Horoscopes 21st March

Horoscopes  21st March. This Wednesday sees the Sun starting to get more established in the go-getting Aries, but he goes side by side with the reversing Mercury, forging a conjunction known as combust.

Horoscopes 21st March

The close location of Uranus to these two planets, suggests that it can be a case of speak in haste, repent at leisure today. Rash actions of all kinds are to be avoided but that may be easier said than done.

Spontaneous  outpourings of energy suggest some unpredictability. However, the combust nature of this aspect, suggests some really tremendous brainwaves are possible too. So if you come up with a dazzling idea, have the confidence to run with it.

Moon in Pisces

With the Moon still floating through Pisces, she makes a fleeting but helpful and enabling angle to Venus, and this can bring some extra bonhomie to the fore, but restless energies are likely to dominant today. For your Horoscope, please join me.

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