Horoscopes July 2012

Horoscopes July 2012. Discover that despite the love-in between Venus and Jupiter early on, there are some heavyweight clashes in the first week of the Month, on the back of the Sun’s opposition to Pluto, and the Full Moon in Capricorn.

Horoscopes July 2012

However, Mars does move out of a really rare long location (eight months) in Virgo on the 4th, into Libra, and this will certainly help any Libra folk who have been suffering under the transit of Saturn through their sign the last two and a quarter years, and with Mars’ transit thru their 12th Solar House.

For other people, it can be argued this is less helpful, since Mars is in detriment here, being as it is in the opposite sign to one of the two zodiac signs it governs – Aries.  Yet Libra’s diplomacy can take the rough edges off Mars, and I think this is a better location than Virgo because it will give us the desire to link and co-operate, celebrate what we have in common not what makes us different – Virgo.

Mars Sextile Jupiter

Your Horoscopes July 2012 does however see Mars also forge an awesome link with Jupiter from the 9th to the 26th of July. This is like Energy Central, and can bring a shot of well needed confidence into our lives and the affairs of the world. This aspect can in certain situations promote recklessness, but lets hope in this scenario, the logical Air sign locations of Libra and Gemini, can bring better things.

Mercury Sextile Venus

And the ruler of Libra Venus also makes a stunning angle to Mercury from the 1st to the 18th of July. Wonderful for all forms of social interaction, holiday’s and getting friends and neighbours round to have a bubbly barbecue or dinner. And of course, not bad for romantic hopes too.

Mars opposite Uranus

From the 13th to the 24th Mars does however go face to face with Uranus. This can be an incendiary aspect, and it’s a kind of “shoot first, talk later” kind of aspect. If you are solo, it may also lead to a super hot n heavy attraction, which burns bright as magnesium, but then soon burns on. Some clashes are inevitable with this, as can be inner tensions about balancing freedoms and responsibilities.

Mercury Retrograde

The Second Mercury Retrograde of 2012 kicks off on the 15th. Now if you have even a passing interest in Astrology you’ll know this can be challenging, and as it is in the proud Leo, more so if you are someone who doesn’t like to be seen to make mistakes. To avoid this, tighten up on the details you can control, even of some things can go awry that you can’t – especially around contracts, travel,  holidays, distribution and so on.

Cancer New Moon 19th July

This occurs late in Cancer 26 degrees and is a nice complement to all the Air energy floating around, reminding us all that that emotional happiness, and a tender environment are important for us to flourish. Get in touch with what you want at a heart level.

Sun into Leo

The Sun moves into Leo its “home zone” on the 22nd of July, and from the 27th to 31st goes conjunct with the reversing Mercury. How this plays out in your unique situation really is down to your Natal chart and personal Zodiac sign, but this is the Sun at its absolutely burningly, brilliant best. Let’s hope you can soak up its radiating goodness. For those less fortunate under the rays of the Sun, hopes of plenty of nourishing rain.

YouTube Horoscopes July 2012

Check out your Horoscopes July 2012 with my YouTube Horoscopes for each zodiac sign. In High Definition, and about 3-4 minutes long each, this gives you the chance to absorb all the main issues for your sign or you can watch your Weekly Horoscope Videos.



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