Horoscopes 22nd March

Horoscopes 22nd March. Today’s New Moon is particularly important, not only is it in Aries, it combines, to nearly and exact conjunction with the rather unpredictable energies of Uranus.

Horoscopes 22nd March

Now, this IS going to set up some very lively activity in the coming month, so hold onto your hat but the upside is that it can allow us all to challenge the things that we find limiting or restrictive, and try to break free of them.

Aries New Moon conjunct Uranus

Now, of course change is rarely painless, and if you decide that you are going to stage your own mini rebellion, then someone somewhere may not be impressed. Bear in mind the mantra of no pain, no gain, and you’ll get the idea.

This influence can also makes us impetuous, but  if any part of your life has got rather too settled and cosy for its or your own good, this is a good time to stir things up.

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