Astrology Overview for WC 8th February 2016

The week begins with a New Moon in Aquarius. However, this is a New Moon with a difference, as its squares to the powerful influence of Mars, in the sign of Scorpio. The more idealistic values and influence of a typical Aquarius New Moon is about a sense of community, co-operation, friendliness, sociability and kindness. All these can come to the fore but with Mars in attendance that old Maxim of not mixing business with pleasure is something to hold and also being conscious of any friends or member of a group who tends to use the dark arts in order to get their own way.

Monday and Tuesday also see the continuation of Venus’s square with Uranus. The combination of these two influences can certainly bring more forcibly to the surface any politics, which had been rumbling around in the background around close associations. Fortunately, on the same days, Mercury forges a fine link to Jupiter, and if you are engaged in more entrepreneurial matters, this can be very helpful.

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The week does though also see Mars influential, in a more positive way. In the first half, it links potently with Pluto, giving us fantastic willpower and especially if our efforts are well directed and for the good of all. Also all through the week it continues to forge a most confident angle with Jupiter. Jupiter is a course, the planet of growth that in the sign of Virgo. We do need to be more concerned with details rather than simply the big picture, so as long as we’re not to gung ho in what we try to do we can use this aspect, helpfully.

Finally on Sunday, Mercury makes its way into Aquarius. That this is going to help to mitigate some of the more negative energies of Mars from the New Moon, because this planet in the sign of Aquarius can just bring a little bit more logic and fair-minded debates into play.

Astrology Overview February 2016

‘What a difference a day makes’, seems an apt song this February, as those extra ’24 little hours’ make a big difference transforming 2016 into a leap Year, but as the month gets underway are we coming on leaps and bounds!

For from the onset this month may appear more ‘free- bruary’ than February, as not only does it offer an added extra day, but it begins with the Sun in the freedom loving Sign of Aquarius. However, as Valentine’s Day approaches, we could find ourselves falling for this Sign’s seduction technique and left feeling a little short-changed this month. As like an advertising campaign this February may promise added extra free, but it is just whispering sweet nothings, as it still remains the shortest month of the year. With this theme running throughout the month, from shortlists, as awards season is underway to shortages, shortfalls and shortcomings as the sparing Signs of Capricorn and Virgo greatly dominate proceedings.

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HoroscopeAce App for Facebook, iOS and Android

As Mercury, Venus and Pluto reside in Capricorn as the month gets underway, it is not just about curbing spending and daily living this month, but with transformative Pluto up against shocking Uranus, some real changes are forced upon us. As governments and leaderships face shake-ups, looking at regulations and financial limitations, along with maturing populations, polices and property allocation. While, away from the political, the personal side of this Cardinal planetary formation may offer a lighter side, initiating changes in property, living arrangements and DIY projects or to loved ones and relationships. With some utilising Valentine’s Day or this leap year to suddenly pop the question and propose, as concrete Capricorn Planets cement relationships.

Although, it is necessary to look before you leap this month as with Jupiter still retrograde in Virgo, luck may not be completely on your side. For it could be literally a case of ‘leapfrog’ under this transit, as with illusionary Piscean Neptune in aspect, your prince may turn out to be not as expected. While, the Karmic North Node still present in Virgo and a heavy Saturn in legal Sagittarius making a difficult angle, literally brings ‘leaps and bounds’, binding you to a situation you may come to realise you wish you had not entered into. Though, these binding ties stretch far beyond personal relationships this month, especially in regards to the EU and refugee crisis, as it remains at stalemate, with Jupiter remaining retrograde until early May. However, by the 22nd circumstances may become clearer, with a revealing Full Moon in analytical Virgo and the Sun now in Pisces shedding further light on details obscured by hazy Neptune’s influence. Therefore, emphasizing the need for better organisation and handling of the situation to avoid further setbacks and violence.

Meanwhile, this Full Moon further highlights ethics and beliefs in its many forms, as the junior Doctor’s crisis in the UK reaches a climax, seeking resolution and healthy living is illuminated in the UK. At the same time, worldwide, Mutable Planets allow the Zika virus to remain uncontained as well as weather conditions. This is unaided by Mars in Scorpio opposing Aquarian Planets all month, pushing matters to humanitarian crisis level. With this combination also stirring up more issues related to sexual abuse, the Full Moon falling on the Vatican, as this matter receives Oscar attention through the film, ‘Spotlight’. As star wars continue off screen too with restrictive Saturn in cultural Sagittarius causing arguments over the lack of diversity on screen to rattle on and a photographic image capturing the world this month.

However, on a positive note, this month is shorter, but less about the short-term, as from the 14th Mercury joins the Sun followed by Venus into the farsighted Sign of Aquarius. So you could say it is a case of opposites attract this Valentines, as the Sun dines out in the opposing Sign of Aquarius, allowing it to try something new. For Aquarius is usually ahead of the curve and adept at finding shortcuts. So this month we may see a few breakthroughs, as a jarring Mars in Scorpio activates Aquarian Planets, perhaps bringing advances in machinery, mechanics and surgery or advanced technology from computers, electricity or rays to aeronautics, spacecrafts or artificial intelligence. As well as the possibility of explosions, arson, guns, fire, accidents, lightning and feverish conditions, this especially evident with a New Moon in Aquarius on the 8th. This lunar activity also breathes fresh air into stagnant problems, especially in light of collective inhumane conditions, along with igniting the U.S election campaign. While on a global scale, Australia, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Nigeria, Peru, Chile, Peru, Lebanon, as well as Lithuania Croatia and Russia are among some of the countries hitting the headlines this month. So in the month of Valentines, remember to read all the Signs before making a move!

Astrology Overview for WC 1st February 2016

The week begins with a Quarter Moon in the sign of Scorpio. This can create or at least highlight the potential for jealousy or undercurrent’s around groups of friends. If you have one acquaintance who likes to dominate your time and energies you may find yourself becoming more resistant to their charms.

Monday to Thursday, continues to see Mercury alongside the planet of change and transformation Pluto. In itself this aspect can make people rather strident, even evangelical in their points of view, but because of the duo square to Uranus, a clash of cultures or approaches between the old established ways and the new challenging, fluid ones can take place. If you work in an environment which constantly seems to be in a state of flux. This particular aspect will not make it any more pleasant and can create an ongoing level of uncertainty.

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HoroscopeAce App for Facebook, iOS and Android

Ironically, the two rulers of Scorpio, Mars and Pluto actually co-operate brilliantly all week. And if you’re very clear about some of the things that you want to change in your world the willpower and determination they bring to helps us see these alterations through, can be absolutely enormous.

The second half of the week however, there is something of an alteration, as Mercury moves on from the tight grasp of Pluto, to be replaced by the rather more sultry, shimmering energies of Venus. When Pluto Venus get-together in a conjunction it often points towards an intensity around sensuality, intimacy money or power. However, the subtlety that Venus often brings the situation means that people will lay the charm on with a trowel, but it’s often to get what they want. So, if someone seems to be two-year uncharacteristically charming, try to figure out what their true motive is. This particular aspect can be very destructive in an ongoing but rocky romantic relationship, and especially with Uranus squaring the pair. As one person tries to hang on and restricts to maintain the status quo this could push a partner to be ever more rebellious. Sparks can certainly fly. It is also possible to meet someone for the first time, rather unexpectedly. This person could enter our orbits rather dramatically, but won’t necessarily hang around for very long, especially if their desire is rather stronger than their willingness to work at a longer term involvement. Then again, if a brief fling is exactly what you feel you need at the present time, and you both agree this is the terms of reference, you may decide to go for it.

In the second half of the week the Sun in Aquarius also forges a brilliant link with Uranus, its modern ruler. This suggests that thinking on our feet and being flexible, and open to new ideas and approaches can be very good for us and help us to refresh things that have become stale and rather samey.

Also from Thursday to Sunday, Mercury now going forwards in Capricorn forges a terrific trine with Jupiter the planet of fortune which continues to track backwards in Virgo. But both are in earth signs suggests that if we examine and scrutinise possibilities carefully. There is the potential to achieve something of lasting value. But we certainly should avoid making inflated claims that we can’t back up at a later date.

Astrology Overview for WC 25th January, 2016

The week begins with Mercury ending its three-week backward journey in the sign of Capricorn. Whilst this may see us all let out a sigh of collective relief, it is still tightly bound together in a conjunction with Pluto and the two are in a right angle with the erratic influence of Uranus in Aries. Because of the natural orthodoxy that Capricorn energy encourages there may be a situation that we all need to think about this week where our desire to do something in a more independent, innovative or radical way, clashes with the expectations of demands of more formal situations or people.

Despite this, Venus also in Capricorn, is forging a delightful semi-sextile to the Sun in Aquarius. This points towards using quiet diplomacy and an openness to engendering friendly channels in order to maximise our efforts. Certainly in love, it is possible that if you’re single, you could encounter someone through work, or who is much older or younger who has quite an impact upon you.

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HoroscopeAce App for Facebook, iOS and Android

Talking of love, with Venus also forging a quite beautiful beguiling link with Neptune in the last half of the week, if you do meet someone for the first time and they form a favourable opinion upon you, don’t be too quick to rush into this relationship. Neptune as ever, can delight and distort in equal measure, so take your time however much someone may make your heart beat faster.

Mars is also set to be hugely influential this week, as he continues his journey through his home sign of Scorpio. Why? Well, he feeds into that Mercury Pluto conjunction. Pluto is the modern ruler of Scorpio, and when Mars and Pluto get-together in a positive way like here they can give us tremendous willpower and determination to succeed. Whilst this is entirely possible again this week, it will be less so if anything we do only benefits us as individuals. Remember, Mars is the planet of instant gratification and Pluto of power, so is going to be important that any personal efforts are well directed and well-meaning.

Astrology Overview for WC 18th January, 2016

The week begins with the emphasis still on the sign of Capricorn. Mercury though in the sign connects with Pluto which can create a tremendous amount of intensity. Our thoughts and even our nervous systems can be that much more revved up. The secret is going to be in not taking ourselves too seriously and especially with both squaring to the unpredictable energies of Uranus. Broadly this battle between orthodoxy and rebellion goes on until the end of the month. Choosing our words carefully will help, especially with Mercury still twisting backwards.

Venus and Jupiter also square. This is for the first half of the week and can tempt us into promising more than we can realistically deliver or going overboard with the charm. We may also find ourselves tempted to splash out on things which will not have lasting value.

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HoroscopeAce App for Facebook, iOS and Android

Mars continues in the powerful sign of Scorpio, and like last week continues to Trine with Neptune. Extra subtlety and self-sacrifice will be greatly appreciated, though we need to stay aware of our motives.

The Sun moves into Aquarius on Thursday. The sign of friendship and of collective hopes and wishes. This may see a revival of social contact especially if energy has been lower in the first weeks of the year or practicalities have dominated. He is though opposed by the Full Moon in Leo on Sunday, suggesting time management is key, as will looking after those associations which are really important. Friends are nice, but quality is always better than quantity.

Finally, Venus moves into Capricorn on Sunday too. Here she is very earthy and sensual, good for business but may also evoke some surprising levels of passion.

Astrology Overview WC 11th January 2016

The week begins with the Venus Saturn conjunction still prominent. With the backdrop for the last weeks late New Moon in Capricorn (square Uranus) also still to the fore, a more Saturnian vibe does start this week off.

However, there is a subtle interplay, because Venus then goes on to forge a really enterprising angle with Uranus, itself been causing mischief in its angle with Pluto in Capricorn, and where at the start of the week, solutions may seem to be challenging, conversations testing, with a little patience and an openness to new possibilities things can actually improve. For some lucky people an unexpected and delightful conversation meeting, or date can illuminate the second half of this week.

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HoroscopeAce App for Facebook, iOS and Android

Yet, there’s more going on to share with you, not least that from Tuesday through to the end of the week, the two planets which are in a retrograde motion just now, of Mercury and Jupiter, respectively, forge an absolutely beautiful link. That this rings a Bell it’s because they were forging this lovely alliance just before Christmas. This time I feel we may benefit from grappling with situations that haven’t worked out as we hoped before. This may mean being more realistic, being conscious of details, but it doesn’t mean to say that we can’t be enterprising, and especially around business matters or financial management. Health matters may also gain from a deeper analysis.

Mars also forges an inspiring link with Neptune for the whole of the week. Now when these two get-together in a in a tricky a context, they really can cause mayhem, especially around concealment, dishonesty, deception, and self delusion. This time they jointly ask us to be a little more self-sacrificing, to be more conscious of the spiritual potentials that life does creates, and a park our own desires slightly further down our list of priorities.

Astrology Overview SpiritGuides WC 4th January 2016

The week begins with Mars storming into Scorpio, one of two zodiac signs this planet governs. Passion, power and persuasion are all possible in the next six weeks, though Mars will be heading back into Scorpio at the end of May and through to the start of August, so these characteristics can surface again then.

For now, Mars continues to tangle with Mercury, itself temporarily located in Aquarius. Any possessiveness, control or jealousy issues around group activities, or conversely a relationship where one partner resents the others’ social activities, can be stirred by this square and there can be some potent clashes.

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HoroscopeAce App for Facebook, iOS and Android

Venus also features prominently this week, as she squares to Neptune, and forges a conjunction from Wednesday with Saturn. The first of these aspects can create a sense of unreality. The second a real sense of restriction. If you meet someone early in the week that you really like, with this set of influences, it’s quite possible by the week’s end the tie will have blown itself out already, unless it’s something really substantive. Even long standing relationships can be blighted by these aspects, and a weak tie, could come to an end.

What deepens the potential for misunderstandings, is the retrograde from Tuesday of Mercury, initially in Aquarius, and then that of Jupiter from Friday in Virgo. Now it doesn’t mean that everything under the sun is going to go wrong or that misfortune generally will prevail, though I do feel in the case of Jupiter the next four months may see a continuing trend of retraction in terms of the financial markets. It could be argued that this is therefore bad luck, but often downturns, especially around equities and futures, and of course much more challengingly, derivatives, can often just bring a greater sense of realism.

We can apply a strategy of practicality in our own situation by being cautious about what we spend, prudent in what we say, and look for tangible solutions, rather than just theoretical ones.

Saturday also sees Mercury twisting backwards into the sign of Capricorn. She will continue to reverse in this area until 27th January, before returning to Aquarius in mid-February. Sunday also sees a New Moon in the sign of Capricorn, one which on the face of it would be good for anything to do with conventions, the orthodox, and for all forms of application and hard work. But this one also squares up to Uranus, which incidentally Pluto in Capricorn continues its right angle to all week. So whether it’s in a more worldly situation, or in personal ones, the desire to break away from restrictions could prove strong, but we also have to be realistic about what is actually workable.

Astrology Overview for WC 28th December 2015

All week Mercury Squares with Mars. In fact this aspect is going to run on through to the end of next week, though by then, both planets will have relocated. Care is going to be needed around viewpoints. People can have a tendency to take themselves a bit too seriously – especially with Mercury in the more sober Capricorn, and any niggles around things that feel unfair can kick off.

Fortunately this week we are given a major boost with the move of Venus into Sagittarius . Here she is particularly playful and perfect to see the New Year in with. If you have had a festive period dominated by the needs of others, this can be a chance to let your hair down, and have some real fun.

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HoroscopeAce App for Facebook, iOS and Android

New Year’s Eve also sees the Sun start to angle up in a really helpful way with Saturn . This Solar Return tells us all the responsibility mixed with knowledge can be sound way to get on in 2016. If you feel there are any holes in your education be it more formally or less so, an openness to learn new skills and soak up extra information can, in time, be rewarded.

Saturday does though see a Quarter Moon in Libra, and this along with Uranus’s square with Pluto reminds us of the need to work on our listening skills and to accept that other people’s experiences, though different to ours, are still wholly valid.

Mercury does however move into Aquarius as the curtain comes down on this week, and although it will be a brief initial transit, it is one which can help our forward planning for the new year, and encourages us to embrace co-operation wherever possible. Wishing you a very Happy New Year.

Astrology Overview for WC 21st December 2015

After the potent tensions of the last week or so, as we make our way into Christmas week itself there is one magical influence, a sextile between Venus and Jupiter, which can bring out the best of us all over the festive week. Tuesday also sees the Sun make its way right to the top of the solar horoscope, entering the 10th House and the sign of Capricorn . This alteration asked us all to grapple with any responsibilities, particularly in terms of last-minute arrangements, present buying and so on.

Christmas Day itself sees a Full Moon in the sign of Cancer, and this can make for a much more poignant day, when we may all feel that much more sentimental, perhaps even more emotional about the people who are not with us that we wish were.

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HoroscopeAce App for Facebook, iOS and Android

Boxing Day however, sees Uranus begin forward motion after backtracking 5 1/2 months. Of course he has been a particularly upsetting influences recently as last week, and can be so, once more as the year comes to a close in his right angle to Pluto. Generally Uranus, going forwards is helpful and can see us less restless and unsettled.

Mars continues in the sign of Libra , which of course is in detriment, however it is an opportunity to use its fair-minded vibe here, and it does link in a positive semi-sexed way with both Venus and Jupiter.

What is more challenging is Mars’s angle to Mercury in the last few days of the week. If anyone decides to be rather high and mighty in their opinions, the Mars energy here can try to take them down a peg or two.

Pleasingly, there’s a gorgeous angle between the Sun and Neptune as the week comes to a close, and this asks us to concentrate on the more spiritual and traditional values of the festive season, appreciating the things that we do have, and not being quite so focused on the material side of life, but no doubt the cash register is at the sales, an online special offers will still be particularly popular as this week ends. Wishing you a very happy and peaceful Christmas.

Astrology Overview for WC 14th December 2015

The first half of this week sees a continuation of the Mars/Uranus square which dominated last week. This can create friction, especially between what we feel we should do, or at least people want us to do, and what we really want to do. Impulsive acts can follow too. It may see a major sexual attraction, and some feisty exchanges but not necessary ones that will be long lasting.

Yet despite this, there is a very spiritual and subtle link between Mercury and Neptune at the start of the week too, and if we can see beyond surface irritations deeper understanding is possible. If you find yourself at a social gathering, or linking up with someone that you share a mutual interest with, you can really trip the light fantastic.

HoroscopeAce App for Facebook, iOS and Android

HoroscopeAce App for Facebook, iOS and Android

Also with the Sun in Sagittarius squaring with its ruler Jupiter and all through this week, this can engender some Christmas spirit, but perhaps the challenge is just how much. This aspect can create excess, exaggeration, and over consumption. A perfect influence then! But seriously if we are keen to stick to our budget for Christmas presents, and be reasonably sensible about what we eat and drink, then this aspect may challenge our self-discipline.

From Tuesday Venus forges a sweet link with the deep, and transformational energies of Pluto . This can be excellent insofar as making us get more closely in touch with the people or even possessions that we truly value, and in a basically positive tie, could see greater connectivity and even intimacy.

Friday sees a Quarter Moon in Pisces. This can create, in its square with the Sun, another form of unreality. Little issues can get blown completely out of proportion and become major dramas so it will be important to keep a sense of perspective. So, all the components are there for some seasonal dramas, but probably quite a lot of merriment too.