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Libra 24 September - 23 October

Health and Fitness 2015

Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, starts this year in a very sociable part of your situation, and friends can be keen to include you in all their plans. But this needs to work well with another side of your nature which in 2015, continues to see you needing a certain amount of time in the calm and tranquillity of your home. Any hobby or interest which you can spend hours enjoying, and one which is restful even therapeutic, can be just as positive for your health as doing more active things. If you enjoy gardening this too can be an area which gives you a great deal of pleasure throughout the year. Interspersed with this will be a greater desire to go out and connect with others, and with the repressive Saturn no longer pressing on the part of your Solar Horoscope to do with your weight, you're more likely to enjoy some guilty pleasures without the fear of gaining excess pounds. In fact, this year you can find yourself even more determined to be that much more active. But as ever this may need to fit in with other demands, and any exercise routine which becomes repetitive or dull will soon lose its appeal for you. So, if you plan to walk, do so with an aim in mind. One which sees you take in a circuit, visit an old castle or a beautiful scenic place, or if you have a dog, take your faithful friend for regular walks. This mix of exercise and interest will hold your gaze a lot longer. On the whole, you will accept that some changes need to be made to your routines, and in the last half of the year, anything you can do to add to your relaxation, but stimulate your system gainfully, will appeal.