Moon Musings…

The Moon

The Moon is the emotional base of us all. For Cancer folk, it really is the key influence, being as it is the ruler of this sign.

The Moon is about our environment, about our senses, our perceptions, about our sense of inner well-being, our link with the foundations in our world, such as our mother, or the person who most clearly played or does play that nurturing role in our lives. Of course, we can also nurture ourselves too, by being in touch with our moods. Our need for peace and tranquillity or our need for company, or a warming embrace.

Moon Houses

It is also about our psychical security, insofar as yes, we need a roof over our heads, but it also has to be one that we feel comfortable and at ease in. One person’s idea of total comfort, might be another person’s idea of somewhere cold, sterile and much less pleasing.

The Moon helps to alert us to situations we might not understand, but don’t feel right. Our sixth sense or our psychic antenna, if you like. Our head, our intellect may tell us differently, but the Moon is there, providing protection and support – if we want to tune into it, and use its benefits.

The Moon can also confuse us, bring our emotions to the fore when we least want them to be on show. Give us faulty information when we are overly worried and anxious, a time when the prism we view life through can be blurry or disconnected.

It can see us blow things out of proportion, “take things the wrong way” or conversely pick up when a fellow human being is hurting, emotionally but not saying, or when a child needs a hug or the household pet, some food or a friendly stroke.

The Moon can tell us when we need some time to muse, to mediate or reflect, or be more boisterous and surround ourselves with our favourite people, and even possessions and mementos.

The Moon also connects us to our past, our founding years, our early experiences. Our perception of security is strongly tinged by these times. Of how it felt when our mothers carried us. Their happiness, contentment, or concern and apprehension.

Astrology and Science

The Moon is about needs, but also about what we give, it is quite simply an amazing influence. And of course for the scientific community who disparage astrology, the Moon is our nearest neighbour, who they agree affects our tides, but may haughtily dismiss any connection whatsoever when a women’s menstrual cycle, or to crime, or mental health, even when there have been huge studies carried out which show otherwise, and of course the common sense knowledge of women of how their bodies work.

Find out your Moon zodiac sign

Why not find out which zodiac sign the Moon was in when you were born? You can download a Free Birth Chart which will show you where. It may not be where your Sun is located, and the House Sign it is located in, also shapes how you feel, emote and relate, to an incredible degree of definition.

Moon Opposite Pluto

Finally, this Saturday the 7th May, the Moon, briefly but potently opposes the powerful Pluto. The Moon will be in it’s “home zone” of Cancer, and Pluto continues in the conservative Capricorn. This can lead to very intense scenes with people you are close to. Someone may try to control of manipulate you, equally you will need to be aware of your own motivations.  A few guilt trips may be flying around…Find out how this will affect your day by tuning into your Daily Horoscope.