Astrology Overview December 2016

As the year comes to a finale and Christmas beckons, thoughts usually turn to the arduous trek taken following that Star of wonder to Bethlehem! Although, this December, the stars in Sagittarius cause many to wonder over the current bedlam!

For it is less about trekking towards a Star and more like ‘Star Trek’! As Trump says ‘beam me up’ to the White House and Castro’s passing sees Cuba embarking upon ‘new frontiers’. While the UK’s ‘Brexit’ maybe ‘boldly going forward’, but perhaps only ‘as we can’t find reverse’. So, this December is ‘life Jim, but not as we know it!’

With the 12th month seeming rather like an imaginary time line, as it is the threshold to the future, but our feet remain firmly planted in the past. However, with such uncertainty looming ahead, it seems this month some could ‘kling-on’ too tightly to the familiar, especially as the Sun begins the month still united with cautious Saturn and moving Mercury, limiting progress, thinking, travelling plans and general festive cheer. As these Planets co-joined restrict travels of the body and mind, particularly through the first half of December.

For the month opens with mobile Mercury in Sagittarius and Saturn at a critical degree, reinforcing last month’s New Moon in Sagittarius. No doubt putting an emphasis on all foreign affairs, pleasurable pursuits and matters of legality and safety in these areas, as we see Governments worldwide maintain their effort to deal with the unrelenting vast displacement of people and the continuing narrow-minded divisive rhetoric around cultural difference. Whilst, by the time of the Full Moon on December 14th in opposing Gemini, you may see more possible terrorist attacks linked to transport and the true neglect of War torn refugees and the disabled, as well as worsening weather conditions and information disclosures. As this face-off between the Gemini Full Moon and the Sagittarian Sun and Saturn, coincides with the ongoing standoff of Virgo’s North Node and Neptune in Pisces.

Although, on the positive side, Mutable Planets offer flexibility, with the Moon’s degree linked to Mathematics, meaning there may be some leeway calculating the US electoral recount, as well as artistic and scientific advances. While, responsible Saturn combining with this duo of Planets in wise Sagittarius, should act as a guiding Star this month. This being much needed after November’s fireworks.

So, as we enter December, we’ve come out of a tailspin, having left behind the jointed tailed Scorpion and the turbulent events played out under this Zodiac Sign, but as this month gets underway we are still feeling the atmospheric pressure. As last month, there was a ‘bird’ for thanksgiving, a catastrophic ‘plane’ crash, but no ‘Superman’, instead a ‘Super Moon’ intensifying matters and moods, its reverberations still far reaching. For November’s Super Moon in Taurus brought no ‘kryptonite’, but it did ignite and crystallise, as the Sign of the bull charged up public sentiment, with prolonged protests over Trump’s presidential win. However, last month’s Full Moon also could be viewed as something of a ‘crystal bull’, seeming to solidify future plans.

Although, some aims are still somewhat ‘frozen’ in time, as attempts to block the ‘Brexit’ process demonstrate. While, others must ‘let it go’, as rather like an ice sculpture, as Planets progress from watery Scorpio into the Fire Sign of Sagittarius, Clinton sees her dreams of entering the Oval Office melting away. So as December gets going, it might feel as if the usually over-enthusiastic temperament of the Sun in Sagittarius is given a daily reality check, by Saturn’s sobering presence, but it is a necessary one! For the Sagittarian tendency to be over-exuberant is balanced out by level-headed Saturn. Put simply, the Sun in Sagittarius may find it really hard to stay in, but Saturn knows that ‘baby, it’s cold outside’, considering all factors.

This quite literally applying to the ‘Brexit’ scenario, as ‘tis the Season to be jolly’, but the usual yuletide cheer seems somewhat lacking this December. As likened to a Christmas feast, ‘Brexit’ may have dished up what the majority thought they wanted, but now many feel stuffed! As there is a growing sense that even though plenty are not keen on ‘Brussels’, whether it be Xmas dinner or the UK, it may not be the same without them.

So it appears there are servings of more sage than onion this festive season, in the form of Sagittarian sage advice. Along with ‘less pass the cranberry’ and more passing over the ‘jam’, as the ‘just about managing’ have difficulty digesting the UK’s autumn statement. While, across the pond, its ‘red current source’, with the continued stream of animosity towards the President elect, as thanksgiving is quite literally over!

However, as the month progresses a wishbone might be handy, as December begins with challenging Mutable planetary formations, but the second half, Cardinal Planets bring these out into the foreground. As the extent of abuse in football, disclosed under sporting Sagittarius transits is scrutinised, looking at institutions and in general there are new Government initiatives and welfare strategy. As from the 3rd, detailed Mercury enters Capricorn at that critical 0 degree, followed by another when the 21st’s Sun arrives, forming an alliance with delving Pluto. This practical Earth Sign, leaving no stone unturned, especially from the 19th when Mercury retrogrades, allowing the opportunity to revisit past errors. Although, all may not go as envisioned, with mishaps aplenty and difficult aspects from Aries, Uranus and Jupiter in Libra causing upheaval, acerbated by the 29th’s New Moon. As this Capricorn luminary puts issues under the microscope, creating bigger problems than anticipated, even resulting in violence and crime, as people in power try to hoodwink the public over the yuletide spell.

This reinforced by angry Mars, as it moves from societal Aquarius to often victimised Pisces, joining long suffering Neptune. So attempts to address humanitarian concerns, prompted by Venus entering Aquarius from the 8th could be undone. Although, any global glitches with technology over this busy buying time may see some improvement. While, the World Wide Web may experience hitches this month, Worldwide there are some too. As Finland, the Baltics, Macedonia, Lithuania, Germany and Romania are highlighted this December, along with, Columbia, Brunei, Kenya, Cuba, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Sudan and Canada, not forgetting possible attacks in the UK and Ireland.

So you could say December is an all-round big chill with a box-set of Sagittarian and Capricorn Planets, as early December Sagittarian Planets ‘curb your enthusiasm’, followed by some old classics, with ‘Happy Days’, ‘Cheers’ and into the New Year, ‘The Wonder Years’!

Post Author: Patrick Arundell