Astrology 31st August

Your Astrology Overview for 31st August sees a delicious link between Venus in Virgo and Jupiter in Taurus. Okay, Jupiter may be spinning backwards now, but this is a very enabling influence.

Astrology Overview

Venus Trine Jupiter

Both Venus and Jupiter are known as benefic planets, potentially lucky. When there are together in some angles, they can make us a little bit self-indulgent, even lazy, a time when eating and drinking is far more fun than rolling up our sleeves and working… 

But, it’s all about timing, so if you are lucky enough to be enjoying some much needed downtime, enjoy it and most certainly don’t feel guilty.

Mercury sextile Mars

This is also another positive link that occurs today. Mercury is totally at home in Virgo, and can mitigate Mars’ unhappiness in Cancer.

Mars square Saturn

That said, these two have been in a rancorous right angle for the last 12 days. And this has been quite dispiriting to say the least. The upside, is that this is the last day of the particular transit, so we can all rejoice about that.

Astrology and the Planets

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