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Astrology Overview for WC 14th August 2017

The week begins with Mercury’s retrograde really beginning to bite home. But perhaps what is even more telling is the fact that Mercury is in an opposition with Neptune and right through till Friday. This is not an aspect to be taken lightly. Neptune is very shimmering. It’s fantastic for spirituality, the arts, creativity, and tuning into the less tangible sides of our existence, and especially now it is back in its home zone of Pisces since 2012.

But Neptune can also distort reality, and because Mercury is very much about facts and figures, and particularly in one of its two home zones as it is now of Virgo, this and the combination of the retrograde means that we need to be particularly careful when dealing with any kind of paperwork, administration, contracts, but also in balancing our health. Why would this be so? Because Virgo is about health, but it’s also about purity. Neptune rules the things that we tend to use in order to escape reality, so if we imbibe in those to any degree beyond what’s really good for us, this is going to impact on our nervous systems, which Mercury rules, and also a clarity of thought and action.

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However ironically, speaking of action, there is a fantastic angle between Mars and Jupiter which continues from last week, which is just so trailblazing, and gives us the opportunity to live in the moment and be a bit more daring and see where it takes us. If there is something that you’re very clear about your strategy, but you also instinctively feel it’s the right thing to do this can be a fine time to go for it. We can have a sense of confidence that everything will work out fine. The problem with Mars and Jupiter in any combination is they can trick us into believing that we can’t fail, and clearly with the more challenging influences this week, there is the potential for things to go awry.

From Monday to Friday also sees Venus in an opposition with Pluto. In a kind of mawkish fascinated way, I find aspects between these two planets always absolutely fascinating. One of the reasons I got into doing what I do is simply because I’m addicted to knowing about people and what makes them tick. And this aspect is a great deal to do with our desires. Now desires are a very good thing because they gives us a sense of passion for life. And used in the right kind of way that can stimulate growth and provide great opportunities for enjoyment and in the case of Venus and Pluto a deep sense of unity when it comes to relationships and even sensual pleasures. Now clearly Pluto is about power, so if anyone seems to be quite seductively trying to tempt you into a get rich quick scheme this week or even a sexual relationship, you just need to be really clear about what your terms of references are and just how flexible you want to be about these.

The end of the week however does see the Solar Eclipse in Leo. This is forging an angle to Uranus the planet of freedom. Of course Leonine energy is very much about self-expression, so the inference is clear here that there is an opportunity in the next six months to get hold of whatever essential energy drives us on and try to use it to transform our situations but in a way where we don’t’s resist possibilities because it’s stepping outside our comfort zones. So this might be a scintillating period but also one that can create a degree of turbulence.

Astrology Overview for WC 7th August 2017

The week begins with the Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius, generating huge amounts of energy. As it links to the planet of opportunity Jupiter, located at present in the sign of Libra, all this airy energy is a counterpoint to the roar of the Lion, and where the Sun and Mars are located, along with the North node the point of destiny, in the sign of Leo.

If you think about it Leo is about actualizing our own individuality. With Aquarius energy is very much about the collective. Balancing the give-and-take in relationships between what’s good for us personally and what’s good for the needs of those people we care about is a clue of what this Eclipse will influence. As much as we may all want to pursue our own agendas, and sometimes it’s very important to do so, equally if we stay mindful of the bigger picture this can help us to find a good balance. However if there is any relationship which seems unjust – the energies of Jupiter, then we are going to seriously reconsider this in the following months.

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This week continues to see a lovely angle however between Venus and Mercury, located respectively in Cancer and in Virgo, which brings a more nurturing and practical dimension to the situation. However Mars is also a truly influential planet this week. Why? Well he is forging a sensational link with Jupiter which can give us a sense that everything is possible, and also see is a lot more risk-taking. But equally he is in a Quincunx with the rather distorting energies of Neptune. It’s important therefore that when it comes to our desires that we are very clear about what these are, and whether they are realistic or not.

By Sunday Mercury enters a retrograde. He will continue to retrace his steps in the sign of Virgo through to the end of this month. He won’t re-emerge back into the sign of the virgin until the 10th of September. Yet it will be 19th September before Mercury returns to the point where this retrograde begins. During this period of time therefore being very precise in all we do is absolutely essential. As you will know with Mercury retrograde all sorts of snags and snares just seem to happen. But if you are travelling anywhere and in particular using airports or ferries, these with regular consistency seem to be affected more than most. Also handling paperwork, correspondence and buying and selling, are all going to require a higher degree of concentration to try to limit the potential for all this to unfold.

Astrology Overview for WC 31st July 2017

The week begins with the Sun burning brightly in the sign of Leo. This of course is its home position, and along with Mars is providing a fantastic level of vibrancy energy and drive at this time. This is a wonderful week for us all to embrace our creative qualities, and the more playful strands of life too. Look to be as self expressive as possible.

However despite this, Venus moves into the more reflective location, of Cancer on Tuesday, however she does make a fine link with the practical energies of Mercury, so if you want to direct the creativity that comes from the Sun and Mars into beautifying your home creating a new Home Office or working on the outside space to make it more pleasant and peaceful, all this can be a great thing to do

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On Thursday Uranus goes into a retrograde. This will last for 5 1/2 months, and asks us to think carefully about our need for freedom, just how self expressive we feel we can be and are there any relationships in our lives, which are too codependent, or compromised by the needs of others.

The other big influence this week concerns Jupiter and Pluto. When these two are in a square as they are here, there can be a tendency to chase down our ambitions at the cost of doing things in a right and proper way. For example if we have an opportunity to progress but are tempted by a shortcut, one that may run against our values, or even be unethical or may see someone else suffer in order that we reach our personal goals, then do try to resist. However this aspect can still be very good for making progress, being self-confident, and showing drive, as long as we can maintain our relationships within our ambitions.

Astrology Overview May 2017

May is more of a ‘maze’ this month, as it feels as if we have entered one, after last month’s events amazed many. For who knows which way to proceed? This is especially with most avenues looking the same; there being no clear way ahead and some not knowing how to exit! This ultimately leaving many in a puzzle this May, as mercurial mind-games cause a few crosswords and word-searches this month, with Taurus adding plenty of ‘spot the bull’!

For in French newspapers, it is ‘two down, many cross’, as they are left with two extreme outsiders to put a cross against in the general Election this month. While, in the UK, it is not ‘10 down’, but 10 Downing Street leaving many clueless, as a game of ‘Snap’ election is called. So it might not be all fun and games this month, but parties and movements are spotlighted this May, particularly the political variety.
While angry Mars in Gemini all month joined by the Sun from the 21st and a New Moon on the 25th highlights game-playing and contradictions in fortune this May, the Moon especially linked to activities in Mexico and NASA also. As a challenging retrograde Saturn in Sagittarius and Piscean Neptune seek to establish the higher truth, re-questioning previous statements. As Party games are more ‘pass the buck’ than parcel. With ‘truth and dare’ being replaced with not daring to tell the truth and ‘ spin the bottle’ just the usual spin and bottling it!

Although, planetary configurations make it tricky to avoid your turn this month, as the sky’s line up forces others’ true motives to be identified, acting as not quite a lie but ‘sky detector’! For from the 4th retrograde everyday Mercury in ‘Action man’ Aries is no longer ‘a.w.o.l’, instead taking a direct order and joining up with Venus and Uranus on the frontline. However, this unit face combat from other Cardinal Planets, as righteous Jupiter in Libra and delving Pluto in Capricorn maintain their retrograde stance, meaning the ‘truth will out’, as they target past unresolved concerns. This reaching a standoff from mid May, with Jupiter and Uranus at critical degrees in need of a release, whether through weather storms and power-cuts to strikes and riots. As individuals feel boxed in, desiring to break free from formal conventions. So acts of violence and terrorism are possible, but also thinking outside th e ballot box, as in France ‘Le Pen’ maybe mightier than the sword, as the alternative option. While, this aspect, along with Saturn’s degree and Leo’s new North Node, could see the forming of new ruling parties in general, as well as a new EU arrangement, if France also takes a piece of the Jigsaw away.

So April brought us Easter egg trails and trailblazers, with Planets in spirited Aries. However, May begins with the Sun in bullish Taurus, leaving many blazing over the trail from actions initiated under the previous go-getting Sign. This meaning that as May advances, we are like ‘Hansel and Gretel’ picking up the crumbs, in an attempt to find our way! While, the sense grows that the UK will be left only with the crumbs off the table in EU dealing, as the ‘The Hunger Games’ begin, with the adage that there will be ‘no free lunch’.

This is something the Taurus bull never likes to hear, as this creature of comfort always wants to know where their next meal is coming from, this Fixed Sign needing a set menu. So there could be a temper tantrum or two from the second Sign of the Zodiac this May. For if Aries is the baby stage, Taurus are ‘terrible twos’ and need routine. Subsequently, this month is much about early learning, especially regarding ruling States and political platforms, as many are in the pivotal stages of development or undergoing change. For Arian Planets bring the new ‘cycle’, but Taurus knows we are in a period still requiring ‘stabilisers’.

Hence on a positive note, there is no Sign more intent than Taurus on gaining all the facts and figures necessary in an attempt to secure the future. As this solid, down to earth Sign is concerned with dealing with practical issues, not quite using a crystal ball, but a crystallising bull to see us through the ‘crystal maze’ of matters this month. This is especially as several Planets still remain in retrograde motion as May commences, allowing us to remain at a standstill or go back the same way we came if not careful. So with the Sun in Taurus until the 20th and day to day Mercury from the 16th to the month’s finish, this Sign maybe the ‘bull of string needed to aid us through.

Therefore, personal finances will appear more prosperous with the Sun located in the Sign of Taurus. Although, by 10th May when a revealing Full Moon enters opposing Scorpio, comes the realisation of the game being played. For it seems a case of ‘noughts and crosses’, in regards to tax credits and help from the State, as what is given with one hand is crossed out by the other, leaving the vulnerable and disabled back at nought. This in particular aspects the UK’s Planets, as deceptions stir up anger especially over shared finances and having to pay taxes. While, across the pond, the White House too is impacted in a similar way, with this lunar activity illuminating Trump’s hidden agenda at odds with US core values, likely to erupt into further heated protests.

While, the Pope’s recent message denouncing violence is thwarted by this Scorpio Full Moon denoting violence, possible killing and a disregard for rules and standards. As Russia and Iran see turmoil, Canada faces financial hardships and France more outpourings of anger around Election time, as well as exposing secret activity in North Korea. Whereas, it seems China, Israel/Palestine and Hollywood bathe in the benefits of this Full Moon. Meanwhile, broadly this month, Brazil, Denmark, Ecuador, Germany, Ireland, Cuba and Argentina look set for upheavals, with Jordan, Yemen, Paraguay, the Congo, Georgia, Tibet and Peru also starred. To a lesser extent, Chile, Nicaragua, Japan and Sierra Leone also are headlined. So the Mayflower embarked on a voyage of discovery and as May opens up, many feel they are in the same boat. Though, some feel lost at sea as others choose to jump ship, but to navigate a course through, just follow this month’s stars!

Astrology Overview March 2017

With February finishing with something of a ‘technical challenge’ and ‘showstopper’ involving Hollywood, you may be forgiven for thinking it was not the ‘Oscars’, but ‘The Great British Bake Off’ returning to our screens! Although, as we enter March, we can see this month not only brings plenty of Easter’s eggs, but a few more mix-ups, half-baked ideas and much to sieve through. As March may not mark the beginning of a new Bake Off, but instead the start of ‘The Great British Break Off’!

However, as this March gets underway, this month’s planetary movements emphasise the difficulties in attempting to break off a piece from the EU. As taking a slice cannot be iced over it seems, without it affecting the whole and causing some icing over of relations instead. Whilst, across the pond, there appears to be further frosting this month, as ‘hundreds and thousands’ remain troubled by the divisions created. So as March begins, it seems less about ‘cake-stands’ and more about knowing where you stand or making one, as disillusion and confusion abounds.

Due to the month opening not only with the Sun in the Mutable Water Sign of Pisces, but also everyday Mercury and deceptive Neptune co-joined in illusive Pisces too, causing many to feel that rather than ‘March-in’ ahead, this March they are just keeping their heads above water. As with the ‘tectonic plates’ of Europe shifting and the new wave of ideas from the US President elect quite literally creating waves, many are in search of safe ground. Although, you could say there is a struggle against the tide this month, as the current of activity has the ability to cause many to go against this tidal pull, rather than be drawn back.

As a strong mystical Pisces influence this March, enforced by last month’s New Moon Eclipse, offers the possibility of reaching the highest spiritual enlightenment or sinking to that ‘soggy bottom’. This being evident by the Piscean symbol of the two fishes facing in opposite directions, as this final Zodiac Sign has the potential to be the most evolved or cause its undoing.

This further reinforced as we go into March, as these Piscean Planets remain at odds with the karmic Moon’s Virgo North Node or ‘Dragon’s Head’, placed at its tail with the South Node in Pisces, signifying a need to let go in some way. Therefore, it is no great surprise that the ‘Brexit’ process begins under the dissolving power of Pisces, but there may well be some unforeseen shockers as the month continues, due to planetary patterns maintaining tricky relations. As the Oscar ceremony calamity demonstrates, as a Piscean Moon’s eclipse nearly saw film, ‘Moonlight’ eclipsed.

However, the envelope mix-up occurred under mystifying Mutable Planets, but it was unexpected Uranus uniting with pleasurable Venus and angry Mars in Aries against Capricorn Pluto and more significantly opposing retrograde lucky Jupiter in Libra. As those who thought they were in luck found a quick reversal of fortune under these aspects. So expect further occurrences continuing throughout March, as a challenging retrograde Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto formation, sees those who think they can ‘have their cake and eat it too’ left with ‘t’ and no cake, in the form of a T-square.

The effects of which are exacerbated not only by fiery Mars at home in Aries until the 10th, but Venus out of its comfort zone all month in Aries retrograding from the 4th too. While Mercury, the Planet of movement and communication, comes along for the ride, joining Aries from the 14th, the 20th the Sun and an initiating Aries New Moon on the 28th. This bringing a different ‘kettle of fish’ entirely, as the kettle reaches boiling point, with several critical degrees activated this month, meaning many may see the fire breathing from that ‘Dragon’s head’ or literally through weather conditions.

As akin to ‘St George slaying the dragon’, this month the individual versus the hierarchy system, with the New Aries Moon on the 20th illuminating new rules and strategies to aid everyday people. This heralding beneficial new types of partnerships for the UK, as it prepares to leave the EU. Whereas, Mexico, Egypt, China and the United Nations may experience drawbacks, as France, Australia, NASA, New York and its Stock Exchange face challenges. While, further shocking religious revelations are exposed, as well as Hollywood secrets and regressive White House plans.

Although, the 12th’s Full Moon in Virgo takes care of the ground work and finer details, focussing on attempting to resolve health and work issues and implications for those most vulnerable. However, this may feel like ‘treading water’, with a multitude of Planets in opposing watery Pisces, combined with angular Saturn in Sagittarius. As fixing neglect in health care and immigration quarters is paramount this month, especially as the North Node offers the final opportunity to address concerns, before Leo ‘enters the dragon’s head’! However, this seems less likely to occur in the US with the Full Moon underlining less clarity, as Canada attains more and Japan and North Korea are activated. As lunar activity this month illuminates Politicians and the possibility of violence or military action, if situations are not handled with ‘kid gloves’!

As with Venus and Jupiter in retrograde motion, abiding by a look before you leap attitude this month seems sensible, in an attempt to avoid a magnitude of headaches, from legal to personal dilemmas. For legal decisions formed maybe overturned and things will not live up to expectations at a later date, so not an ideal time to buy, sell or embark on new relationships. This is especially true with Mars advancing into Venus ruled Taurus from the 10th, as when Planets turn direct again, you may find you want your money or heart back again. While, outside of personal factors, worldwide this month, Russia, Cape Verde, Germany, Greece, Portugal, Bosnia and Croatia are also starred, along with Namibia, Tibet, Guatemala and Madagascar.

So following last month’s notable planetary line-ups, this month brings a memorable ‘March-in-time’! However, with so much on the table, it seems preferable to not ‘fork’ out, but ‘contem-plate’!

Astrology Overview February 2017

February, finds us a couple of months into 2017 and features the day dedicated to couples, St Valentines. Although, with a couple of Eclipses this month too, it might feel for some like not just ‘dating in the dark’, but being kept in it! This making February something of a ‘Funny Valentine’!

So you could say as February plays out, it is not just ‘strangers in the night’, but ‘stranger things’ in the days too! Though, offset to some extent by the Sun in quirky, yet visionary, Aquarius as the month gets underway. This meaning, that rather than love at first sight occurring this Valentines, it is more a case of second sight, due to Aquarian’s canny ability to see future developments and the bigger picture long before most others. As even though we are only into the second month of the yearly calendar cycle, in the Zodiac cycle the Sign of Aquarius is second to last, evolved like the stages of mankind, from the ten previous Signs.

Therefore, it seems fitting this Sign is associated with not just the individual, but humanity as a whole and when used for good, living in a way that works to benefit the many, rather than the few. This is something continually in focus during this epoch in time, as instead of ‘eye strain’ an ‘I strain’ is taking place in general! As an ‘Us’ versus ‘them’ mentality persists or what you could call an ‘I test’, reaching off the charts this month, when the first two of four yearly Eclipses arrive, beginning with the finalising Full Moon.

As the 11th’s Leo illumination highlights healing of humanity in all its forms, demonstrated through correct leadership and teaching to medical fields and the Arts. This Eclipse particularly spotlighting UK’s wider responsibilities this month, as well as revealing White House actions seriously affecting relations and everyday anger in Mexico, along with confused frustration at the Vatican, perhaps over past abuses. Whilst, also starring North Korea and Israel/Palestine.

This is followed up by the 26th’s Piscean, initiating New Moon, associated with music’s harmonious blending of notes, along with intricate figures and mechanical workings, symbolising in a sense the way to attain lasting happiness. Though, if not heeded many maybe wishing someone would ‘fly me to the moon’, as sparks fly, due to this Moon linking to all forms of electricity! As well as activating movements in Canada, Iran and France amongst others.

These Eclipses being another example of ‘second sight’ or what you might term as a ‘repeat prescription’, due to the fact that since 2015, these Eclipses have replicated a pattern, beginning in Pisces and by and large appearing in these Signs or their rival counterparts. Therefore, it is not really unsurprisingly that the same themes are reprised as 2017 progresses, exemplified through the worldwide immigration plight and reproduced to a lesser degree in the struggles over public and private resources, as the now termed ‘humanitarian crisis’ in the health service embodies.

However, what is significant is this month marks the last of these Mutable Eclipses. As these long enduring Pisces fishes are set free, along with its opposing tail-end Sign of Virgo, signifying in some ways a shift in consciousness and some resolution. As lunar activity now predominantly alters to the Fixed Sign of Leo and its opposite, Aquarius over the next couple of years, reinforced by the Moon’s Nodes entering this pairing from April too. As leaders, royalty, the famous and powerful and their relationship with the public is emphasised.

Though, before then, this month sees further troubles arising, as from February’s start the Moon’s Nodes reach critical degree, up until the 11th’s Full Moon, signifying heightened struggles. As practical, Earth Sign, Virgo, literally ‘mother earth’, concerned with the health and well being of the individual and environment too, highlights scarcity of resources. Whilst, reflected at the other end of the scales, or perhaps more aptly ‘scales’ is watery Pisces, the Sign of the Fishes swimming in differing directions. As this scale ends, final Zodiac Sign is most acutely aware of human anguish, choosing this February to either swim away or face conditions head on. The tale of ‘loaves and fishes’ perhaps, as these little fishes can use their ‘loaf’ to share.

This scenario worsened by Neptune’s stint in long suffering Pisces, co-joined by the tail-end of Venus as the month begins, making a challenging angle to Sagittarius Saturn. This not only causing the hatches to be battened down weather-wise due to tempestuous conditions, but over immigration also, as restrictions go against human kindness. This reinforced throughout February, as the Sun begins in humanitarian Aquarius joined by everyday Mercury from the 7th, only to later both transition into compassionate, but confusing Pisces.

While, more ‘spectacles’ arise, due to Cardinal planetary configurations, as Capricorn Mercury joins Pluto until the 6th, challenging shocking Aries Uranus and fair Libra in Jupiter, only to see Venus and Mars turning up the heat in Aries. As Ex-Apprentice President Trump has already begun firing, but may find decisions ultimately backfiring, if he continues to abide by ‘My Way’ over the high way. As from the 6th legal Jupiter retrogrades, stalling government’s progress. This also affecting ‘Brexit’ proceedings, as triggering Article 50 is shrouded in ’50 shades of grey’, suggesting its going to be a messy ‘break-up’! Although, on the plus side this Valentine’s month seems the perfect time for thinking of coming out of the Single market, as Germany is highlighted this month. With Russia, Japan, Switzerland, Egypt, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon also starred, as well as Nepal, Chile, Mongolia, South Africa, Paraguay and Saudi Arabia.

So this Valentines, progress continues on building that ‘special relationship’ after last month’s episode of ‘first dates’. Whilst, planetary aspects create troubled industrial and foreign relations, as well as what you might call a February compiled of ‘blind dates’, due to the influence of illusive Pisces. However, one thing is for sure there is an inevitable ‘break-up’ looming, so keep in mind that national anthem, ‘I will survive’!

Astrology Overview January 2017

As we leave behind 2016 and ‘the Sound of Music’ from New Year’s celebrations, we are no longer ‘16 going on 17’ and instead ‘singing in the rein’ of 2017!

So forget ‘doe a deer, a female deer’ or ‘Rudolf, the red-nosed reindeer’, as attention turns to the rein of Planets and what we hold most dear this January, as Capricorn Planets are concerned with only what is most essential. As this New Year commences with not only ‘ray, a falling drop of Sun’ inhabiting the Sign of Capricorn, but a retrograde Mercury and deep-rooted Pluto too. So there is no chance that ‘old acquaintances be forgot’, as we begin 2017 with a few familiar faces.

For each New Year, it may well be customary to say ‘out with the old, in with the new’, though this year more than ever, this does not seem to be the case. Due to the presence of the Sign of mature Capricorn and Saturn still midway through its stint in Sagittarius! So rather like the symbol of the Capricorn mountain goat, clinging on to its hilly terrain, preceding influences still grip us tightly at the start of this New Year. As like ‘brown paper packages wrapped up with string’, we may have thought 2016’s events were all wrapped up and 2017 offered the gift of a fresh start! However, on opening 2017, this January might feel like you have been re-gifted something you previously received.

Although, this may not be one of your ‘favourite things’, this year it seems we have a good idea what to do next. As with Capricorn Planets dominating, circumstances might not feel as unpleasant as expected. For as 2017 begins we are still vacationing under the Sun in Capricorn, but you could say this Sign positively enjoys ‘singing in the rain’, thriving under difficult conditions. As this Capricorn goat seeks to reach the mountain peak, regardless of obstacles, one sure-footed hoof in front of the other. Though the ground may be uneven beneath and the weight of the world bearing down on its shoulders, but this only motivates this practical Earth Sign to plough on regardless. So as 2017 gets underway this no-nonsense Sign seems to be what is needed, especially regarding fiscal matters and public services.

As with retrograde Mercury revisiting past faults until the 8th, aided by delving Pluto, revealing prior cover-ups, this Capricorn period acts as something of a correctional facility. This being even quite literally, as prison reforms come under consideration in light of recent events. Along with other institutions of power, organisations and structures, as Capricorns are associated with the building blocks of society. However, this month it could appear more about blocks than building, especially relating to channels of communication, as Mercury’s retrograde movement creates misunderstanding and misinterpretations, so Capricorn caution is crucial. Whilst, also affecting daily routines and travel, already evident in broken promises over commuter price hikes. This moving to issues of immigration, as Mercury reaches ‘far, a long, long way to go’, reverting back into the former Sign of distant Sagittarius, before changing direction.

So you could call this combined trio of Capricorn Planets, a kind of ‘combined harvester’ this January, unearthing matter and raking through it in order to clear the field ahead. However, this is not possible without churning the ground up, as a challenging Jupiter in Libra and Uranus, now moving direct in Aries emphasises, forming a T-square. Although, not the ‘tea, you have with bread and jam’, it is accompanied by its own variety. As these challenging Cardinal Planets force the concerns over putting bread on the table of those ‘just about managing’ into the public domain. Whilst, causing an unexpected knee-jerk movement against the ‘establishment’, especially in the US, as the process of assimilating ‘Tea Party’ values moves mainstream, causing many to be mad as hatters.

As this Cardinal planetary formation forces underground grassroots action out into the open, expanded this month as Planets move from organisational Capricorn to humanitarian Air Sign, Aquarius and selfless watery Pisces. As momentum swings away from ‘me, a name I call myself’ towards wider societal considerations, beginning with Venus in Aquarius as January arrives, followed on the 20th by the Sun and a New Moon on the 28th. This lunar activity linked to unusual plans, ideas and deep intellectual thinking, as Planets advance from earthly matter to grey matter and questioning what really matters. However, for the US this underlines a regression in forward thinking, leading to their undoing if not careful. This reinforced by the 12th’s Full Moon in Cancer, squaring other Cardinal Planets and finalising changes to US daily life, as well as the UK’s status as the ‘Brexit’ deadline looms ever closer. For this Full Moon illuminates the possibility to heal or hurt, connected with medical, spiritual and aesthetic benefits, but also poisoning, imprisonment, unawareness and injury.

This is ever more likely with a further emphasis on Planets in Pisces this month, as from the 3rd Venus enters this Mutable Sign, co-joining Mars, Neptune and forming harsh aspects to other Mutable Planets. As deceptions, terrorist threats, tempestuous weather and disasters at sea are all possible. For the North Node in opposing Virgo brings a karmic element, as akin to ‘sew, a needle pulling thread’, past actions create a reaction, reaping what has been sewn. Although positively, Pisces Planets aid creativity, as ‘La’ is not only ‘a note that you sing’, but the hub of Awards season, as musical ‘La La Land’ is an Oscar frontrunner. While, with Mars entering Aries to co-join Uranus from the 28th, the celebrity world may well lose another famous face, as you can expect the unexpected with this aspect, as the wider world sees New Zealand and the UK impacted. As well as Latvia, Russia, Honduras, Croatia, France and Greece being starred this month, along with Bangladesh, Thailand, Sri-Lanka and Nicaragua. So this January, we move from Earth to Air, or perhaps ‘Hair’, with a new outlook, from age to Aquarius!

Astrology Overview December 2016

As the year comes to a finale and Christmas beckons, thoughts usually turn to the arduous trek taken following that Star of wonder to Bethlehem! Although, this December, the stars in Sagittarius cause many to wonder over the current bedlam!

For it is less about trekking towards a Star and more like ‘Star Trek’! As Trump says ‘beam me up’ to the White House and Castro’s passing sees Cuba embarking upon ‘new frontiers’. While the UK’s ‘Brexit’ maybe ‘boldly going forward’, but perhaps only ‘as we can’t find reverse’. So, this December is ‘life Jim, but not as we know it!’

With the 12th month seeming rather like an imaginary time line, as it is the threshold to the future, but our feet remain firmly planted in the past. However, with such uncertainty looming ahead, it seems this month some could ‘kling-on’ too tightly to the familiar, especially as the Sun begins the month still united with cautious Saturn and moving Mercury, limiting progress, thinking, travelling plans and general festive cheer. As these Planets co-joined restrict travels of the body and mind, particularly through the first half of December.

For the month opens with mobile Mercury in Sagittarius and Saturn at a critical degree, reinforcing last month’s New Moon in Sagittarius. No doubt putting an emphasis on all foreign affairs, pleasurable pursuits and matters of legality and safety in these areas, as we see Governments worldwide maintain their effort to deal with the unrelenting vast displacement of people and the continuing narrow-minded divisive rhetoric around cultural difference. Whilst, by the time of the Full Moon on December 14th in opposing Gemini, you may see more possible terrorist attacks linked to transport and the true neglect of War torn refugees and the disabled, as well as worsening weather conditions and information disclosures. As this face-off between the Gemini Full Moon and the Sagittarian Sun and Saturn, coincides with the ongoing standoff of Virgo’s North Node and Neptune in Pisces.

Although, on the positive side, Mutable Planets offer flexibility, with the Moon’s degree linked to Mathematics, meaning there may be some leeway calculating the US electoral recount, as well as artistic and scientific advances. While, responsible Saturn combining with this duo of Planets in wise Sagittarius, should act as a guiding Star this month. This being much needed after November’s fireworks.

So, as we enter December, we’ve come out of a tailspin, having left behind the jointed tailed Scorpion and the turbulent events played out under this Zodiac Sign, but as this month gets underway we are still feeling the atmospheric pressure. As last month, there was a ‘bird’ for thanksgiving, a catastrophic ‘plane’ crash, but no ‘Superman’, instead a ‘Super Moon’ intensifying matters and moods, its reverberations still far reaching. For November’s Super Moon in Taurus brought no ‘kryptonite’, but it did ignite and crystallise, as the Sign of the bull charged up public sentiment, with prolonged protests over Trump’s presidential win. However, last month’s Full Moon also could be viewed as something of a ‘crystal bull’, seeming to solidify future plans.

Although, some aims are still somewhat ‘frozen’ in time, as attempts to block the ‘Brexit’ process demonstrate. While, others must ‘let it go’, as rather like an ice sculpture, as Planets progress from watery Scorpio into the Fire Sign of Sagittarius, Clinton sees her dreams of entering the Oval Office melting away. So as December gets going, it might feel as if the usually over-enthusiastic temperament of the Sun in Sagittarius is given a daily reality check, by Saturn’s sobering presence, but it is a necessary one! For the Sagittarian tendency to be over-exuberant is balanced out by level-headed Saturn. Put simply, the Sun in Sagittarius may find it really hard to stay in, but Saturn knows that ‘baby, it’s cold outside’, considering all factors.

This quite literally applying to the ‘Brexit’ scenario, as ‘tis the Season to be jolly’, but the usual yuletide cheer seems somewhat lacking this December. As likened to a Christmas feast, ‘Brexit’ may have dished up what the majority thought they wanted, but now many feel stuffed! As there is a growing sense that even though plenty are not keen on ‘Brussels’, whether it be Xmas dinner or the UK, it may not be the same without them.

So it appears there are servings of more sage than onion this festive season, in the form of Sagittarian sage advice. Along with ‘less pass the cranberry’ and more passing over the ‘jam’, as the ‘just about managing’ have difficulty digesting the UK’s autumn statement. While, across the pond, its ‘red current source’, with the continued stream of animosity towards the President elect, as thanksgiving is quite literally over!

However, as the month progresses a wishbone might be handy, as December begins with challenging Mutable planetary formations, but the second half, Cardinal Planets bring these out into the foreground. As the extent of abuse in football, disclosed under sporting Sagittarius transits is scrutinised, looking at institutions and in general there are new Government initiatives and welfare strategy. As from the 3rd, detailed Mercury enters Capricorn at that critical 0 degree, followed by another when the 21st’s Sun arrives, forming an alliance with delving Pluto. This practical Earth Sign, leaving no stone unturned, especially from the 19th when Mercury retrogrades, allowing the opportunity to revisit past errors. Although, all may not go as envisioned, with mishaps aplenty and difficult aspects from Aries, Uranus and Jupiter in Libra causing upheaval, acerbated by the 29th’s New Moon. As this Capricorn luminary puts issues under the microscope, creating bigger problems than anticipated, even resulting in violence and crime, as people in power try to hoodwink the public over the yuletide spell.

This reinforced by angry Mars, as it moves from societal Aquarius to often victimised Pisces, joining long suffering Neptune. So attempts to address humanitarian concerns, prompted by Venus entering Aquarius from the 8th could be undone. Although, any global glitches with technology over this busy buying time may see some improvement. While, the World Wide Web may experience hitches this month, Worldwide there are some too. As Finland, the Baltics, Macedonia, Lithuania, Germany and Romania are highlighted this December, along with, Columbia, Brunei, Kenya, Cuba, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Sudan and Canada, not forgetting possible attacks in the UK and Ireland.

So you could say December is an all-round big chill with a box-set of Sagittarian and Capricorn Planets, as early December Sagittarian Planets ‘curb your enthusiasm’, followed by some old classics, with ‘Happy Days’, ‘Cheers’ and into the New Year, ‘The Wonder Years’!

Astrology Overview November 2016

Halloween may be over and the clocks turned back, but as we go into November, there is ‘no’ putting some skeletons back in the closet or rewinding the hands of time on decisions already made. So you could say rather than ‘no’, this month is more of a ‘Know-vember’!

As this month, why consult a fortune teller to know what the future holds, when you are sitting in a circle! With the Sun and Mercury beginning the month in Scorpio, the Sign associated with a creature encircled by fire. As this jointed tailed Sign is something of a ‘fortune tail-er’ as this month gets underway, making joint finances, shared ventures, taxes and pension funds a primary concern. Therefore, as ‘Brexit’ negotiations continue, financial repercussions remain a foremost consideration, preventing the UK from being prematurely ‘tricked into treaty’ triggering. While, as the US election reaches the tail-end, candidates may find this is where the stinger lies, as extra reserves maybe necessary to make it to the finish line, not only fiscally but physically too, as each ward off devious attacks.

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So, October may have been more ‘shock or rock-tober’, as tectonic plates shook the Earth, clowns terrorised the streets and scandals rocked the UK Independence Party and American presidential race. Well, in Halloween’s wake though, November has its own fireworks, with Planets congregated in this scorpion Sign, especially as the month opens on critical degrees. Although, not a Fire Sign, this Water Sign is however, believed to be originally ruled by fiery Planet, Mars and then latter discovered delving Pluto. Perhaps, going some way to explain how this Sign has the potential to soar to great heights like its symbolic eagle or sink to the depths of despair. As this Sign can not only pull others down, but ultimately themselves too, as cornered this self-destructive Scorpion would rather sting itself to death. So, although secretive Scorpio keeps its cards close to its chest, it seems this month, the choice still exists to ‘play those cards right’ and go higher rather than lower.

A sentiment carried over from last month’s Scorpio New Moon and a strategy Clinton is embracing to ‘Top Trump’s’ in the last leg of this closely run election. As the new season of what some might term an ‘American Horror Story’ is broadcasted. Although, ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’ might be more apt, as both candidates still appear on rocky ground. As the US electorate decide whether to ‘take a jump to the left or a step to the right’, but run the risk of a ‘time warp’ if anti-progressive ideas win out. Although, Trump’s approach could be termed a ‘frank converter’, as he gains support from those harbouring anti-establishment feelings.

This climate especially riled up, as the Scorpio ruling planets of Mars and Pluto both co-join in institutional Capricorn until the 8th, coinciding with Election Day. For in general this combination unearths deep-rooted anger towards those sitting in big buildings of power and authority. While, conflicting Cardinal Planets only ignite further tensions, as a retrograde Aries Uranus quite literally creates ‘electric shocks’, revealing covered up past mistakes, with opposing legal and fair Jupiter in Libra challenging findings. A little reprieve may come as Venus moves into Capricorn from the 12th, easing matters slightly, but authoritative and monetary anxieties will still ensue all month, with the 14th’s Taurus Full Moon going some way to finalising personal finances.

Though, the spotlight does alter from the pillars to society itself from the 9th onwards, as Mars exits structural Capricorn to communal Aquarius. However, this may only seem to cause more widespread upheaval as sexual and humanitarian issues particularly arise, at odds with the Sun and Mercury’s placement in Scorpio. Whilst, not boding well regarding the response to the American Election outcome.

For Election Day results show the Sun and Moon in square aspect, followed by that transition of Mars into Aquarius the following day, suggesting the resulting scenario is not as promising and universally favourable as hoped. As a quite literally charged atmosphere occurs out of an abundance of martial energy fused with explosive Aquarius. However, this is more ‘negative’ than ‘positive’, as you could say this ‘electric’ aspect highlights a failure to connect to ‘the current and mains’ of the electorate. While beyond this, the planetary formation can not only spark volatile personal and State reactions, but anything from electrical faults to lightning storms. So it seems to be all about fixtures not fitting, as these Fixed Signs clash.

Although some clarity is in sight, as Neptune turns direct this November, as the previous retrograde station left the bigger picture unclear. However, from the 20th, like moving an aerial in the sky we are no longer receiving a fuzzy image. Although, this month, there is definitely the sense that some may not quite like what they are now watching!

As this high definition of sensitive Pisces tuning into spiritual Neptune’s energy maybe too close for comfort now, exposing not only deceptions, but also mistreatment and suffering. Although, the North Node still opposing in duty bound Virgo all month, provides the opportunity to ‘channel change’ where possible, instead of changing channels and ignoring the plight of others. This particularly applying to those in vulnerable situations through illness or Mother Nature’s handiwork to racial tensions and war torn countries, as like nomads, Venus, Mercury and the Sun take their turn one by one travelling through the foreign Sign of Sagittarius throughout November.

Each meeting ‘remote control’ in the form of Saturn in Sagittarius this month, as it is programmed to instil taking collective responsibility. A message further reinforced, when the 29th brings a New Moon in Sagittarius and the taking of action made even more pressing by Saturn simultaneously reaching a critical point now too. So stricter controls maybe applied to migrant’s movements, but there may also be an advantageous resettlement process to alleviate countries overwhelmed. As Germany, Poland, Hungry and Liechtenstein are starred this month, along with Estonia, Russia, Cuba, Mexico and Guatemala. As New Zealand, Ghana, Peru and Egypt are emphasised too. So, November may be the month of ‘Guy Fawkes’, but to maintain a harmonious ambience, this month requires a ‘Nep-tuning’ fork!