinal Cross in effect, which can be very volatile indeed. This can create a lot of tension, and see powerful forces opposing one another. It is not to be taken lightly. Expect developments on the world stage, whether the superpowers flex their muscles. The obvious platform for this would be in the Ukraine, but there are plenty of other situations where repressive energies are being used to withhold people’s freedom of speech, and democratic will. Egypt is a very good example of this.

In our own personal situations it’s just important not to be too rash and impatient if things do not go quite as quickly as we want. Laying down ultimatums can also lead to difficult outcomes. Where possible keep the diplomacy going. For the full inside track, please watch the FREE video or visit my site…

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Astrology Overview WC 14th April 2014

From Monday to Wednesday, Mercury continues to connect with the Cardinal T-square I told you about last week. To keep a sense of proportion will be absolutely essential. Yet if you are feeling particularly enterprising don’t let anyone’s pragmatism pulverise your passion. It’s important to hold with the free flowing ideas that come up for you.

Lunar Eclipse in Libra

Tuesday also sees a Lunar Eclipse occurring in the sign of Libra. Because Libra is associated with relating, during the next six months it will be important that we stay mindful of the way we reach out and communicate with others. A lot of the nuances of successful relating is based on the ability to listen, so if you are engaged in a relationship which is proving tricky, just check that what you think you’re hearing is really what’s being said.

Grand Cardinal Square

What has been a Cardinal T Square for much of the year, also becomes a Cardinal Grand Square, as Mars’ reversal in Libra brings it into the equation. This can lead to a fantastic amount of volatility. Situations which have been “simmering” can become much more explosive. This can be true of in global events, as much as in our personal lives, because there are so many contra-energies competing with one another in a push, pull and stretching way.

Mars is opposite Uranus, but squares Pluto and Jupiter. With Mercury in the mix early week too, you can see that impetuousness is possible, but don’t do anything which could endanger your prospects, by being overly rash. The winners in this week will be the people who cool heads, and don’t get too sucked into all the raw energy that is going to pulsating around the heavens.

Venus makes sweet vibes with Pluto

Fortunately there is one fine link that does involve Pluto. And this sees Venus forge a sextile. This is likely to coincide with the recognition of just valuable someone is in your world, and therefore a deepening of the bond.

The Sun in Taurus

Sunday also sees the astral curtain come down on the week, in a dynamic way, as the Sun makes its way into Taurus. This can be a welcome and earthy counterpoint to all fire that is going to be raging, and help us to look at the things that represent stability, security and foundations. This will be particularly apt as we come to terms with the fiestiness of events, earlier in the week. For the full inside track, please watch the FREE video or visit my site…

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Astrology Overview WC 7th April

Mercury moves into Aries on Monday. This is going to bring a much more action orientated vibe to our talking and thinking. However, on the same day there is a Quarter Moon in Cancer, suggesting initiating things without given them due thought, and especially from an emotional dynamic can be counter-productive.

Sun opposite Mars 

Also from Monday through to Thursday the Sun is in opposition to Mars. Now this is ironic because of course Mars is the ruling planet of Aries, but is in detriment in Libra. This can create an enormous amount of frustration and tempers can boil over. This is not a time to impose a might is right attitude on anyone. Any tendency to do so could meet with stiff resistance. Equally, this is a time when minor accidents are possible by rushing around trying to get too much done, too quickly.

Venus conjunct Neptune

Yet at the end of last week there was another significant change. If you recall Venus arrived in Pisces, a sign that it’s more than happy to occupy. And from Wednesday through to the end of this week she is going to be conjunct the co-ruler of Pisces, Neptune. Now this can work in a number of ways with this more aggressive Sun Mars opposition. On one hand it could soften the all-out forcefulness, but on another it could just increase the level of confusion. If you’re unsure where you stand in a relationship you may find yourself trying to get a partner to open up. Then again someone may be reaching out to you. But being as clear as possible, will certainly help.

Mercury enters into the Cardinal T Square

By Sunday, Mercury itself goes into a conjunction, this time with Uranus. Whilst this is absolutely brilliant to be adopt an inventive, reforming approach, and to be more spontaneous, it also joins in with the T-square which is been ongoing all of 2014. So in short we have Mercury square Jupiter - a tendency to see things in an overblown way, or to exaggerate, and we also have Mercury square Pluto – a tendency to find it difficult to hear the points of view of others. With the intense energies of Uranus raising the temperature, these influences can be hyped up, so care will be needed. Whilst Aries energy can be very progressive, and help us to get things started, being aware of the unintended consequences of our actions is the key to success this week.

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Astrology Overview April 2014

Often a sprinkle of seasoning usually enhances the flavour of something, and this certainly seems the case as April begins, alerting us that ‘Spring-calls’, welcoming the new ‘season in’! However, a little adjustment maybe necessary to make this month palatable, as it comes with some unnecessary heat, packing a surprising punch. So to deal with any unavoidable heat, fluid is the recommended approach this month!

Explosive Planetary influences

For April promises to be nothing if explosive, as having already witnessed the Sun’s progression into the fiery Sign of Aries last month, April begins with the Sun trailblazing across the skies to catch up with unpredictable Uranus. This therefore meaning that both Planets are about to meet up as the month gets underway, so expect ‘trails of the unexpected’ from this rendezvous. Since Arian energy alone is impulsive and unruly, governed by the commonly referred to, ‘warrior’ Planet, Mars. However, channelled through the burning Sun’s powerful rays and Uranus’s literally’ electric shocking’ power, makes for a formidable match. As these Planets overall provide an influx of masculine force and competitive spirit, from warring fractions and uprisings to an emphasis on male dominated industries, such as uniformed services, electriconics and engineering. While the Sun and Uranus together denote the involvement of supreme authority, the Cardinal Sign of Aries means any action happens for all to see.

Even though there may not be any time to see this action coming, as Aries acts instantaneously, so combined with unpredictable Uranus anticipate sudden activity, from anything such as quick spreading fevers, uncontrollable fires and lightning storms to explosions, injury or accidents. Furthermore, with revelatory Uranus associated with Aeronautics, surprising details regarding Malaysian Airways undiscovered aeroplane should arrive this month, sending hearts further pacing.

Cardinal Dust-up

Although, there is an overall quickening of pace this April, as at the heart of the month is what you could term a ‘critical condition’, as a struggle between all four Cardinal Planets occurs. The culmination of which comes around the 22nd, when these Planets square up at a critical degree. To put it simply, imagine this square as a hospital bed, and as you tuck the sheet’s hospital corner in tightly the other is disturbed. Well with Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto all pulling at their corner, patience is no doubt universally stretched. As this formation means ripples from events have far-reaching, universal effects. However, with malefic Planets Mars and Pluto remaining in retrograde motion throughout April, we may see some pre-existing conditions flaring up once more, unaided by Saturn’s stationary position still in Scorpio. In particular the situation around Russia continues to be of worrying concern, as Planets suggest further unsettlement, restriction and violent action, especially regarding the younger generation. While, China’s youth may also be involved in further revolts with their country, as they demonstrate against social injustices.

Collaborative UK 

Whereas in Europe, the issue of the UK government working collaboratively and remaining within the European Union seems a more promising possibility, as Planets emphasise partnerships. However, this is not without opposition, some outbursts coming from unexpected quarters this month. Whilst further resistance and revolts against government policies persist, aimed particularly at legislation benefiting the elite few at the expense of the many. This is accentuated by April’s Moon activity, as a Full Moon in Libra on the 15th is shortly followed by a New Moon in Taurus on the 29th. Both of substantial importance, as they are accompanied by Eclipses and within touching distance of those critical degrees. However, the Full Moon signifies endings; the loss of something, only made more significant by the influential South Node’s presence close by, associated with the process of letting go. Whereas, alternatively the New Moon is concerned with new beginnings, this month energised with the Sun’s transition into Taurus from the 20th. Although what both Moons do share is the Taurus and Libra ruling Planet, Venus, linked to beauty, luxury and expense.

Hence, for the UK these Moons signify an ending to self orientated, over-extravagant behaviour. This instead replaced by a drive towards sharing, particularly regarding financial resources. As simultaneously new action and uproar against banks and financial institutions begins. This is reflected across the pond too, as the political and financial hubs in the U.S are spotlighted, with deceptions in banking systems being tackled and people taking back power into their own hands. This only further emphasised when Mercury co-joins the Sun opposing Saturn from the 23rd, as individuals begin to evaluate their personal income against taxes. As there begins a questioning of whether we should all be responsible for our own resources and expenditure in a socially unjust and unequal society. Furthermore, President Obama also comes under scrutiny on the political stage, regarding diplomatic relations and may need to develop a new tact to avoid April showers.

Mercury and Saturn help out 

On a positive note, Mercury starts the month in Pisces along with Venus from the 6th making good aspects to Saturn. This should see new policies and legislation tightening up loopholes for the vulnerable in hospitals, especially the elderly. Long-term strategy for people with drug and alcohol dependencies should receive further coverage to ensure adequate care, so by the time the Sun, Mercury and Uranus unite in Aries from the 8th, any previous inadequate policies will have been uncovered and shelved, ready for fresh initiatives activated by this month’s Cardinal catalyst. As this spring brings the birth of a Cardinal chrysalis of sorts, the outcome initiating a real, global ‘butterfly effect’!

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Astrology Overview WC 31st March 2014

The New Moon in Aries, which occurred as last week ended, was broadly caught up in the T-square between Uranus, Jupiter and Pluto. The planetary Contra indications that this creates will therefore be continue to be felt as we enter this momentous new month.

Explosive Astrology April 

Put simply April could be one of the most explosive times for many, many years. As is often the case with Eclipses and there are two in April – events can slightly proceed their occurrence.

But all round the world that does seem to be a tremendous amount of upheaval, not just in Ukraine, but in Syria, Egypt, Palestine, Central Africa – even Taiwan, which shows that the radical energies of Uranus in Aries and its clash with Pluto, and Pluto’s opposition with Jupiter, creates a might is right environment which runs roughshod over people’s human rights, or people you have been oppressed are rising up against the power that has been imposed upon them.

Arab Spring Uprisings

But of course in these cases, it’s never a simple process and when the Arab Spring uprisings occurred it wasn’t a one-off event. And as different factions fight for ascendancy, and power, this will go backwards and forwards and there is certain to be more of this is nothing month.

If at this week Uranus is going to be broadly conjunct the Sun for all of its duration. Now many ways this can be a positive influence, especially in terms of encouraging derring-do, and a desire to take on new challenges but if you do get the urge to make some sudden decisions it is going to be important that you do try to think through the ramifications, however unintended of what these might be.

Sun in volatile T Square

Ironically on the first day of this week, there is a really sweet link between the ruler of Aries Mars, and its counterpoint in love and relating with Venus. By Wednesday the Sun as well and truly locked into the volatile T-square, as it reaches its high point and the bottle top almost certainly will blow off in some global events and perhaps even in our own lives too.

Yet there is an opportunity this week for reform that can be more long-lasting. This comes about because Mercury forges a fine link with Saturn. The fluidity of Mercury in Pisces, and this signs Mutable energies merge with the solidity, of the Fixed Saturn in Scorpio. So if there is something stable that you’re working on, and you have invested time and energy, but also are prepared to be flexible in pursuit of what you are trying to achieve this can be extremely valuable.

Venus into Pisces

On Saturday Venus also moves home, transferring from the broadly detached Aquarius, into Pisces. Here she is exalted or particularly happy and at ease. This may lead to some more idealistic desires for peace and tranquillity as the week draws to a close, but I think for many of us if we are resisting any changes to the being thrust in our direction this week is a red flag to suggest that that may be very difficult to do. For the full inside track, please watch the FREE video or visit my site



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Devine Tarot

To modern eyes, the designs of the 78 cards which comprise the Tarot deck can seem obscure, disconcerting and, in some cases, frightening. Yet, these images are not the result of chance or the consumption of some rather dodgy mushroom by a gnarled old recluse; rather they often refer to centuries old religious beliefs.

Religion and Tarot

Take the first card of the Major Arcana; The Fool. The notion of the holy fool appears in many religions including; Islam, Tibetan Buddhism and Taoism, but the holy fool in the Tarot Pack is more likely to be of Christian descent, and the notion of acting in a way that goes against the norms of one’s society as a means to reach a Christian goal. One of the best known of the holy fools is Saint Juniper, an early follower of the Franciscan order. Whenever anyone asked for any of his possessions, he gave them away, including his clothes. His fellow Franciscans tried hard to discourage this embarrassing behaviour, and he was strictly forbidden from giving away his togs. Despite the problems his actions caused, his charitable acts were admired, and seen as the outward expression of his commitment to his faith. In a Tarot reading, the appearance of The Fool often refers to acting without thinking things through, a bit like poor Saint Juniper, who must have spent many a winter’s night regretting his saintly generosity.

Female Clergy?

One of the oddest cards in the Tarot Pack must be the Popess, or as it is sometimes called, the High Priestess. You don’t have to be an expert on religious matters to notice that Popes tend to be male. In fact, officially at least, there has never been a female pope – or has there? According to legend, during the 9th Century, an English (or sometimes German) woman, did become pope, albeit for a very short time. A nun called Joan ran away with a monk and ended up in Rome. Sadly, Joan’s lover died, and finding herself in the Eternal City alone, she decided to disguise herself as a clergyman and changed her name to Joannes Anglicus (John of England). She obviously had a bit of a vocation for her new role, and she became noted for her piety. This eventually led to her being made a Cardinal. In 855, Pope Leo IV died, and Joannes was elected as the new Pope. The papal inauguration took an unusual turn when Joannes gave birth on the steps of St. Peters and promptly died. If Joan had pulled The Popess from a Tarot Deck, she might have saved herself from such an embarrassing fate, as the appearance of the card often suggests hidden events will play a major part in the querant’s life.

The Hanged Man

Whilst some cards in the Tarot Pack seem to be largely of Christian origin and others hark back to earlier religions, The Hanged Man seems to draw from two belief systems. He is often associated with the god Odin, who hung himself upside-down from Yggdrasil as a sacrifice to himself (yes, I know, I don’t understand that bit either). As a result of his sacrifice, he gained great knowledge and discovered the Runes. Other Tarot experts claim the Hanged Man refers to Judas.

According to Christianity, Judas caused Christ’s death when he betrayed him for thirty pieces of silver, and some Tarot Card packs do show money falling from the Hanged Man’s pockets or bag. Judas was so mortified by what he had done, he hung himself. This might seem an unlikely subject for what is a largely positive card, but it depends on which interpretation of his actions you prefer. Obviously, Judas can be seen as the evil man who betrayed Jesus due to greed, but some Christians have argued he is a force for good. As although he causes Christ’s death, Christ has to die before he can rise from the dead, and without the Resurrection, human beings would not be saved. Accordingly, Judas is actually working towards God’s plan to redeem the human race, even at the cost of his own life.
All of which, brings us back to The Hanged Man, a card which symbolises sacrifice, and acting in the least obvious way to get the desired results.

So you can see there are some fascinating interactions between religion and the Tarot. If you would like a Live Tarot Reading or a 1 to 1 Psychic Reading, to explore any personal issues you may have at the present, using these ancient crafts, please join my live readers for more.

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Astrology Overview week from 24th March 2014

Although the Sun is gaining traction in Aries, on Monday and Tuesday Mercury continues to be close to the dreamy and illusive energies of Neptune. Whilst this can be a marvellous link for imaginative strands, it can cause confusion, doubt and even insincerity.

Aries Power

Aries energy is about action. Whilst Neptune’s tentacles around Mercury, may see something stirring in the early part of this week which creates some uncertainty or slows this action down.

Venus clattered by Saturn

From Wednesday through to the end of the week, Venus in Aquarius squares with Saturn in Scorpio. This is a tricky angle, one which can bring a less amiable vibe to all sorts of interactions. In extreme cases, this may lead to an ending of a relationship. But no-one will leave our lives who is truly right for us. Fortunately from Thursday, Venus forges a fine link with Mars in Libra. Because of the Air rulership of both signs, this can bring about a clearer exchange of views, and could lead to some really sociable and friendly developments – as long as there are no lingering issues in the background, which Saturn can pick up on.

The Sun and Jupiter big us up

Over the weekend however, the Sun begins to square with Jupiter. Now this is not one of those “all bad squares”. It can lead to acts of generosity, but also a tendency to exaggerate, and over gild the lily. Both are Cardinal and therefore like to lead, and indeed by early next week the Sun will be joining in with the Cardinal T-square that’s prevailed for much of this year. The trick with this influence is to not promise more than we can realistically deliver.

Aries New Moon

The New Moon in Aries occurs on Sunday. And this is very close to Uranus, just 3° away. This can be a great influence to create a real shakedown in situations, reviving our enthusiasm for those things which give us a sense of liberation, independence, and to be less constrained by everyday demands. It’s a bit random, so in the upcoming month, there may be a desire to kick over the traces, but being mindful of the unintended consequences is important too.

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Astrology Overview week from 17th March 2014

Last week’s Full Moon in Virgo continues to permeate into this week. Care with health, life organisation, fitness and exercise, and even the daily chores can all benefit from greater scrutiny.

Astrology Overview week from 17th March 2014

You may find yourself wanting to work in a team with one other person, due to the presence of Mars which is semi-sextiling the Moon. Equally, this may be a time when you want to have a frank discussion about the fairer distribution of tasks between those you co-exist with be it at home or work.

 Mercury into Pisces 

Monday also sees Mercury move back into Pisces. If this seems the ring a celestial bell, well, you’re right, for Mercury move through this area for two weeks at the start of February. Indeed by the end of this week you may experience a sense of déjà vu when it comes to what happened then. Perhaps a situation that confused you, or created a tangle earlier in February can now be sorted out with a mixture of instinct and logic. Just remember however, that this can be an influence that creates illusions, so facts will be essential around any major decisions.

Time to walk on the wild side? 

From Monday to Friday however, the Aquarius influence lives on as Venus continues its own sextile with the modern ruler of the Water Carrier, Uranus pushes us all to look for greater excitement in relationships. Yet with Mars also conjunct with the North node in Libra, albeit in retrograde, relationship issues will also come under the astral spotlight. It is going to be important to avoid making any hasty decisions. The tense T-square, between Uranus, Jupiter and Pluto which has been shaken up the heavens since the turn of the year, geopolitics, and our own personal situations remains a big factor. A push, pull and sideways shove, can affect even the most tranquil of matters, by creating a lot of force, but not necessarily the skills to stand back and analyse any unintended consequences. Ukraine/Crimea is a classic example of this aspect.

Spring Equinox

Thursday sees the Sun power back into Aries after an eleven month absence, and depending on where you’re reading this, creates the solstice be it Spring in the Northern or Autumn in the Southern hemisphere. Yet whatever the location this is the start of the tropical zodiac, and the potential time of renewal and new beginnings. For the full inside track, please watch the FREE video or visit my site…

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Astrology Overview week from 10th March 2014

From Monday through to Friday, Mercury in Aquarius squares up with Saturn in Scorpio. This can be a particularly difficult influence especially if you’re dealing with anyone who has a very orthodox view of life, or wants to maintain the status quo.

Weekly Astrology Overview WC 10th March 2014

The innovative energies of Mercury in Aquarius can feel very restricted by the square, so if you are looking to influence anyone with an unusual idea or a new start, you really need to do your homework so that your hopes will stand up to their scrutiny.

This aspect can also points your own inner thinking and ideas. Watch lowered perhaps thinking too, as this aspect can cause a dip in mood. If there is something you want to do but you feel rather unsure of whether you should go for it, the trick is to be to believe in yourself rather than being too controlled by what you feel others expectations of you are. Yet with Uranus, the modern ruler of Aquarius continuing its own square with Jupiter, you could find yourself going between fantastic expectations and optimism, and feeling rather despondent.

Venus and Neptune ease the mood and mode

Yet there is a sweet link between Venus and Neptune in a semi-sextile which suggests that’s a more conciliatory approach to any conflict may work better. Also watch out for less obvious communication, even non-verbal hints that come your way. The could be one person who is enormously supportive and compassionate this week.

With the Sun also forging a very constructive link to Saturn from Tuesday through to Sunday, anything which has been well thought out, yet factors in a potential for flexibility – recognising the mutability of the Sun in Pisces, may see Saturn help you to bed this down in a way which can endure. Your Daily Horoscope will tell you more…

All week, Mars also continues its conjunction with the North Node, both in Libra. This is a very interesting aspect because it provides an opportunity to use the drive and energy of Mars to achieve fulfilment of the things that we know are deep within us – in terms of our talents and true potential, but may require just a bit more self belief in order to push them over the line. Clearly being in the sign of Libra, tactics and actions need to be ethical and take into account the feelings of others.

Spark up love as Venus and Uranus go Sextile

Excitingly, on Saturday and Sunday, Venus and Uranus forge a gorgeous link, one which remind us all that when it comes to close relationships, it is important to continue to try to reinvent them. So if you’re closest ties have become a little bit dull and predictable, try to do something spontaneous over the weekend to reignite the spark between you. If however, you are in a relationship where it seems control is a major part of its structure, by either one of the partners, one of you may make a bid for a little bit more personal freedom. For more on how this will impact on your love life, join me for your Daily Love Forecast.

Sunday also sees the Full Moon in Pisces. A great encouragement to use our psychic antenna’s and having a little bit more faith in what are inner voice tells us. If you have any interest in the arts, photography, music, or even metaphysics, this is a fine time to embrace all these areas and the ethereal energies that this Lunation provides.

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Biodynamic Agriculture

You are probably aware of organic food production but I wonder if you’ve ever come across the notion of bio-dynamic agriculture? The movement began in 1924 when a group of farmers concerned about the deterioration of the soil asked Rudolf Steiner to lecture them on its improvement.

Biodynamic Agriculture

Bio-dynamic agriculture views the farm holistically and as living organism. It believes the soil requires careful tending for future generations and that without good soil farming is impossible. The health of the soil is said to affect the health of the crops, this in turn improves the health of the animals that eat it and the humans who in turn eat them. Obviously, this requires a liberal application of manure and compost but it also necessitates the rotation of crops; foods such as potatoes which draw a lot of nutrients from the soil are replaced the following cycle with crops that nourish the land such as peas: equally, deep rooted crops are replaced in turn with surface rooted vegetables. Furthermore, the farmer needs to understand the optimum depth to plant each crop for their soil they also need to understand astrology so they can decide the best time to plant according to astrological influences, thus working with nature rather than against it.

Each farm aims to be self-sufficient in relation to energy, plants and stock. The farmer needs to understand the requirements of his or her farm since what works on one farm may not work at all on another. They also need a basic knowledge of herbalism, so they can prepare plant based fertilisers to feed their land. This is very hard, skilled work but it must be so much more rewarding than running say, a large industrial poultry unit where the welfare of its creatures and the land is seldom given a thought – reassuring indeed!

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