Charles Dickens Birthday

Today, 7th February, 2012 is the 200th birthday of the great Charles Dickens. An the writer did have very strongly held beliefs about social inequality and especially poverty, which made him very representative of an Aquarian.

Charles Dickens Birthday

The Great, Great Grandson of Charles, Gerald Dickens, came here to Shrewsbury over the weekend and stayed in the same rooms at the Lion Hotel as his famous relative had many years before.

Dickens in Shrewsbury

Dickens Snr had described these as “The strangest litte room with windows that bulge out over the street, as if they were little stern windows of a ship”! Gerald an actor, dressed in full Victorian regalia took to the stage at the Lion Hotel and read extracts from ‘Sikes and Nancy’ to a rapt and packed audience.

Darwin in Shrewsbury

Many other dignitries have stayed in the hotel, including another famous Aquarian and son of Shrewsbury Charles Darwin, several monarchs, and also TV science buff Adam Hart-Davis who I saw there a couple of years ago supping a pint of real ale.

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