Astrology Overview for WC 23rd January 2017

The Week begins with the Sun continuing in the friendly zodiac sign of Aquarius. However, there continues to be a stelluim of energy located in the sign of Pisces. And with the planets of Venus and Neptune combining on Monday and Tuesday, there continues to be a sense of idealism around the personal relationships and more spiritual commitments and interests.

With Mars also in Pisces, energy can be muted. Furthermore, Saturn is going to be challenging Venus throughout the week, and into the first two days of next week. When Venus and Saturn square it can often give us a more jaundiced view of our closest relationships. There can be a tendency to see the downside things, and to be more critical and cool and detached in our responses to others. In the most extreme cases, this aspect can lead to relationships come into a complete close, but it certainly is a time to try to use the Aquarian logic that comes from the Sun to try to balance the more dreamy vibes that all this Piscean energy creates.

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Fortunately, this “logical” process is boosted furthermore by a wonderful New Moon in Aquarius on Saturday, and the move of Mars into the sign of Aries . Also Mercury is going to be creating a very perceptive angle to Neptune, which suggests we can balance our hunches, with a more energised, friendly and outgoing approach as the week draws to a close.

Astrology Overview for WC 16th January 2017

The big news this week is the move of the Sun into the sign of Aquarius on Friday. The next month gives us all a fabulous opportunity to reach out and connect with others, improving our interactions both at a professional and personal level.

This can also be a very sociable period, and if you have been going through something of a lull since the return of the year, this is a chance to rejuvenate friendships and long-term hopes. The sign of Aquarius also has more spiritual dimension be it in an area which is to do with the propagation of high ideals. Donald Trump’s inauguration as President does occur with the Sun just into the sign of Aquarius, and this is something that we can hope will be moderating influence on some of the more extreme statements and attitudes that have been demonstrated in recent months.

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However, all through this week, Mars and Saturn are in a square and this does not auger so well for his “coronation”, creating the potential for tensions, conflicts and frustrations. Mars is not at its best in the sign of Pisces anyway, being consumed by the more watery mutability that this sign has. Mar square Saturn can often lead to coarse behaviour and attitudes – which is rather ironic in the circumstances. We all need to ensure that any information that wer are working from is accurate, and our execution is well planned around any hopes that we have.

However, this is a week from Tuesday to Sunday sees Venus forging a very powerful angle to Pluto. This can help us to understand at a much deeper level, the benefits of certain involvements and associations. Even if we used to being close to someone for some while we can become more conscious of the benefits that they bring into our world.

Astrology Overview for WC 9th January 2017

All week the Sun in the conservative sign of Capricorn clashes with the more turbulent energies of Uranus located in the go getting sign of Aries . This is going to be something of an echo of the big planetary dustup that went on between Uranus and Pluto, up until March last year. Ironically, these too are broadly in conflict once more for the first two months of this year, and I just feel that if you’re in a situation should where you find yourself struggling to maintain the status quo because it seems to be rather and fair limiting, or restrictive then you may find that there is a certain volatility to how you, and I will feel too!

That the Sun is also going to be squaring up with Jupiter all this week. This is a planetary aspect which can actually have an absolute upside in that it can urge us to show greater generosity of spirit support good causes, and also move beyond the set expectations that others have of us, in the sense that Jupiter in Libra is very much to do with learning and knowledge. Another thing that makes all of this really interesting is that all of these planets are located in Cardinal or angular zodiac signs. That is signs that precipitate action, are those of the leadership, energy and drive, and by the time of Thursday’s Full Moon they forge a grand Cardinal Cross. This is very potent stuff and is going to create lots of Contra energies which push and pulls us in different directions, and is going to create potentially, some conflict between the status quo, and more well-established dynamics against those that are more innovative or even revolutionary.

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Ironically, despite all this, Venus actually forges a very peaceful link with Neptune all week, and if you’re lucky enough to meet somebody you really like, this can be an absolutely beautiful contact. But equally we can see with all this heavy energy reverberating in the background that there is also the potential for clashes, misunderstandings and battles of will.

Finally, on Friday Mercury after its recent retrograde returns back to the sign of Capricorn, where it is a real asset, helping us to be more businesslike, strategic, and analytical in a practical way. This might turn out to be rather helpful the weeks’ earlier highly charged vibe.

Astrology Overview January 2017

As we leave behind 2016 and ‘the Sound of Music’ from New Year’s celebrations, we are no longer ‘16 going on 17’ and instead ‘singing in the rein’ of 2017!

So forget ‘doe a deer, a female deer’ or ‘Rudolf, the red-nosed reindeer’, as attention turns to the rein of Planets and what we hold most dear this January, as Capricorn Planets are concerned with only what is most essential. As this New Year commences with not only ‘ray, a falling drop of Sun’ inhabiting the Sign of Capricorn, but a retrograde Mercury and deep-rooted Pluto too. So there is no chance that ‘old acquaintances be forgot’, as we begin 2017 with a few familiar faces.

For each New Year, it may well be customary to say ‘out with the old, in with the new’, though this year more than ever, this does not seem to be the case. Due to the presence of the Sign of mature Capricorn and Saturn still midway through its stint in Sagittarius! So rather like the symbol of the Capricorn mountain goat, clinging on to its hilly terrain, preceding influences still grip us tightly at the start of this New Year. As like ‘brown paper packages wrapped up with string’, we may have thought 2016’s events were all wrapped up and 2017 offered the gift of a fresh start! However, on opening 2017, this January might feel like you have been re-gifted something you previously received.

Although, this may not be one of your ‘favourite things’, this year it seems we have a good idea what to do next. As with Capricorn Planets dominating, circumstances might not feel as unpleasant as expected. For as 2017 begins we are still vacationing under the Sun in Capricorn, but you could say this Sign positively enjoys ‘singing in the rain’, thriving under difficult conditions. As this Capricorn goat seeks to reach the mountain peak, regardless of obstacles, one sure-footed hoof in front of the other. Though the ground may be uneven beneath and the weight of the world bearing down on its shoulders, but this only motivates this practical Earth Sign to plough on regardless. So as 2017 gets underway this no-nonsense Sign seems to be what is needed, especially regarding fiscal matters and public services.

As with retrograde Mercury revisiting past faults until the 8th, aided by delving Pluto, revealing prior cover-ups, this Capricorn period acts as something of a correctional facility. This being even quite literally, as prison reforms come under consideration in light of recent events. Along with other institutions of power, organisations and structures, as Capricorns are associated with the building blocks of society. However, this month it could appear more about blocks than building, especially relating to channels of communication, as Mercury’s retrograde movement creates misunderstanding and misinterpretations, so Capricorn caution is crucial. Whilst, also affecting daily routines and travel, already evident in broken promises over commuter price hikes. This moving to issues of immigration, as Mercury reaches ‘far, a long, long way to go’, reverting back into the former Sign of distant Sagittarius, before changing direction.

So you could call this combined trio of Capricorn Planets, a kind of ‘combined harvester’ this January, unearthing matter and raking through it in order to clear the field ahead. However, this is not possible without churning the ground up, as a challenging Jupiter in Libra and Uranus, now moving direct in Aries emphasises, forming a T-square. Although, not the ‘tea, you have with bread and jam’, it is accompanied by its own variety. As these challenging Cardinal Planets force the concerns over putting bread on the table of those ‘just about managing’ into the public domain. Whilst, causing an unexpected knee-jerk movement against the ‘establishment’, especially in the US, as the process of assimilating ‘Tea Party’ values moves mainstream, causing many to be mad as hatters.

As this Cardinal planetary formation forces underground grassroots action out into the open, expanded this month as Planets move from organisational Capricorn to humanitarian Air Sign, Aquarius and selfless watery Pisces. As momentum swings away from ‘me, a name I call myself’ towards wider societal considerations, beginning with Venus in Aquarius as January arrives, followed on the 20th by the Sun and a New Moon on the 28th. This lunar activity linked to unusual plans, ideas and deep intellectual thinking, as Planets advance from earthly matter to grey matter and questioning what really matters. However, for the US this underlines a regression in forward thinking, leading to their undoing if not careful. This reinforced by the 12th’s Full Moon in Cancer, squaring other Cardinal Planets and finalising changes to US daily life, as well as the UK’s status as the ‘Brexit’ deadline looms ever closer. For this Full Moon illuminates the possibility to heal or hurt, connected with medical, spiritual and aesthetic benefits, but also poisoning, imprisonment, unawareness and injury.

This is ever more likely with a further emphasis on Planets in Pisces this month, as from the 3rd Venus enters this Mutable Sign, co-joining Mars, Neptune and forming harsh aspects to other Mutable Planets. As deceptions, terrorist threats, tempestuous weather and disasters at sea are all possible. For the North Node in opposing Virgo brings a karmic element, as akin to ‘sew, a needle pulling thread’, past actions create a reaction, reaping what has been sewn. Although positively, Pisces Planets aid creativity, as ‘La’ is not only ‘a note that you sing’, but the hub of Awards season, as musical ‘La La Land’ is an Oscar frontrunner. While, with Mars entering Aries to co-join Uranus from the 28th, the celebrity world may well lose another famous face, as you can expect the unexpected with this aspect, as the wider world sees New Zealand and the UK impacted. As well as Latvia, Russia, Honduras, Croatia, France and Greece being starred this month, along with Bangladesh, Thailand, Sri-Lanka and Nicaragua. So this January, we move from Earth to Air, or perhaps ‘Hair’, with a new outlook, from age to Aquarius!

Astrology Overview for WC 2nd January 2017

The week begins with with the on-going blend between the Sun in Capricorn and Mars combining with Neptune in Pisces. All this can see some more traditional energies around helping those fortunate to the fore, and Health Insurance in the States and the National Health Service in the UK will be very much in the news. Last week’s Capricorn New Moon continues to provide a backdrop too, and structures and worldly interactions can be sparked by this.

However, Mercury continues its retrograde initially in Capricorn before inverting to return to Sagittarius. However, by Sunday the rewind is at an end, and any tangles around contracts or miscommunication will ease by then.

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The Quarter Moon of Thursday is though one which require care, seeing as it is the go-getting Aries, this can create a battle between what is expected and what would prefer to do individually. Some politics can swirl in the wake of this or the odd power battle.

This week also sees Venus return to Pisces, a zodiac sign she is exalted in, and continues the high level of Pisces influence as this year unfolds. A more idealised approach to relationships can be sparked by this, and Mars somewhat underwhelmed in Pisces, can add some welcome grist to the proverbial cosmic mill.

Saturn does though continues to forge its own great links to Uranus and Jupiter , suggesting any plans that we have for 2017 which are innovative, yet well planned have a great chance of success.

Astrology Overview for WC 26th December 2016

The week begins with with the on-going sparkling link between Venus Jupiter and Uranus. This can help to continue to sprinkle festive Stardust, especially on St Stephen’s or Boxing Day, when the mood and mode can stay very upbeat. However through till Wednesday the Sun does combine with the retreating Mercury . They could be a little bit of a tendency to make snap judgements on situations, or to assume that the more formal way of doing things is being challenged by younger or more free-spirited people. Actually this combination can be a great opportunity for us all to think more about any key tasks or obligations that we just need to keep moving along, and of course some people, there will be a return to work.

If you are lucky enough to be having a break the Sun’s angle to Mars can be perfect for a walk or some other activity, perhaps even some retail therapy to capitalise on the winter sales, and then also its link to Neptune is going to be augmented by the Capricorn New Moon of Thursday. This is a really lovely aspect, one which is going to provide a backdrop for the next four weeks, and it suggests that if we can combine our goals and aims with sensitivity to the situations or people we encounter, we can make great progress.

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Thursday also sees Uranus, the planet of rebellion and freedom, and its 5 1/2 month backward journey in the sign of Aries. If you have felt pending or restricted during that time, especially by circumstances you felt you had no control over, things can feel lighter from here on in.

Meanwhile, Saturn continues to forge its own great links to Uranus and Jupiter, suggesting any plan that we have for the New Year around our resolutions, which is progressive, but well thought through and researched stands a great chance of success. Wishing you a very Happy New Year.

Astrology Overview for WC 19th December 2016

The week begins with Mercury going into a retrograde for a rare fourth time this year. This occurs in the sign of Capricorn, which is a businesslike location for this planet. This asks us all to ensure that any worldly interactions we have, despite it being Christmas week, are well ordered and run smoothly. Of course, all we can do with Mercury retrograde is influence the things that we can affect personally. The areas that it can impact upon of communication, transport and distribution, may be blighted over the Christmas holidays. If you are going to be on the move, do ensure that you check travel and weather reports, and take warm clothing, hot drinks and other such contingencies.

However, as this week begins so Mars begins its journey of six weeks through the sign of Pisces. Mars in Pisces is not at its best for if we consider this is a water sign and Mars is a fiery influence. However Mars is also the co-ruler of Scorpio, itself a water sign, so it can still be beneficial during this passage.

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From Wednesday the Sun returns to the sign of Capricorn for the first time in eleven months, joining with Mars in a helpful sextile through to the early part of next year. This is an enabling association, and can create energy, momentum and positivity. The two signs combined suggest that we take a more nuanced and sensitive approach to our goals and ambitions.

From Thursday, a glorious angle is forged between Venus and Jupiter and also Venus and Uranus. This suggests that there can be some surprises in the latter part of the week, perhaps the arrival of a lovely text, email or Christmas card, or someone’s generous gift. Venus and Jupiter in particular is the perfect aspect for the festivities, as it’s a very heartwarming, kindly combination which urges us to show the best of ourselves.

On Christmas Day itself, the Moon is in Scorpio, creating a little bit more depth and intensity of emotion, but one which can just heighten our appreciation of the day. Wishing you a very Happy Christmas.

Astrology Overview for WC 12th December 2016

As the week begins the Sun is forging it’s lively link with Uranus from Monday through to Thursday, and in turn feeds into the angles forged between Saturn, Jupiter with Uranus.

This lively set of energies is therefore going to be given an even greater boost, one which can see some and planned or unscheduled changes creates some delightful opportunities. The more flexible we can be the more we can enjoy or capitalize upon these possibilities.

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However, the heart of the week does also see a Full Moon in the sign of Gemini. The chances are there can be some rather frank conversations, which can be much more direct. Why? Well because of the nimble vibes of the Moon in Gemini, combine with the more outspoken energies of the Sun in Sagittarius, and the rebellious nature of Uranus in Aries . A Full Moon brings issues to the surface that we may not wish to look at, and this one can be around points of views, principles, contracts, travel plans, and perhaps even arrangements for Christmas.

With Mercury also conjunct Pluto in the second half of the week, this can also create a more belligerent atmosphere, where people are less inclined to agree to disagree, and can be more evangelical in their approach.
In summary, this is a week where we need enjoy the changes and ebbs and flows that can occur to schedules, some bright conversations, but try not to take ourselves too seriously!

Astrology Overview for WC 5th December 2016

The week begins Mars forging a stunning angle to Jupiter. This is one of the most charismatic of all the zodiac sign aspects. This is because, it can give us a sense that nothing can fail. In fact, we can fail by being overconfident, but we can certainly gain a great deal more by measuring what we do in an upbeat, positive and energized way.

But that’s not the end of the good news because from Wednesday through to the end of the week as the Sun’s turn to angle up brilliantly to Jupiter. Now this has much more potential to create neat good fortunate. Unlike Mars, which can make us somewhat reckless this particular aspect can just see us balance our energy in a way which can be truly very providential. Relationships in particular can be boosted and particularly where there are shared values or knowledge.

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In fact, in general this week can have a rather random element to it but not only is Jupiter going to be highly positive, after all, it does continue in its fine angle with Saturn, but because Uranus is also forging a fine link to Mars, as does the Sun on Friday through to Sunday.

All this points towards us being much more risk taking this week, but…yes, there is always a counter influence or two in astrology, not least because of the Quarter Moon on Wednesday, which occurs in a very psychological sector and the square between Mercury and Neptune, which goes on for the second half of the week. These influences can create a certain amount of distortion, so as much as we can achieve a lot by pushing outside our comfort zones we really do need to know that we are clear in what we’re doing, and there were not acting on any kind of erroneous information.

Thursday also sees Venus move into the most friendly sign of the Zodiac, Aquarius. So this is going to be a week where the festive spirit is likely to ramp up to some degree, unusual friendships can be forged, and where, camaraderie and bonhomie can really start to be enjoyed.

Astrology Overview December 2016

As the year comes to a finale and Christmas beckons, thoughts usually turn to the arduous trek taken following that Star of wonder to Bethlehem! Although, this December, the stars in Sagittarius cause many to wonder over the current bedlam!

For it is less about trekking towards a Star and more like ‘Star Trek’! As Trump says ‘beam me up’ to the White House and Castro’s passing sees Cuba embarking upon ‘new frontiers’. While the UK’s ‘Brexit’ maybe ‘boldly going forward’, but perhaps only ‘as we can’t find reverse’. So, this December is ‘life Jim, but not as we know it!’

With the 12th month seeming rather like an imaginary time line, as it is the threshold to the future, but our feet remain firmly planted in the past. However, with such uncertainty looming ahead, it seems this month some could ‘kling-on’ too tightly to the familiar, especially as the Sun begins the month still united with cautious Saturn and moving Mercury, limiting progress, thinking, travelling plans and general festive cheer. As these Planets co-joined restrict travels of the body and mind, particularly through the first half of December.

For the month opens with mobile Mercury in Sagittarius and Saturn at a critical degree, reinforcing last month’s New Moon in Sagittarius. No doubt putting an emphasis on all foreign affairs, pleasurable pursuits and matters of legality and safety in these areas, as we see Governments worldwide maintain their effort to deal with the unrelenting vast displacement of people and the continuing narrow-minded divisive rhetoric around cultural difference. Whilst, by the time of the Full Moon on December 14th in opposing Gemini, you may see more possible terrorist attacks linked to transport and the true neglect of War torn refugees and the disabled, as well as worsening weather conditions and information disclosures. As this face-off between the Gemini Full Moon and the Sagittarian Sun and Saturn, coincides with the ongoing standoff of Virgo’s North Node and Neptune in Pisces.

Although, on the positive side, Mutable Planets offer flexibility, with the Moon’s degree linked to Mathematics, meaning there may be some leeway calculating the US electoral recount, as well as artistic and scientific advances. While, responsible Saturn combining with this duo of Planets in wise Sagittarius, should act as a guiding Star this month. This being much needed after November’s fireworks.

So, as we enter December, we’ve come out of a tailspin, having left behind the jointed tailed Scorpion and the turbulent events played out under this Zodiac Sign, but as this month gets underway we are still feeling the atmospheric pressure. As last month, there was a ‘bird’ for thanksgiving, a catastrophic ‘plane’ crash, but no ‘Superman’, instead a ‘Super Moon’ intensifying matters and moods, its reverberations still far reaching. For November’s Super Moon in Taurus brought no ‘kryptonite’, but it did ignite and crystallise, as the Sign of the bull charged up public sentiment, with prolonged protests over Trump’s presidential win. However, last month’s Full Moon also could be viewed as something of a ‘crystal bull’, seeming to solidify future plans.

Although, some aims are still somewhat ‘frozen’ in time, as attempts to block the ‘Brexit’ process demonstrate. While, others must ‘let it go’, as rather like an ice sculpture, as Planets progress from watery Scorpio into the Fire Sign of Sagittarius, Clinton sees her dreams of entering the Oval Office melting away. So as December gets going, it might feel as if the usually over-enthusiastic temperament of the Sun in Sagittarius is given a daily reality check, by Saturn’s sobering presence, but it is a necessary one! For the Sagittarian tendency to be over-exuberant is balanced out by level-headed Saturn. Put simply, the Sun in Sagittarius may find it really hard to stay in, but Saturn knows that ‘baby, it’s cold outside’, considering all factors.

This quite literally applying to the ‘Brexit’ scenario, as ‘tis the Season to be jolly’, but the usual yuletide cheer seems somewhat lacking this December. As likened to a Christmas feast, ‘Brexit’ may have dished up what the majority thought they wanted, but now many feel stuffed! As there is a growing sense that even though plenty are not keen on ‘Brussels’, whether it be Xmas dinner or the UK, it may not be the same without them.

So it appears there are servings of more sage than onion this festive season, in the form of Sagittarian sage advice. Along with ‘less pass the cranberry’ and more passing over the ‘jam’, as the ‘just about managing’ have difficulty digesting the UK’s autumn statement. While, across the pond, its ‘red current source’, with the continued stream of animosity towards the President elect, as thanksgiving is quite literally over!

However, as the month progresses a wishbone might be handy, as December begins with challenging Mutable planetary formations, but the second half, Cardinal Planets bring these out into the foreground. As the extent of abuse in football, disclosed under sporting Sagittarius transits is scrutinised, looking at institutions and in general there are new Government initiatives and welfare strategy. As from the 3rd, detailed Mercury enters Capricorn at that critical 0 degree, followed by another when the 21st’s Sun arrives, forming an alliance with delving Pluto. This practical Earth Sign, leaving no stone unturned, especially from the 19th when Mercury retrogrades, allowing the opportunity to revisit past errors. Although, all may not go as envisioned, with mishaps aplenty and difficult aspects from Aries, Uranus and Jupiter in Libra causing upheaval, acerbated by the 29th’s New Moon. As this Capricorn luminary puts issues under the microscope, creating bigger problems than anticipated, even resulting in violence and crime, as people in power try to hoodwink the public over the yuletide spell.

This reinforced by angry Mars, as it moves from societal Aquarius to often victimised Pisces, joining long suffering Neptune. So attempts to address humanitarian concerns, prompted by Venus entering Aquarius from the 8th could be undone. Although, any global glitches with technology over this busy buying time may see some improvement. While, the World Wide Web may experience hitches this month, Worldwide there are some too. As Finland, the Baltics, Macedonia, Lithuania, Germany and Romania are highlighted this December, along with, Columbia, Brunei, Kenya, Cuba, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Sudan and Canada, not forgetting possible attacks in the UK and Ireland.

So you could say December is an all-round big chill with a box-set of Sagittarian and Capricorn Planets, as early December Sagittarian Planets ‘curb your enthusiasm’, followed by some old classics, with ‘Happy Days’, ‘Cheers’ and into the New Year, ‘The Wonder Years’!