Astrology Overview November 2016

Halloween may be over and the clocks turned back, but as we go into November, there is ‘no’ putting some skeletons back in the closet or rewinding the hands of time on decisions already made. So you could say rather than ‘no’, this month is more of a ‘Know-vember’! As this month, why consult a […]

Astrology Overview October 2016

With the coming of autumnal October (in the northern hemisphere, sorry everyone in the south), you could say it is not quite Shakespeare’s ‘Winter’s Tale’ yet, but this month we could see some ‘shakes appear’! Although, as October opens, the first half reads more like a fairytale than winter’s tale, with the airy fairy Sign […]

Astrology Overview August 2016

August heralds the start of the Olympics in Rio, but you could say this month is as much carnivore as carnival, with Leo, the Sign of the big cat leading the procession. Along with plenty of street-food for thought from cerebral Planets in earthy Virgo too, meaning this August there appears to be much at […]

Astrology Overview December 2015

If you heard this December brings with it a wandering star, wise men and the search for some kind of stable, you would think this was just the usual end of year nativity! However, rather than a nativity scene, this more aptly describes what natives have recently seen! This to a great extent a result […]

Astrology Overview August 2014

August promises a roaring time, as the Sun is quite literally like the song says, welcomed into the ‘House of Fun’. Although, it seems the invitation arrived at the end of July, when a New Moon in Leo, the Sign of enjoyment and creativity arrived, offering new experiences and opportunities.