Astrology Overview for WC 20th April 2015

Monday sees the Sun switch into Taurus, the 2nd sign of the Zodiac, with an Earth Element, and a Fixed quality. The ruling planet of Taurus, Venus, also sparkles brightly this week, but first back to Taurus. Here the Sun will join with Mercury and Mars, which incidentally are locked in a conjunction all week. This can give plenty of oomph to any plans that we have, but especially those practical strands that need to balance ideas with drive and hard work. The 2nd House is a lot to do with values, money, foundations and anything which requires stability and tangible application. However, it will be important to remain flexible this week. Taking stubborn positions may be helpful in some situations but in others it could create clashes. With the Sun angling back in a quincunx to Saturn all this week it’s also going to be key to marshal assets shrewdly and not waste money. Extravagance should be avoided.

All week, Venus also links well to Uranus, so this should help to keeps a little more fluid, and bring a lighter more spontaneous vibe to the day. If you feel a love relationship has grown a little stale and predictable this is a good week to treat to tune into the more sensual side of life together, and re-ignite the spark of attraction you first had. Doing something completely different will help. Later in the week Venus angles brilliantly to Jupiter and this encourages us all to have fun and do all the things we enjoy to the max. Of course the trick will be to avoid doing this to the extreme. Saturday also sees a Quarter Moon in Leo, angling back to square the Sun in Taurus, a timely remember not to be too extravagant or indulge loved ones with financial help or gifts which will stop them standing on their own two feet or taking responsibility for themselves.

Astrology Overview for WC 13th April 2015

This week is dominated by two very powerful planetary aspects. The first; Mars square Jupiter, lasts all week. This is one of those aspects which tricks us into overrating our capabilities and given us an unfounded sense of invincibility. Proceed with caution is the maxim here, for if you find yourself tempted to over gild the lily, or if you prefer over egg the proverbial pudding, then don’t. Be realistic about your capabilities, and ensure you can deliver on any pledges or promises that you make. The other big influence this week, is Venus’s opposition to Saturn, which I did mention as coming last week. If you are in a relationship which never seems to bring much enlightenment or pleasure this aspect can be a deal breaker, and you may decide to walk away, once and for all. On the other hand, this is a chance to be more serious about relationships and avoid synthetic platitudes, or empty gestures.

Wednesday sees Mercury relocate into Taurus. Here his is asking us to be more mindful of our resources, or values and to make firm any new schemes that we have initiated as it progress through Aries. So, be thorough, look for value for money, and be conscious of making savings and being thrifty, but equally the challenge for us it to not be too materialistic in our approach. Mercury does however blend in nicely with Neptune over the weekend, which may lead to generous gestures and acts of goodwill – some unexpected. The weekend also sees another very potent aspect as Mars trines with Pluto. This is an aspect which can give us formidable willpower and drive to succeed. However, we should not do that at the expense of others feelings, so need to be mindful of avoiding grasping or grabbing behaviour. Finally this week sees the New Moon in Aries. If life seem to confound at the time of the Full Moon on the 4th of April this is a chance to create greater clarity and certainly but especially where we have been going through a process of renewal, new starts or rejuvenation.

Astrology Overview for WC 6th April 2015

Mars is forging a sextile with Neptune from Tuesday, but this is one of those aspects which can have some tricky sides to it. On one hand Neptune can make Mars less ego driven, on the other, Neptune can disguise the desires of Mars under a smokescreen of charm or flattery. Being aware of our own motives and those of others, is essential with this influence. From Monday to Thursday the Sun combines with Uranus and joins in the square it has been forging with Pluto. This is a very powerful influence and any situation where you feel someone has been “keeping you down” or treating you unfairly, you may find that your emotions are very close to the surface, perhaps even volcanically so. However, this can also see us push against the inner blockages we have, the ones which stop us from really fulfilling our potential, so it can be a liberating influence too. Mercury repeats this square as it sweeps over Uranus itself from Tuesday to Thursday.

The great news this week however is that Jupiter, the traditional planet of fortune, goes into forward motion from Wednesday and it is very positively linked to Uranus, the Sun and Mercury. Ideas can absolutely explode under this transit, and anything to do with innovation, especially around travel, software, technology and medicine are likely to be in the news. Sunday sees Venus move into the bubbly vibes of Gemini. It is going to be opposed next week by the stern Saturn so it is best to enjoy it’s mesmerising influence at the end of this week, before that hiatus occurs. Sunday also sees a Quarter Moon in Capricorn, and this kind of repeats the square between Pluto and Uranus, the Sun and Mercury but perhaps in a less volatile way. In summary this is a week when balancing our individual needs with the expectations of work, bosses, parents or large organisations is going to require some patience.

Astrology Overview April 2015

The March hare hops into the month of April, but for many it is less about hot cross buns and Easter bonnets and more about feeling hot, cross and bothered! As this Easter a parade of Planets unite in antagonistic Aries, meaning movements could literally advance from March-in to combat!

For many may remember the old advertising slogan of, ‘a Mars a day, helps you work, rest and play!’, but not utilising this Planet’s fiery energy in the right way can cause explosions, frustrations and physical burnouts. So this month may require an April shower of less volatile planetary influences to ‘rain on’ or perhaps more aptly rein in Aries’ parade! As there is no Sign more impulsive than that of Aries, so perhaps it is no consequence that the month of April always begins with April fool’s Day, when the Sun is situated smack bang in the middle of Aries. For as the saying goes, ‘Fools rush in …’ this seeming definitely the case as this month gets underway, with the Sun, everyday Mercury and later in the month, a New Moon all in Aries. While there is ‘no fool like an old fool’, with Uranus in Aries still also making its presence felt.

However, on the plus side, Uranus is now placing some distance between itself and Capricorn Pluto’s big bust-up last month, as seems to be true of March’s Solar Eclipse, which fades into the background until further planetary aspects evoke activity. While, instead blazing Mars steals the limelight this month, as this April sees an emphasis on action versus monetary concerns, particularly heating up as the UK election race gets underway. For this Planet seems to cause individual and group objections to various activities, the fall out igniting and affecting the status quo. Also Uranus joins the mix to bring unexpected, sudden outbursts of violence and bouts of uproar from the normally silent majority. This makes for a volatile cocktail, even leading to military intervention, as events we would under different circumstances be blinkered to, instead move into the headlights.

This being especially evident in April’s beginning weeks, as we may experience a sudden surge in War torn Countries appearing to want to provoke continued conflict, while China, South Africa and particularly Zimbabwe undergo turmoil. Furthermore, individuals are affected by unexplained temper tantrums causing disastrous results, if only momentarily. On top of this deep and silent Pluto disturbs further, by unearthing past and present mistakes. For Planet Pluto desires change, but alterations based on fairness and open-hand tactics, which if initiated and implemented for the greater good, produce overall lasting positive results. However, human nature still divides the rich and powerful from the poor and weak, setting rules and regulations that benefit the advantaged, while veiled under the cloak of aiding society as a whole.

This only being additionally complicated by a New Moon in Aries on the 18th, as selfish, personal concerns take precedence. However, on the positive side, the Sign of Aries does assist in unveiling true motives, its ruling red Planet turning something of a Red Riding Hood, uncloaking and slaying any previously disguised wolves. As here the new born and Moon unite, due to Aries being the Zodiac’s first Sign and therefore commonly viewed as its baby. Subsequently, this makes Aries the Sign of innocence, honesty and natural impulse. So swift and truthful answers and responses are likely and the bravery necessary to disregard what is not working, starting over completely from scratch. However, at this time it is essential to watch that as the saying goes this ‘baby isn’t thrown out with the bathwater’, as impetuous Aries has a tendency to rush in without thinking of consequences. Hence, this month the comeback of rushing in where angels fear to tread maybe witnessed. This only magnified by Libra’s Full Moon joining the karmic North Node on the 4th, facing conflicting Cardinal Planets, creating confrontation in all quarters from a back log of government mistakes. As the North Node backtracking along with Pluto retrograding from the 17th reveals the need to address past errors, without generating new problems.

While further distress comes from the uneasy alliance of Mars in opposing Venus ruled aesthetic Taurus all month, literally forming a ‘martial arts’ contest, as allocating financial necessities struggles against pleasurable pursuits. Tension only heightened by Mercury entering Taurus from the 15th followed by the Sun. However, Venus at home in Taurus until the 12th may initially cause stocks, shares and pension pots to appear promising, as sudden upturn in profits occur. Although, with Mars in attendance there exists irritation towards financial institutions, suggesting the realisation comes that political manoeuvring is at work, only to be altered at a later date. So it may literally feel as if people’s earnings flow through one door and out another, without no real progress or personal reward, expenditures outweighing earnings.

This aiding to stir up confusion and resentments towards others, as Neptune remains in Pisces and Saturn is stationed at a critical degree in Sagittarius, the Sign of the Foreigner, from April’s start. With the countries of Portugal, Luxemburg and Ireland highlighted, as well as further afield; Japan, Chile, Guatemala, Sierra Leone, Tanzania and Bangladesh. Furthermore, concerns over foreign groups and spending increase by the 12th when Venus advances into opposing Gemini, as well as travel safety and new environmentally friendly modes of transport, initiated under Aries transits.

While, Jupiter in Leo turning direct from the 9th helps to turn these ideas into reality, as retrograding it made hopes and dreams standstill or uneventful. Now at last, plans can be put into place and hopefully push forward. Although, progress could still encounter setbacks from difficult planetary aspects, with a Stellium in Venus ruled Taurus. So with Planets in Aries, April may begin the month with many seeing and in the red, but beneficial Jupiter and Earthy influences should end the month charging in the right direction, from a red flag to Taurean bull!

Easter Horoscope

With Easter upon us, and more people fortunate enough to have time for themselves, family activities, eating lots of chocolate or the religious significance of the festival, I want to explore what planetary activity is to the fore at the present.

There are five planets in Aries, a cluster of energy which is absolutely rare, due to the presence of Jupiter and Uranus in this sign. Jupiter will return in May 2022 but Uranus won’t be returning for over 90 years, so you get my drift…REALLY unique. And ironically, Uranus is about being original.

Now, Uranus not only moves very slowly it is also subject to a five monthly retrograde each year, which reinforces its plodding journey through each sign. Because it is newly arrived in Aries it is currently stationed at 2 degrees. Each zodiac sign has 30 degrees, so early days! Venus arrived in Aries on the 21st of April and along with Jupiter are joined in Aries by Mercury and Mars.

About Venus

Venus is the planet that most people associate with being that bright and sparkly star, easily spotted in the sky at night, or from an astrological perspective with love and romance. Yet Venus brings many, many other influences to bear.

It is also linked to the arts, creativity, beauty, fashion and design. Perhaps less known is its link to money. Of course which zodiac sign Venus occupies will have a great bearing too, along with any angles or aspects it is forging to other planets or fixed positions.

Venus in Aries

As Venus has just moved into Aries, and as it gets a toe hold, let’s explore what this means. Firstly she will be in this position until the 15th of May. If you have a new born during this period, this child will have a particularly pleasant and friendly manner, and is going to be popular too!

Because of the energizing characteristics of Aries, this influence can have a bearing on us all during this period. If you like someone, you are probably going to be proactive in getting to know them. However, Venus has also pulled up alongside the more erratic influence of Uranus.

Venus conjunct Uranus

Now, if you have this planetary aspect in your Natal Birth Chart (where planets are located at birth) you probably enjoy quite a lively romantic life, and an original take on food, fashion and art. You are capable of expression of form, in very unique and original ways. But your attention span may not be terribly high, because new experiences turn you on, and around your sex life, the thrill of the chase, especially.

However, Uranus is the planet that influences freedom and independence, so subjects can be prone to sudden full-on attractions, but which quickly burn out. Love in general can be rather unpredictable. Unusual relationships may be made, and in a romantic context, perhaps even an open relationship forged.

Now this particular conjunction, where planets are side by side will be exact, on Saturday 23rd April. However its influence will be felt now, and will be felt through to early next week.

How will this pan out in the here and now? Well, it can see some outspoken scenes – especially around all relationships based on affection. People can be much more spontaneous than usual, but in a romantic context, things can be full-on, but then full-off. It just depends on how this influence impacts on your own zodiac sign, and how it influences your own natal chart.

By Easter Sunday, Venus also moves into a square with the potent powers of Pluto and this aspect will last through to Friday the 29th.

Venus square Pluto

Now this can really be a very challenging aspect. If people have this in their natal chart, they can prone to use flattery and charm as a well of achieving their own aims.

This can be linked to business, to money or to gaining sex. Manipulation is common place. False bonhomie can be used to mask true feelings. This is the aspect of the disingenuous, bar none.

Easter Horoscope – conclusion

Taken in the round, the emphasis of Aries energy in the heavens, can lead to some bright and bubbly exchanges over the weekend, but there can be intense scenes too. Mercury which has twisted backwards for three weeks, goes direct on Saturday 23rd, and this will lead to greater clarity and less confusion or glitches. Yet if you think back over that time, underlying weaknesses may have come up, and been sorted out.

Love can also be full on for those lucky enough to be in the throes of a brand new tie. Will this last, that is another matter. Perhaps it’s a case of enjoying the excitement whilst it lasts.  And yet with Venus Squaring Pluto, there could be some awkward scenes in existing ties. If you are offered money, sex or any other incentive, think if there is a hidden catch, or the other person can gain from you. Also be conscious of your own motives.

If you have never had your own natal birth chart erected, and would like to know more about where the planets were placed when you were born, yes even Venus and Uranus, you can obtain a FREE one from me.


If you could watch the panoply of history unfold it is very likely that you would find
So what exactly is it that a Shaman does? To a degree this depends on the culture in which he or she finds themselves but they all work in realities distinct from the Western world. Furthermore, any insights or knowledge they gain as a result of this is brought back and put to use in the day to day world. Shamans tend to see nature as an integrated whole; animals, plants and rocks all have a ‘life’ and whilst on a Shamanic journey they can interact with these energies.Khagdaev1

Accessing a journey can take different forms, some can be quiet and meditative but others are reached by energetic dancing, singing and drum beats, or imitating the behaviour of the animal whose sprit is to be vital during the journey. Australian Aboriginal Shamans believe in using crystals to facilitate journeying as they are understood to be solid pieces of light. Shamans in certain cultures such as those in Mexico use naturally occurring drugs to travel to their destination, these are not taken for recreation but with reverence and great respect for the source that produces them. Many Shamans favour special costumes when they are working such as an animal pelt or feathers, these echo the characteristics of the spirits that they hope to meet.

A Shamanic journey has been compared to lucid dreaming. The Shaman interacts in the alternative universes they visit just as they would in this, they can think, plan and communicate with its inhabitants, however, this does not mean the situation will develop according to some pre-existing script; journeys can be pleasant or distinctly unpleasant according to the reality they are in and its independently minded inhabitants. Apart from the problems encountered in other universes, Shamanic rites can be very painful, dangerous and/or scary, Shamans might be respected but this respect could also be tinged with fear. Perhaps this explains why Shamanism was seldom a career choice but a role forced upon an individual marked out by fate; as in Siberia. This might be a physical trait, a medical condition or a family tradition – although in something of a break with the past modern Western Shamans do decide to follow this path themselves.

So, next time you watch a documentary or read about a strange and exotic culture, remember that your ancestors and theirs were not so different. Indeed, they trod very similar spiritual paths.

28th March Birthday Horoscope – Lady Gaga

Birthday Horoscope 28th March  Not so much Born This Way, but born today. Whacky rock star Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta known by her stage name Lady Gaga is celebrating her 29th birthday.

Birthday Horoscope 28th March

The worlds favourite Fame Monster has been declared as one of the most influential people in the world by Time magazine. When not pressing platters, she involves herself with humanitarian causes and LGBT activism.

Daily Horoscopes 28th March

Lady-Gaga--2014-Paris-fashion-show--11-720x1035How was that Libra Full Moon? Are you still quaking from the energies, or are you still waiting for the impact to reach you? Today the Moon is still in Libra and whilst we all may contain to look towards sincerity in relationships, and avoidance of empty consumerism on the back of this, the big mover and shaker today is Mercury.

Now Mercury has one of those days when it does well with one influence, and less so with another. In its link with Pluto it can help us to overcome the Libra double Venus link Full Moon, because it definitely asks us to look beneath the surface. Yet it also squares with Mercury, a repeat because of the recent retrograde. Go careful not to get too sucked in by the mutable location of both planets (Pisces/Gemini) because the whole insincerity thing can come up again. Better to say nothing than big ourselves up or over-egg a project we are promoting.  Equally because of the 3rd/10th House (by zodiac not sign) Inconjunction (Quincunx) between Mercury and Pluto, communication with a boss or authority figure needs handling delicately. To discover how this will unfold for your zodiac sign please join me for your FREE Daily Horoscopes.

Celebrity Relationships
Here are a few Aries celebrities born on March 28th and their past or present romantic connections:
Vince Vaughn (Aries) and Jennifer Aniston (Aquarius)
Julia Stiles (Aries) and Heath Ledger (Aries)

Daily Chinese Horoscopes

My latest new addition are FREE Chinese Daily Horoscopes for all Chinese animal signs Rat through to Pig. Please join me for more…

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27th March Birthday Horoscope – Mariah Carey

Birthday Horoscope 27th March  45-year-old birthday gal Mariah Carey’s career has been a rollercoaster ride. In the 90’s, she was a hit factory but by the noughties, ill health and a lack of sales seemed to have turned the dream sour.

Birthday Horoscope 27th March

Then in 2005, Mariah began making hits again. By 2012, she had something to sing about as she was ranked second on VH1’s list of the “100 Greatest Women in Music”.

MariahGMADaily Horoscopes 27th March

Today sees the Libra Full Moon. Now people keep sending messages saying they had read other astrologers saying that this was going to be a really portentous Full Moon, and like all Full Moon’s it may well bring to the surfaces issues, we or someone close to us, would rather sweep under the carpet. But this one also sees the Sun exactly conjunct with Venus, and also Mars continuing its terrific angle to the go-getting energies of Jupiter. So what is there to worry about?

Libra Full Moon opposite Venus and Sun

Well, the Venus opposition can highlight those relationships which are not working very well, that are devoid of true sincerity, meaning and honesty, but equally this can encourage us to work at the ones that are, that little bit harder. Libra demands fairness, equanimity and mutual respect, look to build these qualities, or if you have them already to appreciate them. Venus also governs the attraction of money, and materialism. Don’t be kidded by superficial niceties, splashing cash on trash, can prove to be an empty experience. To discover how this will unfold for your zodiac sign please join me for your FREE Daily Horoscopes.

Celebrity Relationships
Here are a few Aries celebrities born on March 27th and their past or present romantic connections:
Stacy Fergie Ferguson (Aries) and Josh Duhamel (Scorpio)
Mariah Carey (Aries) and Nick Cannon (Libra)

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26th March Birthday Horoscope – Keira Knightley

Birthday Horoscope 26th March Bend it Like Beckham saw Keira Knightley reach her goal of becoming a well recognised actress. The following year, she struck pure gold in Pirates of the Caribbean.

Birthday Horoscope 26th March

keira-knightley-beauty-vogue-10sep14-rex_bKeira is now one of the world’s highest paid actresses, and today she is celebrating her 30th birthday.

Daily Horoscopes 26th March

How was your day yesterday? Were you as dreamy as I was? Of course the Moon aspected Saturn yesterday, but from Virgo. Hopefully today will be a whole lot less zonked out for this space cadet! And with Mars starting to spark brilliantly with Jupiter, and this being go-getting aspect of some repute, it is all to play for. The only thing to guard against is over confidence! Yet the Sun and Venus remain nicely close together, and the Moon in Virgo, will by midnight have passed into Libra.  To discover how this will unfold for your zodiac sign please join me for your FREE Daily Horoscopes.

Celebrity Relationships
Here are a few Aries celebrities born on March 26th and their past or present romantic connections:
Diana Ross (Aries) and Warren Beatty (Aries)
Jennifer Grey (Aries) and Johnny Depp (Gemini)

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25th March Birthday Horoscope – Sarah Jessica Parker

Birthday Horoscope 25th March Shimmering, as she sashays down today’s red carpet of birthday celebrants, is Sex and the City star Sarah Jessica Parker, who is 50 today.

Birthday Horoscope 25th March

bitten-sarah-jessica-parker-03Jessica is best known for playing Carrie Bradshaw in both the film and the series, although she has also appeared in How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.

Daily Horoscopes 25th March

Although of Mars and Uranus are still close together, it is the Sun and Venus’s turn to be exactly side by side. This is an excellent influence for creative strands and romantic ones too. You might find yourself feeling more upbeat, especially about pushing out the boundaries of your world. However, it is going to be important to be mindful of the role of the Moon today which does pass the stern and restrictive Saturn. You may find that despite your best efforts to be cheerful and creative, someone who is not in this space, will try to rain on your parade. Try not to let them.  To discover how this will unfold for your zodiac sign please join me for your FREE Daily Horoscopes.

Celebrity Relationships
Here are a few Aries celebrities born on March 25th and their past or present romantic connections:
Sarah Jessica Parker (Aries) and Matthew Broderick (Aries)
Aretha Franklin (Aries) and Glynn Turman (Aquarius)

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My latest new addition are FREE Chinese Daily Horoscopes for all Chinese animal signs Rat through to Pig. Please join me for more…

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