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Telepathy for troops

An American soldier surveys the battle theatre around him, every sense straining for the slightest sign of his elusive enemy, he is tense and alert as he stands motionless. Suddenly he sees a slight movement behind a lush creeper on his left, behind him he hears a twig crack, his taut senses tell him he has wandered into an ambush.

 Telepathy for troops

In the past he might have sent an urgent radio message or simply screamed a warning but now he doesn’t need to, already his thoughts are being received by his comrades via telepathy and soon his colleagues will be at his side.

It might sound like science fiction but according to the British Sunday Times the Pentagon is already working on establishing telepathic communication between its troops. The acceptance of Telepathy, or the ability to transfer thoughts from one person to another is usually thought of as an eccentric notion but that could be about to change forever.  According to the paper the US army is trying to create a force of soldiers who can communicate silently with each other simply by reading each other’s minds, but they will need a little help from science first.

New brain reading techniques which have helped quadriplegics communicate via computer screens are being adapted for military use. The Pentagon has given neuroscientists a $6m to adapt the technology for military use and it  may be ready for active service as soon as 2017.

The present system developed by researchers at the University of California, Irvine requires volunteers to wear a cap studded with electrodes, they are then asked to think of key-words chosen by the scientist who match the  word to the chemical responses produced by the volunteer’s the brain. These thoughts are then quickly converted into computer code. The key-words are then shown as symbols which flash up on to a computer screen. In time these will be developed to create a dictionary of phrases which can be transmitted to comrades.

So far these helmets can transmit 45% of commands so they would have to be radically improved before  they could be used effectively, one of their first uses would be in the helmets of fighter pilots to speed up their response time to incoming missiles. Other suggested uses have been as a means of interrogating terror suspects. The Pentagon has even suggested such technology may in time be used as a way of ‘making the enemy obey our commands’. Not surprisingly this has led to concern amongst those with an interest in bioethics as Professor Paul Root Wolpe put it…

“If the right to privacy means anything, it means the right to the contents of my thoughts”.

Yet, this view does not seem to be held by most US solders, in a survey for the Stars and Stripes (America’s military newspaper) the  majority of soldiers said if it increased their chances of survival on the battle field they would be ready to use this type of technology. What do I think about the new technology? I am keeping my thoughts firmly under my hat!

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Psychics – are you Sceptical?

Samantha is sixty a successful business woman, divorced and grandmother to six children. Yet she had, a very difficult life, but she always had faith that there is a higher power that will help her through even the worst of times.

Samantha was brought up in a very religious family so marrige to her and her family was extremely important and unbreakable. One can only imagine what she went through when she started to realize that her marrige was going to end in a divorce. Samantha was confident when she turned to a Psychic for help. Not only was the psychic able to give her spiritual help and strength to be able to go deal with the divorce – but she was able to tell her what steps to take to make sure she comes out the best possible way from this unfortunate situation.

So, here was a devasted divorced women, who thought that she would never be able to love again, or to find someone who will want to marry a middle aged divorcee. She kept on going back and visiting her psychic who kept on telling her that there will come a man in the future and she will marry again. Although Samantha trusted her psychic, she was almost sure that this was not going to happen, until the day she met a man. They got along very well within a year decided that there was nothing to stop them, and so they married. Samantha was so thankful, she believed that just because the psychic kept on telling her that there will be a new man in her life, she just simply didn’t give up searching, even though she was almost sure that she will be alone for the rest of her life.

Indeed, after her divorce Samantha’s main motivation for keeping going was her two teenage children and her flower shop. At first her friends watched her and thought with astonishment, failing to understand how she could believe in this invisible advice wondering how she could manage her private and business life based on this guidance. Yet her friends also thought, at least she’s able to hold on to something, and if she is able to think positively and see possibilities then her difficult and hard life will be more bearable.

Samantha always had faith in positive future and the happy family and the successful business, before every decision of her she always contacted with her expert, who had input over fifteen years.

One day one of  her neighbours’ child became lost causing frantic worry. For 48 hours the police and all of friends were looking for the child, but to no avail. This was despite many, many volunteers coming forward to help the parents and the police and the specialist Missing Person team. The days passed and passed the seasons changed the little boys family total broke down.

One year later the police finished the investigation. Samantha tried to help to the mourning mother, she gave her as much support as possible, but was also so painful to help a mourning mother, who can not bury her son. Yet the Missing Person’s team said it was possible for five year old boy to survive in woods, for example.

As Samantha saw the on-going misery of her neighbour, her intuition told her that maybe they needed to meet an expert. Yet she was concerned to tell her neighbour in case it upset her. Yet she did, and the little boy’s mother did seem open-minded.

One of Samantha’s daughters was also not able to get pregnant. She had been married for two years and they had a really successful family business with her husband. This gave them all the material trappings such as big cars, impressive family house and a lovely garden in an exclusive area.

Yet the thing they really craved for, the baby, had not happened and they were very unhappy. They visited many leading fertility specialists who tried to help them, and had spent a lot of money to become parents, but each time were unsuccessful.

Susan was crying all the time, she had no interest in their business in the fashion industry. Then one day you recalled her mother’s experiences with the psychic. She visited this lady, who purified her and gave her much clear and positive energy. After the visit Susan thinking and energy levels changed. She became happy again and regained her interest in her whole life. With regard to the baby the psychic told her that within three months she would get pregnant, and…guess what, she did?

All of this shows the power of energy. Faith, hope and psychic phenomena. These things may not be measurable in a scientific way, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t work, simply that goodness, love and pure spirit are beyond the bounds of simple mathematics.

So many people are sceptical in so many ways about psychics, spiritual beliefs, and higher powers. Yet how can we tell that something doesn’t exist until we try it? If you need clarity or if you have any questions about your present or about your future maybe even your past, we can offer you the most professional help from my live Video Psychics.

Horoscope Tim Berners-Lee

Happy birthday, the 8th of June, Sir Tim Berners-Lee 56 years old! Tim may not be a household name, but his invention has changed nearly every household and that’s in the world…

Founder of World Wide Web

Why? Because this is the computer engineer, who is one of the founders of the World Wide Web, which has spun around the globe, and revolutionised modern life.

Sun in Gemini

An Oxford University Graduate, this internet genius had already built his first computer before his 1976 graduation, and with the Sun in Gemini he has a natural aptitude for all things technological.

Jupiter conjunct Uranus

However, it is his Uranus, the planet recognised for being closely linked with computers and information technology, which pinpoints success in this area, due to its close conjunction with the expansive Jupiter. This aspect not only gives unexpected luck regarding innovative technology, but Jupiter’s appetite for growth and travel, puts it on a worldwide scale. This expansiveness also gives the individual a vast motivational drive, whilst envisaging ideas far beyond the stretch of other people’s imaginations.

Neptune imagination

However, this significant aspect at Tim’s birth was strengthened further by planetary aspects from Neptune – which governs the imaginable world beyond its existing boundaries – to the relating planet of Libra – perfect for the internet’s creation. Unsurprisingly, this rare generational line-up of planets also produced Microsoft’s Bill Gates and Apple Mac’s Bill Joy. Symbolising a time when technology was advancing beyond previous barriers.

The Internet concept of Berners-Lee was formulated in Switzerland, whilst working in the software sector, inspired by military systems. The first website was built in 1991 and launched on August 6th.

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Aqua Vitae


There are some things which are essential for life on Earth and I don’t mean chocolate, no, I’m thinking of air, sunlight, gravity and of course water. Water covers much of the Earth but that hasn’t stopped folks from even the dampest climates acknowledging a special relationship between life and those magical molecules of hydrogen and oxygen.

Water in religions

Water plays an important role in a number of contemporary religions including Islam, Hinduism and Christianity. In modern times many rites still involve water including; baptism, ritual cleansing, and blessings.

In both the Church of England and Catholicism Holy Water is used in removing unruly spirits. Water can become Holy Water in one of two ways; it can either be perfectly normal water which becomes ‘holy’ once it has been blessed by an important religious figure, or it may come from a special source, such as a church well or holy shrine.

Feng Shui

In Feng Shui  moving water is used to get positive energies flowing, although paradoxically the sound of water is frequently found on relaxation CDs. Historically, water has been prized for its medicinal value with the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans all using water based treatments particularly spas for some ailments.

Water zodiac signs

Fans of astrology (and especially of me – joke) will also know that the zodiac contains three water signs; Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. These signs tend to be psychic, sensitive, and emotional. Funnily enough the Water Carrier, Aquarius, IS NOT a water sign but ruled by the air element. However, this sign is linked with the propagation of high ideals, the carrier of knowledge, and is said to be linked to baptism!

The Cups in Tarot

Indeed, water is the element most associated with the emotions and in The Tarot the water element is allied with ‘cups’ the suite which is usually indicative of the questioner’s emotional state.

Scientific research

As we have seen water is used as metaphor for our emotions but it may also be affected by emotions itself – if Dr. Masaru Emoto research is correct. Emoto claims that when water is put in vessels with words like ‘love’ and ‘blessing’ written on them the crystals that make up the liquid form into pleasing shapes, in contrast, when exposed to words like; ‘hate’ and ‘anger’ the crystals degenerate. Emoto argues that water stores and transfers information in some way and that drinking water that has been blessed is beneficial to us.

So, next time you need to water your houseplants why not think some positive thoughts over the water, who knows you might be rewarded with some brilliant blooms or verdant veg.

Now then, where’s my chilled beer!!!

Scientific Fundamentalism…

Science versus Faith

There are people who have very fixed beliefs about science, and those with very fixed beliefs about esoteric and religious concepts. And many and especially in the scientific community, who seem to believe that in their case the other two are absolutely mutually incompatible with hard, provable evidence based knowledge.

Templeton Prize

This has been borne out with with the recent controversy over Sir Martin Rees also known as Baron Rees of Ludlow, the UK’s Astronomer Royal, deciding to accept the £1M Templeton Prize, whose previous recipients have included Mother Teresa and evangelist preacher, Dr Billy Graham.

Sir Martin Rees

So why has this caused such a stir? Well, there are many people in the field of astrophysics, who feel that Lord Rees has “sold out”. Their reasoning is that there is no compatibility between science and faith, or belief, which the Templeton Foundation seeks to promote.

For Lord Rees part, he says that he has no religious beliefs personally, but was brought up in the Church of England and says he values its culture and ethics. In his acceptance speech he said…

“All (of us) must be guided by the knowledge that 21st Century Science can offer but inspired by an idealism, vision and commitment that science alone can’t provide”.

Scientists don’t believe in God

So, what I believe he is essentially saying, is that science alone cannot live in isolation from the world,  its beliefs and its humanity. However,  a recent survey of top scientists found that over 90% of them,  said that they did not believe in God.

Scientific Fundamentalism

And I trend I have been observing this year with the Professor Brian Cox “affair” is an almost scientific fundamentalism that is creeping into the public domain, which implies that anyone with any beliefs at all, is frankly stupid, and beneath contempt, of those possessing this enlightened, scientific and “higher” knowledge…

Rowan Williams

And I believe this is very dangerous territory indeed. I once heard Rowan Williams the Archbishop of Canterbury and leader of the Church of England, speak most beautifully about faith, love and science.

And essentially I felt he was saying that human capacity to make things happen positively, through kindness, thought, deed, prayer and spirit, was something that couldn’t be quantified by measurement, mathematics and a monster awareness of data.

The Planetarium

Now, I must assert at this stage my love of science, and all the wonderment and human assistance it can bring. One of the highlights of my youth, was a school visit to The Planetarium in London, and I was hooked…


However, my own journey deeper and deeper into astrology, has taught me that a subject that is roundly condemned  by those in the scientific firmament, brings so much help and goodness to people, but it is closed minds and arrogance, which are the enemies of any belief system, because you are essentially adopting a defensive pose and open-mindedness, to me, should be open ended concept!

Shrewsbury School

Yet there are some things to mention here, which are more local to me. Sir Martin was educated at Shrewsbury School, which is about a mile from where I live. Perhaps the most famous Alumni of the school being Charles Darwin, who himself held back from releasing his first work, because of the fear it would rock the then religious orthodox and partly out of respect to his devout, Christian wife.

Scientific Thought Police

Wow, how things have changed. Now it seems to me, some scientists are in danger of becoming the new thought police. And if they don’t have beliefs outside of factual reasoning that is fine, but are they worthy of standing in judgement of any one else who does?

For my own part, I was born at and educated at Catholic Schools, and whilst perhaps not the greatest fan of this organisation, I do however, have many friends who are very spiritual, across the whole spectrum of faiths, and it really is down to personal choice.

I also know that a number of astrologers are believers in God, some are church goers, some more drawn to earth power. There are numerous references to astrology linked to the bible  in the new and old testaments…and I have the utmost respect for any person who invests of themselves a spiritual journey, in whatever way.

There are a couple of articles you may wish to read Defence of Astrology and About Astrology.

Have a great weekend, I am off to see the Shrewsbury International Cartoon Festival!

Kind regards Patrick

Your Astrological Week from 14th March…

Mercury and Jupiter are conjunct in the buzzing Aries this week, and this can promote the whole concept of education, travel and overseas activities to the front of the world’s agenda.

With the terrible events in Japan and North Africa, ironically, this combination may find people digging even deeper to donate monies to the victims of these disasters, as Jupiter is also the planet of generosity and philanthropy.

However, by Thursday, stern Mercury goes face to face with Saturn (Opposite), and this suggests that in any situation that you need to negotiate, you will need to have your wits about you, facts absolutely nailed down, or you can find yourself being challenged. This aspect may well see stocks fall as the economic impact on Japan and the supply of oil becomes scarcer still.

By Saturday, there is Full Moon, known by some as the Supermoon, because of the close proximity of the Moon to the Earth. Because I am more interested in astrology from a humanistic perspective, I will leave comment on this to my colleagues more interested in the scientific influences of planetary movements. For me the key to this Full Moon, is the location of Uranus. For although newly located in Aries, it will still be opposite the Moon in Virgo, even if this is a disassociate opposition. What this means, if you are not well versed in “astral” jargon, is that the influence is not exact in terms of Pisces opposite Virgo. But with the Full Moon 28 degrees in Virgo, and Uranus is only 0 degrees in Aries. So the orb, or gap, is only 2 degrees.

Remember, Uranus is a very restless energy – especially in Aries and this Full Moon could see sudden issues bursting into the open, escaping the more precise restriction of Virgo. This may see us all feeling more tense or irritable at times – especially if we feel controlled, but equally we need to desist from being controlling.

I still feel, sadly, that the events around the nuclear problems in Japan, are much related to the transit of Uranus into Aries, and if there are details or safety standards which
have been overlooked, or risks have been underestimated, as some Japanese scientists have predicted for some years, a cover up simply won’t work. There will be maximum scrutiny, because Uranus demands openness.

Full Moon in Leo…

Full Moon in Leo

The Full Moon in Leo today, faces not just the Sun in Aquarius, but also the combustible energies of Mars and the watery influence of Neptune.

Mars conjunct Neptune

Now Mars conjunct Neptune on its own, has plenty of challenges. Mars in Aquarius promotes independence, but the ego needs of Mars are not so strong because of the humanitarian influence that Aquarius brings. Therefore people can fit in well to a team, but retain their independence. However, Neptune and Mars are not particularly happy bed-person’s because Mars is about Fire, Neptune Water.

Deceit can creep in under this influence, however, the Sun can provide some mitigation, and especially in Aquarius, for this is the zodiac sign of essential truth and the propagation of high ideals.

Stellium of Planets

This collection of planets known as a cluster or stellium, can be a powerful force for good causes, but as we have seen with the awful scenes in Bahrain, Mars can be destructive when alongside the Sun, as well as a go getter.

In terms of the Leo Full Moon its opposition to Mars alone this too is not pleasant and can trigger the over use of force, or hasty decision making!

Uranus the radical

With the Moon’s opposition to the Sun, this can be where outdated and fixed practices and attitudes battle with the need for change. The radical co-ruler of Aquarius Uranus, is a contradiction in terms for the sign, the other ruler (co-regent) Saturn resists change, so there is a duality in Aquarius at work, all the time, any way.

Jupiter/Pluto Square

With the Moon’s opposition to Neptune, Neptune may be able to do quite well here, resisting false hopes, and asking that any spiritual developments are for real but this is a complex planetary blend, and clearly the desire for social justice has been greatly helped by the Sun and other planets transits through Aquarius, but the real trigger, in my view, remains the Jupiter/Pluto Square. In fact, the world is going to be quite an unstable place, right through to the summer.

Sun Spot Activity

Finally, this Full Moon is further more important, because of the increased level of Sun Spot activity this week, which has spewed a huge amount of extra magnetic energy into the Solar System and telecommunications satellites, weather systems and space activity can all be affected. Amusingly, my router also failed today, hence this post is late. Fortunately the engineer was able to quickly supply me with another way. Synchronicity with the Solar flare activity or what…I love astrology!!!!!!!

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Astrology a rational view by scientist

13th Zodiac Sign

The recent media flap that had astronomers inventing a new astrological sign and dredging up dated anti-astrology arguments is another example of scientists behaving badly, a Philadelphia area science historian believes.

Professor Darin Hayton

Darin Hayton, a science history professor at Haverford College, is affiliated with the Philadelphia Area Center for History of Science.

Writing in the PACHS Smorgasbord blog, he observes that, throughout the twentieth century, opponents of astrology have seemed baffled.

“They regularly express shock and surprise that despite a rational, modern scientific worldview people continue to believe in astrology,” he said.

“Critics have displayed a remarkable doggedness in putting forward the idea that astrology is an intentional fraud perpetrated on a gullible populace. But exactly what is accomplished by calling astrology rubbish?”

Such attacks may rally the faithful but fail to persuade others, he suggests.

Astrology or astrologers

Hayton says it is not his intention to defend astrology or astrologers, but thinks it disingenuous that critics rely upon a small set of rhetorical straw man positions to refute astrology. A straw-man fallacy occurs when an actual position is ignored and a distorted, exaggerated or misrepresented version is substituted for it.

The strategy has not been particularly effective for the science side, he noted.

Zodiac Signs

Critics of astrology claim it is impossible to understand how the stars can affect human affairs, and doubly difficult to suggest a mechanism to account for the influence of the zodiac signs, which continue to change their positions among the stars.

Precession of Equinoxes

Technically, a phenomenon known as precession of the equinoxes is responsible for the shifting sky map. As the earth rotates on its access, a slight “wobble” effect causes the apparent position of the constellations to advance about one degree every 72 years.

In the latest brouhaha over astrology, Minnesota astronomer Parke Kunkle made headlines by claiming that astrologers must be reading the wrong charts. Because of precession, he says a person born under the astrological sign of Pisces today would have been an Aquarian if born on the same calendar date in ancient Babylon.

But this is the same straw-man fallacy that opponents have used for decades to debunk astrology, Hayton points out.

Position of the Sun

“In western astrology, the astrological signs are determined by the position of the sun in the sky, not the absolute positions of the constellations. Refuting a doctrine that astrologers don’t hold seems, at best, ancillary and probably irrelevant to any attack on astrology,” Hayton said.

Astrologers Charlatans?

Such attacks aren’t new. In a 1930 Popular Science article debunking astrology, author Jesse Gelders claimed that astrologers are ignorant charlatans because they fail to realize (or acknowledge) that precession exists. Others have made similar points over the years.


In fact, precession was identified by Hipparchus, a Greek astrologer, more than 100 years before the birth of Christ. And historical documents indicate that astrologers have been aware of the phenomenon ever since, Hayton says.

“What is served by the denigrating rhetoric used to brand astrologers as frauds and charlatans? Surely it would be more effective to adopt a more conversational approach rather than labeling astrologers and their customers irrational, superstitious dupes,” he suggests.

Astrology a Defence

You can read in detail my Defence of Astrology or if you wish for something completely different extracts from the New and Old Testaments which relate to astrology.

Galileo Galilei…

Today, 15th February marks the 447th birthday of Galileo Galilei, the brilliant Italian scientist and mathematician who fell foul of the Vatican, because he prescribed to the view that the Earth rotated around the Sun, not the other way around, which at that time was considered a heresy, and led to a lifetime house arrest.

Heliocentric concept

This theory, was based around the Heliocentric concept (the Sun is the primary planet in our solar system), this went against the widely held Geocentric (that the Earth was the centre of solar system) view of that time. Remember we are talking about the shift of understanding from the Earth being flat, to understand gravity, planetary ellipses etc.

Copernicus and Galileo

A contemporary of Galileo was the Polish scientist Copernicus, who also fell foul of the church and other learned folk for his view, that the Earth was not at the centre of our universe and Galileo gave his peer unstinting support.

Kepler and Galileo

Ironically, Galileo was scornful of Kepler, yet another contemporary but with more of an awareness to astrology, whose belief was that the Moon caused tides. Umm, not the first time astronomers have poured scorn on astrologers then!

Venus patterns

Yet Galileo did do invaluable work in understanding the patterns of Venus and Sunspot activity.

Happy birthday Galileo!

For greater awareness of what astrology is… and for other famous Aquarius folk…