Astrology Overview for WC 12th June

The week begins with Mercury forging a fantastic alliance with Jupiter , the planet of growth. Conversations can prove bright bubbly and optimistic, or or can they? I ask, because also throughout the whole week the Sun in Gemini, is in opposition to Saturn in Sagittarius . This therefore also activates the 3rd/9th house axis, which is also to do with communication. So, although there is this potential for more bubbly interaction, equally we also have to be thoughtful, precise and meaningful in what we say, otherwise people could pick up on it, either in social or more formal situations and challenges follow.

The great news however is that Jupiter is now moving forwards after its recent four-month retrograde, and in general in the sign of Libra, he is asking us to become much more conscious of our attitudes to interactions with others, our relationships in general, and the gift of understanding how life feels for others – even if it’s different to us. The thing is though, despite Jupiter now travelling forwards, he is still forging a Quincunx with the dreamy and drifting energies of Neptune. Understanding our needs and relationships and not becoming overwhelmed by the demands and expectations of others will continue to be the trick.

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Ironically Venus the planet of relating but now in the sign of Taurus, forges a gorgeous link with Neptune on Saturday and Sunday. This reminds us that sensitivity and kindness are qualities we can all aspire to all of the time. The second slice of irony however comes from the fact that Neptune itself begins its own 5 1/2 month annual retrograde on Friday.

The Sun however does, despite its opposition with Saturn, forge a fine link with Uranus , urging us to expand our awareness to new ideas, innovation, and to upgrade our thinking where it is appropriate. This would be a fine time to buy a new bicycle, perhaps dual powered car – believe it or not, or to spontaneously get out and about and enjoy lots of small but interesting local trips. If you are someone who has a love of technology, as long as you have done your research and thought things through carefully (Saturn in Sagittarius) then this also can be a positive time of progress.

Astrology Overview for WC 5th June 2017

The week begins with the powerful energies of Mars arriving in the sign of Cancer. Mars is in fall in this location, and with its fiery vibe tempered by the more watery and emotional influence of the Moon, the ruler of Cancer, it is going to be important in the next six weeks for us all to not be too reactive when it comes to any more sensitive issues. Where Mars in this location can be positive is helping us to be more physically active around any changes we wish to make to our homes, be it structural or decorative, or being more motivated to work from our abodes, or create more dynamism around family activities.

On Tuesday, Venus returns home to the sign of Taurus where she is going to be very content over the next twenty eight days. Anything to do with creativity, natural, earthy pleasures, the arts, pottery, home crafts, and good food and wine, are all going to be augmented by this transit. This is also a lovely location in terms of upping the more intimate, sensual side of a close relationship.

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Now Venus and Mars are going to spend the rest of this week in a lovely sextile, which is very enabling for relationships, but with Mars to still little bit sheltered, it could be that’s any kind of introduction or improvement around a relationship matter, may come from the prompt of a very close friend, or someone who makes an introduction through a family contact.

On Wednesday, Mercury returns to the sign of Gemini, one of the two zodiac signs he governs, and the next twenty one days can really be a fine opportunity to engage our minds, to be more inquisitive, learn new information, or share talents and skills that we have to a wider audience. This influence to can also be helpful around siblings and neighbours or community matters.

Yet if you tuned in last week you’ll know that the Sun is continuing to square up to the eroding influence of Neptune . So staying focused on the things that are really essential and not letting vague doubts or suggestions undermine confidence does continue to be important. Energy can also be affected by this.

On Friday two major events occur. The first sees Jupiter go direct after a four-month retrograde and this is something we can all celebrate. But there is also a Full Moon in the sign of Sagittarius. This cautions us to be clear in what we’re thinking or articulating to others, and also around travel plans. Anything to do contracts, legal negotiations and the like, will require great care in the following two weeks. Ironically, with Jupiter going forwards this actually can be a very helpful factor around precisely the same areas.

Another very positive feature of this week is that the North Node, now becoming more established in the sign of Leo , is forging a fabulous angle to Uranus, all week. In general this is encouraging us to be much more out there with the things that are important to us, and not be so concerned that people might be judging us or have a different approach to life. So if there is anything very individualistic you wanting to do, this certainly will help.

Astrology Overview for WC 29th May 2017

The week begins with the vibrant energies of last week’s New Moon in Gemini still bubbling away in the heavens. This is augmented this week by one of the most fortunate of all planetary influences, the Sun’s trine to Jupiter. This can help is to feel physically better, to be more active, to engage more with others, and most of all feel that some kind of goodness can come from such exchanges – after all, Jupiter is the planet of good fortune.

In addition to this, Mars also in Gemini is forging a really exciting angle with Uranus , the planet of restlessness. This influence can push us out of our comfort zones, and give us the desire to do something more spontaneously and not be hemmed in by tradition – in the way that we’ve done things in the past. The more spontaneous we can be, the better.

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At the heart of the week from Tuesday through to Thursday Mercury is also forging a perfect trine with Pluto . With both located in earth signs, in Taurus and Capricorn respectively, our ability to penetrate down to understand what is really tangible and beneficial to us is going to be very strong. If there is any kind of puzzle that needs to be unpicked in our lives, this will certainly help us to do it.

The second half of the week however, does see a more challenging influence as the Sun begins to square with Neptune which is going to last for the next week. This could erode our energy, especially where we are not really focused, so is going to be important to be very clear in what were trying to achieve. Because of the relative locations of both the Sun and Neptune there could be some gossip going round in the last half of this week. Stay clear of anyone who tends to have a negative impact on your sense of well-being.

Thursday also sees a Quarter Moon in the sign of Virgo. This can create quite a crackling atmosphere in its square with the Sun, for though both are mutable or flexible signs, both are ruled by Mercury, which is all about precision in Virgo but also rules the nervous system. So is going to be important to fine-tune those activities even more, or a degree of stress could be generated by the end of this week.

So, in summary, we have a week where we can feel optimistic hopeful active sociable but this needs to be tempered by need not to get too scattered or to lose focus on what’s really essential.

Astrology Overview for WC 22nd May 2017

The week begins with Sun and Mars creating vibrant energy in the sign of Gemini , and this is going to go on all week. With a wonderful new Moon on Wednesday in this sector too, if you have long had that proverbial “book inside” of you or would like to blog, get a website built, or consider a new vehicle, the next month can be a telling time. In general the planets are encouraging more vibrant and upbeat possibilities. There can be greater interaction with those people in our localities, siblings, training schools, sports clubs, gyms, education units, and so on. If there is anything that you’re really enthused about this is a fabulous time to go out and tell other people about it. Equally, we can find ourselves more receptive to the ideas of others.

Venus is also a very important player this week. Located as she is at the midpoint in her journey through Aries , she is forging a wide but very positive angle to Mars. This encourages us to up our vibration when it comes to socializing with others and interacting more frequently. But by Thursday Venus is also in an exact right angle or square with the planets of power and transformation, Pluto. As much as we may encounter some jolly and upbeat people this week, and there can be lots of effervescent and sparkling conversations, understanding the motives of someone we encounter who is quite persuasive, or highly charming, is going to be very important. Why? Well put simply someone’s motives, may not be as pure as driven snow. And whether it’s in a sexual or financial context, this person could have an agenda which is driven by their own personal desires, but at heart is one which is ultimately selfish. So if there is someone you really like in a romantic context, and you’re meeting them for the first time the wise thing to do would be to get to know them better before making any kind of binding judgement.

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The same is true if a financial offer is made to us which seems almost too good to be true. If it does, it probably is, and should be declined. However this is not to say that there cannot be some positive financial developments, and even ones that could have more of an altruistic dimension, for Mercury forges a fine link with Neptune as the week comes to a close. But it’s just about divining which is which, and that will mean listening carefully to our inner voices.

Astrology Overview for WC 15th May 2017

The week begins with Sun angling up to Saturn in an inconjunction. In fact, this aspect is going to go on until Saturday. This challenges us to balance our desire for life’s pleasures with what we can realistically afford. The Sun in Taurus is also concerned with our self-value and there may be situations this week where we feel we are unworthy because we scrutinize our knowledge around a situation and think that we fall short. Fortunately, Mercury returns to Taurus on Tuesday for the first time since the 20th of April. If you recall he was involved in a retrograde and by the end of this week will return to 4° Taurus where the retrograde first began on the 9th April. If something to do with a financial matter or any other key strand has been bogged down or snared during that period of time, now it can begin to be resolved.

Mars also continues its positive angle to Jupiter through to the middle of this week. However, it continues to be snagged by Neptune. As long as we are very clear about what we’re trying to achieve and the information is based upon, this is a great opportunity to take some confident action if not, hold firm. Alternatively Venus also forges a very sweet link to Neptune this week, which may mean that someone can let us know in a rather a discreet way how much they care for us. This may not be something that someone actually says so watch out for body language too.

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Friday sees a Quarter Moon in Aquarius. Once more this is emphasizing the values of life in a slightly different way. Here it’s more to do with the way in which we meshing with our friends or ask just to consider whether we are being too materialistic or need to be less idealistic. If there is a group situation where generosity is not being appreciated, or a friend is taking us for granted, the following week will be a time to act. The Sun also moves on Sunday this week into the sign of Gemini, where it will be for the following four weeks. With Mars already in this location, this is a great opportunity to inject greater verve, and vim into our social and everyday interactions. Thoughts of getting fitter can be turned into action. Anything to do with communication or learning are also going to be finely supported. For more information or to watch your zodiac sign Weekly Video forecast, please see below.

Astrology Overview for WC 8th May 2017

The week begins with Mercury continuing to align with Uranus in Aries. This influence goes on all week and can create an enormous amount of mental stimulation and excitement. Mundane aspects of life can become a little dull and unattractive. Essentially we are looking for an edge and can become more easily impatient when we meet limitations or obstacles. The upside of this influence however is that it can give us a desire for new interests and subjects, and push us to initiate new beginnings whereas in the past we may have been reluctant to make a move.

Also this week Mars continues its right angle with Neptune . This is the trickster influence bar none. Because Mars is very much to do with of our desires, our drive, and is our physical energy, located as it is in Gemini it can be somewhat more impulsive. Along with the combination between Mercury and Uranus, it’s going to be more difficult for us to sit still for more than five minutes. But this is the classic smoke and mirrors, because such can be compulsion to pursue anything that we find pleasurable, whilst Neptune can distort the reality so that what we try to hunt down is not necessarily what we think it is, has been misrepresented, or is being dishonestly represented. If there is someone that you’re finding exciting in your love life, get to know them a little better before making your final decision. If there is a big-ticket item that you’re interested in, and a car would not be a surprise with Mars in Gemini, be absolutely sure about its services history, past maintenance and affordability.

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However Mars does forge a much more delightful link this week with the planet of growth and optimism and in astrology, traditionally of good fortune, Jupiter. These two are egging each other on in a really positive manner and the combination can give us much more self-confidence but especially about expressing our ideas. With Jupiter about travel and Mars about motion in the sign of Gemini, many of us could be on the move, and if it is to somewhere that’s richly interesting, that is all for the better.

From Monday to Thursday the Sun continues its superb angle to the planet of transformation Pluto. Although Pluto can be about elimination, this aspect is very much more about transformation, and with both located in solid earth zodiac signs in Taurus and Capricorn respectively, the changes that we can carry out which are well planned and executed and are working towards a deeper connectivity with our truest potential, can be very long lasting.

This week also sees on Wednesday a full Moon in the sign of Scorpio. This intense lunation can be very much to do with possessions, money, property, and luxury goods. But what we are being challenged to do here is to balance our desire for such things against the reality of making our budget add up every day in our personal situations, which comes from the energy of Taurus. It is possible therefore the some unexpected expenses could creep in in the following two weeks, for what we can do is try to rein in any temptation to spend cash or indulge ourselves in ways which are not necessarily good for our souls. Furthermore, this Full Moon can also be very important in very close relationships. If intimacy is working well in your tie, or cooperation in a business relationship, this will be something to celebrate. If however there is in such tranquil communication or connection going on, it may need challenging.

However, perhaps the most important events of this week also occurs on Wednesday when the point of destiny, the North Node reverses back into the sign of Leo. Over the last nineteen months, it has been located in the virtuous Virgo, balanced by the South Node, in the more emotional Pisces. This new nodal access, is between the North node in Leo and the South in Aquarius . In some ways this is going to be about balancing our egos against the greater good in other words the more spiritual dimension of the sign of Aquarius. But the thing there is an opportunity for us all to try to embrace a more self creative side of our natures and potentials over the next year and a half.

Astrology Overview May 2017

May is more of a ‘maze’ this month, as it feels as if we have entered one, after last month’s events amazed many. For who knows which way to proceed? This is especially with most avenues looking the same; there being no clear way ahead and some not knowing how to exit! This ultimately leaving many in a puzzle this May, as mercurial mind-games cause a few crosswords and word-searches this month, with Taurus adding plenty of ‘spot the bull’!

For in French newspapers, it is ‘two down, many cross’, as they are left with two extreme outsiders to put a cross against in the general Election this month. While, in the UK, it is not ‘10 down’, but 10 Downing Street leaving many clueless, as a game of ‘Snap’ election is called. So it might not be all fun and games this month, but parties and movements are spotlighted this May, particularly the political variety.
While angry Mars in Gemini all month joined by the Sun from the 21st and a New Moon on the 25th highlights game-playing and contradictions in fortune this May, the Moon especially linked to activities in Mexico and NASA also. As a challenging retrograde Saturn in Sagittarius and Piscean Neptune seek to establish the higher truth, re-questioning previous statements. As Party games are more ‘pass the buck’ than parcel. With ‘truth and dare’ being replaced with not daring to tell the truth and ‘ spin the bottle’ just the usual spin and bottling it!

Although, planetary configurations make it tricky to avoid your turn this month, as the sky’s line up forces others’ true motives to be identified, acting as not quite a lie but ‘sky detector’! For from the 4th retrograde everyday Mercury in ‘Action man’ Aries is no longer ‘a.w.o.l’, instead taking a direct order and joining up with Venus and Uranus on the frontline. However, this unit face combat from other Cardinal Planets, as righteous Jupiter in Libra and delving Pluto in Capricorn maintain their retrograde stance, meaning the ‘truth will out’, as they target past unresolved concerns. This reaching a standoff from mid May, with Jupiter and Uranus at critical degrees in need of a release, whether through weather storms and power-cuts to strikes and riots. As individuals feel boxed in, desiring to break free from formal conventions. So acts of violence and terrorism are possible, but also thinking outside th e ballot box, as in France ‘Le Pen’ maybe mightier than the sword, as the alternative option. While, this aspect, along with Saturn’s degree and Leo’s new North Node, could see the forming of new ruling parties in general, as well as a new EU arrangement, if France also takes a piece of the Jigsaw away.

So April brought us Easter egg trails and trailblazers, with Planets in spirited Aries. However, May begins with the Sun in bullish Taurus, leaving many blazing over the trail from actions initiated under the previous go-getting Sign. This meaning that as May advances, we are like ‘Hansel and Gretel’ picking up the crumbs, in an attempt to find our way! While, the sense grows that the UK will be left only with the crumbs off the table in EU dealing, as the ‘The Hunger Games’ begin, with the adage that there will be ‘no free lunch’.

This is something the Taurus bull never likes to hear, as this creature of comfort always wants to know where their next meal is coming from, this Fixed Sign needing a set menu. So there could be a temper tantrum or two from the second Sign of the Zodiac this May. For if Aries is the baby stage, Taurus are ‘terrible twos’ and need routine. Subsequently, this month is much about early learning, especially regarding ruling States and political platforms, as many are in the pivotal stages of development or undergoing change. For Arian Planets bring the new ‘cycle’, but Taurus knows we are in a period still requiring ‘stabilisers’.

Hence on a positive note, there is no Sign more intent than Taurus on gaining all the facts and figures necessary in an attempt to secure the future. As this solid, down to earth Sign is concerned with dealing with practical issues, not quite using a crystal ball, but a crystallising bull to see us through the ‘crystal maze’ of matters this month. This is especially as several Planets still remain in retrograde motion as May commences, allowing us to remain at a standstill or go back the same way we came if not careful. So with the Sun in Taurus until the 20th and day to day Mercury from the 16th to the month’s finish, this Sign maybe the ‘bull of string needed to aid us through.

Therefore, personal finances will appear more prosperous with the Sun located in the Sign of Taurus. Although, by 10th May when a revealing Full Moon enters opposing Scorpio, comes the realisation of the game being played. For it seems a case of ‘noughts and crosses’, in regards to tax credits and help from the State, as what is given with one hand is crossed out by the other, leaving the vulnerable and disabled back at nought. This in particular aspects the UK’s Planets, as deceptions stir up anger especially over shared finances and having to pay taxes. While, across the pond, the White House too is impacted in a similar way, with this lunar activity illuminating Trump’s hidden agenda at odds with US core values, likely to erupt into further heated protests.

While, the Pope’s recent message denouncing violence is thwarted by this Scorpio Full Moon denoting violence, possible killing and a disregard for rules and standards. As Russia and Iran see turmoil, Canada faces financial hardships and France more outpourings of anger around Election time, as well as exposing secret activity in North Korea. Whereas, it seems China, Israel/Palestine and Hollywood bathe in the benefits of this Full Moon. Meanwhile, broadly this month, Brazil, Denmark, Ecuador, Germany, Ireland, Cuba and Argentina look set for upheavals, with Jordan, Yemen, Paraguay, the Congo, Georgia, Tibet and Peru also starred. To a lesser extent, Chile, Nicaragua, Japan and Sierra Leone also are headlined. So the Mayflower embarked on a voyage of discovery and as May opens up, many feel they are in the same boat. Though, some feel lost at sea as others choose to jump ship, but to navigate a course through, just follow this month’s stars!

Astrology Overview for WC 1st May 2017

The week begins with Venus gaining a toehold in the sign of Aries . Venus is in detriment in this zodiac sign – being in opposition to her ruling sign of Libra. However after this month of a rather punishing right angle with Saturn, we might all breathe a sigh of collective relief, in that at least in Aries in Venus is going to have on this occasion more vibrancy than she’s been able to muster during these last few weeks. However she is continue to be challenged, this time by a point in the sky, known as the North Node, which is said to represent our emerging destiny. We may find that everyday demands and constraints have a tendency to cramp our style somewhat this week and especially around the game of life.

However this week does continue to see the conjunction between Mercury and Uranus. But the good news, is that by Wednesday Mercury ends his three-week backward rotation. It’s just worth noting that he will not return to the same place in the sky until 10th June, so anything which started to get a bit tangled from 9th April may some while yet to truly unravel, mind, this combination can be wonderful for stimulating fresh ideas, reinvigorating our approach to things to be more spontaneous, and also embrace a sense of freedom in our attitudes and thinking. Of course Saturn has been forging a link with Uranus all through this year which continues, so he can add some needed stability to the intensely restless combination that these two are.

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This week on Wednesday also sees a Quarter Moon in the sign of Leo. If you feel tempted to splash out and to be a bit more frivolous, perhaps it will create some much-needed levitation. But spending money on things we don’t really need without understanding the true meaning behind this, is probably not going to be helpful, so reining in any very extravagant attitudes is probably for the best.

The week end also see some very powerful influences. The first between Mars and Neptune, can create some real problems. This is a square and when these two are in this angle our desires can be distorted by a shimmering mix of misinformation, or darn right lies. For example if you are thinking of buying a big ticket item, don’t necessarily believe absolutely everything you are told, for it could be that someone is fabricating the reality even if it’s not there absolute intention. How? Well perhaps they’d be speaking on the basis of information they’d received which was also faulty. In love, if there is someone who seems to be very hard to pin down or evasive, illusive or mysterious, proceed with caution.

Yet ironically the end of this week can be a fine time to make some significant changes in our lives particularly at an inner level, and one which can be tangible and long lasting. This is because of the fantastic angle between the Sun and the planet of transformation Pluto. Sometimes Pluto will push change on us before we are ready, reaching deep within us to tap into elements of our needs that we are yet to fully be aware of. At other times we can drive the whole process. Either way some positive alterations can bring the curtain down on this week.

Astrology Overview for WC 24th April 2017

The week begins with the the Sun in Taurus. This earthy energy is going to be augmented beautifully on Wednesday with the Taurus New Moon. Any way in which we can connect to the planet creatively can be enhanced in the following month, whether it’s spending time in our outdoor spaces, in nature, enjoying growing vegetables, or home cooking, or where money allows some more luxurious slants.

Yet this is a week that still has a lively Aries emphasis due to the return of Venus to this sign joining Mercury the planet of communication, and also Uranus, the planet planet of surprises. In the case of Venus this transition takes place on Saturday, and before then it does continue it difficult right angle with Saturn the planet of restriction. If the month is yet to tease out of your situation any weak relationship or financial matter, it may still do so. However some comfort can be taken from the role of the new Moon which can see is protective of our resources and working hard to use them more efficiently. In a love relationship which may have struggled, this would be a fine time to reinvigorate the more sensual side of the tie.

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With Mercury also combining with your on us some conversations that we have may turn out to be something of a surprise. A situation that seemed beyond redemption can suddenly click back into life or we can be fortunate enough to have some moments of real inspiration that come seemingly out of the blue.

Astrology Overview for WC 17th April 2017

The week begins with the Sun continuing its fine angle to Saturn, the planet of structure. If there is any strand in our situations where we have done thorough research, but it still requires some initiation and drive, this combination can be very helpful through to mid-week.

Mars in Taurus is also forging a sextile to Venus in Pisces from Monday through to Thursday. When this combination of planets are collaborating like this, it can be extremely helpful – especially around using creativity and imagination around utilizing our resources and finances. In a more specific romantic context, Venus does still continue to be challenged in a more obstructive ways of Saturn. So it’s not going to be a time when we can take the enjoyment of life’s pleasures, closest relationships, or our expenditure for granted, but there is an opportunity to make some progress, not least because the Sun is going to be joining up with Mars in Taurus on Thursday. However this is going to be a combination for just one day, for then on Friday Mars travels into Gemini, to begin a six-week transit, and Mercury rewinds from Taurus back into Aries. The retrograde on Mercury will continue in Aries through until 2nd May normal service is resumed on 20th of May when Mercury returns to 4° in Taurus, where the retrograde first began.

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This week also sees a Quarter Moon in the sign of Capricorn, the second in the last month. Just a reminder that around our aspirations is going to be important to be aware of balancing our individuality with the expectations people may have a control or influence in their decisions that can affect us.

The Sun in Taurus is very much about the foundations of life, a sense of security, our appreciation of sensual pleasures, our connection to the ground quite literally, our appreciation of gardening, growing vegetables, being creative in terms of re-cycling, conservation, marshaling our finances or conversely enjoying some all-out retail therapy and some of life’s little luxuries.

Mars in Gemini is a very vigourous influence and can have in a great impact on conversation. We may find ourselves debating for the fun in the next six weeks, or being much more physically active. Yet there is also the potential to be rather more easily bored, and that can lead to a sense of irritability and even exhaustion. Yet if we have something we want to say, and we are enthusiastic and engaged by it, the chances are we going to be expressing these ideas with enthusiasm, and a large slice of personality.