Astrology Overview January 2017

As we leave behind 2016 and ‘the Sound of Music’ from New Year’s celebrations, we are no longer ‘16 going on 17’ and instead ‘singing in the rein’ of 2017!

So forget ‘doe a deer, a female deer’ or ‘Rudolf, the red-nosed reindeer’, as attention turns to the rein of Planets and what we hold most dear this January, as Capricorn Planets are concerned with only what is most essential. As this New Year commences with not only ‘ray, a falling drop of Sun’ inhabiting the Sign of Capricorn, but a retrograde Mercury and deep-rooted Pluto too. So there is no chance that ‘old acquaintances be forgot’, as we begin 2017 with a few familiar faces.

For each New Year, it may well be customary to say ‘out with the old, in with the new’, though this year more than ever, this does not seem to be the case. Due to the presence of the Sign of mature Capricorn and Saturn still midway through its stint in Sagittarius! So rather like the symbol of the Capricorn mountain goat, clinging on to its hilly terrain, preceding influences still grip us tightly at the start of this New Year. As like ‘brown paper packages wrapped up with string’, we may have thought 2016’s events were all wrapped up and 2017 offered the gift of a fresh start! However, on opening 2017, this January might feel like you have been re-gifted something you previously received.

Although, this may not be one of your ‘favourite things’, this year it seems we have a good idea what to do next. As with Capricorn Planets dominating, circumstances might not feel as unpleasant as expected. For as 2017 begins we are still vacationing under the Sun in Capricorn, but you could say this Sign positively enjoys ‘singing in the rain’, thriving under difficult conditions. As this Capricorn goat seeks to reach the mountain peak, regardless of obstacles, one sure-footed hoof in front of the other. Though the ground may be uneven beneath and the weight of the world bearing down on its shoulders, but this only motivates this practical Earth Sign to plough on regardless. So as 2017 gets underway this no-nonsense Sign seems to be what is needed, especially regarding fiscal matters and public services.

As with retrograde Mercury revisiting past faults until the 8th, aided by delving Pluto, revealing prior cover-ups, this Capricorn period acts as something of a correctional facility. This being even quite literally, as prison reforms come under consideration in light of recent events. Along with other institutions of power, organisations and structures, as Capricorns are associated with the building blocks of society. However, this month it could appear more about blocks than building, especially relating to channels of communication, as Mercury’s retrograde movement creates misunderstanding and misinterpretations, so Capricorn caution is crucial. Whilst, also affecting daily routines and travel, already evident in broken promises over commuter price hikes. This moving to issues of immigration, as Mercury reaches ‘far, a long, long way to go’, reverting back into the former Sign of distant Sagittarius, before changing direction.

So you could call this combined trio of Capricorn Planets, a kind of ‘combined harvester’ this January, unearthing matter and raking through it in order to clear the field ahead. However, this is not possible without churning the ground up, as a challenging Jupiter in Libra and Uranus, now moving direct in Aries emphasises, forming a T-square. Although, not the ‘tea, you have with bread and jam’, it is accompanied by its own variety. As these challenging Cardinal Planets force the concerns over putting bread on the table of those ‘just about managing’ into the public domain. Whilst, causing an unexpected knee-jerk movement against the ‘establishment’, especially in the US, as the process of assimilating ‘Tea Party’ values moves mainstream, causing many to be mad as hatters.

As this Cardinal planetary formation forces underground grassroots action out into the open, expanded this month as Planets move from organisational Capricorn to humanitarian Air Sign, Aquarius and selfless watery Pisces. As momentum swings away from ‘me, a name I call myself’ towards wider societal considerations, beginning with Venus in Aquarius as January arrives, followed on the 20th by the Sun and a New Moon on the 28th. This lunar activity linked to unusual plans, ideas and deep intellectual thinking, as Planets advance from earthly matter to grey matter and questioning what really matters. However, for the US this underlines a regression in forward thinking, leading to their undoing if not careful. This reinforced by the 12th’s Full Moon in Cancer, squaring other Cardinal Planets and finalising changes to US daily life, as well as the UK’s status as the ‘Brexit’ deadline looms ever closer. For this Full Moon illuminates the possibility to heal or hurt, connected with medical, spiritual and aesthetic benefits, but also poisoning, imprisonment, unawareness and injury.

This is ever more likely with a further emphasis on Planets in Pisces this month, as from the 3rd Venus enters this Mutable Sign, co-joining Mars, Neptune and forming harsh aspects to other Mutable Planets. As deceptions, terrorist threats, tempestuous weather and disasters at sea are all possible. For the North Node in opposing Virgo brings a karmic element, as akin to ‘sew, a needle pulling thread’, past actions create a reaction, reaping what has been sewn. Although positively, Pisces Planets aid creativity, as ‘La’ is not only ‘a note that you sing’, but the hub of Awards season, as musical ‘La La Land’ is an Oscar frontrunner. While, with Mars entering Aries to co-join Uranus from the 28th, the celebrity world may well lose another famous face, as you can expect the unexpected with this aspect, as the wider world sees New Zealand and the UK impacted. As well as Latvia, Russia, Honduras, Croatia, France and Greece being starred this month, along with Bangladesh, Thailand, Sri-Lanka and Nicaragua. So this January, we move from Earth to Air, or perhaps ‘Hair’, with a new outlook, from age to Aquarius!

Post Author: Patrick Arundell