Astrology Overview for WC 25th March 2019

This week sees Mercury goes direct on Thursday. However it continues to combine closely with Neptune in the sign of Pisces, so there is plenty of potential for situations to seem rather hazy and facts hard to confirm. However Wednesday does see Venus move into Pisces to but unlike Mercury which is in detriment in […]

Astrology Overview for WC 18th March 2019

This week sees the two big hitters or higher octave planets of Saturn and Pluto entering a 3° wide conjunction which will last through to the middle of June. Saturn is of course very much about structures, but it is also about limitation and can create frustration and restriction when it impacts on our Natal […]

Astrology Overview for WC 11th March 2019

This week sees an interesting astrological paradox. How? Were both the Sun and Mercury forge impressive angles to Pluto. This can enable us to take action in a very well thought through the energised way. This can be successful if we are considerate of other people’s needs and situations, rather than just been solely focused […]

Astrology Overview for WC 4th March 2019

This week sees Mercury go into retrograde in Pisces. This will last until the 27th of March. Mercury is the messenger of the Gods, Hermes in Greek mythology. The planet is neither benefic nor malefic, but he is the intermediary ‘postman’ who takes and delivers messages. Now, in the sign of Pisces his in detriment, […]

Astrology Overview for WC 25th February 2019

This week sees a Quarter Moon in the sign of Sagittarius , this squares up with the Sun in the sensitive sign of Pisces . Both these zodiac signs are mutable and therefore this is an energy which can create quite a lot of moving emotion and communication, but perhaps also exaggerated emotion and communication. […]

Astrology Overview for WC 18th February 2019

All week Mercury and Venus forge a gorgeous alliance. Mercury is about communication, and Venus is about attraction. And with Venus in Capricorn, we can attract more worldly success by utilising their interaction. This may mean some bright and positive encounters through work, or more in a social context. The Sun moves into Pisces join […]

Astrology Overview for WC 11th February 2019

Hullo, I’m Astrologer Patrick Arundell, and here is your Astrology Overview for WC 11th February 2019. All this week Neptune continues to forge a brilliant angle to Saturn. If we consider Saturn is very much about structures, and Neptune is very much about dissolving them, how does this combination work to our benefit? Well, I […]

Astrology Overview for WC 4th February 2019

The week begins with two important developments. First up there is a New Moon in the Democratic zodiac sign of Aquarius . This angles brilliantly to Jupiter the planet of justice, knowledge, travel, and exploration. This combination can be wonderful in reflecting the collective will of people in the following month. Sociability, and nonjudgemental approaches […]

Astrology Overview for WC 28th January 2019

Mars has a massive influence to play this week, forging a positive angle to Jupiter and a more challenging one to Pluto. Where we have very well thought out plans that we have self-confidence, Mars and Jupiter give us a sense of drive and optimism that we can win through. Please CLICK on your Zodiac […]

Astrology Overview for WC 21st January 2019

Last week was undoubtedly powerful, but also probably very challenging. This week will still have things that we need to contend with but there are so many more planetary opportunities. Please CLICK on your Zodiac sign below to watch your FREE Weekly Video Horoscope… The week begins with the SuperMoon and Lunar Eclipse in the […]