Astrology 28th July

Astrology Overview for 28th July sees the Moon go face to face with the powerful and potent Pluto. This is not for the whole day, but around the middle of it, expect a supercharged atmosphere in some of your interactions….

Astrology Overview

Mercury remains at 1 degrees distance from a direct opposition to Neptune.  Issues of pride can come into play. Mercury is Fixed, Neptune Mutable, so it really does pay to go with the flow.

The Sun Trine Uranus

However, with the Sun and Uranus still creating much potential for innovation, if you find yourself in any kind of cleft stick, take a step back, take a deep breath, and think about how you could achieve the same outcome but using a different route. This may call for a change of tactics, it may need some inspiration, but don’t feel stumped, you can win through.

The Planets

Check out the new site section on The Planets. There is loads of exciting and insightful information (if I say so myself) to zap up…

Horoscope Videos

And with August racing up by the day, why not check out your Monthly Horoscope Video for the month, or your Weekly Horoscope Video. 




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