Sun and Mercury conjunct Chiron…

Chiron, the wounded healer as it is known, recently moved into the beguiling and potentially gentle influence of Pisces, so with last Saturday’s arrival of the Sun and yesterday, that of the speedy Mercury into this zodiac sign, today both these planets are side by side one another, as well as Chiron.

I believe that the debate about geriatric care, nursing standards, poor alert reporting systems in the UK’s National Health service, and why that so many trusts buy goods at a range of prices, from the competitive to the unnecessarily very expensive – as well as the potential re-structuring of the service itself, is very much to do with this conjunction.

Of course the Health Service in Britain always arouses strong emotions and feelings, and this has been mirrored in the USA with President Obama’s health reform bill.

But what about the more spiritual and metaphysical impact of this cluster? Well, we can all think about better balancing our bodily health (the Sun) and mental health (Mercury) and Chiron (heal) can help trigger the strategies within us to achieve this.

Better promotion of lower fat diets, more fresh foods, awareness to obesity are all issues very much in the public forum now, with input from all sides of the debate.

Another big debate which is health orientated that is raging in the UK is over the cost of cheap alcohol, and the rise of alcohol related disease and death in the country.

Pisces is known, for occasional excess and escapism – Jupiter and Neptune, being the rulers, so it is ironic, with all the current flux about binge drinking and the cost per unit, that Chiron, which has been pushing its advocacy in Aquarius, now has a chance to really raise the profile of this concept even further.

At a more prosaic level the Sun/Mercury conjunction can see us be hasty in our judgements and jump to conclusions. If anything tricky is going on in your situation, be sure to get the full facts before commenting. And perhaps today, we should all try to be a bit more forgiving of one another, and of ourselves.