Horoscopes 26th March

Horoscopes 26th March, Monday. The Sun and Mars are at an obscure angle today known as Quincunx. This planetary aspect is sometimes called Inconjunct, and it is a fascinating energy.

Horoscopes 26th March

The Sun is asking us to be more individualistic in Aries and its close alliance with Uranus. Remember last week’s New Moon featured these two and will provide a backdrop of energy for the next few weeks.

Sun Quincunx Mars

Mars possesses a very individualistic kind of energy anyway. Yet the Mars location in the worthy Virgo, confuses this picture, already conflicting, a potential conflict with Mars being about “me” Virgo about “us”. Virgo is about at some levels self sacrifice, where as Mars is much more about the self, and ego.

Put all together the desire to act without forethought, and react to instinct is very strong, but be too quick to act, and spending not enough time thinking about the consequences, could lead to difficulities. Fortunately as the Moon merges with Venus tonight, this puts a calmer vibe into proceedings…

Daily Horoscope 26th March

Join me and read your own Daily Horoscope to learn more about all this, and to gain a deeper understanding of how this will affect your own zodiac sign.

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