Astrology and Racehorses

Astrology and Racehorses. I bet you know your star sign, whether for example you are a lovely Leo, a gorgeous Gemini, a rather cool Capricorn or a stunning Scorpio. You may also know what Sun sign your pet is.

Astrology and Racehorses 

Last Century, Col. William Hall-Walker, founder of the Irish National Stud Farm, took this idea a bit further. Hall-Walker was no slouch at spotting a winner and had an amazing record of success for producing winning racehorses.

And unlike other owners he did not just rely on bloodlines or the animal’s physical characteristics, nor did he depend on “gut instinct”. No, he favoured a more enlightened route to success.  Hall-Walker would meticulously record the time each foal was born and then carefully cast their birth chart. If the chart looked hopeful he would keep the foals and eventually race them.  On the other hand if a foal’s chat was negative he would sell the animal regardless of its pedigree.

You might be forgiven for thinking that despite his obvious success Hall-Walker was one of a kind in the horse racing fraternity and that as effective as his methods might have been bloodlines and the ideal shape of a horse are more important to race horse owners than astrology and planets and rising signs, but you’d be wrong.

Hall-Walker was neither the first or last horse breeder to look skyward for inspiration. Ronald Reagan and George Washington were both keen horsemen who used astrology.  So what would an astrologer look out for in Dobbin’s chart as opposed to yours and mine?

Saturn and Mars rule horses, as does the Sun and (surprise, surprise), Sagittarius is also important, they are also ruled by the Twelfth house. The astrologer then looks at the rider’s chart and compare the two. Saturn could be used to tell if the horse was likely to work hard, and if it was suitable for ceremonial roles or for service with the police force.

The location of Mars in a horses Astrology birth chart tells if the horse is likely to be athletic and suitable for show jumping – particularly if it was supported by a conjunction with the Sun which would suggest it was charismatic and bit of a show-off.

The Twelfth House 

The Twelfth house would highlight if there was likely to be a special bond between the rider and the horse. Sagittarius would also tell if there would be a close tie between the two, as well as any injures either might suffer. If the rider knows the exact time the horse was born a chart could give clues to the horse’s temperament, health and ideal occupation.

Horary Astrology

Now, even if such precise information isn’t available you can still use astrology to enhance Dobbin’s performance. This can be done using Horary astrology which can answer questions concerning which horse to buy, or the likely location of a lost animal. For other questions Electional astrology can tell you the best time to buy a horse, enter a competition or set up an equine related business (or indeed, any other business).

If you planned to open a stud or buy some land for your horse or pony you might consider using Astro-Cartography, which could tell you the ideal site to choose.

Not even the most enthusiastic astronomer would claim astrology has all the answers and all you need to do is sit back and do nothing whilst the universe fulfils you every whim but used as a tool and allied with hard work and effort astrology can help you and your four-legged chum reach their star potential!


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