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Astrology Overview October 2016

With the coming of autumnal October (in the northern hemisphere, sorry everyone in the south), you could say it is not quite Shakespeare’s ‘Winter’s Tale’ yet, but this month we could see some ‘shakes appear’!

Although, as October opens, the first half reads more like a fairytale than winter’s tale, with the airy fairy Sign of Libra leading proceedings. For October arrives not only with the Sun and Jupiter gliding through this Air Sign, but a Libra New Moon on October’s first day too, bringing with it the opportunity to quite literally ‘clear the air’. For like sweeping up fallen autumn leaves from a garden path, New Moons clear the pathway for fresh starts and new growth. Therefore, with this Libran luminary’s arrival is the hope of renewing diplomatic peace talks and a mutual receptivity to new ideas, especially from the 7th until the 24th, when Mercury meets the 7th Zodiac Sign of Libra too.

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Although, no doubt there will still be a naysayer or two, as these Libran planets are not just facing ‘The Taming of the Shrew’, but resistance comes like one of Shakespeare’s works, in parts 1 and 2. As Uranus retrograde in martial Aries opposes these Venus ruled Planets, meaning a continual stream of unexpected past grievances rear their ugly heads like the poor skull in Hamlet. Whilst, this month sees malefic Mars and Saturn’s partnership in Sagittarius end, but unfortunately this horse has been traded for a kingdom, as malefic Mars now enters authority driven Capricorn joining another malefic in Pluto. Therefore, unearthing previous issues which were thought dead and buried and shifting blame from Sagittarian matters to Capricorn pillars of society instead. This apparent on the 7th when Mercury enters Libra at that critical 0 degree, though not for as long as last month’s stint in Jupiter, but there is still ‘much ado about nothing’ here. As this activation point causes events to spill into the public arena.

Whilst, multiple Venus ruled Planets at October’s start means this month commences continuing to put relationships and public relations under the spotlight. As last month we saw one of ‘The Merry Wives of Windsor’ begin a Canadian royal family visit, as Cardinal planets implement changes to Princess Kate’ s role. Whereas celebrity couple ‘Brangelina’s’ tale of ‘Romeo and Juliet’ reached its conclusion, along with activity akin to ‘The Merchant of Venice’ in the US, as the first one on one election debate saw Hillary and Donald taking a ‘Shylock’ pound of flesh out of one another. As the UK and EU experience paralleled, with ongoing ‘Brexit’ discussions and repeated domestic political party divisions.

These episodes are further illuminated by this month’s lunar activity, as the 1st’s Libran New Moon emphasises affairs, divorce or even widowhood stirring up scandal and publicity, not aided by secretive, sexual Scorpio’s latter appearance this month also. While, the positive side of this Moon bestows bravery, leadership and advances in science and literature, but an underbelly exists too. As in turn ‘the dark side of the Moon’ encourages aggression, immorality and sexual problems. Although, ultimately this could instigate some sense of closure, as the 16th’s Full Moon in Aries offers a ray of hope, desiring harmony. This reinforced by a Scorpio New Moon nearing the month’s end, joining the Sun and everyday Mercury, indicating sound ideas and executive ability coupled with curbed enthusiasm and strength conjured from Halloween’s spell onwards.

So under Libran planets, previous divisions may find a way to unite, as Libra is all about co-operation and as that famous song goes ‘working together in perfect harmony’. Although, it may not be ‘side by side’ at a piano, but the Sign of scales holds the key to accord, even if issues are not simply black and white, Libra is all about standing together. In the US this may help abridge racial tensions, as divisive behaviour appears to have been fuelled under Trump’s election race. While, in the UK it seems to be less ‘Love’s Labour’s Lost’ and more lost love of Labour within the Labour party! However, after last month’s re-election the party could go some way to putting differences aside.

For scales symbolise Libra because it likes to keep everything on an even keel, fair and balanced, favouring ‘measure for measure’! So you could say this Sign really is a fairy story. However, as the month progresses, it seems more a tale from the ‘brothers Grimm’, with Planets advancing into ‘sting in the tale’ Scorpio and the balance of power shifting. As October begins with Venus in Scorpio keeping an eye on balance sheets and shared finances until the 23rd, when it relinquishes its hold. Though, this coincides with the Sun entering Scorpio, followed by communicative Mercury and a New Moon, so shared money and influences are a concern throughout October, particularly relating to ‘Brexit’. As worries over this fairy story’s happy ending persist, as feelings grow like ‘Jack’s beanstalk’ among quarters that they have been sold some beans for their cash cow. However, like the beds in ‘Goldilocks, the sentiment increases that the UK has made their ‘Brexit’ and now has to lie in it, whether soft or hard!

So is June’s voting outcome ‘The Midsummer Night’s Dream’ on awaking or more ‘The Comedy of Errors’? Well, with retrograde nebulous Neptune still challenging other Mutable Planets, it is proving difficult to gain clarity. As bureaucracy and red tape becomes a masking tape, obscuring facts. However, from the 17th, Venus gallops into Sagittarius easing Saturn’s severity and the refugee crisis, though before more lives maybe lost at sea. With ‘The Tempest’ weather attacks, as well as possible terrorist attacks too, as the UK could be targeted. While, Mexico, Cambodia, Nicaragua, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Barbados and Trinidad and Tobago are also headlined, along with Croatia, Poland, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia and Iceland. As Fiji, China, Malaya, Honduras, Zambia, St Vincent and New Zealand are also activated.

So if July resembled a scene from ‘Julius Caesar’, October is perhaps ‘Octavius’, all about relations! So like relations, October may not be ‘As You Like It’, but finishing with a New Moon, ‘All’s Well that Ends Well’!

Astrology Overview August 2016

August heralds the start of the Olympics in Rio, but you could say this month is as much carnivore as carnival, with Leo, the Sign of the big cat leading the procession. Along with plenty of street-food for thought from cerebral Planets in earthy Virgo too, meaning this August there appears to be much at stake or should I say ‘steak’? Along with a few mistakes in need of remedying this month, though, it is not a t-bone, but a planetary t-square giving us something to chew on this August!

For although ‘school’s out for summer’, there is definitely a sense that there is still some outstanding projects to complete as August opens, especially with a retrograding heavyweight Saturn combining with all Outer Planets, picking the bones over past matters in need of correction or erasing. So you could say the start of August finds us left not quite doing lines, but ‘lions’ with a large ruler, in more of a jungle book than an exercise one. As Leo, the Sign of the jungle ‘V.I.P’ takes charge from the beginning of August with the Sun, Venus and a New Moon in Leo on the 2nd too.

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On the bright side, the Sun ruled Sign of Leo is not only naturally suited to being in command, but positively revels in being centre-stage, as its mighty roar lets everyone know who is king of the jungle. However, Leos may rule the kingdom, literally shaking the ground beneath them, as recent earthquakes demonstrate, but deep-down these lion-hearts seek stability. As this jungle ‘V.I.P’ is no ‘king of the swingers’ but a Fixed Sign instead. So you could say, this month quite literally we move from a state of flux to continuous ‘lux’, as the Moon ruled variable Sign of Cancer influenced the majority of July’s events, but it is the Sun’s constant glow providing the central heating throughout August. As until the 22nd the Sun is in its palatial abode, at home in the luxurious Sign of Leo, which brings with it some sweltering weather conditions and a plethora of pleasurable pursuits. For the Sign of Leo is schooled in the art of enjoyment, favouring the playground over the classroom time after time.

Though, Leos are associated with royalty especially kings, but really their love of the limelight makes them more of a drama queen. So there are no surprises that August arrives with a dramatic entrance, as the 1st sees the Leo Sun at a critical degree in aspect to retrograde Saturn in Sagittarius, as simultaneously an exiting Scorpio Mars at a difficult degree clashes with Venus in Leo. Whilst, further pressure builds with the Leo New Moon the following day coinciding with Virgo Mercury at a crucial degree. This activity generally putting this fiery lion in ‘the line of fire’ even figuratively with gunfire or arson likely, along with clashes among foreign heads of State to ferocious flames, fevers and weather conditions or high spirited and even criminal elements. With Leo’s presence meaning youngsters or pastimes which tap into the child at heart instinct are targeted, as we may witness sexual exploitation of children hitting the headlines once again.

So it may not be over easy this August, but Leo knows how to see the sunny-side up, even over the Euro brexit, as steps are put in place to ‘break-fast like a king’! However, this month’s New Moon highlights frustrations over allocating shared monies with the UK, along with changes and restrictions in health and work sectors in France. Meanwhile, this New Moon stirs up fury over secrets concerning Rome and the Vatican, partnerships in China, shocks in Iraq and restorative measures in Russia. As well as, changes in North Korea, Israel and within the United Nations, alongside illuminating positive advancements for the U.S. This further supported by the 18th’s Full Moon in Aquarius, highlighting changing financial partnerships in the U.S and profits in Japan, but challenges in Mexico. However, this finalising Moon does bring some closure to humanitarian and brexit concerns. Whilst Egypt feels both ends of the Moon’s activity this month, particularly influencing the younger generation, as this month’s lunar visits swing between state and government vying against the will of the people.

Well, Leo’s lion is renowned for its recognisable mane, but astrologically it fails to remain the main influence throughout August. This ‘perm’ Sign giving a ‘semi-wave’ goodbye, as from the 6th Venus progresses into Virgo alongside Mercury, Jupiter, the North Node and the 23rd’s Sun, meaning we move from the lion to the which? However, we may be wishing that some matters stayed locked away in that wardrobe, as the questioning Sign of Virgo combs through finer details. For attention will once again focus on treatment to rectify services for society’s needy and vulnerable, highlighting health and this sector. Although, any efforts may cause split ends, as Planets promote a ‘short, back and sides’ attitude. For tempers are short; a back up of past issues exists from retrograde Planets combined with Virgo’s North Node and planetary aspects arouse taking sides.

In sum, an overall ‘intensive condition’, with Mutable Planets creating a ‘three-way’ mirror, but no free way, as the reflection is not a pretty sight, as Virgo Planets jar against a retrograde Pisces Neptune and Sagittarius Saturn worsened by the 3rd seeing a malefic combination as Mars returns to Sagittarius. So emphasis once again shifts to uncontrollable elements from illness and weather to terrorist attacks and immigration, as nebulous Neptune obscures facts and solutions, especially around the 12th, due to critical degrees.

In conclusion then, August combines high and lowlights, but akin to a salon visit, the outcome may not be the picture we desire, needing some readjustment. As adapting and negotiating to benefit all are key this month, as a retrograde Capricorn Pluto and Aries Uranus at odds instigates unexpected problems, requiring flexibility. While, this month Portugal, Switzerland, Cyprus, Chad and Singapore are starred, along with Malaya, Armenia, the Ivory Coast, Belarus, Costa Rica and Guinea. Denmark meanwhile may experience shocks, as further violence is likely in France, Poland and Guatemala. Therefore, last month may have played out like Julius Caesar surrounded by enemies, but even though July has ceased, some themes persist. As with August’s Leo presence, there is an emphasis to be something of an Augustus, in charge of our own domain. However, with worrying Mutable Planets, this month it is advisable to be less of an emperor of ‘roam’, but one who thinks and waits, as this month is not all of a ‘roaming holiday’!

Astrology Overview SpiritGuides WC 4th January 2016

The week begins with Mars storming into Scorpio, one of two zodiac signs this planet governs. Passion, power and persuasion are all possible in the next six weeks, though Mars will be heading back into Scorpio at the end of May and through to the start of August, so these characteristics can surface again then.

For now, Mars continues to tangle with Mercury, itself temporarily located in Aquarius. Any possessiveness, control or jealousy issues around group activities, or conversely a relationship where one partner resents the others’ social activities, can be stirred by this square and there can be some potent clashes.

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HoroscopeAce App for Facebook, iOS and Android

Venus also features prominently this week, as she squares to Neptune, and forges a conjunction from Wednesday with Saturn. The first of these aspects can create a sense of unreality. The second a real sense of restriction. If you meet someone early in the week that you really like, with this set of influences, it’s quite possible by the week’s end the tie will have blown itself out already, unless it’s something really substantive. Even long standing relationships can be blighted by these aspects, and a weak tie, could come to an end.

What deepens the potential for misunderstandings, is the retrograde from Tuesday of Mercury, initially in Aquarius, and then that of Jupiter from Friday in Virgo. Now it doesn’t mean that everything under the sun is going to go wrong or that misfortune generally will prevail, though I do feel in the case of Jupiter the next four months may see a continuing trend of retraction in terms of the financial markets. It could be argued that this is therefore bad luck, but often downturns, especially around equities and futures, and of course much more challengingly, derivatives, can often just bring a greater sense of realism.

We can apply a strategy of practicality in our own situation by being cautious about what we spend, prudent in what we say, and look for tangible solutions, rather than just theoretical ones.

Saturday also sees Mercury twisting backwards into the sign of Capricorn. She will continue to reverse in this area until 27th January, before returning to Aquarius in mid-February. Sunday also sees a New Moon in the sign of Capricorn, one which on the face of it would be good for anything to do with conventions, the orthodox, and for all forms of application and hard work. But this one also squares up to Uranus, which incidentally Pluto in Capricorn continues its right angle to all week. So whether it’s in a more worldly situation, or in personal ones, the desire to break away from restrictions could prove strong, but we also have to be realistic about what is actually workable.

Astrology Overview December 2015

If you heard this December brings with it a wandering star, wise men and the search for some kind of stable, you would think this was just the usual end of year nativity! However, rather than a nativity scene, this more aptly describes what natives have recently seen!

This to a great extent a result of last month’s horrific terrorist activity in Paris, temporarily darkening the City of Light’s ‘son et lumière’, as extremists attempt to cut power! However, in light of events, this December, there is a big switch on and not just of Christmas lights, but of consciousness also. For this month sees not just the sharing of gifts, but a shared spirit and consensus that something needs to be done!

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HoroscopeAce App for Facebook, iOS and Android

So thankfully some ‘son et lumière’ returns in time for the festive season, but also in the shape of the son of God and sky’s Sun, as the 12th month of the calendar sees the advent and events both revolve around the manifestation of a special body! Though, in astrological terms it is this luminous body that dominates planetary proceedings, as the rays of the Sun focus what is spotlighted this month. This being matters associated with the Signs of Sagittarius and Capricorn.

As the month literally begins with that wandering star in the form of the Sun in Sagittarius, but this adventurous centaur feels more like a little donkey, laden down by unwanted travelling companions, Saturn and Mercury. For this trinity wholly slows down that spontaneous Sagittarius spirit, as stern Saturn’s father time limits the Sun until the 22nd, but even then there is little reprieve, as the Sun journeys into Saturn ruled Capricorn. While, the Planet, Mercury remains in Sagittarius until the 9th, completing this sacred three, but perhaps not so free, as everyday movements and communication feels restricted by this union.

So you could say this month’s nativity scene literally has a captive audience, as usually the naturally sanguine Sign of Sagittarius is a perfect fit in the build-up to the end of year festivities. Yet, this month kicks off with less feelings of festivity and more captivity, no doubt greatly arising out of fears after the latest sanguinary acts of terrorism. Though, the upside of this planetary trio is that combined they become their own three Wiseman, bringing wise counsel particularly regarding foreign, legal and religious ideology. As Sagittarian sagacity, cautious Capricorn influences and mercurial grey matter produce not exactly gold, frankincense and Myrrh, but hopefully golden nuggets and frank sensible measures.

This already evident as heads of State put their heads together, in order to produce a united response to worldwide attacks, culminating perhaps on the 11th with the New Moon in Sagittarius linked to royalty and leaders with fire in their belly, as North Korea, Australia, Russia, Iraq and Iran, Cuba and the UK are starred, along with NASA, Roswell, New York and general anger towards the U.S. However, with Pisces Neptune at odds to Sagittarian Planets, so too will be opinions on how to proceed, as empathetic Neptune forces quarters to weigh up the cost of human suffering against taking harsh measures. However, this proves tricky, as illusive Neptune makes it difficult to assess the real facts, as it can distort perceptions. This only heightened by apprehensive Virgo Planets, as Jupiter exaggerates fears and the Moon’s Nodes warns of karmic consequences. So as Jack Frost hits the ground, some may wish jack boots to as well, others conversely oppose military action, especially without a UN mandate. As severe Saturn emphasises, against making impulsive, illegal knee jerk reactions whilst in Sagittarius.

Although, on the flipside, these planetary formations force tougher legislation, in terms of security procedures, also highlighting refugees travelling in large numbers without proof of their nationality and the necessity for mandatory identity processing. However, along with fingerprinting, these Mutable Planets stir up some finger-pointing too, as health services continue to feel the pressure, coming under scrutiny, reinforced in the UK by the suggestion of planned strikes by doctors this month. Whilst, the 11th’s New Moon draws attention to the limitations of orthodox medicine, such as resistance to antibiotics. For as this year closes and through 2016, existing Mutable Planets changing nature stresses outbreaks, from the return of diseases such as Tuberculosis and rises in HIV to hard to detect E-coli contaminations, chemical spillages or their deliberate use in terrorist attacks. This also noticeable as the month opens through unstable weather conditions and conceivably accidents at sea or overseas transport incidents, with angular Mercury. However, on the positive side, there maybe large drugs busts and controls, as well as improvements to medications and everyday diets.

However, everyday focus alters slightly from the 10th as we enter the stable with Mercury’s advance into staid Sign, Capricorn. Although, there maybe no carpenter there, but there is virgin Sign, Virgo and joiners, with the Sun meeting Capricorn on the 22nd and Pluto’s residence there. So at this time there is the usual anticipation over presents, but also presence, as governments continue to discuss the need to shepherd flocks by strengthening security practices and appropriating finances for this. For common sense Capricorn considers financial implications, but this goat cannot avoid butting heads with the ram, Arian Uranus and Libra Planets, as Venus and an uneasy Mars, as well as underlining new legislation, initiate vigorous debate over current tensions including government spending. This especially as shock Uranus retrogrades from the 2nd, bringing previously thought to be resolved issues to the boil once again. Perhaps, reflected by the UK’s autumn statement, seeming more unrealistic Santa’s wish list. Though, when Venus joins Scorpio on the 4th making a harmonious transit to joint monies, pensioners and maturities benefit. However, for many the Christmas day gift of a revealing Cancer Full Moon sobers spirits, underscoring leaner times and accentuating the United Nations, Afghanistan, China, Canada, Egypt, Israel and Hollywood. While, all month, Mexico, Iceland, Lebanon, Romania, Cameroon and Libya are headlining, along with Moldova, Poland, Germany, Cambodia, Guinea, Hungry and Singapore, So Christmas’s Full Moon symbolises equal measures of fortune and aggression, making December a balanced spirit level!

Astrology Overview for WC 30th November 2015

The week begins with the influences that emerged in Sagittarius last time becoming more established. However, whereas in the early parts of last week the Sun was free of the limitations of Saturn and the square to Neptune, these more difficult influences are very much more of an issue this time round.

So the exuberant energy that we expect of the Archer can definitely be affected by these constraints. However, that doesn’t mean to say that no progress is possible, as Mars is forging a very positive angle to the Sun in the second half of the week, one which gives us an opportunity to forge productive links with others, but especially those that can improve our knowledge and our understanding.

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HoroscopeAce App for Facebook, iOS and Android

It’s just that this week, has something of a dichotomy, where on one hand, things can be progressive yet on the other things can be quite draining, so there is a thin line we need to tread.

There is also a sparkling alliance between Mercury in Sagittarius and the planet of unpredictability, Uranus. This can create an environment where innovation, new ideas and fresh approaches revitalise anything which has become staid or stale.

Yet there is a Quarter Moon on Thursday in the sign of Virgo . The implication here is that this is a week when we need to really focus our energies on what is absolutely essential. There can also be some demands which impinge on our spare time in terms of everyday obligations. If you find yourself becoming resentful about what people expect of you in may be time to prioritise and cut back.

Saturday sees Venus move from the smoothie Libra into the much more passionate and sensuous Scorpio . Right through until 29th of December this influence can heighten the vibe in love relationships, but also bring to the fore issues concerning business relationships, and connections to others.

Astrology Overview for WC 27th April 2015

The Quarter Moon in Leo from last week overlaps through much of this one. This points towards us all being more aware of careful utilisation of our resources. Yet with Mars forging a really fab link to Venus this week, from the signs of Taurus and Gemini respectively, it may not be all plain sailing when it comes to being self disciplined around retail therapy, fine food and wine or splashing out on those we love.

However, with the Sun angling to the gentle powers of Neptune, if we can find ways to help others and not be too dominated by materialism, we should. Donations to charity, voluntary work, or simple acts of kindness can all help to keep us in a better balance. Venus also continues to sparkle with Uranus through to Mid-week and if you do wish to reinvigorate an existing tie or hope to connect with someone new, try to conjure up some imaginative ways to do so, but if these do include eating and drinking or/and some full on passion power, a great time can be had. By Friday Mercury relocates into Gemini but by Sunday begins to be opposed by Saturn. Getting facts straight will therefore be important as this week comes to a close and journeys need to be planned with great precision.

Astrology Overview for WC 26th January 2015

The week begins with Mars separating from is conjunction with Neptune which is run on for the previous 10 days, or so. However, this can create a greater clarity in terms of our goals and energy and less confusion, distortion, discouragement, enervation, and even dishonesty all of which have, potentially been to the fore during this period.

However Neptune does remain influential this week, continuing as it does in a broad square with Saturn. This will be relatively subtle, and broad right angle from Neptune in Pisces will lap away at the shores of Saturn in Sagittarius. With both signs mutable, this can also be a rather discouraging influence – especially where there is any situation in your life where you are unsure of where you stand. The not knowing can be as bad, as far as any anxieties are concerned.

Structures that we have depended upon – Saturn, can be eroded especially where the is an inability to take responsibility. Cyber, political or religious terrorism would be classic indicators of this particular aspect because they are so insidious.

Mercury also continues to rewind this week, in the sign of Aquarius, but it does forge a great link with Uranus, the modern code ruler of this sign. Though Mercury retrograde can of course be tricky in itself this combination points towards innovation, far sighted ideas, and the ability to understand in our own lives where we have become too dependent, and lack a more independent view on our approach the things.

On Tuesday there is a Quarter Moon in Taurus. This reminds the Sun in Aquarius the importance of tangibility around any unusual ideas but does provide a backdrop for the rest of the week.

Wednesday sees Venus glide into Pisces. In this location Venus is exalted, and the combination it forges with Neptune through to the end of the week is truly quite beautiful. This can bring into focus the arts, performance, culture, and rather sensual loving. If you are fortunate enough to have met someone recently and things are really chiming between you, the chances are things will hot up on the back of this aspect. If however the confusion that Mars Neptune brought to bear has led to an uncertainty in your love life, or you meet someone this week who runs more on the mysterious rather than the tangible side, do proceed with caution.

With Mercury and the Sun combining in a conjunction in the second half of the week, the vibes of Aquarius are amplified even more. When these two get-together it can lead to really quite ingenious developments, but equally you can point towards making hasty decisions on limited information, and with Mercury still in retrograde that something we should be mindful of.

Finally, as the week draws to a close the Sun itself forges a brilliant angle to Uranus. Once more me may find ourselves hearing about scientific breakthroughs, novel software applications, and developments of infrastructure that can aid person kind. But they can also be erratic developments, sudden switchbacks, and U turns in people’s approach or attitudes.

Astrology Overview August 2014

‘There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home’!

A memorable line from the film, ‘The Wizard of Oz’ of course, but also an opener for the month of August, as it begins with the Sun sitting comfortably in its natural home, the Zodiac Sign of Leo, the Lion!

However, this is no cowardly lion, more a lazing one this month as it laps up the Sun’s rays, with a cocktail at hand. For this August promises a roaring time, as the Sun is quite literally like the song says, welcomed into the ‘House of Fun’. Although, it seems the invitation arrived at the end of July, when a New Moon in Leo, the Sign of enjoyment and creativity arrived, offering new experiences and opportunities. However, this month the Sun turns up to grab the offer with Mercury and Jupiter in tow, ready for their fair share of fun too, as August begins with these two Planets closely joined together in the Sign of Leo. Subsequently signalling that at last pressure is off home life and we are instead entering a more leisurely period.

For there should definitely be a more upbeat feeling in general everyday life, not only due to the positive reflection of the beaming Sun, but also lucky Jupiter coupled with Mercury, governing day to day events and communications. This is especially true regarding activities around children, as Leo presides over young cubs, so there should be an emphasis on introducing more entertainment into learning and sports this August. This being in an attempt to improve children’s health and well-being, releasing stress, as the curriculum is re-evaluated and what goes on after-school hours. A theme which will no doubt take better shape when the second half of the month sees Planets progress into detailed and health conscious Virgo.

While, those no longer of school age will be feeling younger at heart this month, whether it be because of that long awaited rejuvenating Summer holiday; spending quality time with children on their lengthy annual break or just simply doing a little less work and more play. For from the 11th Venus joins other Leo Planets to ensure carefree distractions are paramount in people’s minds, encouraging the urge to splurge the cash.

However, even though Leo’s cheerful outlook calms Cancer’s previous emotional turmoil, it is advisable to remain aware that even a lounging lion is always poised to pounce, as this month a little lion’s courage may also be necessary. For conflicts still exist, as these Leo Planets face opposition from warrior Mars in Scorpio now teaming up with Saturn to enter the lion’s den. As this double act endeavour to get to the bottom of all criminal and illicit encounters, with Leo’s involvement directing attention towards addressing child abuse in particular and the Leo qualities of power and celebrity being misused for these ends. This is further ramped up a notch by the Full Moon in rivalling Aquarius on the 10th, linking large organisations to exploitation.

While shocking Uranus remains stationary in irate Aries throughout the month of August, indicating issues that have caused past upset will continue too, lingering unresolved. This being applicable in relation to abuses in general, as Uranus not only aspects Saturn, but squares up against Venus and Pluto. For Venus commences the month in Cancer opposing Pluto until the 11th, highlighting concerns around the concept of home in all its forms and resources, financial or otherwise. As conflict continues over those fighting for what they regard as their home territory, with the situation in Russia/Ukraine, Israel/Palestine and Iran/Iraq predominantly starred. However, Planets suggest that this is a time to reflect and learn from past issues for Russia and Israel, in order to address present and future difficulties. Whereas the relationship between Iran/Iraq looks set to undergo further changes.

While closer to home, care home procedures may require new legislation to combat mistreatment. This even further reinforced when Mercury progresses into Virgo on the 16th, shortly followed by the Sun on the 23rd, confronting Neptune immobile in Pisces. As the health services available for those vulnerable will once again come to the fore, illuminating any inefficiencies and inadequate care, especially relating to the neglected elderly, with Pluto and Neptune still retrograde.

However, a Virgo New Moon on the 25th should aid putting in place procedures to handle concerns, establishing around the clock care and monitoring. Although caution is needed with Virgo, as new ideas run the risk of becoming just a cost-cutting exercise, but with Venus already tackling tricky planetary aspects all month, any shortcuts may have the reverse effect, costing governments more, as stricter sanctions on benefit’s claimants seem to already be displaying.

Therefore, this month may see extremes worldwide of joyous occasions and bloodshed occurring almost simultaneously, as new planetary transits clash with stationary Outer Planets, quite literally weather-wise, as that roaring thunder may make an appearance once again. Meanwhile, violence of some type around Singapore and unpredictable upheaval in France seems probable. On a more positive note, the Caribbean Islands, South Korea and Switzerland receive more favourable attention, linked to everyday life and young males. Whereas, this month’s Full Moon affects the public status of those in the U.S, perhaps touching on the issue of illegal immigration from Mexico, along with cementing the work/health situation in Cuba. While in South Africa and Kuwait the healing process commences for past hurts. So all in all like the tornado in the ‘Wizard of Oz’, August promises a-gust of that wind of change, but this month may also leave us feeling a little aghast!

Astrology Overview WC 23rd June 2014

Monday sees Venus, the planet of love and affection glide into Gemini. This is one of the most vivacious locations that this planet can occupy, and can help to bring sparkle to all sorts of conversations over the next 28 days.

Venus hues

Yet ironically, by the end of this week she is going to be angling up in a tight right angle with Neptune. And, however much somebody is trying to impress you with their seductive patter, if you’ve just met them for the first time, just be a little bit wary, for they may be genuine but err on the side of caution until you get to know them better. Care is needed around financial negotiations too.

A second irony this week is that the Sun from Wednesday to Sunday, actually forges a really inspiring link with Neptune. If you’re somebody who likes to support good causes, and revels in supporting friends or has a more spiritual outlook on life, here you can be in your absolute element. The paradox between the two different Neptune influenced aspects this week shows the ebbs and flows of astrology, perfectly.

Mars fights with Uranus

All week Mars continues in its opposition to Uranus. This can create frustration, rash moves, and even spontaneous combustion so is going to be important to try to temper or expectations that everything will come to us in the snap of our fingers. Life is very often a series of bumps in the road and how we negotiate these is the key. With this aspect we can become more fraught, and especially when our personal freedoms and individuality are challenged.

Sparkling New Moon

Yet the week ends on a high note with a New Moon in Cancer on Friday. This too is forging a wonderful trine with Neptune, and once more encourages good deeds caring and sharing. I do hope you have a great week. For the full inside track, please watch the FREE video or visit my site…

Astrology Overview WC 9th June

Hello, I’m Astrologer Patrick Arundell, and here is your Astrology Overview for WC 9th June 2014. The week begins with Mercury continuing its retrograde in the sign of Cancer. However Neptune in Pisces, begins its own five and half month retrograde, on Tuesday.

But it is the role of the planet that has been in retrograde for some time which is really crucial this week, and that is Saturn. That goes face-to-face with Venus for the duration, and this can be a relationship breaker particularly if there are chinks already. Nobody is going to leave your world who is truly right for you, but even the best of ties may go through a period of readjustment. Someone can seem less outgoing more surly or cold than usual. Ironically, Venus forges a great link with Pluto from Monday through to Wednesday, and the best of ties can continue to go through a period of positive transformation.

All week the Sun is in a semi-Sextile with Jupiter. The enthusiasm and dazzling personality Gemini blends with the more sensory, and sensitive influence of Jupiter in Cancer. Look to apply these in equal measure.
Friday’s full Moon occurs in Sagittarius. Jupiter continues to angle into this, at last to the Sun, and the suggestion here is that around any relationships resist the mutability of of Gemini and Sagittarius and avoid jumping to conclusions, by using Jupiter’s enhanced power in Cancer to sense issues out.

Over the weekend with the Sun forging a fine link from Friday to Sunday with the North node in Libra. The creative projects plans and enterprises, anything which has been worked on for a long period of time could show pleasing progress, and see past efforts render firm results. For the full inside track, please watch the FREE video or visit my site…