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Cancer 22 June - 23 July

Love and Romance 2015

The year begins with a clustering of energy in your sector of relating. And even in the first few days of January as the Sun combines with Pluto, this is likely to highlight the balance of power in all sorts of relationships. If this rings a bell, it's because a remarkably similar set of circumstances unfolded at the start of last year, and once more Uranus continues to be a major factor throughout 2015. He is located in the part of your horoscope to do with authority. This area is also to do with work, and you may find that your professional situation can be unpredictable throughout the year. If you have a partner who is supportive, kindly and understanding, and does everything they can to take any pressure off you, the chances are your bond will thrive. If on the other hand you feel your partner is as demanding as a boss, this could be more complex and more challenging. Yet with Mars, the planet of sex, in a very deep and passionate part of your horoscope as the New Year dawns, the chances are you can find yourself driven by some complex, rather deep rooted needs. So if you are single, this is something you may not be particularly content with, and could find yourself very motivated to do something about it. What can help you, hugely, is the solar Eclipse of 20th of March. For the following six months this influence pushes you to experiment and be open minded. Control can often be an issue for you Cancer and an Eclipse pushes you to be more aware of how your vulnerabilities can drive this. Try to be as honest as possible about your own motivations, and you could learn a great deal from this. With Jupiter moving into a chatty sector in the second half of August, you may find yourself connecting with someone online or from your immediate locality. There's going to be a much greater chance to interact with others if you seize this chance. And another motivating factor for you this year can be the role of Saturn which urges you to get fitter, which in turn can help you to look better and feel more alluring.