Astrology Overview March 2015

March, looking at current news headlines, this month could not be more aptly named. As at the time of writing, activists take to Russia’s streets to march about the assassination of Russian Politician, Boris Nemtsov. Although, in astrological terms will this month also be a Protest March or a March in Favour?

Well, whichever, this March is definitely a call for action, with plenty of activity, Signs overhead and exceptional movements. However, whether ground-level congregations or those in the sky, it is only when you get amongst a March that you really know what is going on, the same seeming to be true of this month.

For it begins with nebulous Neptune mystifying matters, merging with the Sun in Pisces to ramp up feelings of intrigue and deception, as it all seems a bit fishy!. Nevertheless, from ‘Middlemarch’, these mists appear to have dispersed a little, as a total clear out comes with a Total Solar Eclipse and the ending of the Uranus/Pluto square-up, leaving a more in sync March to manoeuvre forward from.

Although, this is not to say that until then we are not attempting to march to the same beat, just that we are unsure of the direction. For Neptune’s negative traits promotes misdirection, allowing underhand events to occur. However, the positive outcome of Neptune brings us in tune with our emotions, creating a resounding chorus of disapproval, as the marches in Moscow demonstrate. So this month, Neptune and the Sun in Pisces until the 21st, utilised in the correct manner can encourage a dissolving of differences, bringing individuals collectively together for a common good. For the compassionate Sign of Pisces highlights the plight of the disadvantaged, the suffering and those fighting their demons, governing the 12th House of secrets and self-undoing.

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While the fact that the month opens on such a crescendo has much to do with sombre Saturn’s placement at a critical Mutable degree, squaring these Planets in Pisces, forcing changing turns of events. So with Saturn in Sagittarius remaining at this critical degree all month, it seems more twists and turns are set to come, especially regarding foreign and legal affairs. With additional waves coming on the 5th, when a Full Moon in Virgo is added to the equation, illuminating more problems and unsettled issues in the area of service, both of health and work. This ricochets worldwide, particularly prevalent in Russia and Iran, with revelations in Canada and Hollywood and fierce activity in Australia. As well as affecting the status of Egypt, Mexico and Palestine/Israel relations. While, North Korea’s leadership is starred, as is partnerships in China, as Prince William visits.

For this aspect creates strong undercurrents and immeasurable concerns, from foreign matters of national security to worries over gas and water. This seeming even harder to fathom as we go deeper into March, the ides being more tides of March, as the 15th of the month sees the tide turning as Saturn retrogrades. It stationing at a critical degree, meaning the deluge keeps coming, but at this time Saturn provides the opportunity to surf through and conquer previous unconquered territory. Therefore, if matters are successfully navigated; we should be on the crest of a wave, in a better position to adopt changes initiated by the 20th’s Eclipse and the shift in the Uranus/Pluto relationship.

Even though, everyday Mercury is already attempting to initiate this change, deliberately marching to the beat of his own drum, continuing its journey in groundbreaking Aquarius as the month begins. This spirit further echoed by revolutionary Uranus in Aries, which sees Venus and Mars join this trailblazer as the month gets underway. However, their efforts are thwarted by other obstructing Planets. For the Fixed Sign of Leo remains rooted to the spot, stationary in Jupiter, preventing the completion of important issues, ideas and wishes, until it turns direct next month. Therefore, making this a perfect time to trail over past endeavours, planning and gathering thoughts for future desires. This reflected on a wider scale too, as the private and public compete, from unaddressed child abuse issues to celebrity slip-ups.

While, it seems ‘action stations’ this month too, as these Arian Planets are also not without opposition, as the karmic North Node remains in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn, as like dynamite, any action taken is loaded, creating noticeable repercussions in other quarters. So expect tension to create fireworks, from harsh words and tempers to violent outbursts in its many forms, as Mauritius, South Africa, Mozambique, Japan and Syria are particularly targeted, as well as Denmark, the UK and U.S. This especially from the 21st when the Sun moves into Aries, as Martian Planets attempt to bulldoze their way forward without considering the fuller picture. Although, some closure should come from the final Uranus/Pluto square-up, as these arch enemies turn terminators seeing their ‘end of days’ as March enemies. However, there will be no ‘I’ll be back’ for this particular formation, as they move onto a new phase of action.

However, this month may see something of a Total Recall, as an important Total Solar Eclipse accompanies the 20th’s New Moon in Pisces, recalling those to account for and address their previous unsatisfactory actions, before new steps are taken. As 12th House activities are spotlighted, from the institutions of the Arts, Navy and chemical companies to hospital and prison practices. While, secret and unexplained realms, from extremist groups to U.F.Os are activated, including the Roswell site and NASA. This accentuated by other Mutable planetary placements, causing a necessary outlet for this energy, as transport incidents involving chemical supplies or hazardous weather conditions seem probable, especially with Mercury’s movement into Pisces from the 13th. This in everyday terms aiding Portugal, Greece and the Baltic’s to attract headlines, with Bangladesh, Indonesia, Ghana and Lithuania also gaining attention. So this month as clocks go forward, it is also now time to move forward, making this a special March in time!

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Astrology Overview for WC 2nd March 2015

All this week Jupiter is trine Uranus, suggesting ideas, scientific, medical and technological breakthroughs can be to the fore. If you are someone who is particularly ingenious or creative this part of your nature can flourish too. However from Monday to Wednesday, Mercury is in opposition to Jupiter so care is going to be needed to back up plans and ideas with thorough research.

Overconfidence or reading the reactions of others wrongly can cause issues. Perhaps the most impactful influence this week is Venus’s passage over Uranus and their square to Pluto. This can lead to a rejuvenation or extra spark in a long standing romantic tie, but with Pluto in on the act too, if there has been a lot of politics washing around in the background be aware these may come to the surface in quite a powerful way. Also if anyone springs a surprise request on you – for example at work, if they are particularly charming they may have an ulterior motive and be wanting to gain some kind of advantage. This can also be true financially.

Thursday’s Full Moon in Virgo is also fascinating suggesting that the balance between practical issues or more spiritual ones can also require some attention. Once more Pluto links to this but this time in a more positive way. With Saturn also broadly squaring Neptune this week, energy will be at a premium. Finally, the weekend sees Mars start to conjunct with Uranus and tempers can run high.

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Astrology Overview for WC 23rd February 2015

All week the Sun combines with Neptune in Pisces all week, which can heighten our intuition, and if you are particularly interested in psychic potentials, or any kind of healing or esoteric subject, help these too. If you are carer, or work in a service industry, this week can see you compassionate or obliging. Yet equally don’t let anyone take advantage of your good nature.

All week Mars also forges a positive link to Saturn. This aspect can help us to be structured in our approach yet energised as well without spreading ourselves too thinly. With Uranus continuing to forge a fantastic link to Jupiter creativity which is also innovative can also be to the fore. In love Venus is forging a stabilising influence with Saturn. If you’re fortunate enough to be in a positive relationship which is going forwards, this aspect can give you the sense that things are doing so on firm foundations.

From Thursday through to Sunday Mercury also forges a great link with Uranus too whilst being in an opposition with Jupiter. This is going to be one of those situations where the more confident and optimistic you are the better it can be, yet it is going to be important too to stay grounded and ensure any ideas that are generated are truly workable. Wednesday sees a quarter moon in the sign of Gemini, suggesting that some gossip can be doing the rounds, stay clear of anyone who you know is not trustworthy or has your best interests at heart.

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Astrology Overview for WC 16th February 2015

All week Mercury continues to forge a fantastic angle to Saturn. This influence, running on from last week, is perfect for structuring of our thinking in a really meaningful and exacting way. Precision can be linked to gaining knowledge, research, and communications with person kind. We need to mean what we say, and say what we mean under this influence.

From Monday to Wednesday the Sun continues in the sign of Aquarius and there is also the second new Moon of the month in this sign on Wednesday, the rare Black Moon which provides encouragement to any group cooperative or collaborative activities that we engage ourselves in.

All week Venus and Mars are in tandem but across two different the Zodiac signs. Initially they continue their journey through Pisces but then switch into Aries on Friday and Saturday, with Mars ingress in the first and Venus second. The combination of these two, is obviously an opportunity to improve social and romantic prospects but equally to balance the masculine and feminine principles within whatever way trying to do in other words fine-tune our output.

Thursday sees the Sun power into Pisces, for the first time in eleven months. This is the last of the twelve zodiac signs and represents the accumulation of the Sun’s journey through the previous eleven signs. Pisces has a reputation for being meditative, gentle, creative, artistic, changeable, and sometimes indecisive. But there are many captains of industry that are Pisces people, not least because of the inherent flexibility of this sign, and the ability to surf office politics skilfully.

However, as much as Saturn is forging a really constructive link to Mercury, it forges a more challenging one to the Sun, right through to the end of the week and beyond the right angle created can be a block to progress, a limitation and create a degree of frustration and obstacles. This is not a good time to overburden ourselves with objectives and goals and ambitions that are going to be hard to see through. Be realistic in assessing your talents and where they can be applied. It’s going to be important to walk the straight and narrow when it comes to any legalistic issues, or the rules of the country or state that you live in. There can be a tendency with this combination to exaggerate issues or to amplify their true meaning due to vague fears or suspicions.

However, as Mars arrives in the sign it governs on Friday, it’s going to be much more comfortable in its transit through Aries, in the following six weeks. Your energy or motivation have been affected in the past six weeks it really wouldn’t be a surprise. Now he is going to help to fire us all up in a new cycle, which will be reinforced at the time the spring Equinox on 21st of March. But this can be an interesting end to the week, one which can prove fast moving and fascinating too.

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Valentine’s Day Horoscopes

ARIES Mar 21st – Apr 20th

You’ve a reputation for setting the love agenda. Your ruler Mars, is the masculine sign of romance giving you a go getting attitude and your daring and bold approach can often pay off. But you can have a low boredom threshold and your love life needs to continually recreate itself to keep your attention. However, you can be very intuitive and deeply caring towards those you love and this softer side of your nature can see you yearn for a more meaningful involvement.

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TAURUS Apr 21st – May 21st

You are probably one of the most sensual of signs, and your earthiness, along with the alluring charm of your ruler Venus, gives you a simmering sex appeal. But you’ve a reputation for stubbornness and possessiveness. Yet probably the most direct way to your heart is through a sense of security and your love of the good things in life. Once committed, you can be awesomely loyal. But relationships can get into a rut if you hang on for fear of change.

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GEMINI May 22nd – Jun 21st

You’ve a reputation for flightiness, a here today, gone tomorrow attitude. Yet you are one of the most bubby of people to be around and the more there are, the merrier you’ll be. But this can cause problems if a partner wants your undivided attention and leads you to feel stifled. But perhaps you do have to learn that the deepest bonds come from sticking at it and by letting your emotions surface, something you can find tricky.

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CANCER Jun 22nd – Jul 23rd

You are the sign of the Crab and you’ve a reputation as a home maker and the protector of your clan. You can indeed be very caring, and sincerity is likely to be high up your list of “must haves” in a partner. Yet there is a hidden side to your nature and your private approach to loving disguises a truly hot streak and a desire to bond with someone at a very deep and intimate level. Just watch you aren’t so protective that it’s seen as being controlling. Give a lover some space.

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LEO Jul 24th – Aug 23rd

You are the most glamorous of signs, and project a very noble, even regal air. When you switch on your loving a partner can feel totally bewitched – such is the exclusive world that you create, and this can make them feel so very special. However, rather surprisingly, you can be deeply conservative towards relationships and this can see you miss out on excitement in love because you like to protect yourself and your sensitivities.

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VIRGO Aug 24th – Sep 23rd

Your reputation is for organisation. But your steady, good humoured approach to loving can be your most endearing feature. Sure, when the stresses build up, little issues, that maybe wouldn’t bother other people, can really get you down and you need to work at not projecting your frustrations onto a partner. And also there can be a tendency to not praise your loved one, seeing your romantic glass as half full, rather than half empty.

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LIBRA Sep 24th – Oct 23rd

Your ruler is the planet of grace and charm Venus. And because yours is an air sign, you have little difficulty in cultivating a very sophisticated persona, which draw admirers your way. But at times, you can be a little superficial about relationships, preferring someone to dress and act in a way which conforms to your exacting standards. Yet there is little doubting that you are the ultimate smoothy, but if someone is to really captivate you, they may well need to show a more fiery and intense nature than many would believe.

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SCORPIO Oct 24th – Nov 22nd

You often have burningly intense eyes which can either be a love trap or scare the faint hearted away. The combination of forceful and sexy Mars and deep Pluto, as your ruling planets, often means there can be a slightly obsessive quality to your loving, but when you are really switched on, you give it your all and this is what makes you such a worthy catch and this total commitment is often part of the potent mix you bring to your relationships.

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SAGITTARIUS Nov 23rd – Dec 21st

You cut a dash at the best of times and your bright, breezy and optimistic approach to loving can certainly turn heads. If you identify a love target you can seek out your quarry with determination, but perhaps it’s the thrill of the chase which turns you on the most, because you can get easily bored and soon find yourself looking for a more entertaining companion. Honest to a fault, you need someone who can deal with your frank approach. However, once you’re truly smitten you can make the most loyal of lovers.

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CAPRICORN Dec 22nd – Jan 20th

You can be quite shy, at least in the early stages of a relationship and can be so fearful of rejection, may not even try to woo someone you fancy, unless all the vibes around the situation feel exactly right. However, once you do get going your elementally earthy magic can make you one of the most captivating of lovers and your superb sense of humour, especially as you get older can add more and more happiness.

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AQUARIUS Jan 21st – Feb 19th

Your uniqueness as a person gives you an air of naivety which can be endearing. Yet there are two sides to your nature. On one hand loyal and steadfast and on the other hand zany and idiosyncratic. Blending these together is confusing for you at times, let alone those you’re involved with. But you can be the most down to earth of lovers, and you look for sincerity in a partner, and can accept them warts and all – if they own up to their own fallibilities. But probably most of all you need someone you can talk to – conversation is your life blood.

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PISCES Feb 20th – Mar 20th

Your ruling planets are Neptune and Jupiter. This is a unique combination in so far it can be so otherworldly and make you very idealistic about your love life. But then isn’t this what love is supposed to be about? And so you can keep hanging on for that perfect emotional and physical combination that would see you trip the light fantastic. You can be dreamy too, and sometimes it can be hard for a partner to get you to confront things. But your love magic is unquestionable, perhaps because there is always something just a little bit mysterious and intangible about you.

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Astrology Overview for WC 9th February 2015

The week begins with the opposition between the Sun in Aquarius and Jupiter in Leo, that runs on from last week, still much to the fore. This is certainly a bouncy influence, but it will just be in full affect on Monday. Tuesday marks the last of the three week retrograde of Mercury Aquarius. Yet when the planet start to rewind it was 17 degrees. Now it is just 1 degree Aquarius. And whilst its starts to go forwards on Wednesday and many glitches can melt away, it won’t be until the 4th of March before Mercury goes to 17 degrees Aquarius and any more complex glitches finally fully unravel. Pleasingly this week, Mercury does forge a broad but helpful link to Saturn. This will tighten up next week, but this aspect is going to be very helpful in organising our thought processes and especially around any future orientated activities.

Venus and Mars do continue in the sign of Pisces, and whilst not actually in contact in the earlier part of the week, Venus particularly, is helpful in this sign, especially for any artistic or creative pursuits. Mars is less so, so we need to work at keeping motivation going. Thursday sees a Quarter Moon in Scorpio. With this and the Sun Fixed signs, flexibility is the keyword here. Stubborn resistance to doing anything new or different so be resisted and broad terms this can throw into relief any politics percolating around groups of people, circles of friends etc, and suggests we need to stay business like around financial dealings, not get too caught up in idealism.

Of course the end of the week, Saturday 14th to be precise sees Valentine’s Day. And Venus and Mars conspire to close up into a three degree conjunction for the big day. In fact they are going to be pretty well side by side (though across two different zodiac signs) through to early March. So a rather interesting time for relationships and finances (Venus rules both) is in store.

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February Forecast

‘Love is in the air’ as February comes around, quite literally in fact. As the Air Sign Aquarius of universal love and Valentine’s Day meet for a date this month!

However, it seems Uranus ruled Aquarius; full of nervous energy; has showed up early for this date. As the Sign of the Water Bearer has already begun gushing an outpouring of universal love, arising in reaction to last month’s terrorist attacks in Paris. Although, what the Air Sign of Aquarius desires is more about a meeting of the minds than body, stirring people’s consciousness. As feet may have congregated in street demonstrations, but the Sign of Aquarius encourages intellectual rebellion and the freedom of speech. This theme continuing as the month of February begins.

As like scanning a crowded room for your date, a quick glance at February’s planetary movements sees a move towards humanitarian and spiritual values persist, as the Sun advances through the Signs of Aquarius and Pisces. While, everyday life and progress faces a few more hiccups, whether regarding personal love life or large scale operations, as Planets clash at critical points and retrograde planetary oppositions remain. Although, the New and Full Moon activity should help reconcile some of these issues and perhaps in some way unite the personal with the universal.

So, on the first day of February, it seems the Air Sign of Aquarius has already finished its starter and is on its main course. For February opens with the Sun coursing midway through Aquarius, with an unwanted side order of Mercury it would seem. As Mercury, the Planet of intellect, movement and communications remains by the Sun’s side until the Sun makes its excuses and exits on the 18th.

Although, a big mix-up with the side order has occurred, as remember Mercury is still causing havoc in retrograde motion. So, misunderstandings, mishaps and all-round mistakes feel like the order of the day, until it turns direct on the 12th, just in time for Valentines. Even then though, this side order will not have been completely cleared away, its influence still being felt. Therefore, at these times, if possible, it is better to act on instinct than planning, as even best laid plans can go astray.

This is especially true this month, for Mercury is not the only troublesome Planet, as opposing Jupiter also maintains its stationary placing in Leo. So, any activities the Sun’s energy is directed towards progress is stalled and thwarted. The UK already experiencing this, with equal pay and threats of ambulance strikes, as Aquarian, represented Union ideals are not met by the Leo, governing body. While, continued transport problems with air travel headlining and further computer and technological glitches will need straightening out.

So, the Sun’s vitality is already struggling as February begins, out of its comfort zone in opposing Aquarius. It’s further drained by Mercury and Jupiter’s presence, as ‘two’s company, three’s a crowd’. For Mercury and Jupiter both show up at the Sun’s round table with old issues they cannot let go of, from clashes with heads of State and government to continued troubles with Royals, those in the public eye and generally, the entertainment industry. As this opposition disturbs people’s enjoyment, from safety issues to children’s welfare. However, in the case of Aquarius versus Leo, it is difficult to resolve, as the needs of many are vying against those of the elite few. However, this month’s Full and New Moon should offer fresh input.

For the 3rd’s finalising Full Moon in Leo should illuminate ideas, musical attainments and permanent child protection against corrupt individuals and groups. Whilst it affects everyday life in Iraq, China’s changing partnerships and the United Nations’ affairs and Israel. Also stricter ideas in North Korea and transformations to working life and services in Paris should occur, most likely springing from recent events, along with unexpected occurrences at the NY stock exchange and NASA.

With the following 18th’s New Moon in Aquarius, reinforcing issues, focussing on measures to avoid terrorist attacks, as Mercury now in direct motion aids, updating scrutiny of technological communications. Although, this New Moon used positively symbolises abundance, along with fortuity for Writers, Actors and Musicians. This appropriately falling as Awards’ Season works its way up to Oscar Night. However, that night may see pure entertainment lose out to innovative ideas, especially as Mars and Venus advance one after another into Aries, joining groundbreaking, Uranus. While, expect this month’s Moon activity to create further confusion in Egypt, financial change and upheaval in Japan and the Vatican.

Meanwhile, caring institutions will face further concerns, due to Venus remaining in Pisces until the 20th, along with Mars and Neptune. As wide-scale distress regarding hospital services perseveres. This not seeming to let up, as is also evident with the weather, as disruptive conditions involving water and the sea prevail, due to the fact that as Venus and Mars are set to check out of Pisces, the Sun then checks in, at odds with Saturn in a critical condition. This highlighting foreign affairs, religious plights and human suffering, as well as initiating escapist activities, as new drugs may hit the streets and entertainment streaming or gaming activities advance, aided by other planetary movements. This may also bring about new energy sources, as Venus and Mars join inventive Uranus in pioneering Aries.

These sources being much needed, as with money Venus and action Mars joining Uranus in Aries, Cardinal Planets will be further at odds as Pluto in Capricorn and the Libra Nodes remains. This causing unexpected money problem eruptions in government, as attempts at new proposals do not sit easily with the public. As the UK tries to implement tough new measures, but many view it as election rhetoric. This perhaps causing unsettlement in Scotland starred this month. While, within Europe, Belgium, Germany and Spain undergo disturbances, further afar, Bangladesh and Iran experience possible violence.

So, in sum this February is not a leap year, but development requires a leap of faith!

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Astrology Overview for WC 2nd February 2015

Last week’s beautiful encounter between Venus and Neptune goes until Wednesday. Remember this can point towards true love, or at least the idea of being in love with love, so proceed cautiously but with an open heart.

Tuesday sees an intense Full Moon in the sign of Leo and both this and the Sun angle back positively to the planet of freedom of Uranus. This suggests that there could be some sparky encounters in the following days where people battle for control or at the very least independence. Some of these battles may be non-combative and generally very subtle whilst others can be really full on. With Mercury tracking backwards in Aquarius still, it’s going to be important not to get too caught up in fixed attitudes. Why? Well both Aquarius and Leo have a fixed quality, and therefore flexibility will help to ease the way.

Fortunately, the retreating Mercury does forge a fantastic link with Saturn for the whole of the week. Saturn can act as a kind of anchor, and whilst inevitably there will be some misunderstandings, technology failures, or mixed signals, if we really put our minds to it we can actually gain something from their alliance, despite Mercury’s retrograde.

The second half of the week sees the Sun and Jupiter in opposition, and both the signs of Aquarius and Leo come to the fore again within this. This can be one of the most upbeat and positive of influences, but also can lead to boring behaviour, bragging, claims that lacks substance, and where people generally try to big themselves up. So wherever possible it is going to be important to feel confident but also be mindful of the needs of anyone else we are speaking to. Proceed carefully around speculative schemes.

Finally Venus moves on from Neptune midweek but engages the deep energies of Pluto. This is possibly one of the most sexual of influences, and can raise passions in a committed relationship that perhaps is run into a period of routine. But equally the dreamy vibes of earlier in the week can be converted to something more tangible in terms of sensual action. As ever it’s always important to understand the terms of reference in any relationship of this intimacy, and for there to be an equal agreement about how it should be conducted. If this is lacking there is the potential for using and abusing under the auspices of this aspect. Fortunately, the logical energy of Aquarius, and its humanitarianism can help to counteract some of this more negative potential.

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Astrology Overview for WC 26th January 2015

The week begins with Mars separating from is conjunction with Neptune which is run on for the previous 10 days, or so. However, this can create a greater clarity in terms of our goals and energy and less confusion, distortion, discouragement, enervation, and even dishonesty all of which have, potentially been to the fore during this period.

However Neptune does remain influential this week, continuing as it does in a broad square with Saturn. This will be relatively subtle, and broad right angle from Neptune in Pisces will lap away at the shores of Saturn in Sagittarius. With both signs mutable, this can also be a rather discouraging influence – especially where there is any situation in your life where you are unsure of where you stand. The not knowing can be as bad, as far as any anxieties are concerned.

Structures that we have depended upon – Saturn, can be eroded especially where the is an inability to take responsibility. Cyber, political or religious terrorism would be classic indicators of this particular aspect because they are so insidious.

Mercury also continues to rewind this week, in the sign of Aquarius, but it does forge a great link with Uranus, the modern code ruler of this sign. Though Mercury retrograde can of course be tricky in itself this combination points towards innovation, far sighted ideas, and the ability to understand in our own lives where we have become too dependent, and lack a more independent view on our approach the things.

On Tuesday there is a Quarter Moon in Taurus. This reminds the Sun in Aquarius the importance of tangibility around any unusual ideas but does provide a backdrop for the rest of the week.

Wednesday sees Venus glide into Pisces. In this location Venus is exalted, and the combination it forges with Neptune through to the end of the week is truly quite beautiful. This can bring into focus the arts, performance, culture, and rather sensual loving. If you are fortunate enough to have met someone recently and things are really chiming between you, the chances are things will hot up on the back of this aspect. If however the confusion that Mars Neptune brought to bear has led to an uncertainty in your love life, or you meet someone this week who runs more on the mysterious rather than the tangible side, do proceed with caution.

With Mercury and the Sun combining in a conjunction in the second half of the week, the vibes of Aquarius are amplified even more. When these two get-together it can lead to really quite ingenious developments, but equally you can point towards making hasty decisions on limited information, and with Mercury still in retrograde that something we should be mindful of.

Finally, as the week draws to a close the Sun itself forges a brilliant angle to Uranus. Once more me may find ourselves hearing about scientific breakthroughs, novel software applications, and developments of infrastructure that can aid person kind. But they can also be erratic developments, sudden switchbacks, and U turns in people’s approach or attitudes.

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Astrology Overview for WC 19th January 2015

The week begins with the Moon going conjunct with Pluto, which will also square with Uranus. In fact Uranus and Pluto square exactly on Friday and Saturday, though the overall influence has been broadly in affect for the last couple of years. This is potentially one of the most trying of aspects and very much behind the geopolitical turbulence that has been sweeping the globe. In your own situation, the things that you don’t want to do may be those that you find yourself increasingly revolting against. Of course, we might not want to go to work, but we have to pay the bills so that can create an inner tension or resentments. Radical energies battle with more conservative forces. President Putin’s Natal Horoscope is very closely tied in with this aspect, and I think developments within Russia are a direct result of this challenging influence.

Pleasingly however, the Sun moves into Aquarius on Tuesday, and there is also a New Moon in the Water Carrier.  This along with the presence of Mercury and Venus in the Water Carrier, suggests there is a potential for greater co-operation to ensue, particularly with the Sun being “anchored” by the resolute energies of Saturn for some of the week. More challenging however, is that Mercury begins the first of its three annual rewinds on Wednesday, and Mars continues in conjunction with Neptune all week. The former asks us to ensure we are careful and precise with the details of what we can influence ourselves – written communication, emails, texts can all be areas for potential misunderstanding but equally any push for greater democracy that may come from this clustering of Aquarius energy may be challenged by the fact the modern ruler of the sign, Uranus, is itself the rebel planet. Ironically Mercury’s retrograde brings it back into a fine angle with Uranus by the weekend, so innovation may be to the fore, but I don’t think we can expect an idealistic nirvana. Mars and Neptune as I mentioned last time is a combination with the potential for trickiness, deceit and disillusion. Mars is not at its best in Pisces but we can look forward to a month’s time when it returns to its ruler Aries.

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