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Libra 24 September - 23 October

Love and Romance 2015

You could find yourself in quite a tender place at the start of 2015. However, your mood is soon going to brighten, as in the first few days of January a whole cluster of energies in your sector of romance can start to help you to feel much more upbeat about your possibilities. In fact, through to the third week of February, Mars, Venus, Mercury and the Sun will all go opposite Jupiter, which can give you a fantastic lift when it comes to your sense of what's possible, and help you to build your expectations. What is absolutely true is that you are now much more perceptive about who can be really good for you - and who not. And having a partner who can understand that despite your sparkling personality, you do have profound emotional needs too, is crucial. This is entirely possible, particularly because your thinking and personal communications are going to become more realistic. Despite this, it's going to be your ability as a communicator, which is going to be so crucial this year. Saturn makes its way for nine months through this part of your Solar Horoscope. There is a clue here, for if you are wanting to meet somebody new, a great place to do so would be anywhere where new ideas are generated, skills are learned or anything to do with technology or local community activities. You might even find that someone you encounter daily develops the hots for you! Group activities and friendships can be a pointer too. So do get out and about and network, even if there are times when you may prefer to stay closer to home. Speaking of which, if you are a good cook, a great way to impress a potential love interest can be playing host. In fact, this might suit you perfectly, and you can more easily choreograph the impression that you will make. You could also find yourself being more availing to the more sensual side of loving this year Libra, and from August 12th, someone who has rather a mysterious air or who is introduced through a family connection, could make an impact.