Astrology Overview August 2015

Once upon a time Astrology was viewed as a Science and even though Astrology and Science have since parted company, you could say they are on friendly terms! For both still often refer to certain terms, regarding the vocabulary of elements and symbols. So with this in mind, it is not surprising that in the Periodic Table, Au and Ag symbolise the precious, shiny metals of gold and silver. While, Aug generally symbolises the precious period of the year when the Sun is shining most, the month of August!

However, this August it is worth remembering that all that glistens is not always gold. For this month may open with the Sun, Mercury and Jupiter all in the sunny Sign of Leo, keeping spirits high and temperatures too. However, it seems it may just be a speck of gold-dust, as this August changes are afoot.

So the Fixed Sign of Leo, the lion may have thought it had found its place in the sun, with temperatures soaring, but it may find itself more likely moving on and roaring. As this month sees amiable Venus retrograde all month and an angry Mars entering Leo from the 9th, along with challenging aspects from Saturn, meaning August maybe less all gold and more a case of clouds with a silver ‘lion in’!

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For this August promises to be something of a changeable month, especially weather-wise, with Mercury, Jupiter and the Sun progressing from the fixed mode of Leo to Mutable Virgo. Thus, the golden rule to utilising planetary energies this month is to be adaptable, as the saying goes ‘a leopard may never change his spots’, but this Leo, lion will need to. This is particularly evident in the UK by this month’s Moon activity, with the 14th’s New Moon in Leo offering youngsters a new start, but emphasising new restrictions and responsibilities. As people’s hopes and dreams are affected; the group consensus and large organisations overall. While, the 29th’s Full Moon in Pisces only reinforces this, bringing to light changes impacting upon individuals’ pleasure and leisure time, along with their children.

Subsequently, this seems to be the message as this August progresses, as Leo’s prosperity is exchanged for Virgo’s austerity, as from the 8th everyday Mercury transits into the penny conscious Sign of Virgo, shortly followed by lucky Jupiter on the 11th and by the 23rd the Sun too. Therefore, this month begins with attention focussed on playing trivial pursuits, but swiftly advances into Mastermind, with analytical, cerebral Virgo assessing general conditions. As work ethics, health matters and people’s entire needs are considered, setting the way for the North Node’s arrival in October. However, with Neptune still in Pisces, now opposing, there will be difficulty in achieving clear-cut solutions, especially regarding those neglected and it may seem those suffering are left to their own devices, forgotten or simply unseen. This particularly coming to attention with the revealing Pisces Full Moon, as the threat of closure of many essential services for those with added needs appears probable, while those wealthier seem to benefit.

This spilling over into a broad feeling of frustration this month, as the generational Planets of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto remain in retrograde motion throughout August, stalling widespread advancement. This being particularly felt by the younger age bracket as the month commences, due to an abundance of Leo Planets. So demonstrations concerning possible tuition fees and childcare costs are possible, especially as a clashing Saturn turns direct from the 2nd. For Saturn’s last fling in stinging Scorpio stirs up many questions about shared finances, particularly the lack of them and apparent broken government promises given to the public. This is only further heightened as August begins with Mars in home orientated Cancer challenging stationary Uranus in Aries and Capricorn Pluto at a critical degree, as an unexpected backfiring of budget policies occur. Perhaps with an unemployment rise, as people give up work due to unsustainable expenses and disharmony at home.

So this August may not be a penny dreadful, but there is definitely a sense of being pennywise and putting away for a rainy day. Furthermore, this seems literally to be the case this month, as Mutable Planets make for some unpredictable global weather conditions, as well as social and economical states. While Greece will continue to feel cold winds this month from Mutable planetary movements, after EU resolutions were reached. However, within Europe, so too will Portugal, be experiencing upheaval, along with Germany which looks set to undergo some unexpected shocks. Meanwhile, further afar turmoil is starred in Morocco, Armenia, Mozambique, Sierra Leone and Papua New Guinea.

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Also hitting the headlines is Tajikistan and surrounding areas, as well as Oman, Malaya, the Marshall Islands and St Kitts. With South America starred too this month, as Brazil, Costa Rica and El Salvador are of interest. Whilst the Leo New Moon initiates hostile activity amongst youngsters daily life in Mexico and changing fortunes in Japan and in the U.S as well as appearances, along with new serious partnerships and legal responsibilities. Whereas this month, the Full Moon provides finalising changes particularly regarding Egypt’s status and pleasurable pursuits in Canada. Therefore, in total, with many Planets stationed or moving into more cautious territory, August allows us a period of adjustment before the evaluation phase, when Planets move into Libra, Sign of the Scales, next month. So you could say this month is about ‘waits and measures’ and taken advantage of, August will be ‘worth its wait in gold!’

Astrology Overview for WC 3rd August 2015

This week sees Saturn very much to the fore. First off, it is now travelling in a forward direction, after a 5 1/2 month backward track. Since the middle of June. It’s been reversing in the sign of Scorpio. Saturn in Scorpio can put greater emphasis on resources, sexuality, shared assets, and property matters and all of these have been under an extra degree of scrutiny, perhaps, both in our own lives, and in the wider context of society.

Now, with Saturn going forwards, and all of this week, forging a brilliant link with Mars, it is possible to balance the structural benefits of Saturn with the more go-ahead energies of the tiny red planet. So if there is something that you thoroughly researched, and you’re quite clear about what your objectives are, and you’re managing your time and resources shrewdly, this week can see you make significant progress.

Venus and Jupiter also continue to sparkle tightly together, in the sign of Leo. This is probably one of the most heartwarming and generous aspects possible. Yet, that doesn’t stop Saturn demonstrating another side of its capabilities, in squaring up to both these, and in the second half of the week, with the planet of talk and thought Mercury. So what does this mean? Well feel any situation where we are not being very shrewd in terms of managing things, or would be rather slapdash in terms of the extent to which were enjoying ourselves, could see us get getting pulled up. Saturn square with Mercury can also have quite an impact on the nervous system, causing headaches and stress. When it comes to any kind of risk taking, especially with big ticket items in terms of the cost, we do need to try to not get too carried away in the ebullience that all this Leo energy – that the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter conjunct, can collectively create.

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Furthermore, there’s also a Quarter Moon on Friday in Taurus. This is much more to do with everyday resources, however, equally it still encouraging us to marshal these carefully and not to be overly generous, splash cash on things we don’t really need, or support someone close to us financially who should really be taking more personal responsibility for their own situation.

However Saturday does see a change in the heavens when Mercury makes its way into Virgo. Virgo is one of the two zodiac signs that Mercury is the ruler of, the other being Gemini, but here Mercury brings its natural precision to bear, and the ability to be more discriminating and applied. However much all the Leo energy this week is urging us to be creative, this switch of Mercury is asking us to focus on the details.

Mars is also on the March as this week draws to a close on Sunday, this time ingressing into Leo. Leo in Mars is a very dramatic influence fantastic anything to do with performance ,the arts, larger-than-life gestures and giving confidence to more self expressive possibilities. Don’t be surprised in the following six weeks if there is a new fashion designer, that breaks through in a big way, or someone new comes to prominence in the world of popular culture.

Astrology Overview for WC 27th July 2015

This week is dominated by two astrological squares. Now, a square is when two planets are at right angles to one another, and this can cause a certain amount of abrasive energy. Speaking of which, the square between Mars and Uranus is probably one of the most abrasive energies possible, especially in the Zodiac signs that each planet occupies at the current time. Uranus in Aries is a very unstable, volatile influence and this is the planet of erratic changes, at the best of times. The raw power of Aries revs up its appetite for instability, change and rebellion even more. Mars in Cancer on the other hand, is rather a defensive, and with both planets are the being in Cardinal signs; one valuing security = Cancer, and the other initiation = Aries, you can instantly see why this week can see some battles between maintaining the status quo or control, or making sudden alterations.

Jupiter is also squaring up to Saturn, but this is a longer standing influence, and in some ways they can balance each other out, with Saturn asking testing questions about Jupiter’s desire to expand at will.

A third planetary square also overlaps into this week from last week, in the guise of the Quarter Moon in Scorpio this can see all sorts of fizzing energies, in relation to faulty judgement around risk taking, or inappropriate relationships, which can shape up and burn out very rapidly.

But the last few days of this week are particularly busy. The very last day of the month, on Friday, sees a Full Moon in Aquarius. This is the second Full Moon of the month, thus creating the phenomenon known as the blue Moon.

In reality, this is a battle between, the Aquarius principles of the group and the nurturing of co-operation, battling with the more ego centred demands of the Sun in Leo. For most of us this points towards having to manage your time more carefully and balancing the needs of our love life against friendships or group activities.

Uranus forges a much more positive influence on Saturday and Sunday in its angle with Mercury. This points towards innovation, fresh ideas, and sudden solutions to long-standing problems. And socially probably the enjoyment of some unexpected visitors, or invites which delight.

Saturday and Sunday also sees Venus combine with Jupiter in Leo, probably one of the most joyous combinations possible, and really this can be a tremendous boost if you are attending a function party, or going out for the night.

Astrology Overview for WC 20th July 2015

The week begins with the Sun, Mercury and Mars all in the sign of Cancer. However, in the case of Mars is also in a disruptive right angle with the planet of rebellion Uranus. This particular aspect can create an awful lot of tension. Mars in Cancer can be very reactive, whereas Uranus in Aries, very uncontrollable. This can lead to outpourings of frustration, and suddenly frayed tempers.

The great news however is that the Sun moves on Thursday into quite literally, the Sunni sign of Leo. This of course is its home Zodiac sign and gives it an opportunity to really create more warmth, drama and creativity in the following four weeks. He is joined the next day by Mercury on Friday, moving into Leo too. Mercury is far happier here than in the sign of cancer, where it has been for the previous twenty one days. This gives us all an opportunity to embrace more outgoing, sociable and lively agenda.

Yet despite this, Saturn does remain in a tight right angle itself all week with Jupiter, but I think this is can be one of those squares, which can actually be really quite helpful, into far as they both have very contrasting energies, and in some ways can offset each is more negative sides. Saturn helps Jupiter to be more grounded, and Jupiter helps Saturn to be less miserable!

A further earthy influence comes on Saturday when Venus goes into retrograde in the sign of Virgo. But this is going to be quite short lived only lasting until the end of July, in Virgo that is, the retrograde will continue right through until the end of the first week of September, but throughout that transition will be in the sign of Leo. However, what this will to see the square between Venus and Saturn be repeated, so from now until that time. Relationships generally are going to continue to be very much under the astral microscope

Astrology Overview for WC 13th July 2015

The week begins with Mars and Mercury still in contact with the dreamy energies of Neptune. If you do enjoy the arts, music, photography or watching films this can be a great way to start your week. You may also find yourself doing something for someone less fortunate or helping a charitable cause.

Yet this is a week that does have some very powerful dimensions; in fact I would go as far as to say, it could prove to be the most potent week of the whole year so far. This is because the two ruling planet’s of Scorpio Mars and Pluto are in conflict on opposite sides of the heavens. Mars is located in Cancer, where he can be rather reactive and defensive, and goes face-to-face with Pluto in Capricorn. Both are Cardinal signs and enjoy being in charge. This aspect may be characterised by a battle of wills in some relationships.

The plot is thickened furthermore by a square between the Sun and Uranus which runs from Monday through to Thursday. Thursday also sees a New Moon in Cancer and whilst this is an excellent time to work on the foundations of our existence, to think about where we live or how we live there, there may be some politics threaded through situations. This is principally because Uranus is the planet of rebellion, and will do its best to stir up a restlessness in the face of the more controlling energies of the Sun in Cancer.

There is also in opposition developing from Tuesday through to the end of the week between Mercury and Pluto. This aspect can see people be particularly dogmatic, dismissing other peoples’ viewpoints are making it difficult for them to be open minded.

In addition to all of this Venus continues to square up with Saturn. This is an aspect which can bring to a close any weak relationship, and you can see the potential for turbulence and conflict is really high all week.

The best way to deal with all of this is going to be through a spirits of give and take. Taking set positions and refusing to be flexible could cause real problems. Traditionalism can clash with modernity, and someone somewhere is set to be a tough task master. But don’t see this energy is exclusively coming from outside if you, because all of us could manifest elements of these influences ourselves, and self-discipline will be important this week.

Mundane Astrology Overview July 2015

It is often said that a good Chess player anticipates movements, always mentally several moves ahead of their current position. Well, the same could be said of a good Astrologer, observing planetary movements and anticipating their possible impact before they occur. So with this in mind, the month of July much like a chessboard offers plenty of squares, but events seem more chequered than black and white!

However, as July begins it is not bishops and knights at play, but the Cardinal instead. For this month commences with the Sun steadily progressing through the Cardinal Sign of Cancer, directing focus towards the home front in all senses. So, the emphasis is not so much on kings, but more of their castle as the month gets underway. This not only referring to actual properties and issues of land, but also our idea of home, as the Water Sign of Cancer also governs nurturing and emotional ties. Therefore, family and all domestic living arrangements, as well as our roots and heritage are spotlighted when the Sun inhabits the caring Sign of Cancer. Hence, after the Sun and Mars entered Cancer last month, we witnessed the legalisation of gay marriage throughout the U.S, aided by Saturn’s final visit in Scorpio, concluding previously unresolved affairs. Although, the ramifications of this decision will continue to be experienced throughout July, as something of a backlash arises. This heightened by this Month’s Moon activity, symbolising opposition to changing ideas in the U.S, national identity and everyday relations.

While, in terms of the UK, the appearance of the Moon this month seems to denote a more stabilising effect, finalising home concerns and providing a feeling of renewed control and status overall. This not only in regard to home-buying and taking that first move onto the property ladder, but also the concept of home as a fortress and who we choose to let in. As by the 16th we should begin to see some settlement in reference to immigration and EU dealings, when a New Moon arrives in Cancer and solutions with the 31st’s Full Moon in Aquarius. Though, up until this point, advancement may seem more stalemate than checkmate, as although the 2nd brings us a reconciling Full Moon in concrete Capricorn, its presence forms jarring aspects to other existing Cardinal Planets.

For it is at odds with the Sun and Mars in Cancer and incompatible with Libra’s North Node and Uranus in Aries. While, even Pluto also resident in Capricorn offers little positive reinforcement, due to it still remaining in retrograde motion throughout July. However, on the upside these clashing activity driven Cardinal Planets may cause some vigorous debate, but unfortunately that is all it is likely to be, as reaching agreement will appear impossible. Instead, this Cancer crab may feel like retreating to a rock-pool for the first half of July, as challenging planetary aspects joined with the heat from a united Sun and Mars create an atmosphere of over-exhaustion and frustration, as the pincers are out and a general feeling of crabbiness reins.

So be prepared for ructions within the family environment, although they will not remain contained within this domestic arena, as with the Moon and Pluto facing opposition, it seems possible changes within government are generating upheaval. As hidden aspects regarding benefits and regulations are exposed once again, disclosing long-term expenditure and planned payment cutbacks. For the Cancer Crab may attempt to sidestep addressing these issues, but other hostile Planets bring them to the forefront, especially from the 9th when everyday Mercury crosses from Gemini into Cancer too. This transition also putting the topic of childcare and early education high on the agenda, as a need for extra resources and added help with childcare costs is raised, accentuated by the 16th’s Cancer New Moon. While, a retrograde Neptune lingers over the unaddressed needs of those vulnerable and with addictions. Added to this, Saturn makes its finale in the Sign of Scorpio, so this Cancer Crab may find itself unable to sidestep problems at this time, finding itself literally ‘stuck between a rock and a hard-place’. For Saturn’s parting performance demands previously unsolved concerns are clawed through, particularly relating to the Scorpio domain of shared monies.

Whilst, this Scorpio Saturn transit also presents a further sting in its tail regarding abuses of power, as its swan song initiates some type of closure on previous child abuse revelations, as better protective legislation and family value initiatives are brought to the table. The topic of children remaining a priority all month, reinforced by Venus and Jupiter residing in the childlike Sign of Leo and further strengthened with the Sun moving into Leo from the 23rd. However, with Saturn at loggerheads with Jupiter as July draws to a close, passing legislation could prove tricky. Meanwhile, outside of the legal process, this planetary formation may spark further adverse events involving children. For Saturn in the last degrees of Scorpio can prompt violent proceedings whether manmade or environmental, as last month’s terrorism demonstrates and its presence will be felt until Saturn advances into Sagittarius in September.

So this month, Nigeria and South Africa as well as U.S congress may experience turmoil from these planetary movements as disorder seems likely. Meanwhile, within Europe; Germany, France and the UK look set to undergo upheaval. Also in the spotlight is Latvia, the continuing situations in Greece and Italy and further afar Cape Verde, the Ivory Coast, Peru and the Solomon Islands. With Malawi and Somalia also starred. Although, the favourable side of these planetary configurations sees pleasurable pursuits take prominence, as advances are made in areas such as on-line entertainment and the buzz and congestion of plenteous summertime events such as Wimbledon takes centre-court.

So like that game of Chess, following the rules seems necessary this July, as the Cardinal rule is the Cardinal rules the first half of July. With the Sun in the feminine, Moon ruled Sign of Cancer; instinct governs proceedings, especially with the unusual visitation of three Moons this month. However the latter half of July, sees the jungle King in play, as the Sun travels into the masculine Sun ruled Sign of Leo, ego driven behaviour dominates. So this July you literally get the Sun, Moon and the Stars!

Astrology Overview for WC 6th July 2015

The week begins with the Moon combining with Neptune in Pisces, on Monday. This aspect may make it rather difficult to engage with the week’s practicalities and instead see us preferring to surf any good times we enjoyed over the weekend. However, this week will soon wake us up with the influential Pluto set to hold sway in its opposition with the Sun in the first half of the week and with Mars towards the latter part. Pluto is the planet of truth and transformation and power. Located as it is in the sign of Capricorn it tends to be much more authoritarian and traditional in its impact. It is also a Cardinal sign therefore one which is very much to do with leadership and influence.

Yet with the Sun and Mars both in Cancer, also a Cardinal sign but ruled by the rather watery and sensitive energies of the Moon this points towards the potential for emotional conflicts and tensions. Therefore we may all encounter someone this week here you it can feel is more forceful than is necessary or makes demands upon us manifested through a desire to hold some kind of extra control over us.

However, we need to be realistic and honest in that this energy is not just going to be coming in towards us it is an energy we can manifest ourselves. This week can therefore see us more usually frustrated and impatient with any lack of progress. Mars in particular in Cancer can see us much more reactive and defensive. Fortunately, in the first half of the week Mercury retains a location in the sign of Gemini which can help us to be more logical and help us to deal with the overwhelming energies which can pulsate around the heavens this week.

On Wednesday there is a Quarter Moon in Aries. This will serve to increase the potential for impatience and battles of will. Mercury itself moves into Cancer on Thursday and although not its best location it does forge a helpful link with Neptune in the second half of the week. This asks us to combine flair and imagination with trying to achieve solid foundations.

All through the week Venus also forges a continuing and gorgeous link with Jupiter in Leo. This combination will provide some levitation from the other energies which are more conflicting. It is therefore going to be important to do some lighter more playful things to create diversions. But generally this is a week which can prove to be rather challenging at times.

Astrology Overview for WC 29th June 2015

The week begins with the Sun and Mars getting more established in the sign of Cancer. Yet ironically, after all the mischief that Neptune has been causing in the recent past, this planet becomes an agent of good this week, forging a really lovely trine to both the Sun and Mars. The angle to the Sun is particularly helpful, one which is very enabling and can help people to express greater sensitivity, and be less bound up with our need to get what we want from situations, and be more mindful of what other people’s situations are. The Mars link, does have some potential downsides, insofar as people may disguise (rather craftily) their true motivations, yet on the whole, like this Sun this can see us more self-sacrificing. Of course last week, Neptune was horribly tangled with Mercury, this week the planet of communication forges a fab angle to Uranus and Venus and Jupiter, so talk and thought as well as caring deeds may well mesh together far better than then.

And talking of that wondrous link between Venus and Jupiter, this goes on all week. In the sign of Leo, it continues to promote fashion, music, performance, the arts and warmth of personal interaction. With Uranus Trining both perfectly, there can be unexpected invitations, chance encounters and possibilities, and some of these can prove very sociable, or very flirty! But whether you wish to meet up with others and have fun, and make merry, or get up close and personal in a romantic context, generally, this is a fine week to end the month, and begin July.

Astrology Overview for WC 22nd June 2015

The week begins with the Sun finding its feet in the sign of Cancer. This is going to bring a more emotional and homely feel to situations, and asks us to be more conscious of where we live, how we live there, and who with. Anything to do with physical and emotional security is emphasised.

Of course for much of June the Sun has been in tangent with Mars, and the fizzing sparky energy this has created in the sign of Gemini is going to switch to the more sensory vibe of the Zodiac’s fourth sign, which of course is ruled by the gentle energies of the Moon.

Mars plays catch up with the Sun moving on Thursday into Cancer and if you have any kind of do-it-yourself or home improvement project in the pipeline, suddenly things can power forwards. However, issues around control and ownership can also come to the fore and we will all have to work at not overreacting to situations, for defensiveness can be an issue as Mars’ transits this zodiac sign.

Mercury also continues its right angle with Neptune all through the week, and this kind of thickens the plot when it comes to emotional issues competing with more logical energies. This is reinforced by a Quarter Moon in the sign of Libra on Wednesday.

Yet in the second half of the week is an absolutely incredible combination between Venus and Jupiter in Leo. This can be wonderful for an appreciation of the arts, and romantic hopes, and for enjoying the good things in life. If you’re lucky enough to be spoilt by someone, or you are spoiling someone yourself, this can create some blissful moments.

Sunday is also a key day this week, for then Mercury reaches the point when it began its retrograde in May at 13° Gemini. The suggestion is, that things can finally unravel positively that have been held back by the retrograde, and also Mercury’s tangle with Neptune.

Ironically Sunday also sees the Sun make a fantastic link to Neptune, one which asks us to be less self-centred a more inclined to help those who are less fortunate.

Astrology Overview for WC 15th June 2015

The week begins with Saturn, the planet of structure, reversing backwards into Scorpio. He was last here just before Christmas last year (2014), and of course for 2 1/4 years before then, and will be in Scorpio now through to mid-September 2015. The accent here is on shared resources, business, working capital, mortgages and pensions. All these areas will come under greater scrutiny both globally and within our own lives from now through till that time.

On Tuesday however, there is a sparkling New Moon in Gemini. What makes this New Moon so unique is that the planet Mars is side-by-side with the Sun and the Moon. This makes the effects of this New Moon therefore, that much more potent and supercharged. The effect of this can see greater energy pulsating around communications, the media, technology, and community rights. Communication in general is also emphasised by Mercury’s continuing location in Gemini too. However in the second half of this week Mercury goes into a right angle a square with Neptune. Thus repeating, a square which occurred at the end of may and the start of June between the two planets. So despite the powerful New Moon there is the potential for tangles, misunderstandings and muddles towards the end of this week.

Yet that does continue to be an amazing link between Jupiter and Uranus all week, which encourages innovation, medical and scientific breakthroughs and encourages us to be open to new approaches in our own lives. This could include greater links with overseas, higher education, travel, and physical activities. With Venus also now in the sign of Leo, the arts, fashion, musicals and performance can all feature brightly.