Astrology Overview March 2017

With February finishing with something of a ‘technical challenge’ and ‘showstopper’ involving Hollywood, you may be forgiven for thinking it was not the ‘Oscars’, but ‘The Great British Bake Off’ returning to our screens! Although, as we enter March, we can see this month not only brings plenty of Easter’s eggs, but a few more mix-ups, half-baked ideas and much to sieve through. As March may not mark the beginning of a new Bake Off, but instead the start of ‘The Great British Break Off’!

However, as this March gets underway, this month’s planetary movements emphasise the difficulties in attempting to break off a piece from the EU. As taking a slice cannot be iced over it seems, without it affecting the whole and causing some icing over of relations instead. Whilst, across the pond, there appears to be further frosting this month, as ‘hundreds and thousands’ remain troubled by the divisions created. So as March begins, it seems less about ‘cake-stands’ and more about knowing where you stand or making one, as disillusion and confusion abounds.

Due to the month opening not only with the Sun in the Mutable Water Sign of Pisces, but also everyday Mercury and deceptive Neptune co-joined in illusive Pisces too, causing many to feel that rather than ‘March-in’ ahead, this March they are just keeping their heads above water. As with the ‘tectonic plates’ of Europe shifting and the new wave of ideas from the US President elect quite literally creating waves, many are in search of safe ground. Although, you could say there is a struggle against the tide this month, as the current of activity has the ability to cause many to go against this tidal pull, rather than be drawn back.

As a strong mystical Pisces influence this March, enforced by last month’s New Moon Eclipse, offers the possibility of reaching the highest spiritual enlightenment or sinking to that ‘soggy bottom’. This being evident by the Piscean symbol of the two fishes facing in opposite directions, as this final Zodiac Sign has the potential to be the most evolved or cause its undoing.

This further reinforced as we go into March, as these Piscean Planets remain at odds with the karmic Moon’s Virgo North Node or ‘Dragon’s Head’, placed at its tail with the South Node in Pisces, signifying a need to let go in some way. Therefore, it is no great surprise that the ‘Brexit’ process begins under the dissolving power of Pisces, but there may well be some unforeseen shockers as the month continues, due to planetary patterns maintaining tricky relations. As the Oscar ceremony calamity demonstrates, as a Piscean Moon’s eclipse nearly saw film, ‘Moonlight’ eclipsed.

However, the envelope mix-up occurred under mystifying Mutable Planets, but it was unexpected Uranus uniting with pleasurable Venus and angry Mars in Aries against Capricorn Pluto and more significantly opposing retrograde lucky Jupiter in Libra. As those who thought they were in luck found a quick reversal of fortune under these aspects. So expect further occurrences continuing throughout March, as a challenging retrograde Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto formation, sees those who think they can ‘have their cake and eat it too’ left with ‘t’ and no cake, in the form of a T-square.

The effects of which are exacerbated not only by fiery Mars at home in Aries until the 10th, but Venus out of its comfort zone all month in Aries retrograding from the 4th too. While Mercury, the Planet of movement and communication, comes along for the ride, joining Aries from the 14th, the 20th the Sun and an initiating Aries New Moon on the 28th. This bringing a different ‘kettle of fish’ entirely, as the kettle reaches boiling point, with several critical degrees activated this month, meaning many may see the fire breathing from that ‘Dragon’s head’ or literally through weather conditions.

As akin to ‘St George slaying the dragon’, this month the individual versus the hierarchy system, with the New Aries Moon on the 20th illuminating new rules and strategies to aid everyday people. This heralding beneficial new types of partnerships for the UK, as it prepares to leave the EU. Whereas, Mexico, Egypt, China and the United Nations may experience drawbacks, as France, Australia, NASA, New York and its Stock Exchange face challenges. While, further shocking religious revelations are exposed, as well as Hollywood secrets and regressive White House plans.

Although, the 12th’s Full Moon in Virgo takes care of the ground work and finer details, focussing on attempting to resolve health and work issues and implications for those most vulnerable. However, this may feel like ‘treading water’, with a multitude of Planets in opposing watery Pisces, combined with angular Saturn in Sagittarius. As fixing neglect in health care and immigration quarters is paramount this month, especially as the North Node offers the final opportunity to address concerns, before Leo ‘enters the dragon’s head’! However, this seems less likely to occur in the US with the Full Moon underlining less clarity, as Canada attains more and Japan and North Korea are activated. As lunar activity this month illuminates Politicians and the possibility of violence or military action, if situations are not handled with ‘kid gloves’!

As with Venus and Jupiter in retrograde motion, abiding by a look before you leap attitude this month seems sensible, in an attempt to avoid a magnitude of headaches, from legal to personal dilemmas. For legal decisions formed maybe overturned and things will not live up to expectations at a later date, so not an ideal time to buy, sell or embark on new relationships. This is especially true with Mars advancing into Venus ruled Taurus from the 10th, as when Planets turn direct again, you may find you want your money or heart back again. While, outside of personal factors, worldwide this month, Russia, Cape Verde, Germany, Greece, Portugal, Bosnia and Croatia are also starred, along with Namibia, Tibet, Guatemala and Madagascar.

So following last month’s notable planetary line-ups, this month brings a memorable ‘March-in-time’! However, with so much on the table, it seems preferable to not ‘fork’ out, but ‘contem-plate’!

Post Author: Patrick Arundell