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Astrology Overview for WC 11th September 2017

Hullo, I’m Astrologer Patrick Arundell, and here is your Astrology Overview for WC 11th September 2017. The week begins with the Sun squaring with Saturn. This can be one of the most restrictive and frustrating of all astrological angles,so it’s going to be important this week that we nail down the detail of things but don’t try to go quicker than circumstances allow.

For example avoid shortcuts as they are unlikely to render many results. If you’re working towards any targets, treble check all the information involved. This is not a time to enter into frivolous agreements. With Mercury combining with Mars in Virgo, we are given an extra chance to really bring precision to all that we do, for the soon as we spread ourselves too thinly, our energy could drop and it can be a case of diminishing returns.

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The great news is that Mercury is now finding his feet back in Virgo and this of course is one of the two zodiac signs that he rules. By early next week Mercury will return to the point where the retrograde first began on the 11th August, coming out of shadow and any glitches that have occurred in the interim period can start to be resolved.

The interesting thing about this week and the overal solar horoscope is the role of Venus, which forges three very positive angles, firstly with Saturn then Jupiter and finally Uranus. Of course Jupiter and Uranus have recently been in opposition and that does continue between them. This can stir up a more rebellious side of our nature, however Venus can be a real soothing influence, and charisma can burn brightly with these combinations. But also if there is a sincere relationship developing in our situations this can be strengthened to. Alternatively we may look to reinvigorate an existing relationship. If that is the case, a fairer share of domestic chores would certainly be a great way to go forwards.

Finally this week’s Quarter Moon on Wednesday is in Gemini. Once more this just encourages us not to try too hard, to be distracted or to get to tense if we are trying to be more productive after all there are only so many hours in the day.  For more information or to watch your zodiac sign Weekly Video forecast or join me at my Amazing FREE New App

Astrology Overview May 2017

May is more of a ‘maze’ this month, as it feels as if we have entered one, after last month’s events amazed many. For who knows which way to proceed? This is especially with most avenues looking the same; there being no clear way ahead and some not knowing how to exit! This ultimately leaving many in a puzzle this May, as mercurial mind-games cause a few crosswords and word-searches this month, with Taurus adding plenty of ‘spot the bull’!

For in French newspapers, it is ‘two down, many cross’, as they are left with two extreme outsiders to put a cross against in the general Election this month. While, in the UK, it is not ‘10 down’, but 10 Downing Street leaving many clueless, as a game of ‘Snap’ election is called. So it might not be all fun and games this month, but parties and movements are spotlighted this May, particularly the political variety.
While angry Mars in Gemini all month joined by the Sun from the 21st and a New Moon on the 25th highlights game-playing and contradictions in fortune this May, the Moon especially linked to activities in Mexico and NASA also. As a challenging retrograde Saturn in Sagittarius and Piscean Neptune seek to establish the higher truth, re-questioning previous statements. As Party games are more ‘pass the buck’ than parcel. With ‘truth and dare’ being replaced with not daring to tell the truth and ‘ spin the bottle’ just the usual spin and bottling it!

Although, planetary configurations make it tricky to avoid your turn this month, as the sky’s line up forces others’ true motives to be identified, acting as not quite a lie but ‘sky detector’! For from the 4th retrograde everyday Mercury in ‘Action man’ Aries is no longer ‘a.w.o.l’, instead taking a direct order and joining up with Venus and Uranus on the frontline. However, this unit face combat from other Cardinal Planets, as righteous Jupiter in Libra and delving Pluto in Capricorn maintain their retrograde stance, meaning the ‘truth will out’, as they target past unresolved concerns. This reaching a standoff from mid May, with Jupiter and Uranus at critical degrees in need of a release, whether through weather storms and power-cuts to strikes and riots. As individuals feel boxed in, desiring to break free from formal conventions. So acts of violence and terrorism are possible, but also thinking outside th e ballot box, as in France ‘Le Pen’ maybe mightier than the sword, as the alternative option. While, this aspect, along with Saturn’s degree and Leo’s new North Node, could see the forming of new ruling parties in general, as well as a new EU arrangement, if France also takes a piece of the Jigsaw away.

So April brought us Easter egg trails and trailblazers, with Planets in spirited Aries. However, May begins with the Sun in bullish Taurus, leaving many blazing over the trail from actions initiated under the previous go-getting Sign. This meaning that as May advances, we are like ‘Hansel and Gretel’ picking up the crumbs, in an attempt to find our way! While, the sense grows that the UK will be left only with the crumbs off the table in EU dealing, as the ‘The Hunger Games’ begin, with the adage that there will be ‘no free lunch’.

This is something the Taurus bull never likes to hear, as this creature of comfort always wants to know where their next meal is coming from, this Fixed Sign needing a set menu. So there could be a temper tantrum or two from the second Sign of the Zodiac this May. For if Aries is the baby stage, Taurus are ‘terrible twos’ and need routine. Subsequently, this month is much about early learning, especially regarding ruling States and political platforms, as many are in the pivotal stages of development or undergoing change. For Arian Planets bring the new ‘cycle’, but Taurus knows we are in a period still requiring ‘stabilisers’.

Hence on a positive note, there is no Sign more intent than Taurus on gaining all the facts and figures necessary in an attempt to secure the future. As this solid, down to earth Sign is concerned with dealing with practical issues, not quite using a crystal ball, but a crystallising bull to see us through the ‘crystal maze’ of matters this month. This is especially as several Planets still remain in retrograde motion as May commences, allowing us to remain at a standstill or go back the same way we came if not careful. So with the Sun in Taurus until the 20th and day to day Mercury from the 16th to the month’s finish, this Sign maybe the ‘bull of string needed to aid us through.

Therefore, personal finances will appear more prosperous with the Sun located in the Sign of Taurus. Although, by 10th May when a revealing Full Moon enters opposing Scorpio, comes the realisation of the game being played. For it seems a case of ‘noughts and crosses’, in regards to tax credits and help from the State, as what is given with one hand is crossed out by the other, leaving the vulnerable and disabled back at nought. This in particular aspects the UK’s Planets, as deceptions stir up anger especially over shared finances and having to pay taxes. While, across the pond, the White House too is impacted in a similar way, with this lunar activity illuminating Trump’s hidden agenda at odds with US core values, likely to erupt into further heated protests.

While, the Pope’s recent message denouncing violence is thwarted by this Scorpio Full Moon denoting violence, possible killing and a disregard for rules and standards. As Russia and Iran see turmoil, Canada faces financial hardships and France more outpourings of anger around Election time, as well as exposing secret activity in North Korea. Whereas, it seems China, Israel/Palestine and Hollywood bathe in the benefits of this Full Moon. Meanwhile, broadly this month, Brazil, Denmark, Ecuador, Germany, Ireland, Cuba and Argentina look set for upheavals, with Jordan, Yemen, Paraguay, the Congo, Georgia, Tibet and Peru also starred. To a lesser extent, Chile, Nicaragua, Japan and Sierra Leone also are headlined. So the Mayflower embarked on a voyage of discovery and as May opens up, many feel they are in the same boat. Though, some feel lost at sea as others choose to jump ship, but to navigate a course through, just follow this month’s stars!

Astrology Overview September 2016

As the nights begin to draw in Britain at least, September replaces the watching of Olympic gold with TV gold, as some British classics return to the small screen. However, these old favourites could be describing the attributes of the astrological Sign of Virgo instead, with ‘Are you being served?’ and ‘In sickness and in health’ seeming key themes this month! Whilst, not forgetting ‘porridge’, especially with a so-called ‘goldilocks’ planetary find and a solar eclipse accompanying September’s arrival, meaning this month begins with ‘lights out’!

Although, strictly speaking it is not completely ‘lights out’, as the annular solar eclipse escorted the New Moon on the 1st of this month, leaving a narrow border of the Sun’s light still surrounding the Moon’s dark body. So, you could say akin to the Olympics, the flame may be extinguished, but the torchlight passed on. This also appearing the case regarding the astrological Signs, as after fiery Leo provided a great ‘bonfire of the vanities’ last month, earthy Virgo appears something of a fire extinguisher, in comparison. As the Sun ruled Sign of Leo’s Full beam turns into a ‘dimmer switch’ this September instead. For there is a definite sense as the month’s proceedings get underway that we have switched to a dimmer level, especially finance wise.

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However, intellectually speaking this is generally not the case, as the Sign of Virgo may not be as flashy as its Leo predecessor, but has its own flashes of genius instead arising from its mercurial nature. Although, this month this Mercury ruled Sign linked to the quicksilver element of Mercury too, is moving at a slow sliver, caused by a retrograde period. As last month may have seen a plethora of Silver Olympic medals securing second place, but from the 2nd there is plenty of meddling in place. Due to Mercury in Virgo retrograding until the 22nd when it once again turns direct, but even then its effects still reverberate throughout September’s entirety. For like an Olympic sprinter overtaking despite its best efforts it is only when a Planet surpasses the degree at which it turned retrograde that it can truly outrun this influence and on this occasion it is not until October 7th, when Mercury advances into Libra.

Therefore, similar to the medal’s table, this month’s meddling sweeps across-the-board, not only wrecking havoc with everyday Mercury, like a squatter upsetting the comfortable home of this Virgo Sign, but also upsetting the neighbours. As the Sun, Jupiter and the North Node all find themselves in Virgo’s virgin territory at September’s start. So this quite literally could upset the neighbours and those in your surrounding environment as this falls under Mercury’s domain, as well as the flow of communication and movements, especially in health and work sectors. Therefore, expect uncontrollable elements, from weather and viruses; to spillages and the sea’s treacherous impact; as Virgo is concerned with ridding itself of impurities. Furthermore, with exaggerating Jupiter and the Sun’s heated energy uniting with the karmic North Node, issues could get out of hand, bringing serious repercussions. As witnessed last month when what was termed ‘as the ‘wicked hand of nature’ caused a devastating earthquake in mainland Italy, initiated with the Sun entering the mother earth Sign of Virgo. As well as among other elements, malefic Mars and Saturn combining in Sagittarius at the degree of fixed star, ‘Antares’, renowned as a destructive influence.

Well, this month it may not be exactly ‘mutiny on the bounty’, but there are a bounty of Mutable Planets, forming a challenging ‘tri-athlon’! As Saturn and Mars remain serious opponents in Sagittarius, limiting Virgo Planets further, who already are running in slow motion due to retrograde influences, but their focus remains firmly grounded. While, Neptune in Pisces may provide the swimming portion of this ‘tri-athlon’, but it too finds itself doing a backstroke as it also continues in retrograde mode and squaring to Saturn. Whilst, you might say the cycle segment of this ‘tri-athlon’ is supplied not only by this month’s retrograde Planets, but also by the eternal backward journey of the North Node, emphasising a return to the same cycle of societal patterns in need of addressing. As resources, moral, legal and safety issues around foreign travel and migration keep arising, as well as concerns over the environment, health matters and services.

Although, on a positive note, the 1st of Septembers Virgo New Moon and Eclipse is the forerunner to change, bringing new beginnings, especially regarding nature’s mysteries, as new discoveries are made, perhaps regarding the Zika virus and mental health issues illuminated. Therefore, in the UK at least, there could be some headway in resolving the train and junior doctor’s disputes, but this will not be without challenging negotiations. For like train delays, this retrograde period brings its fair share of stalling, mix-ups and miscommunications.

Further a field Iran’s and Russia’s finances, along with North Korea’s status are inflated by this month’s lunar activity and L.A is highlighted, as China, Palestine, Egypt and Mexico find it more testing and Canada revealing. With the finalising Full Moon and Eclipse in Pisces and it’s testing square to Mars on the 16th, underlining setbacks at NASA, a boost for Manhattan, but unclear activity in the U.S in general, possibility linked to firearms. As this Piscean luminary is strongly tied up with tyranny and anarchism, though the positive outcome can produce works of great artistic merit and resolve suffering and persecution, aiding the refugee crisis. For like the Piscean fishes’ scales, this Eclipse accentuates scaling back, reinforcing the Virgo sentiment of requiring only what is of value and service.

This followed through as Planets advance into airy Libra this month, as Venus already resident there is joined on the 9th by Jupiter and the Sun from the 23rd. As the Sign of the balancing scales weighs up matters further, particularly legal discussions, as ‘Brexit’ implications continue, but with Aries Uranus and Capricorn Pluto both still stagnating, progress is staggered, until the 27th when Mars enters Capricorn along with Pluto which has been in residence for some years, and which simultaneously turns direct. Therefore, shifting the focus from foreign conflicts to exposing the ramifications of state and group enterprises, as tougher legislation and intervention is required.

Although, Jupiter and Venus at home in Libra can put diplomatic relations on a more harmonious scale and new marriage legislation is likely, but conflicting Cardinal Planets may see some countries opposing democratic rights and freedoms. As Russia, the Ukraine, Germany, Laos, Poland and Czechoslovakia undergo turmoil this month. While, St Kitts, Armenia Brazil, Guatemala, Malaya, as well as Swaziland, Mali, Nigeria, Syria, Belize, Switzerland and France are also starred this September. However, the fair and sharing Sign of Libra hands the baton over to Scorpio, as September closes, as from the 24th Venus is concerned with mutual money matters. So this September moves from gold, silver and bronze, to pearls of wisdom, but not without a little grit. Good luck!

Astrology Overview March 2016

‘Two’s company, three’s a crowd!’ could be the slogan for month three of the year, as March sees two special Eclipses getting in the way of the Sun and Moon’s usual relationship. So in this case you could say after Valentine’s Day has past, the Sun and Moon are not seeing another, bringing change this month. While, to quote the song ‘2 become 1’, as last month also saw two galactic black holes get it together, literally causing waves. As the reaction to this union stirs things up this month causing further unpredictable weather conditions, from one kind of chilly to another, heating things up, meaning this March seems set to ‘spice up your life’!

So even though March maybe filled with the usual Easter bunnies and March hares, this month is more akin to the fabled tortoise and the hare. For as some race ahead this month, others flag behind. So finding an even pace is what is required this month or you could say, a steady March. However, with the month beginning with the Sun in wavering watery Pisces this may prove tricky, as it is not the Sign of the fishes swimming in differing directions for no reason. Although, as the month begins these little fishes seem a little enclosed in, but less by an aquarium than Aquarius, the Sign of the Water Carrier. As March commences with an Aquarian Mercury and Venus cornered by Mars in Scorpio, as matters spill over from the previous month, such as regarding computer errors, the ongoing issue with electrical appliance faults and aeroplane laser incidents.

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However, these little fishes soon swim away from these topics, as Mercury enters Pisces from the 5th along with Venus from the 12th, changing focus. Although, as adaptable as this Mutable Sign maybe, you could mistake these little fishes for salmon this month, as they struggle to swim upstream against strong undercurrents. These come in the form of an opposing Virgo North Node moving in usual backstroke fashion and Jupiter still in retrograde motion. So what seems apparent this month is before finding fresh waters, there are a few past, unconquered issues these fishes cannot wriggle off the hook from.

This no doubt still involving the health sector, especially in the UK, as the words, March, parades and Hunt together are less about Easter and more connected to conditions for junior Doctors this spring. As the government is aware of ‘what’s up doc?’, as their previous attempt to enforce resolution has met with more planned strikes. While, the 9th’s Pisces Eclipse and accompanying New Moon particularly highlights the plight of those physically handicapped, as well as those who are morally lacking. So expect the mistreatment and neglect of many at the hands of the powerful few to be illuminated by this month’s potent Eclipses, as well as Surgeons and oriental alternative medicine. Whilst, it is no coincidence that this month’s Eclipses reinforce last year’s message, falling in the same Signs or those opposing. For many of the same important matters continue to cause concern this year, having gone under the lens from both sides. However, on a sliding scale these need utmost attention now.

The migrant crisis remaining one of these pressing matters, as this month Mutable Planets form a tension fuelled t-square, as tea and sympathy cannot calm this humanitarian emergency, as inexcusable conditions are exposed and demands exceeding resources, as more people pour into the EU. This reaching mad-hatter level by the 20th, when you could say the Sun moves from fish to tank, exchanging passive Pisces for martial Aries, at a critical 0 degree followed by Mercury on the 22nd and a revealing Eclipse and Full Moon in opposing Libra on the 23rd. While the Moon’s Node underlines political and military activity. So leaders need to take clear action, as Aries Uranus still challenging Capricorn Pluto, means unexpected problems will escalate if leaders continually ignore and defer legal responsibilities, especially as the 25th sees Sagittarian Saturn retrograde on matters.

However, the positive outcome of this crisis is one of conscience, with the Piscean Eclipse and New Moon, instilling greater compassion. As along with the Sun and Neptune both in Pisces, this combination is highly adept at tuning into others. For the Sign of Pisces rules the feet and there is no Sign better, as the saying goes of ‘walking in another man’s shoes’. Even though this March, it maybe a case of less walking and more talking to resolve matters, especially with Saturn placing boundaries upon wandering Sagittarius. This strain increasing by the 6th, as Mars advances into Sagittarius, bringing two great Malefics together and forming harsh aspects to other Mutable Planets. So these Piscean fishes may feel more like ‘fish in a barrel’, being shot at from all angles and violent clashes are likely over foreign, moral and legal affairs.

While, this Mutable triangle may also cause something of a Bermuda one this month, as this Easter could see a ‘water-ship down’ or drowning with tempestuous weather conditions. As well as an inability to triangulate those disillusioned, as well as the spread of disease or contamination, making this March Hare more a ‘bugs bunny’, as the Moon’s Node emphasises Typhoid fever.

Meanwhile, ecliptic activity highlights China, the United Nations, L.A and advances at NASA and the New York Stock exchange. As well as, shocks for the White House, maybe as the race heats up, along with the UK and Egypt. Change in Afghanistan is also starred and Mexico, perhaps over the border issue, along with opposition in Iran as elections occur, Palestine, North Korea and Canada. Whilst, this month sees turmoil in Albania, France, Russia, Ukraine and Guatemala, as well as highlighting Scotland, Turkey, Croatia, Lithuania, the Czech republic, Germany, Greece and Portugal. Also, noticeable events occur in Ghana, Tibet, Bangladesh and Thailand.

So Easter brings a bit of dark to the Galaxy and Mars, but not from an Easter egg hunt, as the hunt this month is not so much for a milky way, but a new way!

Astrology Overview WC 22nd February 2016

The week begins with a Full Moon in Virgo. This cautions us to not put reality to one side when it comes to any key elements of our life. Dig beneath the surface and try to be as factual as possible.

The power of the current Pisces transit is going to amp up to an even greater level in the second half of this week, as the Sun goes alongside Neptune, the co-ruler of Pisces. This aspect can have a tendency to distort reality and make it more difficult to digests facts and figures or be logical. The could be a tendency therefore on the back of this Full Moon for things to not be as they seem, the shimmering vibe that emerges in the second half of this week can certainly boost our imaginations, but perhaps also see our physical vitality drop.

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Pleasingly, all week, the two co-ruler’s of Aquarius, Saturn and Uranus continue to build up a more co-operative link. Ideas that balance originality with thoroughness, and steady expansion can go well, despite the more dreamy influence of the Sun’s combination with Neptune.

In the second half of the week, Mercury also dissects these two planets, and logic and precision and an ability to plan ahead can hold us in good stead. During this period of time. Jupiter is also trying in with Pluto. This aspect can see a high point in certain strands even neat success, or see fundamental expansion of our consciousness.

The weekend also sees Venus dancing in a great angle with Uranus. If you’re in a long-standing love relationship, this is an ideal time to try to revive its original magic by being more spontaneous. If you’re lucky enough to be going out on a new exciting date, the more interesting and unpredictable the person you may the more you may like it. However, if you’re in a long standing relationship where control is a major issue this particular aspect could see you trying to break free.

Astrology Overview for WC 15th February 2016

This week begins with a Quarter Moon on Monday in the sign of Taurus. This angles sharply with the Sun in Aquarius, providing a backdrop for the rest of the week. This is an influence which suggests we need to be more mindful of how our values mesh together with other people. If we too idealistic and not realistic in that it can be a problem, and equally, if we so tied up with the material world with get that people are what counts most it can be a problem here. You may find that one friendship could be something of a crossroads.

However the arrival of Venus in Aquarius on Tuesday is going to be truly helpful for the friends and associations that are truly meaningful in your life. In love, try to focus on the things you enjoy jointly. These shared interests can bond you closer together. Single? Don’t be surprised if a romantic possibility emerges through a mutual association, or by just going out and socialising. In fact, this week in general offers an opportunity to mix and mingle in a way which may have prove infrequent so far this year.

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Mars and Jupiter also continue to co-operate well. Jointly they create a sense that anything is possible, and it can be, as long as we stay mindful of the details, which Jupiter is ordinarily less taken with.

With Saturn and Uranus, the rulers of Aquarius also linking increasingly well, innovation linked to perspiration, can also take us far. Well founded research is going to be important to this, so don’t hold back from scrutinising any ideas that come up, they may well have virtue.

On Friday however, the Sun returns for the first time in eleven months to Pisces. And despite all the potential to get with others this week, we all need to be mindful that it is quality rather than quantity that counts, and sincere friends should be revered.

Astrology Overview for WC 8th February 2016

The week begins with a New Moon in Aquarius. However, this is a New Moon with a difference, as its squares to the powerful influence of Mars, in the sign of Scorpio. The more idealistic values and influence of a typical Aquarius New Moon is about a sense of community, co-operation, friendliness, sociability and kindness. All these can come to the fore but with Mars in attendance that old Maxim of not mixing business with pleasure is something to hold and also being conscious of any friends or member of a group who tends to use the dark arts in order to get their own way.

Monday and Tuesday also see the continuation of Venus’s square with Uranus. The combination of these two influences can certainly bring more forcibly to the surface any politics, which had been rumbling around in the background around close associations. Fortunately, on the same days, Mercury forges a fine link to Jupiter, and if you are engaged in more entrepreneurial matters, this can be very helpful.

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The week does though also see Mars influential, in a more positive way. In the first half, it links potently with Pluto, giving us fantastic willpower and especially if our efforts are well directed and for the good of all. Also all through the week it continues to forge a most confident angle with Jupiter. Jupiter is a course, the planet of growth that in the sign of Virgo. We do need to be more concerned with details rather than simply the big picture, so as long as we’re not to gung ho in what we try to do we can use this aspect, helpfully.

Finally on Sunday, Mercury makes its way into Aquarius. That this is going to help to mitigate some of the more negative energies of Mars from the New Moon, because this planet in the sign of Aquarius can just bring a little bit more logic and fair-minded debates into play.

Astrology Overview February 2016

‘What a difference a day makes’, seems an apt song this February, as those extra ’24 little hours’ make a big difference transforming 2016 into a leap Year, but as the month gets underway are we coming on leaps and bounds!

For from the onset this month may appear more ‘free- bruary’ than February, as not only does it offer an added extra day, but it begins with the Sun in the freedom loving Sign of Aquarius. However, as Valentine’s Day approaches, we could find ourselves falling for this Sign’s seduction technique and left feeling a little short-changed this month. As like an advertising campaign this February may promise added extra free, but it is just whispering sweet nothings, as it still remains the shortest month of the year. With this theme running throughout the month, from shortlists, as awards season is underway to shortages, shortfalls and shortcomings as the sparing Signs of Capricorn and Virgo greatly dominate proceedings.

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HoroscopeAce App for Facebook, iOS and Android

As Mercury, Venus and Pluto reside in Capricorn as the month gets underway, it is not just about curbing spending and daily living this month, but with transformative Pluto up against shocking Uranus, some real changes are forced upon us. As governments and leaderships face shake-ups, looking at regulations and financial limitations, along with maturing populations, polices and property allocation. While, away from the political, the personal side of this Cardinal planetary formation may offer a lighter side, initiating changes in property, living arrangements and DIY projects or to loved ones and relationships. With some utilising Valentine’s Day or this leap year to suddenly pop the question and propose, as concrete Capricorn Planets cement relationships.

Although, it is necessary to look before you leap this month as with Jupiter still retrograde in Virgo, luck may not be completely on your side. For it could be literally a case of ‘leapfrog’ under this transit, as with illusionary Piscean Neptune in aspect, your prince may turn out to be not as expected. While, the Karmic North Node still present in Virgo and a heavy Saturn in legal Sagittarius making a difficult angle, literally brings ‘leaps and bounds’, binding you to a situation you may come to realise you wish you had not entered into. Though, these binding ties stretch far beyond personal relationships this month, especially in regards to the EU and refugee crisis, as it remains at stalemate, with Jupiter remaining retrograde until early May. However, by the 22nd circumstances may become clearer, with a revealing Full Moon in analytical Virgo and the Sun now in Pisces shedding further light on details obscured by hazy Neptune’s influence. Therefore, emphasizing the need for better organisation and handling of the situation to avoid further setbacks and violence.

Meanwhile, this Full Moon further highlights ethics and beliefs in its many forms, as the junior Doctor’s crisis in the UK reaches a climax, seeking resolution and healthy living is illuminated in the UK. At the same time, worldwide, Mutable Planets allow the Zika virus to remain uncontained as well as weather conditions. This is unaided by Mars in Scorpio opposing Aquarian Planets all month, pushing matters to humanitarian crisis level. With this combination also stirring up more issues related to sexual abuse, the Full Moon falling on the Vatican, as this matter receives Oscar attention through the film, ‘Spotlight’. As star wars continue off screen too with restrictive Saturn in cultural Sagittarius causing arguments over the lack of diversity on screen to rattle on and a photographic image capturing the world this month.

However, on a positive note, this month is shorter, but less about the short-term, as from the 14th Mercury joins the Sun followed by Venus into the farsighted Sign of Aquarius. So you could say it is a case of opposites attract this Valentines, as the Sun dines out in the opposing Sign of Aquarius, allowing it to try something new. For Aquarius is usually ahead of the curve and adept at finding shortcuts. So this month we may see a few breakthroughs, as a jarring Mars in Scorpio activates Aquarian Planets, perhaps bringing advances in machinery, mechanics and surgery or advanced technology from computers, electricity or rays to aeronautics, spacecrafts or artificial intelligence. As well as the possibility of explosions, arson, guns, fire, accidents, lightning and feverish conditions, this especially evident with a New Moon in Aquarius on the 8th. This lunar activity also breathes fresh air into stagnant problems, especially in light of collective inhumane conditions, along with igniting the U.S election campaign. While on a global scale, Australia, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Nigeria, Peru, Chile, Peru, Lebanon, as well as Lithuania Croatia and Russia are among some of the countries hitting the headlines this month. So in the month of Valentines, remember to read all the Signs before making a move!

Astrology Overview for WC 1st February 2016

The week begins with a Quarter Moon in the sign of Scorpio. This can create or at least highlight the potential for jealousy or undercurrent’s around groups of friends. If you have one acquaintance who likes to dominate your time and energies you may find yourself becoming more resistant to their charms.

Monday to Thursday, continues to see Mercury alongside the planet of change and transformation Pluto. In itself this aspect can make people rather strident, even evangelical in their points of view, but because of the duo square to Uranus, a clash of cultures or approaches between the old established ways and the new challenging, fluid ones can take place. If you work in an environment which constantly seems to be in a state of flux. This particular aspect will not make it any more pleasant and can create an ongoing level of uncertainty.

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HoroscopeAce App for Facebook, iOS and Android

Ironically, the two rulers of Scorpio, Mars and Pluto actually co-operate brilliantly all week. And if you’re very clear about some of the things that you want to change in your world the willpower and determination they bring to helps us see these alterations through, can be absolutely enormous.

The second half of the week however, there is something of an alteration, as Mercury moves on from the tight grasp of Pluto, to be replaced by the rather more sultry, shimmering energies of Venus. When Pluto Venus get-together in a conjunction it often points towards an intensity around sensuality, intimacy money or power. However, the subtlety that Venus often brings the situation means that people will lay the charm on with a trowel, but it’s often to get what they want. So, if someone seems to be two-year uncharacteristically charming, try to figure out what their true motive is. This particular aspect can be very destructive in an ongoing but rocky romantic relationship, and especially with Uranus squaring the pair. As one person tries to hang on and restricts to maintain the status quo this could push a partner to be ever more rebellious. Sparks can certainly fly. It is also possible to meet someone for the first time, rather unexpectedly. This person could enter our orbits rather dramatically, but won’t necessarily hang around for very long, especially if their desire is rather stronger than their willingness to work at a longer term involvement. Then again, if a brief fling is exactly what you feel you need at the present time, and you both agree this is the terms of reference, you may decide to go for it.

In the second half of the week the Sun in Aquarius also forges a brilliant link with Uranus, its modern ruler. This suggests that thinking on our feet and being flexible, and open to new ideas and approaches can be very good for us and help us to refresh things that have become stale and rather samey.

Also from Thursday to Sunday, Mercury now going forwards in Capricorn forges a terrific trine with Jupiter the planet of fortune which continues to track backwards in Virgo. But both are in earth signs suggests that if we examine and scrutinise possibilities carefully. There is the potential to achieve something of lasting value. But we certainly should avoid making inflated claims that we can’t back up at a later date.