Astrology Overview for WC 2nd February 2015

Last week’s beautiful encounter between Venus and Neptune goes until Wednesday. Remember this can point towards true love, or at least the idea of being in love with love, so proceed cautiously but with an open heart.

Tuesday sees an intense Full Moon in the sign of Leo and both this and the Sun angle back positively to the planet of freedom of Uranus. This suggests that there could be some sparky encounters in the following days where people battle for control or at the very least independence. Some of these battles may be non-combative and generally very subtle whilst others can be really full on. With Mercury tracking backwards in Aquarius still, it’s going to be important not to get too caught up in fixed attitudes. Why? Well both Aquarius and Leo have a fixed quality, and therefore flexibility will help to ease the way.

Fortunately, the retreating Mercury does forge a fantastic link with Saturn for the whole of the week. Saturn can act as a kind of anchor, and whilst inevitably there will be some misunderstandings, technology failures, or mixed signals, if we really put our minds to it we can actually gain something from their alliance, despite Mercury’s retrograde.

The second half of the week sees the Sun and Jupiter in opposition, and both the signs of Aquarius and Leo come to the fore again within this. This can be one of the most upbeat and positive of influences, but also can lead to boring behaviour, bragging, claims that lacks substance, and where people generally try to big themselves up. So wherever possible it is going to be important to feel confident but also be mindful of the needs of anyone else we are speaking to. Proceed carefully around speculative schemes.

Finally Venus moves on from Neptune midweek but engages the deep energies of Pluto. This is possibly one of the most sexual of influences, and can raise passions in a committed relationship that perhaps is run into a period of routine. But equally the dreamy vibes of earlier in the week can be converted to something more tangible in terms of sensual action. As ever it’s always important to understand the terms of reference in any relationship of this intimacy, and for there to be an equal agreement about how it should be conducted. If this is lacking there is the potential for using and abusing under the auspices of this aspect. Fortunately, the logical energy of Aquarius, and its humanitarianism can help to counteract some of this more negative potential.

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Astrology Overview for WC 26th January 2015

The week begins with Mars separating from is conjunction with Neptune which is run on for the previous 10 days, or so. However, this can create a greater clarity in terms of our goals and energy and less confusion, distortion, discouragement, enervation, and even dishonesty all of which have, potentially been to the fore during this period.

However Neptune does remain influential this week, continuing as it does in a broad square with Saturn. This will be relatively subtle, and broad right angle from Neptune in Pisces will lap away at the shores of Saturn in Sagittarius. With both signs mutable, this can also be a rather discouraging influence – especially where there is any situation in your life where you are unsure of where you stand. The not knowing can be as bad, as far as any anxieties are concerned.

Structures that we have depended upon – Saturn, can be eroded especially where the is an inability to take responsibility. Cyber, political or religious terrorism would be classic indicators of this particular aspect because they are so insidious.

Mercury also continues to rewind this week, in the sign of Aquarius, but it does forge a great link with Uranus, the modern code ruler of this sign. Though Mercury retrograde can of course be tricky in itself this combination points towards innovation, far sighted ideas, and the ability to understand in our own lives where we have become too dependent, and lack a more independent view on our approach the things.

On Tuesday there is a Quarter Moon in Taurus. This reminds the Sun in Aquarius the importance of tangibility around any unusual ideas but does provide a backdrop for the rest of the week.

Wednesday sees Venus glide into Pisces. In this location Venus is exalted, and the combination it forges with Neptune through to the end of the week is truly quite beautiful. This can bring into focus the arts, performance, culture, and rather sensual loving. If you are fortunate enough to have met someone recently and things are really chiming between you, the chances are things will hot up on the back of this aspect. If however the confusion that Mars Neptune brought to bear has led to an uncertainty in your love life, or you meet someone this week who runs more on the mysterious rather than the tangible side, do proceed with caution.

With Mercury and the Sun combining in a conjunction in the second half of the week, the vibes of Aquarius are amplified even more. When these two get-together it can lead to really quite ingenious developments, but equally you can point towards making hasty decisions on limited information, and with Mercury still in retrograde that something we should be mindful of.

Finally, as the week draws to a close the Sun itself forges a brilliant angle to Uranus. Once more me may find ourselves hearing about scientific breakthroughs, novel software applications, and developments of infrastructure that can aid person kind. But they can also be erratic developments, sudden switchbacks, and U turns in people’s approach or attitudes.

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Astrology Overview for WC 19th January 2015

The week begins with the Moon going conjunct with Pluto, which will also square with Uranus. In fact Uranus and Pluto square exactly on Friday and Saturday, though the overall influence has been broadly in affect for the last couple of years. This is potentially one of the most trying of aspects and very much behind the geopolitical turbulence that has been sweeping the globe. In your own situation, the things that you don’t want to do may be those that you find yourself increasingly revolting against. Of course, we might not want to go to work, but we have to pay the bills so that can create an inner tension or resentments. Radical energies battle with more conservative forces. President Putin’s Natal Horoscope is very closely tied in with this aspect, and I think developments within Russia are a direct result of this challenging influence.

Pleasingly however, the Sun moves into Aquarius on Tuesday, and there is also a New Moon in the Water Carrier.  This along with the presence of Mercury and Venus in the Water Carrier, suggests there is a potential for greater co-operation to ensue, particularly with the Sun being “anchored” by the resolute energies of Saturn for some of the week. More challenging however, is that Mercury begins the first of its three annual rewinds on Wednesday, and Mars continues in conjunction with Neptune all week. The former asks us to ensure we are careful and precise with the details of what we can influence ourselves – written communication, emails, texts can all be areas for potential misunderstanding but equally any push for greater democracy that may come from this clustering of Aquarius energy may be challenged by the fact the modern ruler of the sign, Uranus, is itself the rebel planet. Ironically Mercury’s retrograde brings it back into a fine angle with Uranus by the weekend, so innovation may be to the fore, but I don’t think we can expect an idealistic nirvana. Mars and Neptune as I mentioned last time is a combination with the potential for trickiness, deceit and disillusion. Mars is not at its best in Pisces but we can look forward to a month’s time when it returns to its ruler Aries.

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Astrology Overview for WC 12th January 2015

All week the sparkling alliance of Mercury and Venus continue in Aquarius. Moreover they also spend the first two thirds of the week gaining extra energy from the spontaneous bringing vibes of Uranus, so if you find yourself doing something sociably on a whim, you may be surprised and delighted at how it pans out. If nothing seems to be suggested or obviously comes up, think about how you can bring extra variety into your world – especially if you feel rather stuck in any way.

Tuesday’s Quarter Moon occurs in Libra. This clashes with the Sun in Capricorn forging a backdrop for the following week. If you are someone who puts a big emphasis on fairness in your life, or holds values strongly to do with social justice, you may encounter a heavy handed boss, an overbearing jobs worth, or just find that the country you live in has rules and regulations you find hard to relate to. If you are having an interview or applying for a job, you may need to toe the Company line if you want to snaffle the position.

Perhaps an even more testing influence is the Sun’s combination initially with Saturn and then Mars conjoins with Neptune, forging the trickster aspect bar none. With Saturn in on the act too, things get even more testing. The power of Mars is that it desires to express, be, in the moment, to enjoy instant gratification, with Neptune around, the motives or approach to achieving this can sometimes be dubious, to say the least. And with Saturn squaring both short cuts should be avoided at all costs. This is a time to be above board in how we approach things and target our energies thoughtfully and carefully. If you find yourself becoming dispirited, or disillusioned by anything, it wouldn’t be a surprise. With all the influences occurring in Mutable signs, you might want to be flexible, but not so much with the truth.

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Astrology Overview for WC 5th January 2015

The week begins with one of the most potent Full Moons I can recall with the Moon in Cancer, opposing the Sun’s conjunction with Pluto, and both in turn squaring to Uranus. This really does suggest some serious push and pull in situations, and the balance of power could be at stake in close relationships, where a wilful rebelliousness can come to the fore.

The Sun continues to combine with Pluto through to Wednesday, and as this aspect takes place in the powerful Capricorn, what is at stake here is a challenge to orthodoxy, the state, or authority, or a repression of that challenge by the state.

Fortunately, the love in between Mercury and Venus continues and this can help to create some perspective, and urges all concerned to focus on the benefits of cooperation. In fact by the end of the week Uranus becomes a force for good, as it angles itself to Mercury and Venus really well, suggesting the potential for innovative solutions, unexpected invites, or fresh perspectives.

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January, the much awaited month of the big January sales, is where we exchange 2014 for 2015 and adopt a no returns policy to out of date practices. However, as this January sails in, will we find further reductions and those feeling discounted, or will 2015 find us in receipt of a better all-round offer?

Well, it certainly seems as if the New Year begins by bringing some of last season’s old stock out of the storeroom and onto the shop-floor, as January commences with the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Pluto all still bunched together in Cardinal Capricorn. So this January sees some queuing for daily deals, while others deal with the queue up of daily concerns. As with festivities over, practical Capricorn returns attention to day to day finances and addressing previously unworkable solutions. For with the Sun in organisational Capricorn until the 19th, this supervising Sign is busy super-revising, co-working alongside transformative Pluto. This means ideas past their best will finally find themselves shelved, making room for those of some value. As antiquated legislation and old procedures find themselves restructured and repackaged, placing the needs of the elderly and those arising from an increased population crisis on prime display.

While, Venus and Mercury assist in remodelling figures, seeing those of maturing years in a more favourable financial position as the year begins. As those in receipt of either a pension and benefits or savings are likely to receive more than they bargain for. The placement of Uranus in Aries emphasising this unexpected surprise, but also fuelling overlooked frustrations, as this challenging aspect infuriates those struggling to fend for themselves. Therefore this window of opportunity appears short-lived, especially with the finalising Full Moon in Cancer on the 5th, shutting down further financial payouts. As this falls in the area of the United State’s personal wealth, also highlighting Phoenix, the Twin Towers Site and the New York Stock Exchange, whilst shedding light on the vast gap between the position the UK is in and where it should be. While elsewhere, this Moon reveals changing ideas in Rome and the Vatican City; further conflict in Russia and sees shocks involving partnerships with Japan.

This sense of the wider overall picture further reinforced when Venus swaps shops from the 4th, trading Capricorn for Aquarius. The Sign of Aquarius subsequently getting something of a ‘2-4-1’ offer, as Mercury then follows. The focus then shifting from the older generation to all generations, for if Capricorn is the Sign modelling maturity, Aquarius is every ‘man-and-kin’. For the universal Sign of Aquarius attempts to include the requirements of all, but this may prove something of a mission impossible this January. As Venus and Mercury find themselves on a mission to Mars already situated in Aquarius, but rather than running out of gas they find themselves running up against it. For the three musketeers of Venus, Mercury and Mars unite in the Fixed Sign of Aquarius, against a stationary adversary, the retrograde and Fixed Gas Giant, Jupiter in Leo.

Globally this threatens humanitarian crises particularly involving children, freak weather conditions and uprisings, as Aquarius’s revolutionary spirit surges up against Leo’s ruling power. The month beginning with Mars versus Jupiter at a critical degree, as the Ebola epidemic reaches its peak. While, electrical and technological problems seem probable from computer viruses and glitches to air incidents or rail problems, as already witnessed under this Mars/Jupiter opposition. Also any ground-breaking ideas or breakthroughs will meet with resistance under this transit, as scientific, inventive, social reform and pleasurable pursuits are particularly starred this month. This especially as the Sun enters Aquarius, as it is joined by an initiating New Moon. However, perhaps any ideas suggested may seem too ahead of their time or risk being misunderstood. This Moon adversely affecting relationships in the White House, linked perhaps to the North Korea situation, as shared assets are highlighted here. While LA, Manhattan and Roswell are also influenced, as are the people of Israel and China, exposing hidden conditions. Russia also being further involved, as restrictions in health and work sectors occur.

These situations are further unaided, as come the 22nd, Mercury retrogrades into Aquarius. Therefore, at this time, rethinking outlandish proposals can prove effective, but everyday routines from communications to short journeys face disruption. So expect even the prospect of riots or strikes, reinforced by a trio of Cardinal Planets at a critical degree on the 22nd. As the karmic North Node, Pluto and Uranus re-unites, opening up Pandora’s Box on earlier issues thought to have been packed away.

While it could be said that the same applies now Saturn has advanced from Scorpio into Sagittarius, as matters stirred up under Scorpio now need attention. For Saturn in Sagittarius grinds time and Sage together, in an attempt to gradually improve the areas of higher ethics and all things foreign. This covers anything from tightening travel safety procedures and border controls, to Higher Education processes and the censoring of newspapers. However, in doing this, Saturn faces conflict from Mars uniting with Neptune in Pisces from the 12th, causing confusion over matters, especially regarding racial tensions and threats or violence posed by unknown groups. Although, there maybe clouds, but there is also a silver lining, as Sagittarius and Pisces are connected through a ruling Planet, giving them a productive way to work together, as Saturn aids in areas such as revamping National Health service structures.

Therefore, January may be known for its activity on the High St, but this January sees more activity on the streets in general. As demonstrations and violence in France seems plausible, associated perhaps with migrant demands, as does turmoil in Scotland, Eastern European Countries, Pakistan, Guatemala, Thailand, Burma and possible violence Saudi Arabian transportation. While, dancing in the streets seems more likely in Haiti, Cuba and Germany, receiving more positive planetary placements. So as 2015 begins, some are still handling much, while others have less to carry, making January something of a mixed bag!

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Pinch, punch, 1st of the month and no returns

This familiar rhyme could be said to sum up the beginning of 2015. For as the year begins we are certainly still feeling the pinch and yes, the start of the year seems to pack a punch! However, as for no returns, not with Astrology, as there is always a solar return!

For 2015 gets underway with the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Pluto still occupying the money conscious Sign of Capricorn, but not for long though. As Mercury and Venus are paying only a flying New Year visit, but this ensures that the ‘old acquaintance’ of Capricorn not ‘be forgot’. As before Mercury enters the idealistic Sign of Aquarius on the 4th, followed by Venus, they of course take careful, practical Capricorn steps to put their house in order. So with this comes the implementation of necessary changes.

This is particularly evident in terms of everyday spending, due to the combined involvement of Venus and Mercury. While, transformative Pluto channels the Sun’s energy to instead utilise past mistakes, coming up with new legislation and initiatives regarding these funds. However, whereas the previous abundance of planets in Capricorn has centred the focus on the older generation, now the influence of the Sign of Aquarius will spread this focus across other groups. As Mercury in revolutionary Aquarius aids the younger generation, creating new enterprises for the young, which should prove financially beneficial due to Venus’s presence.

Meanwhile these couple of planets could also assist couples, by providing progressive ideas in the area of sex and marriage. However, for some these ideas may prove too leftfield, causing anger and obstacles in their advancement. Due to angry Mars in Aquarius facing a standoff with stationary Leo in lucky Jupiter as the year begins. This planetary conflict may also cause confrontation on a wider scale this month, intensifying on the 1st, perhaps when New Year alterations are brought in, as then these fixed planets reach a critical degree.

So with nonconforming Aquarius versus governing Leo, uprisings to ruling powers, demonstrations and rioting could follow, as well as unexpected glitches in the smooth running of daily life. This ranging from freak weather conditions to man-made incidents, predominantly involving technological equipment, transportation or explosive and electrical faults. However, by the 12th tension for the most part will have dispersed as Mars enters the calming Sign of Pisces. Although, any ongoing rebellion concerning University fees will gain further momentum, as Mars now squares up to restrictive Saturn in Sagittarius. While Neptune remaining in Pisces, adds further confusion to the current situation.

This uncertainty and annoyance will not only be felt in the area of Higher education, but also in religious, legal, media and speculative sectors, particularly in relation to foreign issues. This encompasses anything from international market trading and modes of travel, to immigration and terrorist movements. Although, on a positive note, Mars and Saturn will inspire action, so expect to see travel safety tightened up and stricter controls on the flow of individuals from countries and their accessing of services. These all being for the greater good, as the Signs of Pisces and Sagittarius may seem at loggerheads, but they do share the spiritual ruler, Neptune, which is concerned with the betterment of society as a whole.

Subsequently, it does seems this year introduces moving away from individual, material needs and embracing the needs of all, as the Sun and New Moon in humanitarian Aquarius spotlights on the 20th. However, attaining this goal will not be without upheaval and sacrifices. For this month sees us still in the midst of the Uranus/Pluto cycle, not reaching its completion until March. This becoming apparent on the 5th when the Full Moon in Cancer activates a square to other Cardinal planets, as Pluto remains at a critical degree. The tension only further escalating, as the month progresses when shocking Uranus, the karmic North node and Pluto all face a standoff at this critical degree. A time when universal events will occur, shaking the earth and the individuals on it. While during this period Capricorn planets relentless striving for stability and structure through getting their house in order may seem worthless, as it may appear only made of cards!


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Astrology Overview for WC 29th December 2014

The Quarter Moon in Aries at the end of last week makes its way into this one, providing a backdrop all through. Balancing our individuality with the needs of the organisation or wider group we exist in, is going to be the trick here.

However, with Mercury and Venus conjunct in Capricorn until Friday, a good degree of diplomacy, and no little charm, would on the face of it, help to ease our paths. But with the Sun beginning a potent conjunction with Pluto from Thursday New Year’s Day some forcefulness may be apparent, so do lay down firm boundaries if you feel your goodwill or good nature are being taken for granted and also be mindful of your own desire to dominant situations.

Fortunately Saturday and Sunday see some much lighter vibes as first Venus then Mercury ingress into Aquarius. This is a jolly and potentially combination for this pairing and especially so early in the New Year, and there may be some continuation of the sociable strands of the holidays.

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Astrology Overview for WC 22nd December 2014

The week begins with a wonderful New Moon in Capricorn. It’s true that this can make us all more aware about our goals and objectives in the next month, but equally this is a sign which can be very protective of those it cares for and this can be a feature of this Christmas time.

Furthermore, Mars and Uranus continue to spark off one another which can lead to some seriously random events, changes of plan and no shortage of festive excitement. If you are open to being flexible, or to a raunchy, fleeting and not very committed fling, this could be for you. For most of us this can provide an opportunity to strike out and have fun and socialise, in a less than planned way.

However, the first half of this week also sees Mercury go side by side with Pluto. This can be trickier, especially if you find yourself in the company of the bore who likes to control the conversation and ventilate on the thousand issues of which they are an expert. Hopefully such dogmatism will pass you by. What this aspect can do mind, is focus on our minds, when we get the time, on the key issues we are passionate about.

Christmas Eve is the first full day that Saturn relocates into Sagittarius. This is a major alteration, as it arrives back in the sign of the Archer for the first time in thirty years. This week, it just asks us to balance consumption with expenditure or in the case of our bodies our tolerances.

Christmas Day sees the Moon in Aquarius. A perfect location for this feast as this is the Moon of friendship, fraternity and kindness. This is fab too for ensuring a few lone souls are invited into the fray.

Sunday sees a Quarter Moon in Aries, and the more spontaneous energies of this sign clash with the more conservative ones of Capricorn. Free spirits may clash with those who like to be in charge. Wishing you a very Happy Christmas and for more on your personal Zodiac Sign.

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Astrology Overview for WC 15th December 2014

Last week’s Quarter Moon which occurred in Virgo, runs over into this week and provides a backdrop of energy for six of the seven days of this week. Here the virtuous Virgo clashes with the freedom loving Sagittarius, so this is why is important not to volunteer to do things which will compromise our own basic needs, whilst at the same time remaining openhearted to this season of goodwill.

From Monday to Wednesday sees a brilliant angle between the Sun and Jupiter. This is one of the best of all astrological aspects, and confers extra energy, optimism and even potentially a slice a good fortune to those who work hard in exploiting their talents.

Wednesday also sees Mercury moving to Capricorn. Here Mercury can be very happy because this is the planet of commerce as much as communication, and it enables us all to sharpen up our thinking about finances, business matters and anything to do with property.

Wednesday to Sunday also sees Uranus forge a very important link to Mars. This is quite a radical connection, which favours going with our hunches but particularly around anything which is groundbreaking or innovative. If you find yourself with a decision to make don’t ponder this too long, otherwise an opportunity may whiz by.

From Thursday to Sunday however, Venus is combining with Pluto, and both square up to Uranus. Whereas Uranus can be very much a force for good in its angle with Mars, this is a more challenging aspect. First up Venus and Pluto. When these two get-together in a conjunction it can certainly raise the temperature in matters of the heart. You may find yourself feeling more amorous, and more driven to indulge your senses. But equally Uranus could see us do something that is more reckless, which rocks the boat, and is more challenging to social norms and expectations. If you find yourself at a wild Christmas party, and suddenly tempted by a sultry clinch, but not with your partner, just be conscious of what the consequences could be. Venus and Pluto combining can make someone you encounter very, very persuasive, but often this can cover up base needs.

From Friday through to Sunday, Mercury forges a sextile with Neptune. This suggests imagination and flair can be just as important as hard-headed business logic when it comes to making progress around key goals and ambitions. The combination of the two can make us intuitive yet also sensible.

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