Astrology Overview October 2016

With the coming of autumnal October (in the northern hemisphere, sorry everyone in the south), you could say it is not quite Shakespeare’s ‘Winter’s Tale’ yet, but this month we could see some ‘shakes appear’!

Although, as October opens, the first half reads more like a fairytale than winter’s tale, with the airy fairy Sign of Libra leading proceedings. For October arrives not only with the Sun and Jupiter gliding through this Air Sign, but a Libra New Moon on October’s first day too, bringing with it the opportunity to quite literally ‘clear the air’. For like sweeping up fallen autumn leaves from a garden path, New Moons clear the pathway for fresh starts and new growth. Therefore, with this Libran luminary’s arrival is the hope of renewing diplomatic peace talks and a mutual receptivity to new ideas, especially from the 7th until the 24th, when Mercury meets the 7th Zodiac Sign of Libra too.

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Although, no doubt there will still be a naysayer or two, as these Libran planets are not just facing ‘The Taming of the Shrew’, but resistance comes like one of Shakespeare’s works, in parts 1 and 2. As Uranus retrograde in martial Aries opposes these Venus ruled Planets, meaning a continual stream of unexpected past grievances rear their ugly heads like the poor skull in Hamlet. Whilst, this month sees malefic Mars and Saturn’s partnership in Sagittarius end, but unfortunately this horse has been traded for a kingdom, as malefic Mars now enters authority driven Capricorn joining another malefic in Pluto. Therefore, unearthing previous issues which were thought dead and buried and shifting blame from Sagittarian matters to Capricorn pillars of society instead. This apparent on the 7th when Mercury enters Libra at that critical 0 degree, though not for as long as last month’s stint in Jupiter, but there is still ‘much ado about nothing’ here. As this activation point causes events to spill into the public arena.

Whilst, multiple Venus ruled Planets at October’s start means this month commences continuing to put relationships and public relations under the spotlight. As last month we saw one of ‘The Merry Wives of Windsor’ begin a Canadian royal family visit, as Cardinal planets implement changes to Princess Kate’ s role. Whereas celebrity couple ‘Brangelina’s’ tale of ‘Romeo and Juliet’ reached its conclusion, along with activity akin to ‘The Merchant of Venice’ in the US, as the first one on one election debate saw Hillary and Donald taking a ‘Shylock’ pound of flesh out of one another. As the UK and EU experience paralleled, with ongoing ‘Brexit’ discussions and repeated domestic political party divisions.

These episodes are further illuminated by this month’s lunar activity, as the 1st’s Libran New Moon emphasises affairs, divorce or even widowhood stirring up scandal and publicity, not aided by secretive, sexual Scorpio’s latter appearance this month also. While, the positive side of this Moon bestows bravery, leadership and advances in science and literature, but an underbelly exists too. As in turn ‘the dark side of the Moon’ encourages aggression, immorality and sexual problems. Although, ultimately this could instigate some sense of closure, as the 16th’s Full Moon in Aries offers a ray of hope, desiring harmony. This reinforced by a Scorpio New Moon nearing the month’s end, joining the Sun and everyday Mercury, indicating sound ideas and executive ability coupled with curbed enthusiasm and strength conjured from Halloween’s spell onwards.

So under Libran planets, previous divisions may find a way to unite, as Libra is all about co-operation and as that famous song goes ‘working together in perfect harmony’. Although, it may not be ‘side by side’ at a piano, but the Sign of scales holds the key to accord, even if issues are not simply black and white, Libra is all about standing together. In the US this may help abridge racial tensions, as divisive behaviour appears to have been fuelled under Trump’s election race. While, in the UK it seems to be less ‘Love’s Labour’s Lost’ and more lost love of Labour within the Labour party! However, after last month’s re-election the party could go some way to putting differences aside.

For scales symbolise Libra because it likes to keep everything on an even keel, fair and balanced, favouring ‘measure for measure’! So you could say this Sign really is a fairy story. However, as the month progresses, it seems more a tale from the ‘brothers Grimm’, with Planets advancing into ‘sting in the tale’ Scorpio and the balance of power shifting. As October begins with Venus in Scorpio keeping an eye on balance sheets and shared finances until the 23rd, when it relinquishes its hold. Though, this coincides with the Sun entering Scorpio, followed by communicative Mercury and a New Moon, so shared money and influences are a concern throughout October, particularly relating to ‘Brexit’. As worries over this fairy story’s happy ending persist, as feelings grow like ‘Jack’s beanstalk’ among quarters that they have been sold some beans for their cash cow. However, like the beds in ‘Goldilocks, the sentiment increases that the UK has made their ‘Brexit’ and now has to lie in it, whether soft or hard!

So is June’s voting outcome ‘The Midsummer Night’s Dream’ on awaking or more ‘The Comedy of Errors’? Well, with retrograde nebulous Neptune still challenging other Mutable Planets, it is proving difficult to gain clarity. As bureaucracy and red tape becomes a masking tape, obscuring facts. However, from the 17th, Venus gallops into Sagittarius easing Saturn’s severity and the refugee crisis, though before more lives maybe lost at sea. With ‘The Tempest’ weather attacks, as well as possible terrorist attacks too, as the UK could be targeted. While, Mexico, Cambodia, Nicaragua, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Barbados and Trinidad and Tobago are also headlined, along with Croatia, Poland, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia and Iceland. As Fiji, China, Malaya, Honduras, Zambia, St Vincent and New Zealand are also activated.

So if July resembled a scene from ‘Julius Caesar’, October is perhaps ‘Octavius’, all about relations! So like relations, October may not be ‘As You Like It’, but finishing with a New Moon, ‘All’s Well that Ends Well’!

Post Author: Patrick Arundell