Astrology Overview for WC 27th March 2017

The week begins the Sun, Mercury , Venus and also Uranus, still clustered in the sign of the go-getting Aries. This provides a fantastic opportunity to continue to revitalize the strands that are important to us by taking action and showing initiative on any new opportunities. This is not a time to navel gaze or to over analyse things. Taking our ideas and putting them into action can prove exciting and rejuvenating. With the planet of change, Pluto, also continuing to square up to the expansive energies of Jupiter, this can give us all a taste for self-promotion and pushing forward with conviction and determination. All this is given an added boost by the New Moon on Tuesday. This is urging us into believing in our convictions but not necessarily expecting instant results as much as being captivated by the feeling of moving forwards and instigating change.

If life has seemed a little dull bogged down or same,y this is our chance to be more dynamic. It is true that by Saturday Mercury is going to relocate into the sign of Taurus , joining up with Mars. So there is an earthier echo still in the background of everything which will be emphasized more as the week draws to a close. Not least because Mars is going to forge an awesome angle to Pluto over the weekend. These two planets are the co-rulers of the sign of Scorpio which itself is all about passion and conviction. If there is an opportunity to convert bright ideas into something more stable, tangible and transforming, then we need to seize it with both hands.

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The one area that does perhaps still require a little bit of extra care is around relationships. Venus does continue to re-trace her steps and by the very end of this week is moved to just 0 degrees Aries. The added dynamism that we can inject into many areas of our life can actually prove to be a bit of a fault line when it comes to more sensitive interactions. Here boldness can actually be a negative. So whatever we are trying to achieve as far as our big picture is concerned, staying attuned to the undercurrent’s in our closest ties and the needs of the people who are most important in our lives is going to be important this week, and in truth, for the whole of the upcoming month of April.

Astrology Overview for WC 20th March 2017

The week begins with a Quarter Moon in the sign of Capricorn. When it comes to our most deeply held hopes, this can see feelings close to the surface. Essentially with such a clustering of energy in the fire sign of Aries, for along with the Sun ‘s new arrival, there is Mercury, Venus and Uranus , all bunched together. Individuality, impulsiveness, and new beginnings are very much to the fore. So the more conservative energies of this Moon can act as a counterpoint. Furthermore, Jupiter continues its right angle with Pluto in Capricorn, which asks us to temper our hopes around the reactions of others with the realism of their situation or circumstances.

The second half of this week is particularly busy from a planetary viewpoint. This sees Mars in Taurus forge a gentle link to Neptune, which can just soften the more individualistic, and even materialistic side of Mars in this location, and hopefully sees us in general more mindful of those who are less fortunate. But things really start to sparkle, as the Sun conjoins with the reversing Venus, and Mercury merges with the restless energies of Uranus. So this week has quite a central theme, of bright sparkly and perhaps impulsive moves coming from Aries, and more censorious, traditional, and orthodox vibes coming from the sign of Capricorn.

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Also the reversing Jupiter ends its opposition from now with Uranus, which can see hopefully see less outlandish claims made more globally especially around the whole concept of fake news! Although your Uranus continues to forge its long-term angle to Saturn which is progressive and helpful, though the Uranus Jupiter opposition will return in September and through half of October.

Astrology Overview for WC 13th March 2017

Paradoxes are a big part of astrology, because one influence can be largely positive, and another largely negative, and how this is balanced is down to the skill of the astrologer using a technique called weighting. How? Well, in other words weighting the importance of key aspects, and divining which will have the greatest impact.

This week has two mega planetary influences, and the first runs on from last week and involves Jupiter, the planet of growth. Of course Jupiter has been in opposition to Uranus for some months and this has been creating a very vibrant kind of energy, pushing us to improve our knowledge, and at times to step outside of our comfort zones. But last week Jupiter started to tangle with the tiniest but perhaps most potent of the outer planets, in Pluto, in a repeat of what happens through November and half of December last year. This is repeated this week, and this can give us a heightened desire to succeed and to believe that through sheer willpower and positivism things can change for the better. Well perhaps some can. But it’s very important not to push so hard that we trample over the feelings of others, in our desire to get ahead of to achieve our goals.

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Now, running in tandem to this aspect is Sun square Saturn, the other of the outer planet “big beasts”. This is the last full week of the Sun passing through the sign of Pisces this year. So we are working towards the end of a period of reflection, preparing for some fabulous new starts that the new celestial year will create from the 20th of March. However, with the Sun being checked by the restrictive energies of Saturn from Tuesday through ‘till Sunday, our vitality could collectively be affected by this, with a greater potential to feel drained than usual. Information can come into the open which is awkward or which we find more difficult to receive. Some of this information may prove faulty, so if there is any situation where you need your facts to be correct, do double check them. Pisces can be a very compassionate but fluid influence, while Saturn in Sagittarius is all about knowledge. It’s possible that someone will find it difficult to understand the level of support and commitment that is being invested in a situation – perhaps because it is a more nuanced, and could be very critical or very demanding. However challenging it may be for us to fulfill our responsibilities, perhaps in the face of this critique, we do need to try to do so.

However, the week begins with Mars becoming established in the sign of Taurus. This is a very sensual location for this planet, and can increase our desire for life’s more pleasurable pursuits, material goodies, and also greater intimacy in love relationships. Mars also forges a semi-sextile, which is very positive and enabling, to Mercury the planet of communication, which arrives in the sign of Aries on Tuesday. This combination can see us in the mood to initiate and get on the front foot around our thinking but also in our actions.

And talking of nuances and subtleties, Venus actually forges a very good link with Neptune through to Saturday. This suggests that when it comes to our love lives it’s is going to be important to stay tuned to our sixth senses. And despite the fact that the Sun’s angle to Saturn can create a feeling of constraint the weekend sees Venus combining beautifully with Mercury, which in the sign of Aries can be quite playful, and lead to some bright and bubbly interaction.

So this week is not going to be all about challenges, it’s more about marshaling the available energy we do have in an appropriate way, and also given ourselves the chance to create the diversions and have the fun to deal with the more draining and tricky of impacts, that the tough influences can have.

Astrology Overview March 2017

With February finishing with something of a ‘technical challenge’ and ‘showstopper’ involving Hollywood, you may be forgiven for thinking it was not the ‘Oscars’, but ‘The Great British Bake Off’ returning to our screens! Although, as we enter March, we can see this month not only brings plenty of Easter’s eggs, but a few more mix-ups, half-baked ideas and much to sieve through. As March may not mark the beginning of a new Bake Off, but instead the start of ‘The Great British Break Off’!

However, as this March gets underway, this month’s planetary movements emphasise the difficulties in attempting to break off a piece from the EU. As taking a slice cannot be iced over it seems, without it affecting the whole and causing some icing over of relations instead. Whilst, across the pond, there appears to be further frosting this month, as ‘hundreds and thousands’ remain troubled by the divisions created. So as March begins, it seems less about ‘cake-stands’ and more about knowing where you stand or making one, as disillusion and confusion abounds.

Due to the month opening not only with the Sun in the Mutable Water Sign of Pisces, but also everyday Mercury and deceptive Neptune co-joined in illusive Pisces too, causing many to feel that rather than ‘March-in’ ahead, this March they are just keeping their heads above water. As with the ‘tectonic plates’ of Europe shifting and the new wave of ideas from the US President elect quite literally creating waves, many are in search of safe ground. Although, you could say there is a struggle against the tide this month, as the current of activity has the ability to cause many to go against this tidal pull, rather than be drawn back.

As a strong mystical Pisces influence this March, enforced by last month’s New Moon Eclipse, offers the possibility of reaching the highest spiritual enlightenment or sinking to that ‘soggy bottom’. This being evident by the Piscean symbol of the two fishes facing in opposite directions, as this final Zodiac Sign has the potential to be the most evolved or cause its undoing.

This further reinforced as we go into March, as these Piscean Planets remain at odds with the karmic Moon’s Virgo North Node or ‘Dragon’s Head’, placed at its tail with the South Node in Pisces, signifying a need to let go in some way. Therefore, it is no great surprise that the ‘Brexit’ process begins under the dissolving power of Pisces, but there may well be some unforeseen shockers as the month continues, due to planetary patterns maintaining tricky relations. As the Oscar ceremony calamity demonstrates, as a Piscean Moon’s eclipse nearly saw film, ‘Moonlight’ eclipsed.

However, the envelope mix-up occurred under mystifying Mutable Planets, but it was unexpected Uranus uniting with pleasurable Venus and angry Mars in Aries against Capricorn Pluto and more significantly opposing retrograde lucky Jupiter in Libra. As those who thought they were in luck found a quick reversal of fortune under these aspects. So expect further occurrences continuing throughout March, as a challenging retrograde Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto formation, sees those who think they can ‘have their cake and eat it too’ left with ‘t’ and no cake, in the form of a T-square.

The effects of which are exacerbated not only by fiery Mars at home in Aries until the 10th, but Venus out of its comfort zone all month in Aries retrograding from the 4th too. While Mercury, the Planet of movement and communication, comes along for the ride, joining Aries from the 14th, the 20th the Sun and an initiating Aries New Moon on the 28th. This bringing a different ‘kettle of fish’ entirely, as the kettle reaches boiling point, with several critical degrees activated this month, meaning many may see the fire breathing from that ‘Dragon’s head’ or literally through weather conditions.

As akin to ‘St George slaying the dragon’, this month the individual versus the hierarchy system, with the New Aries Moon on the 20th illuminating new rules and strategies to aid everyday people. This heralding beneficial new types of partnerships for the UK, as it prepares to leave the EU. Whereas, Mexico, Egypt, China and the United Nations may experience drawbacks, as France, Australia, NASA, New York and its Stock Exchange face challenges. While, further shocking religious revelations are exposed, as well as Hollywood secrets and regressive White House plans.

Although, the 12th’s Full Moon in Virgo takes care of the ground work and finer details, focussing on attempting to resolve health and work issues and implications for those most vulnerable. However, this may feel like ‘treading water’, with a multitude of Planets in opposing watery Pisces, combined with angular Saturn in Sagittarius. As fixing neglect in health care and immigration quarters is paramount this month, especially as the North Node offers the final opportunity to address concerns, before Leo ‘enters the dragon’s head’! However, this seems less likely to occur in the US with the Full Moon underlining less clarity, as Canada attains more and Japan and North Korea are activated. As lunar activity this month illuminates Politicians and the possibility of violence or military action, if situations are not handled with ‘kid gloves’!

As with Venus and Jupiter in retrograde motion, abiding by a look before you leap attitude this month seems sensible, in an attempt to avoid a magnitude of headaches, from legal to personal dilemmas. For legal decisions formed maybe overturned and things will not live up to expectations at a later date, so not an ideal time to buy, sell or embark on new relationships. This is especially true with Mars advancing into Venus ruled Taurus from the 10th, as when Planets turn direct again, you may find you want your money or heart back again. While, outside of personal factors, worldwide this month, Russia, Cape Verde, Germany, Greece, Portugal, Bosnia and Croatia are also starred, along with Namibia, Tibet, Guatemala and Madagascar.

So following last month’s notable planetary line-ups, this month brings a memorable ‘March-in-time’! However, with so much on the table, it seems preferable to not ‘fork’ out, but ‘contem-plate’!

Astrology Overview for WC 6th March 2017

The week begins with Mars entering its last four days in the sign of Aries which it rules. It continues to forge a very productive link was Saturn the planet of structure, so any plan which is well thought through, researched and executed has a fabulous chance of sustaining itself in the longer term. However with both of the Sun and Mercury in the sign of Pisces, at least for some of us this can be a week when we have an opportunity to be reflective, and to prepare ourselves for the new Solar Year which begins on 20th of March.

But there does continue to be along with Mars, the presence of Venus and also Uranus in the sign of Aries, so there is a contrast between these more thoughtful vibes from Pisces and the more go-getting energies that Aries brings to the equation. Furthermore Pluto, the planet of power, truth, secrets, and transformation is forging some significant links with other planets this week. The most positive of these is its relationship with the Sun. Here we can balance our intuition with some of our moves in a more worldly context. The things that we do behind the scenes, can be just as important as what we do in more obvious ways. For example, taking soundings, doing research, having confidential discussions with others can all turn out helpfully. If you feel that your efforts are not being recognized, they may well be observed, but just not commented upon. People in positions of authority could be much more tuned to what’s going on in their environment than may seem obvious.

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All of this is important to stay aware of, because Pluto is actually forging a jarring link to Jupiter all week. If you cast your mind back to the whole of November and half of December 2016 last year, this aspect occurred then. There can be a tendency to be more forceful and to push agendas harder when these two get together. What we need to do is utilize the fairness of Jupiter in Libra to try to resist the desire to go quicker than we are ready to do. Also Jupiter is forging a Quincunx with the Sun so it will be important to under-promise and over-deliver. There could also be a tendency to almost be too much of a people pleaser with this influence. Knowing what boundaries we want to maintain and what we will agree to is going to be important, otherwise we may find ourselves with an ongoing liability or responsibility that we could grow to resent.

Friday sees Mars storm into Taurus, where he will remain for the next six weeks. Here the emphasis is on improving financial foundations, and in the more romantic context enjoying the lustier side of intimacy. However Saturday and Sunday see Mercury squaring with Saturn. This aspect can provide a dampener to our outlook, see us be more pessimistic, feel that others are less cooperative, and basically look at things as a glass half empty rather than a glass half full. It’s going to be important to retain a sense of positivity and stay mindful of the big picture.

Sunday sees the full Moon in Virgo, but this is forging an obtuse angle to urine us the planet of freedom. Once more any situation which requires us to make a commitment needs to be balanced against our own need to do what’s right for us as individuals. This Full Moon is also about understanding the more spiritual and emotional side of health issues, and when it comes to practicalities not ignoring that there can be nuances that do require awareness.

Astrology Overview for WC 27th February 2017

The week begins with the potency of last week’s Solar Eclipse still very much to the fore. Anything to do with embracing our dreams, imagination, creativity, flair, spiritual strands, mystical potential, film, photography, music and healing will all be much to the fore this week and for some months to come. All of these are heightened by the collaboration between Neptune and is the Eclipse and the Sun continues to combine with this dreamy influence all week. Mercury also moved last Sunday into the sign of Pisces and is going to be connecting itself with the Sun from Thursday through to the end of the week. One of the things it’s going to be really important therefore is not to jump to conclusions about situations, before we have a more factual picture.

And speaking of which compulsion is still going to be supercharged, by Mars is continuing conjunction with Uranus. This is a combination which can see any situation which is inherently unstable starts to wobble even more, but particularly where there are any limitations around personal freedom or our desire to express ourselves in the way we see fit. Of course last week and for ten days Mars had been in a tremendously tense right angle with the planet of power Pluto . Fortunately this right angle is now at an end. However the opposition between Mars and Uranus and Jupiter does continue, so there can be some very bold claims made this week, and a sense that anything is possible but the trick is going to be making sure that these are also achievable. Fortunately, from Tuesday through to Sunday Mars and Uranus actually forge a very stable link to Saturn, so innovative ideas and approaches as long as well thought through can take a step-by-step forwards.

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However on Saturday, Venus the planet of love does begin a rewind in the sign of Aries will last until the 2nd of April before then reversing into Taurus, where it will go direct mid month. However, it will not be until 19th May that that this planet returns to the same place from when the rewind began, so if you do notice any relationship issues on the back of this it can take a degree of perseverance to resolve them.

Sunday also sees a Quarter Moon in the sign of Gemini. Be aware that some issues can pop into the open that may be best kept discreet and if you encounter someone who tends to actively gossip you may be better to keep your astral cards close to your chest. The weekend also sees the Sun combining with Mercury in the sign of Pisces, but this is a combination that may in fact lessen the usual power of this combination, in terms of intellectual appreciation and analysis, but can be excellent for more intuitive thoughts and actions.

Astrology Overview for WC 20th February 2017

The week begins with the sun newly arrived in Pisces gaining a foothold in this Mutable Water sign. Pisces is ruled by both Neptune and also Jupiter , and both of these planets are being hugely influential so far this year and will continue to be so this week. Neptune is forging a continuing and beautiful link with Venus the planet of love and relating, but also that of money. This influence asks us to be conscious of our motivations about what we desire. Venus is in detriment in the sign of Aries, but upside of this location is it that it can push us to go for what we want. With Neptune in the mix too, listening to our hunches can be very important, but equally we shouldn’t kid ourselves about what our true motivations are.

Jupiter on the other hand continues in its opposition with Uranus, but with Mars alongside the planet of change from Wednesday through till Saturday, this is going to create a hugely stimulated set of planetary conditions. Why? Well when Mars and Jupiter get into opposition this can give us the sense that we are almost invincible. That any plan or project that we are involved in is almost certain to succeed. It’s great to have this electrifying bolts of extra energy and confidence pulsating around the heavens, but equally we shouldn’t promise more than we can realistically deliver. With your on us in the mix to its combination with Mars in particular can be quite volatile. Uranus in Aries is in itself intrinsically rather unstable, so with the ruler of Aries alongside, this creates a huge potential for sudden changes but not necessarily ones that have been well thought through. The desire for freedom, can be incredibly high. Restlessness and rebellion go hand in hand. Doing the usual everyday tasks can really lose their appeal. Generally most of us are going to be wanting a lot of stimulation. All this is very exciting but can lead to some impulsive moves that are not well thought through. Also, Pluto the planet of power, continues to square up with Mars for the whole week, and this really can lead to quite toxic environment, which may see some strident statements by world leaders, aggressive military moves, as well as political and social unrest.

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Mercury is also forging a link to your on us itself in the first half of this week, so I think generally there’s going to be a lot of emphasis on unusual original and innovative ideas, but ones which may upset the status quo. If you are someone who is a natural reformer, and loves to keep making constant changes in your life you will absolutely thrive on this set of circumstances. If however you tend to be someone who prefers to keep things on an even keel, and enjoy a degree of continuity, this could be more challenging especially if changes are forced up you.

Sunday also sees Mercury move into the sign of Pisces. Now I must be honest, this is not Mercury’s favourite location. Mercury is the ruler of Virgo and also Gemini , which in turn oppose and also square its transit through the sign of Pisces, so it is therefore in detriment. If we think about this in practical terms, Pisces is a dreamy, rather an ephemeral influence, was Mercury’s primary role is facts and figures, and clarity around communication. This could be to diluted from now through till the 14th of March when he moves into the sign of Aries.

The Sunday also sees one of the most exciting events of the year so far, the annular Solar Eclipse also in the sign of Pisces. The real significance of this Solar Eclipse comes in its conjunction with the co-ruler of Pisces Neptune. Therefore over the next six months there is going to be a shimmering, potentially dreamy vibe prevailing. However for those of us interested in and more spiritual themes, healing, care for those less fortunate, and gentle peaceful pursuits, this can be an incredibly potent backdrop right through to August.

Astrology Overview for WC 13th February 2017

The week begins with the Sun continuing its sensational angle to Jupiter which began last Wednesday. Ironically this goes on to this Wednesday too. This is the ultimate planetary aspect of growth and positivism, so we must continue to push forward with any enterprising strands in our situations. Monday to Wednesday also sees the Sun forging a very stable angle to Saturn, suggesting any gains made which are well thought through have an excellent chance of sustaining themselves in the longer term.

But fun can be had in the early part of this week to with Mercury forging a delightful angle to Venus also to Wednesday. This is one of the most playful of all planetary aspects, and can see some flirty texts and conversations going back and forth. If you enjoy crosswords puzzles and quizzes, for entering competitions, go for it you could have some success.

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From Wednesday through till the end of the week, Venus forges a subtle but important link to Neptune . This suggests the importance of listening to our sixth senses when it comes to deeper or more romantic relationship issues. Of course it is Valentine’s Day on Tuesday, and with Venus so well aspect it this week, there can be some delightful interaction for some lucky couples and people.

However the end of this week, does see one of the most testing of all planetary influences when the two rulers of Scorpio square up to each other on Friday and Saturday. This may see us encounter a situation where our desire to be a free spirit and do as we wish may not fit well with the expectations of someone we encounter, or the rules and regulations that prevail in your country or state, or organisation we work for may seem oppressive. This could lead to power struggles, and if we do encounter someone who seems to be using unreasonable force it will be important to stand our ground.

The weekend also sees the Sun on Saturday moving into the final stage of its journey in the sign of Pisces. This is one of the most reflective periods of the year, and may see as feeling nostalgic, or looking to embrace more spiritual or peaceful or creative strands in our situations. Film, photography, the arts, healing can all become more attractive.

Astrology Overview for WC 6th February 2017

The week begins, with Venus becoming established in Aries . However, Venus is in its detriment in this location, as Aries is very much about independent initiation, and Venus is very much about partnerships and working collaboratively, and is of course the ruler of the opposite sign of Aries, Libra.

However, the midpoint between Venus and also Mars in the sign of Aries, can be broadly positive because Mars can embolden Venus, and Venus can bring a little more subtlety discretion to the drive and energy that Mars in its home zone possesses. All of this can encourage us to take action if there is someone we are drawn to, and to be proactive.

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However, on Monday ironically, Jupiter in the sign of Libra goes into a retrograde, one which is going to last for the next four months. Of course Jupiter is very much about knowledge and about expansion, and in the sign of, Libra, it is about social justice, fairness and higher education. Yet, the planet continues to be in opposition to the stormy energies of Uranus in Aries, and both forge a fine angle to the supporting vibe of Saturn . All this can see individuals’ worldwide continue to wish to have their voices heard more clearly, and potentially see a clash between competing trends of social consciousness between nationalism and democracy.

Jupiter also goes into a superb Trine with the Sun in the second half of this week in the first half of the following week. This is one of the most enabling of all planetary angles, and where we feel it is right to take action, could turn out to be very successful.

The Sun in Aquarius also forges a fine link with Uranus it’s modern ruler, in the second half of the week, one which will be brilliant for innovation, and novel and brilliant solutions could come to the fore. If you are an entrepreneurial person, this could be a time when you have a major lightbulb moment.

Mercury also makes its move into the sign of Aquarius on Tuesday. Think back, it was 3rd of December that this planet entered the conservative energies of Capricorn, and apart from a week’s hiatus when he reversed into Sagittarius, has been there for this very extended time ever since. His arrival in Aquarius is going to spark a much more sociable and interactive period of the year for us all.

Saturday does those see the potent Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Leo. This can bring greater visibility and warmth to any issues that we need to buy just or work through, but the Moon and the Sun continue to be supported by Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus, so this could be an intriguing lunation, especially for driving into the open anything that’s been hidden, in an unfair, or unjust way.

Astrology Overview February 2017

February, finds us a couple of months into 2017 and features the day dedicated to couples, St Valentines. Although, with a couple of Eclipses this month too, it might feel for some like not just ‘dating in the dark’, but being kept in it! This making February something of a ‘Funny Valentine’!

So you could say as February plays out, it is not just ‘strangers in the night’, but ‘stranger things’ in the days too! Though, offset to some extent by the Sun in quirky, yet visionary, Aquarius as the month gets underway. This meaning, that rather than love at first sight occurring this Valentines, it is more a case of second sight, due to Aquarian’s canny ability to see future developments and the bigger picture long before most others. As even though we are only into the second month of the yearly calendar cycle, in the Zodiac cycle the Sign of Aquarius is second to last, evolved like the stages of mankind, from the ten previous Signs.

Therefore, it seems fitting this Sign is associated with not just the individual, but humanity as a whole and when used for good, living in a way that works to benefit the many, rather than the few. This is something continually in focus during this epoch in time, as instead of ‘eye strain’ an ‘I strain’ is taking place in general! As an ‘Us’ versus ‘them’ mentality persists or what you could call an ‘I test’, reaching off the charts this month, when the first two of four yearly Eclipses arrive, beginning with the finalising Full Moon.

As the 11th’s Leo illumination highlights healing of humanity in all its forms, demonstrated through correct leadership and teaching to medical fields and the Arts. This Eclipse particularly spotlighting UK’s wider responsibilities this month, as well as revealing White House actions seriously affecting relations and everyday anger in Mexico, along with confused frustration at the Vatican, perhaps over past abuses. Whilst, also starring North Korea and Israel/Palestine.

This is followed up by the 26th’s Piscean, initiating New Moon, associated with music’s harmonious blending of notes, along with intricate figures and mechanical workings, symbolising in a sense the way to attain lasting happiness. Though, if not heeded many maybe wishing someone would ‘fly me to the moon’, as sparks fly, due to this Moon linking to all forms of electricity! As well as activating movements in Canada, Iran and France amongst others.

These Eclipses being another example of ‘second sight’ or what you might term as a ‘repeat prescription’, due to the fact that since 2015, these Eclipses have replicated a pattern, beginning in Pisces and by and large appearing in these Signs or their rival counterparts. Therefore, it is not really unsurprisingly that the same themes are reprised as 2017 progresses, exemplified through the worldwide immigration plight and reproduced to a lesser degree in the struggles over public and private resources, as the now termed ‘humanitarian crisis’ in the health service embodies.

However, what is significant is this month marks the last of these Mutable Eclipses. As these long enduring Pisces fishes are set free, along with its opposing tail-end Sign of Virgo, signifying in some ways a shift in consciousness and some resolution. As lunar activity now predominantly alters to the Fixed Sign of Leo and its opposite, Aquarius over the next couple of years, reinforced by the Moon’s Nodes entering this pairing from April too. As leaders, royalty, the famous and powerful and their relationship with the public is emphasised.

Though, before then, this month sees further troubles arising, as from February’s start the Moon’s Nodes reach critical degree, up until the 11th’s Full Moon, signifying heightened struggles. As practical, Earth Sign, Virgo, literally ‘mother earth’, concerned with the health and well being of the individual and environment too, highlights scarcity of resources. Whilst, reflected at the other end of the scales, or perhaps more aptly ‘scales’ is watery Pisces, the Sign of the Fishes swimming in differing directions. As this scale ends, final Zodiac Sign is most acutely aware of human anguish, choosing this February to either swim away or face conditions head on. The tale of ‘loaves and fishes’ perhaps, as these little fishes can use their ‘loaf’ to share.

This scenario worsened by Neptune’s stint in long suffering Pisces, co-joined by the tail-end of Venus as the month begins, making a challenging angle to Sagittarius Saturn. This not only causing the hatches to be battened down weather-wise due to tempestuous conditions, but over immigration also, as restrictions go against human kindness. This reinforced throughout February, as the Sun begins in humanitarian Aquarius joined by everyday Mercury from the 7th, only to later both transition into compassionate, but confusing Pisces.

While, more ‘spectacles’ arise, due to Cardinal planetary configurations, as Capricorn Mercury joins Pluto until the 6th, challenging shocking Aries Uranus and fair Libra in Jupiter, only to see Venus and Mars turning up the heat in Aries. As Ex-Apprentice President Trump has already begun firing, but may find decisions ultimately backfiring, if he continues to abide by ‘My Way’ over the high way. As from the 6th legal Jupiter retrogrades, stalling government’s progress. This also affecting ‘Brexit’ proceedings, as triggering Article 50 is shrouded in ’50 shades of grey’, suggesting its going to be a messy ‘break-up’! Although, on the plus side this Valentine’s month seems the perfect time for thinking of coming out of the Single market, as Germany is highlighted this month. With Russia, Japan, Switzerland, Egypt, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon also starred, as well as Nepal, Chile, Mongolia, South Africa, Paraguay and Saudi Arabia.

So this Valentines, progress continues on building that ‘special relationship’ after last month’s episode of ‘first dates’. Whilst, planetary aspects create troubled industrial and foreign relations, as well as what you might call a February compiled of ‘blind dates’, due to the influence of illusive Pisces. However, one thing is for sure there is an inevitable ‘break-up’ looming, so keep in mind that national anthem, ‘I will survive’!