Astrology Overview for WC 30th May 2016

The week begins with the Quarter Moon in Pisces, which occurred at the end of last week, providing a backdrop for the rest of this one. With the Sun also squaring with Neptune , all this week, along with Venus , in fact, there could be plenty of juicy gossip doing the rounds.

This is therefore not the best times to open up too profoundly with anyone you’ve never really trusted or don’t know very well. If you are also told something about someone else it’s probably best to have a rather jaundiced view about why you are being invested with this information, and refuse to get involved in any spitefulness. Of course with Neptune in the mix in this way, all this may be done very subtly.

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This week also sees for the first time in five years, a Grand Cross but this time a Mutable one. In essence the T-square which has been ongoing for some while between Neptune and Jupiter and Saturn is being intersected by the Sun and Venus in the sign of Gemini. This is definitely not week to underestimate just how cheap talk can be. Not least because the Sun and Venus are also going to be squaring up with Jupiter. Now these particular aspects can actually have some up sides, and can see us quite joyful or bubbly, but also promise the earth when it’s better to be much more cautious about what we say and commit to.

So, if you do encounter someone this week who seems larger-than-life, it certainly would not be a surprise , but be guided by your gut feeling on whether you feel that they are being sincere or not. I have to also be honest if you are in a relationship which is bumping along the bottom, this week could be a make or break point. Venus’s opposition with Saturn is never a very pleasant, and many of us may find ourselves feeling a little bit less well enamoured with people we usually get on quite well with. The Sun’s opposition to Saturn, can scrutinise our ideas and what we believe in. So if you find yourself holding court about something you have a sense of knowledge about, don’t be surprised if you are challenged at some point.

Astrology Overview for WC 23rd May 2016

The week begins with the potency of the Sagittarius Blue Moon still very much to the fore. This cautions us all to choose words with care. Ironically however, Venus, the planet of diplomacy, moves into the part of the Solar Horoscope to every day communications. And indeed from Thursday Venus, then joins with the Sun. The two are going to be combining superbly through till the middle of June. This is an influence which can boost warmth, enjoyments and pleasures, and of course no little sensuality. In the sign of Gemini, they can also lead to flirty social possibilities which we can all enjoy.

Mind, the potential for misunderstandings, is still emphasised by the role of Saturn and the T-square that is ongoing between him and Jupiter and Neptune. If ever there was an aspect which provided almost breathtaking optimism and unreality, combined with forceful scrutiny, this is certainly it. Facts really do need to come before fiction.

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I guess what Venus is combination with the Sun is telling us therefore, is that whilst it’s good to have fun and to be playful, we still need to be mindful of the impact of our words and activities can have, and all this will reach a peak next week.

Saturday is also a crucial day this week, when it sees Mars rewind back into Scorpio. The last time that Mars was in the sign of the Scorpion was in March this year, after he moved into the sign, early in January 2016. Through to the end of June he will continue to rotate in retrograde, before going forwards all through July and then moving back into Sagittarius, early in August. Because Mars is the ruler, or I should say the traditional ruler of Scorpio, some of the energies that we associate with this sign can come very much to the fore during this two months period. Of course some of this could be about ambition, but this is the planet of instant gratification, and of ego, and of need, so its impact could in some ways be to do with sex, or the desire to bond closely with one person.

Finally this week also ends with a Quarter Moon in the sign of Pisces. This particular Quarter Moon is almost like “Gossip Central” so if someone does share something with you rather scandalous, we are tempted to let slip something you’d been asked to keep confidential, it may not have a good outcome, so is going to be important to be discreet.

Astrology Overview for WC 16th May 2016

The week begins with Mercury continuing its retrograde, but the great news is that by Sun day, he starts to go into forward motion. Furthermore, Mercury forges a wonderful

Earth Trine with Jupiter and Pluto all week. This is one of the most enabling of planetary aspects, and located as it is across the three Earth signs, it helps us to actualise any hopes that we have as Earth signs really encourage all that is tangible.

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The more ethereal side of life continues to be empathised this week by Jupiter’s opposition with Neptune. This can certainly enhance imagination. And if you have a love of film, performance, the arts, music, or making things with your hands, it can in some ways be very positive, but the earthiness of Virgo, helping to shape the more nebulous or spiritual, shimmering energies of Neptune in Pisces . Saturn in Sagittarius also remains on hand to remind us of the need for the facts and figures, knowledge to be precise, and information to be credible.

Perhaps the most influential day this week however, is going to be Saturday, when there is a Full Moon in Sagittarius and the Sun moves into Gemini. This is going to be a Blue Moon in so far as there will be another Full Moon in Sagittarius on the 20th of June. This almost immediately sees a switch in emphasis from the earthier vibes of Taurus to the more airy ones of Gemini. This is quite ironic with Mercury also set to go forwards, so there have been any misunderstanding so frustrations about a lack of flow around communication, some intense conversations may occur at the end of this week, but they can help quite literally to clear the air.

Astrology Overview May 2016

MAY: – Noun = the Fifth month of the year.
– Verb = expresses possibility, permission,
request, wish, opportunity, etc…

Well, the month of May is underway and it does seem to appear that anything is possible, as Trump now looks set to become the U.S. Republican candidate. While, the UK sees Leicester City top football’s Premier League and electoral changes. However, this May, opportunities may come a knocking, but before opening the door, some must first ensure their house is in order!

As this May, planetary movements are much like a house move, but in the case of Astrology, the Signs are placed in the houses, rather than outside to attract viewings. With the result being, that this month sees some Planets upping sticks, as others stay firmly put. So you could say, for some the fifth month of the year offers the opportunity to take five, or perhaps more appropriately, wait a second. Due to the month beginning with Taurus, the second Sign of the Zodiac emphasised.

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For with security conscious Taurus dominating this month, some may dream of owning a place in the sun, but reality sees the Sun placed in the Sign of owning. As May opens with our feet firmly planted on the ground, with the Sun plodding through Taurus. The Sign associated with all earthly belongings from stocks and shares to stocked larders or indeed stockings. As Taurus governs all earthly pleasures, possessions, property and purse strings, put simply, that which is tangible. However, this May, it would appear the properties of Taurus are more of the lost property variety, resulting from Mercury in Taurus continuing to remain in retrograde motion until the 23rd, turning May into mayhem.

This retrograde influence, making Taurus Planets less ‘Estate agent’ and more agents in a state so to speak, as everyday communication and movements are affected. With, areas particularly linked to this Venus ruled Sign feeling the full force of this retrograde phase. So monetary miscalculations are likely at this time, as the month of the May bank holiday could prove not quite such a holiday for financial institutions. While, if thinking of taking out a loan, it could be wiser to instead leave it alone, at least until Mercury goes direct.

This goes for any big purchases from a house buy to splurges on jewels and works of Art, or the signing of any contracts even marriage ones. As this Second Zodiac Sign would be sensible to at least seek a second opinion, as when Mercury in Taurus is again direct, you may find this Taurus bull has become bull and chain, tethered to a circumstance they would rather avoid. The same can be said for activities connected to the Planet, Venus, as home improvements or image changes under this transit often turn out not to your liking. Whilst, items bought are seconds or meals ordered leave you wanting seconds!

So in short, if possible, it may be best to remain a sitting tenant until after the 23rd, when Mercury is back on track, especially as four other are Planets still retrograde as May commences, slowing down proceedings. However, this does not mean, this has to be a time to just sit and dwell, as retrograde episodes offer the possibility to redo and reconcile past mistakes. As in the UK, the government and banks have already begun to revisit the issue of getting on the property ladder and the need for affordable housing. As well as the realisation that some adjustments must be made to their position on Junior Doctor’s contracts. Although, with challenging Mutable Planets and Mars, Neptune and Pluto spending the whole of May in retrograde manner, it may be hard to avoid mud slinging or feeling stuck in it this month.

Even though, positively if nothing else Taurus has what you might call a ‘stamp duty’, possessing the patience and perseverance to plough on through difficult situations. This eased by harmonious Venus being something of a ‘homeowner’ this May, in its own Sign of Taurus until the 23rd. While, a New Moon in Taurus on the 6th initiates starting anew, as it forms a favourable trine to Virgo Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn. This picking up momentum when Jupiter again advances forward from the 10th, seeing governments likely to introduce some more practical measures benefiting everyone, especially taking into consideration general services aimed at society’s most vulnerable or impoverished.

As with so many Planets retrograding this month, it seems like the heavenly bodies are offering the Zodiac’s Second Sign something of a second chance to put things right, when the Taurus New Moon arrives. Though, care needs to be taken around the timing of this Moon, as its degree can denote explosions, even of the nuclear variety. This energy already impacting Canada, as uncontrollable fires rage, the financial aftermath highlighted this month. While, Australian’s personal finances are also starred, as well as benefiting the Vatican, partnerships in Israel, NASA and stirring up anger in Cuba, the White House and the UK’s shared assets, perhaps in the lead up to EU voting.

For foreign issues remain top of the agenda all month, from the migrant crisis to the EU referendum, as malefic Mars and Saturn stay in Sagittarius jarring other Mutable Planets and Mars revisits Scorpio from the 28th, governing shared monies and sexual violence. However, fever pitch comes from the 21st, moving from fixed rate to variable, as the Sun leaves Taurus and enters Gemini shortly followed by Venus, making this not so much a twin storey as story, activating all Mutable Planets. With the Moon’s Node at critical degree from the 24th, race conflicts occur. However, the 21st’s Sagittarian Full Moon should be the catalyst for some healing as well as anarchy, affecting the White House, the UK and France, along with events in New York, North Korea and Astronomy findings. While, this month sees Brazil, Zimbabwe, Sri Lanka, Mongolia, South Africa, China and Crimea hitting the headlines. Meanwhile, turmoil seems likely in Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Albania, France and Luxembourg. So the month begins with a slowing down in pace, but once the Sun enters Air Sign Gemini, you could say events in this May-fly!

Astrology Overview for WC 9th May 2016

The week begins with Jupiter going into direct motion. The planet of expansion, he has been in retrograde ever since 8th January 2016. Moreover, in the sign of Virgo this planet is in what’s known as detriment, therefore he is not at his sparkly best. Things will improve however between now and 8th of September, and especially for Earth signs. Taurus , Capricorn, and of course Virgo itself.

Jupiter does however affect all of us, and this week, continues to be in an opposition with Neptune, with both planets squaring to the restrictive energies of the reversing Saturn. This aspect is all about balancing our idealism hopefulness and dreams, but the reality of life, and the demands that others can place upon us, especially around facts and figures. It’s ironic, isn’t it that the energies of the sign of Virgo, which is so focused on “precisely” these areas, should have both opportunities but challenges of these kinds.

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Speaking of opportunities on Monday and Tuesday, the Sun continues to forge a transformational angle to the tiny entity that is Pluto. If you are seeing something evolving in your life that is quite significant, this aspect can certainly help the process.

Some lucky people can also be supported by the energies of Venus in its wonderful trine to Jupiter this week. This is Abundance Central, and enjoying the good things in life earthy pleasures such as good food, good wine, or even more sensual intimacy can be to the fore. However, equally this aspect can see us be a little bit too relaxed when action may still be required, so we need to stay mindful of that. Also Mercury, though in retrograde, still does itself combine with Venus in the second half of the week, and in turn links into Jupiter. Despite the retrograde of Mercury this could lead to some positive developments business or financial be wise as long as we stay on top of details.

Mind, the Quarter Moon in Leo on Thursday suggest that we should try not be too extravagant this week, though the temptation to may be rather high!

Astrology Overview for WC 2nd May 2016

The week begins with Jupiter and Neptune continuing their opposition and T-Square with the reversing Saturn in Sagittarius . This without doubt can be an enervating connection, one that can see great hopes clash with the realities of life. What we can do, is develop realistic expectations, and with these balanced, good things are possible.

In fact, Jupiter is highly influential this week, as it also forges an Earth Grand Trine with the Sun and Pluto. This suggests the things that we have worked hard at and been really applied to can start to show signs of becoming more established. This can be a very fortunate aspect, but especially where things show tangible progress, can be lasting, and have really enduring benefits. Some kind of material goodness can therefore come from this week, but battling as it does with the T-square, it is urging us to keep our feet on the ground and to try not to be distracted by life’s fripperies.

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The great news also is that this is Jupiter’s last week of retrograde this year, and by next Monday he will be starting his forward journey, in the sign of Virgo , which will go on until the 9th of September.

Astrology Overview for WC 25th April 2016

The week begins with Venus continuing its connection to Uranus. Any surprise relationship developments from last week may still need digesting or there can be an element of change in the air still.

Generally there is a very strong Taurus emphasis at work, asking us all to appreciate the more tangible elements of life. However, what does make things that much more complex is when on Thursday Mercury goes into the second of his three annual retrogrades. Thereafter anything around money or possessions will require extra care and vigilance. As ever with Mercury RX we can’t control things outside of our personal sphere, such as transport or travel disruption but we can ensure that what we can affect, we do so in a very careful way.

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The second half of the week does though throw up a lovely influence in the form of the Sun ’s angle to Neptune. This can encourage us to consider those who are less fortunate, people who may need a more sensitive response. If you have particularly causes or charities that you support you could be active at this time. Then again our more spiritual values can come into focus too.

Saturday sees Venus arrive back in Taurus. This is one of the two zodiac signs, along with Libra , that she governs. This can us all appreciate life’s more pleasurable dimensions and certainly good food and wine and no little retail therapy.

However, Sunday’s Quarter Moon occurs in the idealistic Aquarius and as the week ends business and pleasure may well not mesh together so well. Ironically from this we must be very realistic about how much happiness more material strands can really bring us.

Astrology Overview for WC 18th April 2016

The week begins with the influence of Mars going into retrograde, starting to be felt. He will be twisting backwards in the sign of Sagittarius through to the 28th of May, before regressing into Scorpio. Mars is about instant gratification and in the sign of Sagittarius that’s a lot to do with being free to do as we wish to be adventurous on the spur of the moment. However, with Mars also continuing to square up to Neptune through to the end of the month, our drives can be dimmed somewhat by this tangle, and confusion can also be possible, and at the worst, we may encounter someone who’s darn right dishonest. So, continue to be vigilant.

The other thing that characterises the start of this week through till Wednesday, is the positive planetary Trine between Mercury and Pluto, both located in Earth signs, Taurus and Capricorn respectively. This can help us to analyse situations and to probe beneath the surface of what they mean. Because of the tangibility both the signs seek, you may find yourself thinking about more worldly matters like money, property and career.

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The Sun also sweeps into Taurus on Tuesday, and for the first time in eleven months. After the whirlwind of activity that’s been going on the sign of Aries, his passage through this sign is asking us to look to strengthen the foundations of whatever we are doing. So, if you have begun something afresh in the last month now you’ll be looking to get this more solid, and substantive.

However, the energy which is been buzzing round Aries is not at an end completely, because Venus remains in this sign and can make single people in particular acquisitive in terms of making moves in their love lives, and for those already involved, there could be a need to demonstrate more freedom from a partner, or conversely to revive a refresh along go inside by doing things which are rather more spontaneous. This is because the connection from Tuesday that Venus has with Uranus , the planet of surprises, but in contrast, Venus also forges a very solid link with Saturn in the first half of this week, so there is someone who comes into your situation or it is becoming a more important part of you can start to appreciate their qualities and virtues even more.

This week does however see a Full Moon on Friday in the sign of Scorpio. For all of us there is the need to balance our in and outgoings in terms of short-term expenditure and the impact this can have on our long-term security. But also there can be intense discussions in close involvement’s about who does or contributes what or you may find yourself wanting to hunt down the best deals around any of the things that you can influence yourself and drive down your costs.

Astrology Overview for WC 11th April 2016

The week begins with the Sun in Aries continuing to combine with the changeable energies of Uranus. This can arouse a desire for extra freedom, new starts or even see sudden about turns, but much as this erratic energy can be very positive, with the ruler of Aries, Mars, in a right angle with the dreamy vibes of Neptune, the rest of this month can lead to misunderstandings, misapprehensions or even downright dishonesty. So if you are thinking of doing something completely off-the-cuff and spontaneously, it is going to be vital that you think through the various scenarios factor in how things could go wrong and that not everybody we encounter may be as straightforward as they appear.

However, Mercury , now established in Taurus, and an extended stay through till mid-June, is urging us to be a little more cautious in our approach and weigh the value of propositions, and of our plans. It makes really helpful angle to Jupiter the planet of growth, and if there is something that’s been well researched and thought through that you want to promote, so go with this aspect will certainly help.

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Now, as much as recent Aries energy has continued to clash the Pluto energy in Capricorn, on Thursday of this week is the opposite sign of Capricorn. Cancer which is influential. This is because of the Quarter Moon that’s forged with the Sun, suggesting that we also need to ensure that any moves we make our best emotional interests and maintain security in our worlds’.

Finally on Sunday, Mars goes into retrograde, now this is going to go on until pretty well the end of June, and in that time the planet of desire, will reverse back into one of its two home zones of Scorpio, on the 28th May. In the meantime we need to be conscious that the usual drive and verve with which we attack situations, may not be for the best, and especially with the confusing angle with Neptune which is set to dominate to the end of April. In short, think very carefully around anything or person you suddenly want and want now. There could be hidden catches.

Astrology Overview for WC 4th April 2016

The week begins with the Sun forging a great angle to Saturn . If there are plans you are initiating which are a mixture of the new and expansive, as long as you have done your research thoroughly, they stand an excellent chance of standing the test of time.

However, conversely the Sun also forges a more challenging right angle to Pluto, and this can lead to some clashes, battles of will and so forth. This aspect is an echo of the right angle forged between Uranus and Pluto which has been so potent off and on, over the last three or four years when the desire to do as we please, tangles with the forces of conservatism. Essentially don’t rush into anything without a great deal of forethought.

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Wednesday is a key day. Venus arrives in Aries , but Mercury goes into Taurus for an extended stay and where he will be until mid-June a time when resources will come under the astral microscope. Venus moving into the 1st sign of the zodiac is really significant because it is the start of new beginnings and if there have been pauses, reflections, separations or secret liaisons now becomes one of living in the moment.

The New Moon on Thursday also conjoins with Uranus, so the desire for fresh experiences is set to resonate with us all. But if we do dive into anything too impetuously we may live to bear the consequences. All in all this can be an exciting week, a time of lots of fizzing astrological energies, but also a tension between all that is new, fresh and radical, and all that is well established and more entrenched.