Mars opposite Saturn

Planetary Aspects

Today I am going to tell you about the emerging and major planetary aspect of Mars opposite Saturn. An “aspect” is where planets form particular angles to one another, or other important fixed positions in the heavens.

Mars opposite Saturn

Mars opposite Saturn will last through to the 22nd of April, and is set to have a big impact on us personally and on world events.

About Mars

Mars is about action. It is also about expressing our individuality, even ego. It sees us crave recognition. It has a big link to the masculine side of sex, and also to sports and risk taking. Mars in Aries, is located in its “home zone” because it is the ruling planet of this zodiac sign, or guiding influence.

About Saturn

Saturn is about structure and rules, regulations. It can also be about limitation, repression and restriction. It can be very positive, because it gives us self-discipline, but it can also be a very heavy influence. Currently it is working its way through the fair minded Libra, and is also in retrograde.

Mars in Aries opposite Saturn in Libra

This aspect can be best described by imagining driving your motor car, with your foot hard to the floor on the¬†accelerator, but at the same time, with the handbrake fully on! What this will do to your vehicle is cause an awful lot of noise, dust and fumes, but it won’t race along as quickly as it would, without the handbrake on.

You may not be set to do this in your car any time soon, but in your life there may be situations which are going painfully slow. Where you feel blocked or inhibited at every turn. You may feel exhausted, you may feel angry, you may have a headache, you may feel ready to blow, as this limitation bears down upon you.

And yet, this can have some positive implications. Mars in Aries can be impetuous to the point of recklessness. It’s a do now, talk about it later kind of influence. What Libra in Saturn does, is slow us down, makes us think twice before we dive headlong into situations.

Managing this planetary aspect

To  find out how this is impacting you on a day to day basis, read your Daily Horoscope.

Good luck!