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Gemini 22 May - 21 June

Love and Romance 2015

This could turn out to be one of the most important years you've ever experienced as far as key relationships are concerned. Whether it's around your best friends, a love relationship or a business partnership, you can find yourself much more seriously minded. Yet, there is a paradox, because with Uranus and Pluto clashing for much of the year part of you can want a deep commitment, while another part of you can want to be independent and free. So how do you juggle this Gemini? Well, the chances are that your desire for freedom can come from any person or situation which you feel is too demanding or feels too controlling of you. Despite this, if you can find a person that understands your need for a certain amount of personal space, but is prepared to co-operate in the way that you can understand so well, some relationships could get a whole lot deeper. In an ongoing tie, Saturn's arrival in your sector of relating can start to make some differences. You can become more aware of what you don't get, rather than just accepting things at face value. This energy therefore, could make you more discriminating and rather more picky about other people's faults. Because of this, 2015 can be a time when any weak tie comes to a close. And as Saturn goes through a retrograde from the middle of March through to the middle of June, this can be even more time of changes. However, if you are footloose and fancy free, the role of Jupiter in the first half of the year urges you to connect and communicate as much as possible with others. From August however, when Jupiter moves into your sector of home and emotions, your thinking might become once more much more serious about relationships. This needn't be a bad thing at all, as it's all going to help you to understand your deeper needs.