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Aries 21 March - 20 April

Health and Fitness 2015

As much as your determination to better your lot at work is going to be very much to the fore, it really is going to be important this year to give yourself the space to go and have some fun too. Too many responsibilities and obligations will grind you down, and with Jupiter in a very playful part of your horoscope through to August, it's up to you to give yourself the permission to go and have fun. Equally, construct a diet regime which gives you the maximum staying power. Eating a solid breakfast, one which sustains you through the day, will help you in those times when you do get so busy that it gets more difficult to fit in lunch. If you're continually on the move, rather than hitting sugar-based convenience foods, look to use a good quality protein drink. Your psychological health and wellbeing also need some attention this year. The tendency to test yourself out at every opportunity needs to be balanced against another side of your nature that like everyone, does need periods of pause, rest and relaxation. Having these breaks will help you to collect your thoughts make sense of some of the stresses and strains that head your way. Fortunately, a superb influence from August 12th is going to reinforce your bodily energy and vitality. Mind, even when it comes to exercise, don't overdo it, and therefore finding a balance between all your different needs and obligations is going to be the trick in 2015.