Astrology Overview for WC 24th November 2014

The week begins with the Sun in Sagittarius, but squaring with Neptune, and this will continue through to Saturday. This can create a sense of unreality, so it is going to be very important to keep a sense of perspective.

Mercury in Scorpio for a final four days, also goes side by side with the strict energies of Saturn. This conjunction can create a sense of restriction, so it is going to very important to be precise around communications, and any plans that we make. This is also complemented by Mars angling in a Sextile which will add bite to any well planned situations.

However, more pleasingly, Venus forges a fantastic link with Uranus. This can be superb in terms of embracing more gregarious opportunities, and also urges us to be more spontaneous socially or romantically.

On Friday, Mercury switches to Sagittarius. Here it is in its detriment. However, I think the Square with Neptune will be more challenging in the last days of the week, when once more fact can be stranger than fiction.

On Saturday, there is a Quarter Moon in Pisces. This influences the same House locations of the 9th and 12th that have gone on all week, so in general this week, care is going to be needed to not get too swept away, and so do be wary of gossip or fanciful ideas.

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Astrology Overview for WC 17th November 2014

The week begins with Neptune ending a 5 1/2 month backward journey in Pisces. A subtle retrograde for sure, its influence has been more noticeable when it has been aspected by other planets. Ironically, that happens this week, when it squares with the newly arrived Venus in Sagittarius, from Monday.

So what does this mean? Well, when it comes to matters of social interaction, love and money, there can be a degree of insincerity washing around. As much as someone may appear “totally genuine” this can be very synthetic.

What helps however, is the balancing influences of Mercury’s Sextile with Pluto, Monday and Tuesday, and the Sun’s Conjunction with Saturn, from Monday to Friday. The former can certainly sharpen up our six senses, and give us an unerring ability to penetrate beneath superficial pleasantries, so see what’s really what.

The latter influence is more complex. In a Natal Horoscope the Sun Conjunct Saturn is a very serious Aspect and one which can be very limiting. In transiting situation, this is possible too, but because Saturn has been passing through Scorpio for the last two and a bit years, we have had some practice at dealing with its impact. So, as the Sun connects for the third time, it just reminds us to live within our means, and to narrow our focus. Trying to do too much at once is one of the things Saturn recoils against. Yet there is little doubting you or me could encounter a rather stern authority figure, and have to prove our worth. However, equally, this is a time to really define the meaning of our existence and get crystal clear about our mission.

The Sun joins with Venus on Saturday in Sagittarius, and there is also a New Moon in the sign of the Archer. This will prove to be quite a paradox to all that Scorpionic energy which has dominated. A gush of revitalising energy can flood in, but we do need to be mindful that soon enough the Sun will Square with Neptune too, but more about that next week.

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Astrology Overview for WC 10th November 2014

All week the Sun continues to square with Jupiter, and with the Quarter Moon on Friday, also combining with Jupiter this can be a week when a positive approach will certainly help. However, it will be important not too get any issue out of proportion or perspective or over gild the lily when it comes to promises or capabilities.

This week also sees Mars combining in a Conjunction with Pluto and both square with the erratic vibes of Uranus. This is a very intense aspect and can stir passions in all sorts of ways, and see power plays, jealousies and possessiveness issues all burst to the surface as control is challenged by liberty and freedom.

This week also sees the beguiling energies of Venus, side by side Saturn in Scorpio. The impact of this can be variable, ranging from the complete termination of an unsatisfactory relationship, to the cementing in firmer concret of a new, emerging one. Resources should also be handled with care under this transit.

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Astrology Overview November 2014

The chime of midnight sees Halloween transform into November, like Cinderella’s coach into a pumpkin, as this year nears its close. However, before 2014 smoulders out completely, make sure ‘no embers’ still cinder away in November!

For this November, the month of fireworks, displays some blazing events, ignited by last month’s New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Scorpio. As considerable effects are felt long after the Sun’s light has been turned back on. Meanwhile, we are not in the dark as to the message this Eclipse spells out. As like a sparkler writing in the night sky, matters governed by the Zodiac Sign of Scorpio will continue to be lit up this November, modified by Venus’s close aspect last month.

So you could say green shines prominent, as Venus keeps money remaining a chief concern. While the eighth Sign of Scorpio means these pieces of eight are mostly of a collective nature, as Scorpio governs shared resources. A theme accentuated by the Moon’s presence, symbolising the masses. So anything from pension funds and taxes to insurances and payday loans are likely to undergo alteration. These seeming unavoidable, due to this month seeing an overemphasis of Planets in stinging Scorpio.

As the Sun, Venus and Saturn begin the month residing in scrutinising Scorpio, joined by detailed Mercury from the 9th. So this Scorpio has scores to settle, before this ring leader leaves Saturn’s restrictive rings. For November features Saturn in the final throws of Scorpio, before leaping into Sagittarius next month. However, these finishing degrees seem to have increased in heat, as Scorpio’s gang of Planets apply added pressure to execute any permanent changes, before judicial Saturn in Sagittarius sets these into stone. This month’s Moon activity reinforcing this, with the 6th’s finalising Full Moon in Taurus associated with business, finance and exchange or bartering, bringing some closure to issues over joint funds in the UK particularly. Continued from this, the 22nd’s New Moon in Sagittarius marks new enterprise opportunities. So it seems fiscal matters, as in the area of public payments, are looking more promising, much aided by Venus’s positive and cooperative influence.

However, this is not to say November will be without its twists, as much like Dickens’s Oliver, pleasure seeking Venus always wants more, possessing a taste for the finer things in life. So the first few days of November may be gruelling, with Cardinal Planets at odds with the achieving North Node and everyday Mercury’s placement in reasonable Libra, as it attempts to allocate fair portions to all. This stirs up annoyance, especially amongst authority figures and the older generation, due to Mars and Pluto’s placement in mature Capricorn. As there are feelings in many quarters that those who have worked hard and saved are suffering at the expense of those who have not. Perhaps due to another backward thinking surprise initiative, under retrograde Uranus in Aries.

Although, Mars is exalted in the Sign of Capricorn, remaining there all month, giving the necessary determination to form workable deals concerning pensions and investments. However, this creates something of a see-saw effect, as giving to one sector, takes from another. As Scorpio Saturn still opposing Leo Jupiter all month sees prospects for the young further lowered. This aspect not only generates difficulties concerning material opportunities, but also the balance of relationships, reinforced by the previous ecliptic activity involving Venus and Scorpio.

For Venus and Scorpio together not only highlight the aspect of shared finances, but also relationships. However, Venus, more in terms of creating social harmony, whether through marriage, cohesion among diverse groups or just shared leisure time. While Scorpio links more to the physical act of sharing, through desire and sexual relationships. Although, what they are both united by is the need for change, with last month’s eclipse signalling preparation has begun for this new cycle. So much like a grimy washing load, November sees us reaching a spin cycle. As transformative Pluto ruled Scorpio attempts to turn things around now by addressing previous abuse and misuse of power in relation to sexual relationships. However, these ecliptic movements may also bring more dirty laundry to light, regarding sexual exploits in the media. As further revelations concerning children and abuse and those in the limelight seem likely, due to the continued Saturn/Jupiter aspect.

Positively though, Neptune at home in Pisces aids in addressing difficult issues such as these, making valuable aspects to Scorpio Planets. It remains at a critical degree all month, stressing the plight of the vulnerable and suffering. Although, until the 15th it is still in retrograde mode, dealing with unresolved concerns, as the Ebola outbreak persists. However, from the 16th the epidemic’s real scale becomes clearer, as

Neptune resumes direct motion, bringing greater clarity to areas of previous confusion. Around this time, Planets then begin to progress into Sagittarius, starting with Venus from the 17th, the Sun and accompanying New Moon following, ending with Mercury. So attention is literally squarely focussed on foreign affairs and easing regions of upheaval, with foreign migration an unrelenting anxiety. Though, peace talks and legislating prove tricky, as Neptune challenging Sagittarian Planets obscures all the facts. Therefore, under gambling Sagittarius chance decisions seem unadvisable, instead favouring the well-judged Planetary ruling energy Pisces and Sagittarius share.

As the 22nd’s Sagittarian New Moon promotes a quest for knowledge, as Astronomy, NASA and the Roswell site is prominent this month. While France sees significant everyday changes as do North Korea, New York experiences those of a sudden nature, affecting finances. Russia feels further unrest, as do Croatia, Morocco, Guatemala, Mexico, Honduras and perhaps violent demonstrations in Pakistan. Iceland and Thailand are also affected, bad weather seeming probable. Meanwhile, confusion reigns in Afghanistan as troops and NATO leave, linked perhaps to the Full Moon signifying anger towards the White House. This Moon disrupts Canada further and Cuba, less negatively concerning the Vatican, Australia, Japan, Israel and Iran. As well as associating to survival in foreign lands, injury and disease. So often in broadcasts, final decisions are reached ‘in the eleventh hour’,but this November it seems resolutions are sought ‘in the eleventh month’!

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Astrology Overview for WC 3rd November 2014

Monday and Tuesday sees two aspects run from last week, in the shape of Venus Sextile Pluto and Mercury Sextile Jupiter. The latter will add some much needed levitation and sparkle to what is otherwise an incredibly Scorpionic week.

But let’s first start with that Venus Pluto Sextile. Venus is principally known for its romantic dimension, however, in this context especially its links with finance are also very important. This can be a time when good relationships can be very positive as far as financial transformations are concerned. But with the Sun forging a Sextile to Pluto itself from Monday through to Friday this can also be a time when all sorts of things can be in a state of flux, but not necessarily a negative state of flux. If we think that Pluto is the planet of power, and especially in the sign of Capricorn, its link to the Sun suggest that our appreciation of situations in terms of the politics of the people concerned and how we relate to those situations or make any changes within ourselves, can all be highly relevant.

Thursday turns out to be also a very important day this week. Not only is there a Full Moon in the sign of Taurus, which broadly emphasises making sure that we balance our in and outgoings, on the same day Mars goes conjunct Pluto in Pluto and this will run on until the end of the week, and beyond. This is one of the most fascinating of all planetary combinations, for both planets are the co-ruler’s or code Regents of the sign of Scorpio, of course at least in the case of Mars going to be linking back to the Sun in Scorpio along with Pluto for the next three days. So this undoubtedly can be a time when people’s willpower and determination can be incredibly high. This can be very, very positive in terms of achieving goals and targets. Focus is probably going to come more easily. What is less appealing about this aspect is that it can see us tempted to be rather ruthless in pursuit of goals and ambitions, to the point of taking reckless chances, shortcuts, being dishonest, unlawful or exploiting the weaknesses of others. So whether you find yourself having to fend off someone else being inappropriate or control your own attitudes and efforts, this will be a critical phase.

Finally on Sunday, Mercury moves back into the sign of Scorpio too. Now, if this rings something of a bell it’s because Mercury moved into Scorpio on 28th September. However, by the 4th of October it had gone into retrograde, moving back into the sign of Libra on the 11th, before emerging from the retrograde on the 25th, and now finally coming back to Scorpio. Now, it’s going to be Monday before Mercury goes back to the exact position it was when the retrograde began, but it is possible that you will see evidence of any situation which has seemed to have been bogged down by interminable delays, finally start to resolve itself, and hopefully by the end of this week.

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Astrology Overview for WC 27th October 2014

The week begins with Mars finding its feet in Capricorn. This is the sign of the establishment, of orthodoxy and tradition, and Mars puts a lot of emphasis on professional attainment and success. This is also a more materialistic position for Mars, partly because the planet is exalted in this Zodiac sign, giving it greater structure from the rulership of Saturn in terms of using its drive and energy wisely and therefore if you are focused on an ambition, this is a great time to go for it.

Tuesday to Saturday does ironically see a square between Jupiter and Saturn but this is one of those squares which actually can have an up-side. How? Well, if we imagine that Jupiter is about unbridled expansion and Saturn is about structure, the combination of the two enables growth to occur in a more realistic way, with Saturn slowing down Jupiter’s less focused energies.

More obviously positively, is the Sextile between Mercury and Jupiter. This runs on through to the middle of next week  and is wonderful for more creative pursuits (Leo in Jupiter) and articulating the message (Mercury in Libra). Of course the other upside of Mercury at this time, is that it has now completed its retrograde, so do try to galvanise yourself around your ideas and talents.

Monday to Thursday sees the Sun conjoining with Venus in Scorpio, and this is the ultimate in sensual enablement. Whatever you enjoy, be it intimacy, fine food or wine, if you’re fortunate enough to share this with one special person this can be a very intense, and even an amazing experience. Furthermore both planets linked Neptune helpfully, so imagination is unlikely to be in short supply when it comes to deep romantic love relationships.

Finally on Friday, there is a Quarter Moon in Aquarius. This is a timely reminder not to get snarled up in jealousies if your love life is not quite as sweet as you would like. Keeping a sense of detachment will be important at this time and this aspect will be helpful in this regard.

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Astrology Overview WC 20th October 2014

The week begins with a big concentration of energies continuing in the zodiac sign of Libra. Indeed the Sun and the ruler of Libra, Venus, are side-by-side for the whole week and in the sign until Wednesday. This is quite a delectable combination, and can up the ante when it comes to romantic passion and intensity. But also this can be a combination which enables more diplomatic conversations.

Ironically, with this in mind, Mercury continues to rewind in Libra, through to Friday, but then does start to go forwards. Before then Mercury is also forging a brilliant link to Jupiter. All this can give all our thinking something of an optimistic boost, whilst conversely Saturn does its best to bring Jupiter down a peg or two. The overall balance of these energies suggests that if communications with others are good, well thought through, and plans have been properly researched, and argued, then others will be receptive.

Thursday is perhaps the most critical day of the week, a week which incidentally, is absolutely action packed. Then the Sun travels into the sign of Scorpio for the first time in eleven months. Also Thursday sees a Solar Eclipse emerge in Scorpio, one which will provide a backdrop for the next six months, of course this ties in with the Lunar Eclipse which occurred on 8th October, in Aries close to Uranus.

The balance of these energies over this next half year period therefore suggests a battle between, the Fixed quality of Scorpio, with the more rampant Cardinal energies of Aries and Uranus. But sneaking up on Friday, and moving into Scorpio too is Venus, and therefore I think this is going to be a period where human relationships, needs, desires, passions, and even jealousies that much more intense in the months to come. One thing it sure, it will not be dull.

Finally, once Mercury moves forwards on Saturday, Mars then powers into Capricorn on Sunday, where he will be until 4th of December. Use this six-week period to be as productive as possible and if your burning desire is to reach a position of success, influence or power, as long as you toe the party line and are prepared to put in the effort, there is every chance you will succeed. Good luck!

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Astrology Overview WC 13th October 2014

The week begins with an interesting aspect running on from last time with Venus in opposition to Uranus. If you feel very restless about a relationship or conversely are itching to get to know someone new, this provides an insight of just why this might be.

Yet this can be an aspect that helps relationships to recreate themselves in some way and with Venus forging a fine link to Jupiter through to Thursday, and then in conjunction with Mercury on Thursday to the end of the week, there is plenty of potential to engage in positive dialogue, but this will require us to be attentive to the details of what is said and agreed.

Wednesday sees a Quarter Moon in Cancer, in fact with Mercury alongside the Sun for two days, the Quarter Moon influences that too. Essentially this is asking us to be mindful of sincerity in all discussions, or to be aware that there may be people around us that we close to you are out of sorts, or have various grievances with one another. You may find yourself having to play the role of the peacemaker or the diplomat.

Obviously with Mercury retreating all this week in Libra, still in its retrograde, potential for crossed wires, misunderstandings or glitches does remain high. But as ever all we can do is concentrate on the details of the things that we can control, we can’t control everything around us. Remember too that Mercury retrograde, is an opportunity to correct problems, especially to do with technology, transport or distribution.

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Astrology Overview October 2014

Some might say Astrology can sometimes feel a bit like trading on the open market, but instead the setting is the open skies. For there are plenty of upturns and downturns, as trends are observed, predictions formed and returns made. So, with this in mind, this October is something of a ‘st-ock-tober’!

For this October is about taking stock, equal shares and bonds, as the month begins with the Sun already situated in the sharing Sign of Libra. This being the first Sign in the Zodiac sequence which moves from concentrating on the individual self to interacting with others and therefore, it is symbolised by the scales, as we attempt to achieve equilibrium with another. However, it can be difficult to maintain this steadiness when these scales are constantly shifting. So, at times, attempts to remain fair and share can become more fair and square, as pleasing one quarter unbalances another. This seeming apparent this month, as October opens on a high with the Sun and Venus forming a corporation in co-operation in the harmonious Sign of Libra. As the Sun pours all its resources into collaboration in around the table debates and discussions, Venus, naturally at home in the Sign of Libra, aids by smoothing over negotiations. Whilst also ensuring that it is not just all talk and an even distribution of finances follows, as Venus also governs finances.

Hence, the presence of Venus in Libra, not only assists in brokering these discussions, but not kept in check this combination may run the risk of sending many sectors for broke. As it is all well and good giving everyone their fair share, but what happens when there is not enough to go around and the scales do not balance? For the downside of the Sun and Venus in Libra is the tendency to over-splurge, seeing everything a little rosier than it is. This perhaps liberating the scales, as they quiver over the scale of liberation Scotland can now bank on. As choosing not to make a quick getaway ‘Scot free’ Bonnie and Clyde style, has left many not so bonnie on the banks of the Clyde, uncertain on whether Westminster will live up to its big promises of balanced constitutional reform.

This high October started on seems to plummet further by the 5th, when Mercury rings the bell on everyday dealings by turning retrograde. Then the daily grind may become a little more taxing, especially regarding taxes and public money, as Mercury retrogrades through the Sign of Scorpio until the 11th. Thus, not only are shared funds problematic, but knock-on effects could see further harsh cutbacks, with Saturn still in Scorpio. This perhaps relating to leisure activities and services for children, as well as quarrels over stricter legislation to protect them, as Leo Jupiter still challenges Saturn. This period could even result in strikes and demonstrations involving uniformed public services, these too falling under Scorpio’s jurisdiction. As do hidden and eliminative activities due to ruling Pluto, so expect anything from mining, sewage and refuse collection issues, to surgical errors and spending cuts, viral or contamination blunders and terrorist plotting. While stationary Neptune in Pisces in close aspect, only adds further setbacks and confusion.

However, Scorpio’s window of opportunity is short-lived, as by the 11th Mercury travels back into Libra. So whatever has been stirred up could now start to cause social divisions and disharmony, helped along by the 8th’s finalising Aries Full Moon falling on Uranus. This creating general shockwaves, as past self-interested and martial actions are no longer tolerated, highlighted through Chinese financial transactions and hidden actions in Afghanistan. While, flawed ideology in Iran and uncertain Canadian partnerships also become evident. However, achieving any real positive progress will prove arduous. As Mercury not only finds itself immobile in the Sign of Libra, affecting everyday social affairs, pleasurable pursuits and our sense of cohesion, but the Sun and Venus have now caught up, forming unfavourable angles to Uranus and Pluto. Although this forms more of a try-angle than triangle, as whatever is attempted at this time will meet with opposition. This making diplomatic relations particularly strained, but necessary as the karmic North Node lingers in Libra, demonstrated by the Scottish devolution issue. Meanwhile, the matter of money still remains at the centre of this, as retrograde Mercury forces the going over of issues previously thought to have been resolved. Therefore, solutions are sought through further dialogue, coming to a head when Venus unites with the Sun in Scorpio, accompanied by a New Moon and significant Solar Eclipse on the 23rd.

For a Solar Eclipse is the precursor to change, but efforts to leave no quarter feeling short-changed are crucial to capitalise on this eclipse. As this eclipse links to adverse partnerships and advisors, with unfavourable events in Egypt, Poland, North Korea, the Panama and Russia emphasised, as well as traffic issues. While matters in Iraq become further perplexing, but United Nations talks should prove encouraging. However, the Baltic regions, Mexico, Cuba and France should see positive outcomes and some cash injections, as should new NASA projects.

Therefore, just action is possible, utilising Mars in Sagittarius in favourable aspect to Jupiter in Leo and Aries Uranus until the 25th, especially regarding past foreign affairs and legalities. This becoming more imperative by the 21st as Uranus and Neptune both reach a standstill at a critical degree, but Neptune’s presence in Pisces here clouds the facts, making it difficult to act clearly over bygone matters. Although by the 26th things will have improved somewhat as Mercury turns direct again, making daily life less chaotic, along with the new cycle initiated by Scorpio’s Solar Eclipse and Venus improving finances temporarily. However, as balances seem to improve Mars trips things up progressing into Capricorn, causing anger, especially among the older generation over their savings and pensions. Therefore, this month we may face many trying angles and squares, but these are necessary to shape the future once ‘Oct-is-gone’!

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Astrology Overview WC 6th October 2014

The week begins with the Sun in Libra along with Venus. But the sparkling influences that were shaping up last week continue throughout the duration of this one. A wonderful Grand Fire Trine – as well as the Sun’s angle to both Jupiter and Mars, can certainly create a sense of optimism and hopefulness.

Yet Wednesday sees a Lunar Eclipse in Aries, one which combines with the restless spirit which is planet Uranus. Now Eclipses work in polar pairs and this one ties in with the Solar Eclipse of 23rd of October in Scorpio. So, what can we expect from this in the next six months?

Well, the energy of Uranus in the Lunar Eclipse, promotes the concept of freedom and independence. Whilst the Solar Eclipse is more about being mindful of the responsibilities in close alliances. We can see this energy being played out in the outcome of the Scottish independence campaign, but also the push for power of Isis, as well as the battle for control of eastern Ukraine. Whichever way power ebbs and flows it will create consequences on these consequences will not necessarily be as edifying as the original objectives demanded. Uncertainty in the financial sector seems possible and continuing desire for “rights” for minorities from more controlling interests or powers.

On Saturday Mercury, continuing its retrograde, reverses back into the sign of Libra. This suggests that keeping dialogue is open and as fluid as possible, is going to be important for us all. However set any situation may have seemed, there is still going to be plenty of opportunities for further discussion, give-and-take and co-operation.

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