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Capricorn 22 December - 20 January

Love and Romance 2015

You have a reputation for cautiousness that you can dispel this year, as you show a much more decisive side of your nature. And there is nothing like a go getter to make positive waves, and ones which can prove highly alluring. Part of this could be a need to give your personal identity something of a makeover. Even if you are someone who likes to wear stylish and classic attire, adding some new touches which are more contemporary or trying a different hair style can really give you an extra wow factor. Soon heads will be turning. Combine this with a determination to find the perfect mate for you, then everything is possible. Your sector of intimacy can be blessed with good fortune for half of the year, and from March your personal communications can zing with greater crispness. Add the two together and you have a winning formula that someone, and perhaps more than one person, can find to be truly irresistible. In a long standing tie, your ruler's move into a more psychological zone suggests that any secrets that lay between you may be a barrier to total harmony. If need be, try to tease these out into the open bit by bit. And if you are solo, if a past disappointment or experience sees you thinking twice before taking the plunge again, be assured from September and especially in October, you will feel much more dynamic and more inclined to live in the present. After all, most people have pockets of experience that have proved less than perfect and if you can move on you will end the year feeling transformed, and with the potential to feel fulfilled in love.