Astrology 23rd July

Your Astrology Overview for 23rd July, sees the Sun storm into its natural home of Leo. For Leo people this can be exceptionally positive, but it can also help to energise us all, just in lots of different ways…

Astrology Overview

Sun in Leo

The Sun rules the sign of Leo, so this is very much its home zone, especially after getting a good soaking in the Watery Cancer. Even by early next week the Sun also forges a fantastic link to the risk reverse Uranus in Aries. Now I say risk reverse in an advisory way, because it is almost inclined to be reckless in this location.

Sun Leo Trine Uranus Aries

However, here, the two can really spur each other on. The reason for this is that Leo is a Fixed  Quality, so Leo folk, or events within the month’s transit of Leo, don’t always get off the ground quite as readily as you might imagine. Leo’s have a love of being the boss, but like someone else there to support them.

Well, if you are a Lion, all that is set to change in the next week, when the Sun and Venus will be egged on by Uranus, and whilst this is not a good time to throw caution completely to the wind, it is certainly one not to be dominated by the love of routine that can sometimes stop members of this proud zodiac sign from really going for it spontaneously.

So a great time for new starts, fresh ideas, and to be a trend setter not a follower. This will also help to challenge the more conservative instincts of Leo folk too.

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