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Leo 24 July - 23 August

Health and Fitness 2015

As the Sun combines with Pluto at the start of this year, the usual New Year's resolutions that we all buy into and tend to make may seem that much more compelling to your star sign, Leo. Despite this, if you're naturally restless you may find yourself one-minute wanting to do the right thing, the next being determined to go and do completely the opposite, even if you know this is being somewhat "naughty". And this inner battle is likely to go on all this year. The same can be true of other people's expectations of you. If others have always automatically assumed that you'll be there to look after their needs, this could be another area which you find yourself rebelling against. The key to handling all this is in understanding that you need to create firm boundaries about what you will or won't do, then there is less chance you will build up a head of resentment. Set achievable targets when it comes to your health and fitness, and factor in the need to have some treats and indulgences. Saturn is going to be restricting your physical vitality too, insofar as asking you to focus more on what's really important. And if you are pushing yourself too hard to please everyone else or trying to overdo harsh exercise, it will be a fast track to feeling exhausted. Your need for approval is therefore something you need to challenge within yourself. That said, the second half of the year may see you tempted by those "goodies" all the more, and dull though it may sound, make everything in moderation your mantra for 2015.