Astrology Overview WC 28th July 2014

The week begins with the Sun and Jupiter still in conjunction. If you remember this fabulous planetary aspect dominated last week. However, it is just going to be at the very start of this week when it still at its strongest influence. Use this to springboard your new week with real verve, and panache.

From Tuesday through to Sunday Venus forges a very stable link in Cancer to Saturn in Scorpio. Now when these two planets get together in a less positive way, it can be a relationship breaker. However in this instance if there is one particular tie shaping up well in your world, the chances are can go from strength to strength. A financial issue can also improve.

Yet there is a supreme irony this week, because whilst this very positive influences in play Venus also forges a much less helpful link to Uranus this points towards board creeping into a tie that perhaps is become too predictable. Look to try to find new ways to reinvigorate your key partnership. It may be that one if you will want more space than the partner during this time.

On Thursday Mercury plays catch up, moving to join both the Sun and Jupiter in Leo. Now because of the retrograde which occurred in June, Mercury has gone back and forwards across the sign of Cancer since the end of May. It is actually a really good thing that it’s emerging into the sign of Leo, because Mercury is the planet which influences intellect, talk and thought, and business communications. In Cancer it’s far too subjective, but as it glides into Leo it’s a chance to be much more outgoing, to take the initiative and get on the front foot.

Though Mercury immediately links with Jupiter. So if we think about Mercury control in commerce, and Jupiter fortune, and the sign of Leo being controlled by the Sun, it wouldn’t be a surprise if there was some good financial news creeping into play around the worlds markets, or some kind of dramatic events can occur. If you love the arts, going to watch plays, musicals or live bands, you will be in your absolute element.

Yet Mars lays in wait in Scorpio, ready to square at both these planets. In the case of Jupiter this can actually be quite a positive thing. It can make us more risk taking, self-confident, and less fearful. The downside is that this can go all the way to recklessness, and this is something we need to avoid. Mars and Mercury clashing is desire, competing with logic.

Yet Mars does forge a very positive link as this week draws to a close with Neptune, the planet of dreams. Neptune is a shimmering mysterious entity, can sometimes in its relationship with Mars cause confusion, which runs all the way to the deceit, even theft. But here the drive of Mars can be used to do something compassion and caring for other people like a charity run, or fund raising effort. For the full inside track, please watch the FREE video or visit my site…

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Astrology Overview WC 21st July 2014

The week begins with Uranus, the planet of independence beginning a retrograde journey in Aries. Over the next 5 1/2 months we are going to be asked to investigate our relationship to dependency, fixed attitudes and patterns, and the orthodox. Although this retrograde can be challenging it can also be positive if we can become more aware of how we respond around these things.

From Monday to Wednesday Mercury continues its opposition to Pluto. If you remember last week this came into effect on Sunday. This is one of those aspects where someone can take on a holier than thou approach, so it’s important for all of us to understand our own desire to get our view point’s heard, and avoid making the mistake of being overly opinionated.

However the most wonderful influence this week is undoubtedly the conjunction between the Sun and Jupiter. This goes on all week in the sign of Leo, and this can bring about a real sense of optimism, renewal, energy, creativity and positivity. The Sun is the ruler of Leo, and of course the Sun is the heart of our whole life force. This is the first time this influence has occurred for 12 years, so do be proactive in making it work for you personally.

On Friday Mars the planet of individuality, ego, drive and instant gratification, moves after eight long months in Libra, into the sign of Scorpio. Mars is also the co-ruler of Scorpio, and for the next 50 days or so, is going to espouse a very passionate vibe. If you want to increase the intimacy in a romantic relationship this will certainly help. However, we must also be aware of the more ruthless side of Mars in Scorpio, and resist any temptation towards vengefulness when we don’t get our own way. Holding onto grievances, bearing grudges, and seeing things in very much black-and-white terms are the downsides of this particular transit.

Saturday however sees a wonderful Leo New Moon, still embracing Jupiter, so a great chance to do something dramatic, impressive and even showy. Have a fantastic week. For the full inside track, please watch the FREE video or visit my site…

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Astrology Overview WC 14th July 2014

This week, sees one of the most positive developments of the whole year as Jupiter soars into Leo on Wednesday for a year long occupation. Leo is ruled by the Sun, and the combination can be absolutely fantastic.

Why? Well Jupiter in this zodiac sign can stimulate the stock market, create a greater sense of optimism and confidence that things are on the up, and can also be wonderful for the arts and charitable activities.

Jupiter in Leo

Whatever talents you have look to express them fulsomely in the next 12 months. To discover exactly how this will play out for you in the next year, please watch your weekly horoscope video for your zodiac sign, or your year 2014 forecast. If you’re looking for love, to add to your family or to bring greater warmth and sparkle into your world this can be a wonderful change.

Sun squares with Mars

However this week specifically also sees the Sun squaring up to Mars and the Sun continuing in Cancer. This aspect can put people at odds with one another, be it professionally or personally. Don’t expect things to go exactly to plan all through this week. Even though Jupiter is going to give us all a boost, it will take time for it to find its feet in Leo and make a strategic and significant difference.

Venus into Gemini

Friday sees Venus make its way from Gemini into Cancer. This alteration is absolutely perfect if you’re looking to make improvements to where you live, for family gatherings or developing the more nuanced, caring and nurturing part of any relationship

Saturn ends retrograde

Saturday has two big influences with a Quarter Moon in Libra, and Saturn ends a 5 1/2 month backward journey. The Quarter Moon is going to have a rather similar impact as the Sun square Mars. And control could be the central theme. It’s going to be important to try to hold onto a sense of diplomacy, even if things don’t go exactly to plan.

Yet with Saturn going forwards, this can be much more positive. Anything which has been really stuck in your situation, whether its health, work, money or relationship issues can start to flow forwards more dynamically. Remember Saturn is the planet of structure as well as of restriction, and the areas of restriction which had been particularly difficult can ease off somewhat.

Mercury opposite Pluto

Finally Sunday sees Mercury in opposition with Pluto. You may find yourself in a conversation where someone sees something very differently to you and is keen to persuade you of how right they are. This may also be true in vice versa. Stand your ground if you feel that you are in the right, but do avoid being overly dogmatic. For the full inside track, please watch the FREE video or visit my site…

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Astrology Overview WC 7th July 2014

Hello, I’m Astrologer Patrick Arundell, and here is your Astrology Overview for WC 7th July 2014.  Monday sees the sun still opposed by Pluto – an aspect which has run on from last week. Some kind of power battle which has ensued during that time, could still be finding its way. Yet much more constructively there is a fantastic link between the Sun and Saturn which runs from Monday through to Friday. Saturn is much maligned but it is about structure, and if you like it is the glue which holds everything together. Like all glues it can bog us down at times, but in this angle with the Sun it’s promoting the potential for positive changes, whilst Saturn ensures they can be lasting. Therefore you can be optimistic that the good things that are going on in your situation at the present time, have a good chance to endure.

From Wednesday through to Sunday, Venus is also forging sultry link to Mars. Of course these two planets control love and romance, and when fine tuned in this way, can enable us to balance our drives and affections really well. Both are also located in the air signs of Gemini and Libra, respectively. Because of this if there is something you need to say to someone, use this opportunity to do so because the chances are you can convey yourself really well.

All week the Sun also forges a really nice semi-sextile to Venus. Although there is a Cancerian influence much to the fore, levitation comes from the airiness of Venus in Gemini. Look to be playful with the people you care about. Even family gatherings can turn out to be fun or if you have friends in an extended family a get-together with them can be enjoyable.

Saturday sees a Full Moon in Capricorn. But this is a Full Moon which forges a tight right angle with Mars. If you are having a discussion about balancing work and home issues, it will be important to keep a sense of perspective and to turn your listening skills up to full.

Mercury also moves on Saturday back into Cancer. If you remember this occurred this year at the end of May but due to the retrograde in June, ultimately the planet rewound into Gemini, which is why this ingress is taking place once more. I can’t say that Mercury in Cancer is completely comfortable because it can make us rather more subjective about our communications, however it is also an opportunity to think alot more about the foundations in our world and the people and things that we really love. For the full inside track, please watch the FREE video or visit my site…

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Astrology Overview July 2014

This July, many remain gripped by World Cup fever, but in the field of Astrology a few substitutions are also occurring. As this month sees the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter undergoing transfer signings, beginning the month in one Zodiac Sign and finishing in another, making this month feel much like ‘a game of two halves’!

July kicks off with Gemini, the Sign of two halves, also remaining prominent, with Mercury and Venus situated in the Sign of the twins. However, things are looking more promising from the outset, as Mercury is off the substitution’s bench and moving forward once again from the 2nd. So, day to day life should start running a bit smoother, as retrograde Mercury is no longer causing mix-ups and mishaps and instead, harmonious Venus takes effect. Therefore, daily emphasis is on pleasurable pursuits as Wimbledon and the remainder of the World Cup plays out, stirring up the tendency to splash out a little.

While on a State level, governments turn their attention to the idea of improving provisions for early years and their education, along with neighbourhoods and local transport links. However, as the month progresses Mercury and Venus advance into Cancer, shifting the focus and finances to mothering and the domestic situation. As the realisation that achieving a stable, nurturing home environment is of primary importance, impacting on how well children learn and interact in the wider world.

This theme is further emphasised all month, as the Sun and Jupiter begin the month in compassionate Cancer, but then proceed into child orientated Leo, narrowing the focal point from the entire domestic situation to the specific condition of youngsters. Nevertheless, action should be activated from the start of July, as Jupiter in Cancer until the 15th supporting the Sun provides the opportunity to set in motion new initiatives, particularly regarding the family, spotlighting care at home, childrearing and health matters.

Meanwhile, Mercury’s movement into Cancer from the 13th, sustains day to day attention on these matters, as well as following through with the necessary legwork. However, with Jupiter’s presence there can sometimes be over-optimism, meaning ideas may appear more promising on paper than they actually are in reality. For uprooting Pluto and shocking Uranus are still forming difficult aspects, enlightening quarters to the fact that proposals may have failed to take into account all angles, and there could be some unexpected issues to tackle.

This is no doubt exacerbated by the Nodes still conjunct Mars in Libra until the 25th, continuing to thrust unresolved concerns into the centre circle, especially where legal requirements are crucial. Therefore, red tape may appear essential in theory, but in practice it becomes more of a red card, hindering progress. Although, some relief arrives from the 26th, as final time is called on Mars’ uncomfortable long stay in opposing Libra. Instead, tension disperses by weakening this Cardinal square formation, this having been the cause of so much external conflict.

While, ruling Mars finds a home goal in Scorpio, but as it moves Signs the 26th’s New Moon in Leo puts up a defence. This match up amplified by the Sun and Jupiter’s movement into Leo and Saturn’s continued placement in Scorpio. So expect disagreements over maintaining a balanced lifestyle, especially regarding children, as attention turns to the necessity for enjoyable outside classroom activities to establish a fully developed personality. Whilst the protection of children will take centre stage once more, regarding legislating, as further sexual abuse and illegal child trafficking comes to light.

Furthermore, legislating and taxing will not stop there with these planetary aspects, encouraging governments to take a harsher line and use taxes more effectively. Those receiving benefits will feel the penalty especially younger groups, as pleasurable pursuits are restricted, creating a backlash from people as their sense of personal choice is sidelined. This is unaided by the Capricorn Full Moon on the 12th, as it may see an end to some official demands, but only to replace them with more unreasonable ones.

This Full Moon also arriving before the finalising of the World Cup, as strangely the event also opened on last month’s military degree Sagittarius Full Moon degree, hence rioting accompanied the opening ceremonies. While on a wider scale, we witnessed troubles in Iraq escalate, the repercussions of which continue to play out this month as secrets emerge about what is occurring. In terms of secrets there may also be further information regarding the disappearing Malaysian flight, as Mars is highlighting fuelling anger of some sort. Whereas on a positive note, Vietnam seems to benefit from this month’s Moon activity, perhaps in a partnership as shared financial benefits are starred. Meanwhile, in the U.S the Whitehouse is prominent in terms of shared relationships, perhaps bringing new greatly beneficial partnerships, but also the possibility of legal implications.

Furthermore, looking at the U.S in general sees positivism, as last month’s New Moon is activated in the area of personal wealth, even suggesting that the U.S could do well in the World Cup Final. However, Germany, France, Baltic countries and Greece are also significant this month, with Argentina receiving a concluding effect, particularly in terms of young people’s situation. Although, Planetary movements on the World Cup Final day should not be overlooked, as Mercury transfers into Cancer and is at the critical 0 degree, as lucky Jupiter resides at the Millionaire’s degree.

Therefore, this month action remains equally divided between both ends of the field, energy is directed towards public enthusiasm and celebrations as global sporting events continue, but caution is necessary to avoid this expansive energy getting out of hand. For exuberance can easily turn into disorder, especially with remaining challenging Planets in Cardinal Signs and Jupiter, representing not only enjoyment but legality too. So on balance, this month seems somewhat of an equaliser of good and bad, in sum a score draw!

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Astrology Overview WC 30th June 2014

The week begins with Venus and Neptune continuing their square which began towards the end of last week. This is one of those aspects were fact can be stranger than fiction, and an a sense of unreality can seem to envelop all sorts of situations where sensitivities are concerned.

Mars and Uranus Quarrel

Another aspect to run on from last week is the opposition between Mars and Uranus which continues until Friday. Once more this brings up the potential for arguments, impatience and challenges where people feel unrecognised, unacknowledged or unappreciated. After all Mars is the planet of ego, but Uranus can also see people rebel against the person perpetrating their ego too strongly. Combustible events are possible and the need for freedom and independence can heighten.

Sun and Pluto in opposition

Indeed the potential for conflict is ramped up even higher because of the opposition between the Sun and tiny Pluto, which goes on all week. This is one of those aspects which reminds us of the need of an awareness to who holds the power in situations. There may be one situation you’re involved with where you start to resist some kind of control or hold that someone has had upon you. Equally you need to be aware of your own motives and how you treat others. One of the key pieces of astrological advice with this aspect is to avoid areas of your locality which are known to have higher crime, or other law and order issues. If you are travelling to somewhere new, also be mindful of such considerations.

Libra Quarter Moon

The Quarter Moon on Saturday occurs in Libra. Now it is not conjunct Mars, being around about 6° away but nevertheless we need to remain conscious that the volatility of Mars through this Quarter Moon which can feed into the Sun. The suggestion with this aspect is that where tender emotional relationships are concerned you may experience someone who is moody, out of sorts or more difficult than usual to deal with.

Venus Sparkles with Uranus

However, the week does end on a spectacularly bright note with Venus forging a super link to Uranus. This suggests that some sort of event or possibility can come to the fore completely out of the ether but one that can prove delightful. For example, someone may contact you to ask for a date, or set up a social night out. Equally as possible is a spontaneous conversation which can prove to be really interesting and there could be a hint of romance in this. However this will be some fleeting passion rather than something long-standing is another matter. What is true is that in an existing close relationships we should all try to provide some kind of extra stimuli to reinvent the magic we first felt when we first met our partner.   For the full inside track, please watch the FREE video or visit my site…

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Astrology Overview WC 23rd June 2014

Monday sees Venus, the planet of love and affection glide into Gemini. This is one of the most vivacious locations that this planet can occupy, and can help to bring sparkle to all sorts of conversations over the next 28 days.

Venus hues

Yet ironically, by the end of this week she is going to be angling up in a tight right angle with Neptune. And, however much somebody is trying to impress you with their seductive patter, if you’ve just met them for the first time, just be a little bit wary, for they may be genuine but err on the side of caution until you get to know them better. Care is needed around financial negotiations too.

A second irony this week is that the Sun from Wednesday to Sunday, actually forges a really inspiring link with Neptune. If you’re somebody who likes to support good causes, and revels in supporting friends or has a more spiritual outlook on life, here you can be in your absolute element. The paradox between the two different Neptune influenced aspects this week shows the ebbs and flows of astrology, perfectly.

Mars fights with Uranus

All week Mars continues in its opposition to Uranus. This can create frustration, rash moves, and even spontaneous combustion so is going to be important to try to temper or expectations that everything will come to us in the snap of our fingers. Life is very often a series of bumps in the road and how we negotiate these is the key. With this aspect we can become more fraught, and especially when our personal freedoms and individuality are challenged.

Sparkling New Moon

Yet the week ends on a high note with a New Moon in Cancer on Friday. This too is forging a wonderful trine with Neptune, and once more encourages good deeds caring and sharing. I do hope you have a great week. For the full inside track, please watch the FREE video or visit my site…

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Astrology Overview WC 16th June 2014

The week begins with Venus still in opposition to Saturn. If you recall this aspect dominated last week. Fortunately this is just on the Monday of this new week. Indeed Venus then goes on to forge an absolutely beautiful link to Jupiter which lasts all week.

Venus connects to Jupiter

When these to get together in this kind of way we are talking about playfulness, sociability and even groovy romantic events too! And all of these are possible especially with Venus in its home zone of Taurus, where it is at its sultriest best. This aspect is certainly good for any form of nurturing, so whether you want to pamper yourself, someone you love, or your home or garden, go for it.

Mercury rewinds into Gemini

However, by Tuesday, Mercury, now rewinding, ingresses from Cancer to Gemini. Here it links with the Sun where it will be pretty much in conjunction through to Friday. Both also forge a fine link to the North Node in Libra. This particular configuration – despite the rewind to Mercury does have some upsides, not least that it is enabling from a communicational viewpoint – if we remain alert to the glitches mix-ups and delays that the retrograde can undoubtedly cause.

Mars and Pluto Agitate 

Now, one other aspect which is raging all week, and I use this word advisedly, is Mars in a square with Pluto. These two are the rulers of Scorpio. You will probably know that this is the most intense star sign of the Zodiac, and one needs to grind against each other in this uncomfortable way they can certainly cause some tensions. Stay clear of any situation which may not be lawful, morally okay, or sees you venturing into neighbourhoods or areas which are known for high incidences of crime. Also be conscious of the politics in your relationships.

Waning Quarter Moon in Pisces

Wednesday sees a Quarter Moon in the mutable sign of Pisces, which squares with the Sun, of course in Gemini and indeed Mercury. This can create a lot of confusion so we need to stay mindful that when the Sun and Mercury are side-by-side there can be a tendency to jump to conclusions and that is something we need to avoid carefully at this time.

The Sun into Cancer

On Saturday, the Sun powers its way into a new home arriving in the sign of Cancer. This is the fourth sign of the Zodiac, ruled by the Moon so intrinsically a very sensitive influence, but one that asks us to become more conscious of issues regarding security – be it emotional or physical. You may find yourself at times during the next four weeks wanting to focus on homely matters, or even actually moving your abode altogether. In an emotional context this is a time to pause and just check out our bases. If you need to talk to people that you really trust them feel comfortable with, then do. A family reunion or gathering could be on the astral cards too.

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Astrology Overview WC 9th June

Hello, I’m Astrologer Patrick Arundell, and here is your Astrology Overview for WC 9th June 2014. The week begins with Mercury continuing its retrograde in the sign of Cancer. However Neptune in Pisces, begins its own five and half month retrograde, on Tuesday.

But it is the role of the planet that has been in retrograde for some time which is really crucial this week, and that is Saturn. That goes face-to-face with Venus for the duration, and this can be a relationship breaker particularly if there are chinks already. Nobody is going to leave your world who is truly right for you, but even the best of ties may go through a period of readjustment. Someone can seem less outgoing more surly or cold than usual. Ironically, Venus forges a great link with Pluto from Monday through to Wednesday, and the best of ties can continue to go through a period of positive transformation.

All week the Sun is in a semi-Sextile with Jupiter. The enthusiasm and dazzling personality Gemini blends with the more sensory, and sensitive influence of Jupiter in Cancer. Look to apply these in equal measure.
Friday’s full Moon occurs in Sagittarius. Jupiter continues to angle into this, at last to the Sun, and the suggestion here is that around any relationships resist the mutability of of Gemini and Sagittarius and avoid jumping to conclusions, by using Jupiter’s enhanced power in Cancer to sense issues out.

Over the weekend with the Sun forging a fine link from Friday to Sunday with the North node in Libra. The creative projects plans and enterprises, anything which has been worked on for a long period of time could show pleasing progress, and see past efforts render firm results. For the full inside track, please watch the FREE video or visit my site…


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Astrology Overview WC 2nd June

From Monday to Wednesday the Sun continues to forge a very powerful angle to Mars. This is a real “go-getter” and pushes us to more determined, strong-willed, and energised.

Sincere love with Venus?

Yet also from Monday through to Friday, Venus is forging a gorgeous link to Neptune. This is one of the most awe-inspiring of aspects that can be generated. It can lead to “true love”. Now I don’t say this lightly, for it’s important not to be trite. But if you are fortunate enough to meet someone at this time who really inspires you, and for both of you it’s a relationship that you wish to pursue in a spiritual, as well as romantic way, it could turn out to be the real deal. Equally, hopes can be crushed if someone talks, but fails to walk, when it comes sincerity.

 Pluto brings extra depth

Venus also forges Friday through to Sunday an excellent angle to Pluto. This helps us all to appreciate the quality of the links in our lives, and you may find yourself taking someone for granted much less, or seeing that somebody does add value to your life even if this hadn’t been so obvious before.

The Sun sparkles with Uranus 

From Tuesday to Sunday the Sun in Gemini also forges a fine link to Uranus. This is a very enlivening planetary aspect, one which urges us to be more daring in our approach, to think outside the box and embrace innovation, and resist more conservative attitudes – even within ourselves.

 The Quarter Moon in Virgo

Thursday’s Quarter Moon however, sees the Sun clashing with the Moon in Virgo. The influence of this will last one week, but will be at its most potent at this point. This cautions us to not rush around trying to achieve too many things at once and slow down, make a plan, and not get distracted.

Mercury rewinds in Cancer

On Saturday, Mercury begins its second retrograde phase of the year, in the sign of Cancer. This is a tricky influence because Mercury is not overly comfortable in the sign of Crab and can see us be more subjective in our thinking. Some of the complexity that the retrograde brings, means the need to be even more transparent and clear in our communication is going to be vital. Expect to see industrial disputes or problems focused on flooding, ports, fishing and ferries. If you are travelling at this time, as ever, prepare a Plan B.

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