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Aquarius 21 January - 19 February

Health and Fitness 2015

In recent years your modern ruler Uranus has been clashing with the power broker Pluto, and there will be more of this in 2015. The chances are however, that you are beginning to understand this influence a lot more. All sorts of issues that had been swept under the carpet, especially deeply personal ones, have probably bubbled to the surface already, and any stragglers can do so this year. This is an aspect which can affect your nervous system, so looking after your health carefully and avoiding stress where possible is advisable. Make plenty of sleep a priority this year, and if you do feel vulnerable to how other people view you, rather than getting immediately upset, take the time to carefully consider all the angles. Being highly strung can see you add oxygen to situations, one's that sometimes you'd be better to shrug off. The fantastic news however, is that the powerful Mars is involved in your Solar Return and this is going to give your basic vitality a real dash of raw energy. Whilst he moves mid-January, a cluster of other planets in your sign, much earlier than is usually the case, urge you to trust your instincts and use your personality to good effect. And also think about how you can better earth certain elements of your activities this year. Anything which enables you to simplify life, connect with nature or get away from the technology (from time to time) that seems to dominate many of our lives can prove therapeutic. Worldly responsibilities can ease up this year, but do be choosy about who you're friends with, as making sure you have reliable people around you is going to be essential.