Astrology Overview February 2017

February, finds us a couple of months into 2017 and features the day dedicated to couples, St Valentines. Although, with a couple of Eclipses this month too, it might feel for some like not just ‘dating in the dark’, but being kept in it! This making February something of a ‘Funny Valentine’!

So you could say as February plays out, it is not just ‘strangers in the night’, but ‘stranger things’ in the days too! Though, offset to some extent by the Sun in quirky, yet visionary, Aquarius as the month gets underway. This meaning, that rather than love at first sight occurring this Valentines, it is more a case of second sight, due to Aquarian’s canny ability to see future developments and the bigger picture long before most others. As even though we are only into the second month of the yearly calendar cycle, in the Zodiac cycle the Sign of Aquarius is second to last, evolved like the stages of mankind, from the ten previous Signs.

Therefore, it seems fitting this Sign is associated with not just the individual, but humanity as a whole and when used for good, living in a way that works to benefit the many, rather than the few. This is something continually in focus during this epoch in time, as instead of ‘eye strain’ an ‘I strain’ is taking place in general! As an ‘Us’ versus ‘them’ mentality persists or what you could call an ‘I test’, reaching off the charts this month, when the first two of four yearly Eclipses arrive, beginning with the finalising Full Moon.

As the 11th’s Leo illumination highlights healing of humanity in all its forms, demonstrated through correct leadership and teaching to medical fields and the Arts. This Eclipse particularly spotlighting UK’s wider responsibilities this month, as well as revealing White House actions seriously affecting relations and everyday anger in Mexico, along with confused frustration at the Vatican, perhaps over past abuses. Whilst, also starring North Korea and Israel/Palestine.

This is followed up by the 26th’s Piscean, initiating New Moon, associated with music’s harmonious blending of notes, along with intricate figures and mechanical workings, symbolising in a sense the way to attain lasting happiness. Though, if not heeded many maybe wishing someone would ‘fly me to the moon’, as sparks fly, due to this Moon linking to all forms of electricity! As well as activating movements in Canada, Iran and France amongst others.

These Eclipses being another example of ‘second sight’ or what you might term as a ‘repeat prescription’, due to the fact that since 2015, these Eclipses have replicated a pattern, beginning in Pisces and by and large appearing in these Signs or their rival counterparts. Therefore, it is not really unsurprisingly that the same themes are reprised as 2017 progresses, exemplified through the worldwide immigration plight and reproduced to a lesser degree in the struggles over public and private resources, as the now termed ‘humanitarian crisis’ in the health service embodies.

However, what is significant is this month marks the last of these Mutable Eclipses. As these long enduring Pisces fishes are set free, along with its opposing tail-end Sign of Virgo, signifying in some ways a shift in consciousness and some resolution. As lunar activity now predominantly alters to the Fixed Sign of Leo and its opposite, Aquarius over the next couple of years, reinforced by the Moon’s Nodes entering this pairing from April too. As leaders, royalty, the famous and powerful and their relationship with the public is emphasised.

Though, before then, this month sees further troubles arising, as from February’s start the Moon’s Nodes reach critical degree, up until the 11th’s Full Moon, signifying heightened struggles. As practical, Earth Sign, Virgo, literally ‘mother earth’, concerned with the health and well being of the individual and environment too, highlights scarcity of resources. Whilst, reflected at the other end of the scales, or perhaps more aptly ‘scales’ is watery Pisces, the Sign of the Fishes swimming in differing directions. As this scale ends, final Zodiac Sign is most acutely aware of human anguish, choosing this February to either swim away or face conditions head on. The tale of ‘loaves and fishes’ perhaps, as these little fishes can use their ‘loaf’ to share.

This scenario worsened by Neptune’s stint in long suffering Pisces, co-joined by the tail-end of Venus as the month begins, making a challenging angle to Sagittarius Saturn. This not only causing the hatches to be battened down weather-wise due to tempestuous conditions, but over immigration also, as restrictions go against human kindness. This reinforced throughout February, as the Sun begins in humanitarian Aquarius joined by everyday Mercury from the 7th, only to later both transition into compassionate, but confusing Pisces.

While, more ‘spectacles’ arise, due to Cardinal planetary configurations, as Capricorn Mercury joins Pluto until the 6th, challenging shocking Aries Uranus and fair Libra in Jupiter, only to see Venus and Mars turning up the heat in Aries. As Ex-Apprentice President Trump has already begun firing, but may find decisions ultimately backfiring, if he continues to abide by ‘My Way’ over the high way. As from the 6th legal Jupiter retrogrades, stalling government’s progress. This also affecting ‘Brexit’ proceedings, as triggering Article 50 is shrouded in ’50 shades of grey’, suggesting its going to be a messy ‘break-up’! Although, on the plus side this Valentine’s month seems the perfect time for thinking of coming out of the Single market, as Germany is highlighted this month. With Russia, Japan, Switzerland, Egypt, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon also starred, as well as Nepal, Chile, Mongolia, South Africa, Paraguay and Saudi Arabia.

So this Valentines, progress continues on building that ‘special relationship’ after last month’s episode of ‘first dates’. Whilst, planetary aspects create troubled industrial and foreign relations, as well as what you might call a February compiled of ‘blind dates’, due to the influence of illusive Pisces. However, one thing is for sure there is an inevitable ‘break-up’ looming, so keep in mind that national anthem, ‘I will survive’!

Post Author: Patrick Arundell