Astrology Overview for WC 22nd December 2014

The week begins with a wonderful New Moon in Capricorn. It’s true that this can make us all more aware about our goals and objectives in the next month, but equally this is a sign which can be very protective of those it cares for and this can be a feature of this Christmas time.

Furthermore, Mars and Uranus continue to spark off one another which can lead to some seriously random events, changes of plan and no shortage of festive excitement. If you are open to being flexible, or to a raunchy, fleeting and not very committed fling, this could be for you. For most of us this can provide an opportunity to strike out and have fun and socialise, in a less than planned way.

However, the first half of this week also sees Mercury go side by side with Pluto. This can be trickier, especially if you find yourself in the company of the bore who likes to control the conversation and ventilate on the thousand issues of which they are an expert. Hopefully such dogmatism will pass you by. What this aspect can do mind, is focus on our minds, when we get the time, on the key issues we are passionate about.

Christmas Eve is the first full day that Saturn relocates into Sagittarius. This is a major alteration, as it arrives back in the sign of the Archer for the first time in thirty years. This week, it just asks us to balance consumption with expenditure or in the case of our bodies our tolerances.

Christmas Day sees the Moon in Aquarius. A perfect location for this feast as this is the Moon of friendship, fraternity and kindness. This is fab too for ensuring a few lone souls are invited into the fray.

Sunday sees a Quarter Moon in Aries, and the more spontaneous energies of this sign clash with the more conservative ones of Capricorn. Free spirits may clash with those who like to be in charge. Wishing you a very Happy Christmas and for more on your personal Zodiac Sign.

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Astrology Overview for WC 15th December 2014

Last week’s Quarter Moon which occurred in Virgo, runs over into this week and provides a backdrop of energy for six of the seven days of this week. Here the virtuous Virgo clashes with the freedom loving Sagittarius, so this is why is important not to volunteer to do things which will compromise our own basic needs, whilst at the same time remaining openhearted to this season of goodwill.

From Monday to Wednesday sees a brilliant angle between the Sun and Jupiter. This is one of the best of all astrological aspects, and confers extra energy, optimism and even potentially a slice a good fortune to those who work hard in exploiting their talents.

Wednesday also sees Mercury moving to Capricorn. Here Mercury can be very happy because this is the planet of commerce as much as communication, and it enables us all to sharpen up our thinking about finances, business matters and anything to do with property.

Wednesday to Sunday also sees Uranus forge a very important link to Mars. This is quite a radical connection, which favours going with our hunches but particularly around anything which is groundbreaking or innovative. If you find yourself with a decision to make don’t ponder this too long, otherwise an opportunity may whiz by.

From Thursday to Sunday however, Venus is combining with Pluto, and both square up to Uranus. Whereas Uranus can be very much a force for good in its angle with Mars, this is a more challenging aspect. First up Venus and Pluto. When these two get-together in a conjunction it can certainly raise the temperature in matters of the heart. You may find yourself feeling more amorous, and more driven to indulge your senses. But equally Uranus could see us do something that is more reckless, which rocks the boat, and is more challenging to social norms and expectations. If you find yourself at a wild Christmas party, and suddenly tempted by a sultry clinch, but not with your partner, just be conscious of what the consequences could be. Venus and Pluto combining can make someone you encounter very, very persuasive, but often this can cover up base needs.

From Friday through to Sunday, Mercury forges a sextile with Neptune. This suggests imagination and flair can be just as important as hard-headed business logic when it comes to making progress around key goals and ambitions. The combination of the two can make us intuitive yet also sensible.

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Astrology Overview for WC 8th December 2014

The week begins with Venus continuing its love in with Jupiter which goes on until Wednesday. This is a perfect aspect for this time of year because it does create a greater sense of joyfulness and the desire to have fun and be sociable. Yet as ever in astrology there is always a counter influence which is less positive and this one is that Jupiter begins a retrograde on Monday which is going to last until the early part of April 2015. Now this doesn’t mean that were all going to dramatically become unfortunate, but it’s just caution on us that we need to be hard-working, and refuse to take any situation for granted.

It’s possible that in the wider economic world, that there may be a more risk averse dynamic which creeps in. The second half at 2015 incidentally, is probably going to see more not less of this. But despite this one condition the Sun is combining brilliantly with Mercury all week, superb for travel, widening of our horizons or meeting new people. If you have any love of other cultures, history or just basic fact-finding you can be in your element during this time. Yet because Sagittarius were both these are located, can be a forthright influence it is going to be important to make sure that your facts are correct before you are opine on anything of note.

Thursday sees Venus move into more cautious influence of Capricorn. This can be a sincere transit, if a more sombre one. By the very end of this week Saturday and Sunday, Venus will start to forge a rather awe-inspiring angle with Neptune. Now of course we had Neptune causing a certain amount of mischievousness in its squares with Venus, Mercury and the Sun from the middle of November to the start of December. However this dynamic can be much better, super for being more concerned about those who are less fortunate, and acts of kindness, generally. In love it can also create a situation where some kind of dreamlike connection can be achieved with someone special. It would be possible to find true love under this influence, but just try to keep one foot on terra firma.

On Sunday there is Quarter Moon in the sign of Virgo. With such a lot going on at this time of year the inference here is that if you’re trying to spin lots of different plates, it might be best to prioritise which plates need spinning the most!

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Astrology Overview December 2014

The month of December, full of decorations, decibels and all round decadence or declarations, deceit and all round decline? Perhaps half and half, as like a used Christmas cracker or turkey wish bone; it seems this December is split in two!

For appropriately December begins the season of good will in the jovial Sign of Sagittarius, as the first half of the month sees Planets situated in this pleasure-seeking Sign. As many revel in festivity build-up, focussing everyday energy into preparations. However, it is all well and good getting involved, but the expansive Sign of Sagittarius does not always know when to stop. So with the Sun, Mercury and Venus all residing in Sagittarius, over-doing it is probable. From over-exertion, as a burn-out of your Sun’s energy occurs to mercurial nervous over-exhaustion or just plain over-indulgence, as extravagant Venus and Sagittarius combine.

Furthermore, this over-emphasis of Sagittarian Planets surpasses individual boundaries, always looking to broaden its horizons both cerebrally and physically, as remember it knows no limits. This seeming quite literal, as debate between the UK and Europe heightens concerning deficit recovery, foreign aid and immigration. With the latter issue continuing to be something of a big fish in the UK’s small pond, as it struggles to deal with net levels. While, reflected on the other side of the pond, this also remains a hot topic, the President’s use of executive action in this area rippling through the U.S. Senate. However, the 6th’s opposing Full Moon in Gemini should bring some unexpected permanency as it impacts on the United State’s and Cuba’s sense of identity and highlights events in New York. While, within Europe the people of Rome and the Vatican City are positively affected, as is France, appearing to secure its future direction, among the young particularly. Similarly, Australian daily life sees alterations arising from the Full Moon’s activities.

However, the revealing Gemini Full Moon may also unveil areas of exaggeration, over-enthusiasm or plain, old-fashioned fibs, as it challenges Sagittarian Planets. Therefore, the Sagittarian ruled areas of Religion, Education, Journalism and Higher Justice may feel predominantly targeted. As well as all foreign and cultural affairs, from incoming benefit claimants and overseas terror threats to tourism and modes of travelling, as Sagittarius governs journeys of mind and body. While, a further blow is dealt by illusive Neptune in Pisces at a critical degree until the 11th, as it forges a challenging angle.

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So this month as some assemble tables for lavish spreads with all the trimmings, others assemble for around the table peace talks, discussions on the epidemic spread and ways of making financial trimmings. With new legislations for foreign welfare benefits and restructuring the NHS highlighted in the UK. Although, conflicting Mutable planetary configurations make reaching a consensus seem a distant dream, when it is difficult to pin down the true facts.

However, like a Christmas pantomime, come December’s second half, distant horizons are something of a distant memory. As that Sagittarian flying carpet is grounded with a jolt, as Planets are ‘Aladd-in-to’ the down-to-earth Sign of serious Capricorn. For the second half of December sees the Sun, Mercury and Venus joining Pluto at Capricorn’s residence. Although, some may be forgiven for thinking they have arrived at Ebenezer Scrooge’s, as any delights seem to have been cleared away. For sensible Capricorn requires only what is necessary. However, on the plus side, you could say Capricorn’s arrival comes just in the nick or perhaps ‘St Nick’ of time, with Christmas upon us. As Xmas lists are replaced by reality checklists, as Capricorn curbs previous Sagittarian excesses. So any over-spending, over-indulging or over-estimating in general is now realised, not only for the individual, but also concerning governments and institutions. For Capricorn is associated with the structures and establishments of society.

As well as those who are established in years. So, as winter comes around, practical Capricorn ensures those who are elderly and vulnerable are not overlooked. This action activated by Mars, still in Capricorn as December opened, its negative effect creating anger and unpredictably, by its harsh aspect to Uranus. However, now additional Capricorn Planets continue what Mars initiated. As the optimistic aspects of the Sun and Venus to Mercury and Pluto imply beneficial changes for the older generation, from legislative alterations to monetary bonuses, such as winter fuel payments.

For under the influence of Mutable Signs expect discussion and ideas, but implementation comes with Cardinal Signs. With Pluto remaining in Capricorn placing past unresolved issues on the table too, concerning public funds, hands may be forced to minimize golden handshake/pensions, as the North Node creates conflict. This month, Fixed Signs bring further unsettled concerns, due to continuing clashes between Jupiter and Saturn, accentuated by Mars entering Aquarius from the 5th and opposing Jupiter in Leo retrograding from the 9th. These dynamics thrusting previous troubles into the limelight concerning the young, causing wide-scale rebellions over rights and equality; uncovering  more sexual exploits, noticeably around computer technology and spurring the uncontrollability of the Ebola virus.

If that was not enough, anticipate sudden, over-whelming universal events nearing the 22nd, as unpredictable Uranus turns direct, coupled with a Capricorn, critical degree New Moon. This having a significant effect on U.S. finances, North Korea’s shared resources and a revelatory one regarding the UK’s condition. As well as impacting on the direction of the United Nations and substantially on everyday Palestine. While, Columbia, Tanzania, Kenya, Brunei, Bangladesh, Kazakhstan and the ongoing situation relating to Russia and Ukraine are also spotlighted. Iran and New Zealand experience detrimental shockwaves, along with unexpected violence in Guatemala. Although, positively, the New Moon signifies new beginnings, as does the 24th, when for this year Saturn in Scorpio ‘is behind you’ in ‘Panto’ style and the gas giant arrives. In the form of Saturn in Sagittarius, as expansive giant, Jupiter teams up with restrictive Saturn, chanting December’s yuletide mixed message, both ho, ho, ho and no, no, no!

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Astrology Overview for WC 1st December 2014

The week begins with the Sun continuing in Sagittarius, but free of last weeks enervating squaring with Neptune. Unfortunately on Monday and Tuesday there is a repeat of the Mercury Neptune square where logic battles with potential confusion.

What the Sun does do, as well as Mercury too from Wednesday, is to forge a super link with one another and in turn the unpredictable energies of Uranus in Aries. I know, if anyone should know what Uranus is up to, it should be an astrologer.

And this is a wonderful alliance, pushing us to be more daring   go beyond our comfort zone, and look to innovate and open our worlds to fresh experience and newness.

Also, highly favourably, Venus links fabulously with Jupiter. This can bring some real merriment and sociability to bear and even a slice of romantic good fortune. This aspect can also find us less inclined to embrace life’s nitty-gritty and be more focused on pleasurable pursuits of all kinds.

On Friday, Mars’s ingresses into Aquarius, where he will stay until the 12th of January. Mars is of course the planet of instant gratification but its journey through the Water Carrier puts more emphasis on networking with others, so it is perfect for the upcoming Festivities.

On Saturday, there is a Full Moon in Gemini. However this sextiles to Uranus. And with three Mutable zodiac signs here, things can be fluid, but the things we say, need to be grounded with emotions.

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Astrology Overview for WC 24th November 2014

The week begins with the Sun in Sagittarius, but squaring with Neptune, and this will continue through to Saturday. This can create a sense of unreality, so it is going to be very important to keep a sense of perspective.

Mercury in Scorpio for a final four days, also goes side by side with the strict energies of Saturn. This conjunction can create a sense of restriction, so it is going to very important to be precise around communications, and any plans that we make. This is also complemented by Mars angling in a Sextile which will add bite to any well planned situations.

However, more pleasingly, Venus forges a fantastic link with Uranus. This can be superb in terms of embracing more gregarious opportunities, and also urges us to be more spontaneous socially or romantically.

On Friday, Mercury switches to Sagittarius. Here it is in its detriment. However, I think the Square with Neptune will be more challenging in the last days of the week, when once more fact can be stranger than fiction.

On Saturday, there is a Quarter Moon in Pisces. This influences the same House locations of the 9th and 12th that have gone on all week, so in general this week, care is going to be needed to not get too swept away, and so do be wary of gossip or fanciful ideas.

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Astrology Overview for WC 17th November 2014

The week begins with Neptune ending a 5 1/2 month backward journey in Pisces. A subtle retrograde for sure, its influence has been more noticeable when it has been aspected by other planets. Ironically, that happens this week, when it squares with the newly arrived Venus in Sagittarius, from Monday.

So what does this mean? Well, when it comes to matters of social interaction, love and money, there can be a degree of insincerity washing around. As much as someone may appear “totally genuine” this can be very synthetic.

What helps however, is the balancing influences of Mercury’s Sextile with Pluto, Monday and Tuesday, and the Sun’s Conjunction with Saturn, from Monday to Friday. The former can certainly sharpen up our six senses, and give us an unerring ability to penetrate beneath superficial pleasantries, so see what’s really what.

The latter influence is more complex. In a Natal Horoscope the Sun Conjunct Saturn is a very serious Aspect and one which can be very limiting. In transiting situation, this is possible too, but because Saturn has been passing through Scorpio for the last two and a bit years, we have had some practice at dealing with its impact. So, as the Sun connects for the third time, it just reminds us to live within our means, and to narrow our focus. Trying to do too much at once is one of the things Saturn recoils against. Yet there is little doubting you or me could encounter a rather stern authority figure, and have to prove our worth. However, equally, this is a time to really define the meaning of our existence and get crystal clear about our mission.

The Sun joins with Venus on Saturday in Sagittarius, and there is also a New Moon in the sign of the Archer. This will prove to be quite a paradox to all that Scorpionic energy which has dominated. A gush of revitalising energy can flood in, but we do need to be mindful that soon enough the Sun will Square with Neptune too, but more about that next week.

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Astrology Overview for WC 10th November 2014

All week the Sun continues to square with Jupiter, and with the Quarter Moon on Friday, also combining with Jupiter this can be a week when a positive approach will certainly help. However, it will be important not too get any issue out of proportion or perspective or over gild the lily when it comes to promises or capabilities.

This week also sees Mars combining in a Conjunction with Pluto and both square with the erratic vibes of Uranus. This is a very intense aspect and can stir passions in all sorts of ways, and see power plays, jealousies and possessiveness issues all burst to the surface as control is challenged by liberty and freedom.

This week also sees the beguiling energies of Venus, side by side Saturn in Scorpio. The impact of this can be variable, ranging from the complete termination of an unsatisfactory relationship, to the cementing in firmer concret of a new, emerging one. Resources should also be handled with care under this transit.

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Astrology Overview November 2014

The chime of midnight sees Halloween transform into November, like Cinderella’s coach into a pumpkin, as this year nears its close. However, before 2014 smoulders out completely, make sure ‘no embers’ still cinder away in November!

For this November, the month of fireworks, displays some blazing events, ignited by last month’s New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Scorpio. As considerable effects are felt long after the Sun’s light has been turned back on. Meanwhile, we are not in the dark as to the message this Eclipse spells out. As like a sparkler writing in the night sky, matters governed by the Zodiac Sign of Scorpio will continue to be lit up this November, modified by Venus’s close aspect last month.

So you could say green shines prominent, as Venus keeps money remaining a chief concern. While the eighth Sign of Scorpio means these pieces of eight are mostly of a collective nature, as Scorpio governs shared resources. A theme accentuated by the Moon’s presence, symbolising the masses. So anything from pension funds and taxes to insurances and payday loans are likely to undergo alteration. These seeming unavoidable, due to this month seeing an overemphasis of Planets in stinging Scorpio.

As the Sun, Venus and Saturn begin the month residing in scrutinising Scorpio, joined by detailed Mercury from the 9th. So this Scorpio has scores to settle, before this ring leader leaves Saturn’s restrictive rings. For November features Saturn in the final throws of Scorpio, before leaping into Sagittarius next month. However, these finishing degrees seem to have increased in heat, as Scorpio’s gang of Planets apply added pressure to execute any permanent changes, before judicial Saturn in Sagittarius sets these into stone. This month’s Moon activity reinforcing this, with the 6th’s finalising Full Moon in Taurus associated with business, finance and exchange or bartering, bringing some closure to issues over joint funds in the UK particularly. Continued from this, the 22nd’s New Moon in Sagittarius marks new enterprise opportunities. So it seems fiscal matters, as in the area of public payments, are looking more promising, much aided by Venus’s positive and cooperative influence.

However, this is not to say November will be without its twists, as much like Dickens’s Oliver, pleasure seeking Venus always wants more, possessing a taste for the finer things in life. So the first few days of November may be gruelling, with Cardinal Planets at odds with the achieving North Node and everyday Mercury’s placement in reasonable Libra, as it attempts to allocate fair portions to all. This stirs up annoyance, especially amongst authority figures and the older generation, due to Mars and Pluto’s placement in mature Capricorn. As there are feelings in many quarters that those who have worked hard and saved are suffering at the expense of those who have not. Perhaps due to another backward thinking surprise initiative, under retrograde Uranus in Aries.

Although, Mars is exalted in the Sign of Capricorn, remaining there all month, giving the necessary determination to form workable deals concerning pensions and investments. However, this creates something of a see-saw effect, as giving to one sector, takes from another. As Scorpio Saturn still opposing Leo Jupiter all month sees prospects for the young further lowered. This aspect not only generates difficulties concerning material opportunities, but also the balance of relationships, reinforced by the previous ecliptic activity involving Venus and Scorpio.

For Venus and Scorpio together not only highlight the aspect of shared finances, but also relationships. However, Venus, more in terms of creating social harmony, whether through marriage, cohesion among diverse groups or just shared leisure time. While Scorpio links more to the physical act of sharing, through desire and sexual relationships. Although, what they are both united by is the need for change, with last month’s eclipse signalling preparation has begun for this new cycle. So much like a grimy washing load, November sees us reaching a spin cycle. As transformative Pluto ruled Scorpio attempts to turn things around now by addressing previous abuse and misuse of power in relation to sexual relationships. However, these ecliptic movements may also bring more dirty laundry to light, regarding sexual exploits in the media. As further revelations concerning children and abuse and those in the limelight seem likely, due to the continued Saturn/Jupiter aspect.

Positively though, Neptune at home in Pisces aids in addressing difficult issues such as these, making valuable aspects to Scorpio Planets. It remains at a critical degree all month, stressing the plight of the vulnerable and suffering. Although, until the 15th it is still in retrograde mode, dealing with unresolved concerns, as the Ebola outbreak persists. However, from the 16th the epidemic’s real scale becomes clearer, as

Neptune resumes direct motion, bringing greater clarity to areas of previous confusion. Around this time, Planets then begin to progress into Sagittarius, starting with Venus from the 17th, the Sun and accompanying New Moon following, ending with Mercury. So attention is literally squarely focussed on foreign affairs and easing regions of upheaval, with foreign migration an unrelenting anxiety. Though, peace talks and legislating prove tricky, as Neptune challenging Sagittarian Planets obscures all the facts. Therefore, under gambling Sagittarius chance decisions seem unadvisable, instead favouring the well-judged Planetary ruling energy Pisces and Sagittarius share.

As the 22nd’s Sagittarian New Moon promotes a quest for knowledge, as Astronomy, NASA and the Roswell site is prominent this month. While France sees significant everyday changes as do North Korea, New York experiences those of a sudden nature, affecting finances. Russia feels further unrest, as do Croatia, Morocco, Guatemala, Mexico, Honduras and perhaps violent demonstrations in Pakistan. Iceland and Thailand are also affected, bad weather seeming probable. Meanwhile, confusion reigns in Afghanistan as troops and NATO leave, linked perhaps to the Full Moon signifying anger towards the White House. This Moon disrupts Canada further and Cuba, less negatively concerning the Vatican, Australia, Japan, Israel and Iran. As well as associating to survival in foreign lands, injury and disease. So often in broadcasts, final decisions are reached ‘in the eleventh hour’,but this November it seems resolutions are sought ‘in the eleventh month’!

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Astrology Overview for WC 3rd November 2014

Monday and Tuesday sees two aspects run from last week, in the shape of Venus Sextile Pluto and Mercury Sextile Jupiter. The latter will add some much needed levitation and sparkle to what is otherwise an incredibly Scorpionic week.

But let’s first start with that Venus Pluto Sextile. Venus is principally known for its romantic dimension, however, in this context especially its links with finance are also very important. This can be a time when good relationships can be very positive as far as financial transformations are concerned. But with the Sun forging a Sextile to Pluto itself from Monday through to Friday this can also be a time when all sorts of things can be in a state of flux, but not necessarily a negative state of flux. If we think that Pluto is the planet of power, and especially in the sign of Capricorn, its link to the Sun suggest that our appreciation of situations in terms of the politics of the people concerned and how we relate to those situations or make any changes within ourselves, can all be highly relevant.

Thursday turns out to be also a very important day this week. Not only is there a Full Moon in the sign of Taurus, which broadly emphasises making sure that we balance our in and outgoings, on the same day Mars goes conjunct Pluto in Pluto and this will run on until the end of the week, and beyond. This is one of the most fascinating of all planetary combinations, for both planets are the co-ruler’s or code Regents of the sign of Scorpio, of course at least in the case of Mars going to be linking back to the Sun in Scorpio along with Pluto for the next three days. So this undoubtedly can be a time when people’s willpower and determination can be incredibly high. This can be very, very positive in terms of achieving goals and targets. Focus is probably going to come more easily. What is less appealing about this aspect is that it can see us tempted to be rather ruthless in pursuit of goals and ambitions, to the point of taking reckless chances, shortcuts, being dishonest, unlawful or exploiting the weaknesses of others. So whether you find yourself having to fend off someone else being inappropriate or control your own attitudes and efforts, this will be a critical phase.

Finally on Sunday, Mercury moves back into the sign of Scorpio too. Now, if this rings something of a bell it’s because Mercury moved into Scorpio on 28th September. However, by the 4th of October it had gone into retrograde, moving back into the sign of Libra on the 11th, before emerging from the retrograde on the 25th, and now finally coming back to Scorpio. Now, it’s going to be Monday before Mercury goes back to the exact position it was when the retrograde began, but it is possible that you will see evidence of any situation which has seemed to have been bogged down by interminable delays, finally start to resolve itself, and hopefully by the end of this week.

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